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How Do I (You) Play?

by YourWFTHost

World Famous Trivia, which is one of your favorite famous trivia programs and I'm sure one of mine, goes like as so such:




We blast two separate games or rounds or roundgames, both of which are separated forever and neither of which are connected. THUS you have TWO opportunities to win famous prizes including:

$20 Target Gift Cards

$10 Target Gift Cards

AADL Bags full of officially licensed AADL memorabilia AND paraphernalia (but no propaganda)


*Finer Details should you find yourself continuing to read for some reason:

Each gameround consists of 12 (twelfth) questions.

  • 10 (ten) basic questions worth two (too) points each
  • A (1) multipart question worth a total of five (V) points
  • One (one) question for which you may bet up to X (10) of your earned points
  • Seemingly random Assorted Candysnack Points, usually worth (I) uno point each

Pretty much the only rule of World Famous Trivia is DOOOOOOOOOON'T cheat.

The other rule, which is mandatory, is that fun is optional.

If you have a suggestion for another rule, please e-mail Your Host at

Thank you for perhaps playing maybe.


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