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Becker House, 601 W. Forest Avenue

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Jack Harris and others have had a great interest in the ‘Becker’ house at 601 W. Forest Avenue.

Here is a recent letter from George Becker, son of Charles J. and Julia E. Becker which explains when the interesting house was built.

J.M.B. Sill, one of the first graduates of the Michigan State Normal College and former Principal of that school, lived on the north side of Forest Avenue but owned property on both sides of Forest which perhaps is why 601 W. Forest was known as the ‘Sill’ property.

April 10, 1980

Dear Mr. Fletcher:

Mr. Becker has been ill for over a year and is unable to answer your letter, therefore I am lending him a hand, so to speak. Mr. Becker has dictated this to me.

The property at 601 Forest, was formerly known as the Sill property. Mr. Sill was a Professor at the College. When the house was built is unknown.

Mr. Sill lived there and owned the property. My dad purchased it in approximately 1889. The house was square and very unattractive. My dad designed and had the tower built. The tower had no utilitarian purpose, it was only to improve the building, as the Street was very prestigous in those days. The new house my folks built on Perrin Street was built in approximately 1918.

We surely do appreciate you keeping in touch, as your letter was a bright spot in our days.
George Becker
200 MacFarland Drive
Delray Beach, Florida 33444