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How to Participate

Washtenaw Reads is a community-wide event! How can you participate?

Hold A Discussion Group In Your Community
Organize an event or discussion related to the read. Events may be open to the public or restricted.

Examples include:

  • Book clubs who wish to discuss the book at a private meeting or event
  • College or high school instructors assigning the book to their class
  • Local workplaces hosting discussion groups for their employees
  • Coffee shops inviting customers to connect over coffee on a particular night
  • Film societies presenting a film related to the topic

Tell Us About Your Event
If you have an event related to the Read, and would like to have it listed on this site, please contact Emily Howard of Ann Arbor District Library by email at or by phone at 734-327-8332. Please tell us the title of the event, date, time, location, sponsoring organization and contact information. Also, let us know if registration is required or if the event is on a drop-in basis. Keep Checking this Website for Updates! The site will change often as events are added.