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Christmas 1969

Christmas 1969 image
Mabel I. Stadtmiller
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Ypsilanti Historical Society
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The pictures of childhood are dear to my heart
May the memories they bring me never depart.
Three sons and three daughters-God gave them to me-
More precious than gold-you forever will be.
You've made my home a heaven-far more than I can tell-
You do it easily and lovingly-and do it so well.

Our home it was a humble place at the top of Maple Street hill
And oh those childhood memories our page of memory books fill
Five cherry trees grew on the east side of our yard-
A kind neighbor sprayed them each year.
You all climbed the trees with never a fear,
We sorted and pitted-and sorted and pitted-
We filled all our fruit jars-saw that each lid tightly fitted.
The surplus you peddled to neighbors near
A dime a quart-some thought that quite dear,
Only half of that dime you kept for your share
To pick, and to peddle so you thought the price fair.

Two maple trees grew a few stps from the back door,
Their shade and their beauty we all did adore.
The straight limbs made place for good swins
And many good times our memory now brings.
The grass wore away and the tree roots became bare
So gravel was hauled and placed there with care.
To keep the place level it seemed very hard
So we made a good wall to terrace our yard.
Block upon block the wall was made strong;
It made our yard beautiful all the day long.
‘Twas a place to rest and a place to play
Just as we liked it in childhood day.

A harsh winter came and the frost made a crack
The blocks fell apart-and they wouldn't fit back.
The old cement wall-that retaining good wall-
Fond memories of good times-we're keeping them all.
In the year SIXTY-NINE-In it's Christmastime weather-
Once again we are meeting and chatting together.
We look at those pictures of our good childhood-
And maybe like to live over-if only we could.


Ypsilanti Gleanings