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Ypsilanti Historical Society Newsletter, November 1971

Ypsilanti Historical Society
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Ypsilanti Historical Society
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A sincere welcome to all new members of the Society.

THANK YOU, AGAIN—Since January first of 1971 to the present time over 70 people have contributed items to the Museum and the Archival collection, These gifts have all been catalogued. We regret that space just does not permit the listing of each and every donor-but all gifts are appreciated. In the future we plan to list the name of each contributor and gift in this Newsletter.

THANK YOU, AGAIN—To the ladies of the Antique Group of Eastern Michigan University Faculty Women who have voluntarily given of their time and ability to start the arrangement of our many books in the second floor Library room of the Museum. Also THANK YOU, AGAIN = to the members of the Historical Society man and women = who have spent many hours scrubbing floors, walls, shelves, setting up cases, doing carpentry work and storing exhibit materials.

THANK YOU, AGAIN—Sometime in October a very kind person stopped in at City Hall, there was no one at the Museum, got the front door key from Roberta Miller and put up in the front room a most magnificent tool chest = first made in 1907 and “revised” in 1917. It is a most unusual item and one which will fascinate Museum visitors for a long time to come. UNFORTUNATELY-a slip of paper with the name of the donor has been “misplaced” (surely not lost). and we know not whom to thank. If anyone knows anything about this gift wen't you please contact us.

DID YOU KNOW That according to the “Market reports” listed in the “Commercial” for 1871 (November) butter was selling for twenty five cents a pound and eggs for twenty five cents a dozen.

DID YOU KNOW that we have an egg box from the Charles King Grocery store in the Museum? The King Grocery store in 1871 was at the corner (S.W.) of Congress (now Michigan) and Huron. Mr. King's residence was at the n.e. corner of Pearl and Adams.

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