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William Lambie Diaries, 1864-1871

William Lambie Diaries, 1864-1871 image William Lambie Diaries, 1864-1871 image William Lambie Diaries, 1864-1871 image William Lambie Diaries, 1864-1871 image William Lambie Diaries, 1864-1871 image William Lambie Diaries, 1864-1871 image
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And an explanation of certain names and dates

Francis L. Lambie was forty five years old when with his wife, Mary Hamilton, he brought his family of nine children to the United States from Strathhaven, Scotland. The oldest of the nine was William Lambie, William was eighteen years old. Just why the family came to America is uncertain. They brought furniture, dishes and many material possessions with them and seemed to be in more than modest circumstances. No mention has been found of relatives in America in 1839. Many Scotch friends were here but Francis and Mary Hamilton Lambie seem to be the first of the Lambies to arrive in America.

In the Spring of 1839, the ‘old Moon farm’ of eighty acres was advertised for sale to settle the Moon estate. This farm is on the south side of Geddes Road and about midway betwen Prospect and LeForge Roads. This is the farm the Lambies bought and where they lived for fifteen years in a brick structure that had once been a Tavern. Francis Lambie did not care for the United States and always said he wanted to ‘die under the Crown’ and in 1854 with his wife and younger children emigrated to Canada, buying a farm three miles below Windsor, Ontaric on the Detroit River.

Robert Campbell and his wife Anne Muir Campbell came to the United States from Scotland in the late summer of 1842. Robert was forty years old on October 31, 1842. Their family family consisted of eight children, the oldest being Mary age eighteen.

Several relatives of the Campbells and Muirs were already in America. Robert's brother, Samuel Campbell came to the States in 1841 and settled at Otisville, 2 miles southeast of Belleville, the settlement is gone but there is an Otisville Cemetery in use today near the location of Otisville. Andrew Muir, Anne Campbell's father was a land buyer and farmer in Augusta Township as early as 1827.

The Robert Campbells lived with friends and relatives in Ypsilanti during the first winter and moved to their farm in Augusta Township in the Spring of 1843. Robert Campbell's mother, Elizabeth McConachie Campbell, had left Scotland early in March 1842, being “forced to flee from the authorities” for reasons unknown. She is said to have brought $600 in gold with her and that was the money that paid for the farm. Elizabeth McConachie Campbell died July 31 1847 at the farm in Augusta.

Mary Campbell and William Lambie were married in Detroit November 11 1849. William had bought the south half of the Francis Lambie farm in 1844 and in 1850 the young married couple moved from Detroit to that forty acres in Superior Township later buying another forty acres giving access to Clark Road. Their six children, (Anne, Mary, Francis, Elizabeth, Isabelle and Robert), were all born in the house on that farm-the youngest Robert, married Hattie Younglove and their seven children were also born in that house.


May 1-helped to dig a grave forenoon-went to Mrs. Caseys funeral.

May 5-beautiful day-plowing and spreading manure-have 28 lambs.

Mary & Elizabeth went to school this week.

May 10-went to Canada-James paid $14 interest

May 16-Mary & I went to Windsor to brother James wedding-a pleasant affair.

May 19-Staked some fence-Frank & I saw Dan Rices show come in.

May 30-Wool & wheat very low-kept them long only to loose heavy on them-have been more greaved about my wool-thought it worth more.

July 1-to wet to rake-went with children to picnic.

July 18-Yost offered 55 cents for the wool-sold all our wool 852 1bs-took $18 in money and check for $450.

July 30-Mary & the children went to Church-a dry day sad and lonely.

August 2-began to cradle oats-can find no one to cradle for me.

August 25-4 of us went to the Excursion-had a pleasant sail to Lake Erie.

September 6-went thru the mud to help raise a barn at Andrew Campbells-sat up with brother Roberts child.

Sept. 8-helped Mr. Voorhees thrash-very tired-Roberts daughter died and left them childless.

October 1-have a sore eye-went to Mr. Pecks childs funeral.


October 17-took 3 loads, 30 barels of apples to Mr. Bush at $3.25. Received payment $97.50. The most profitable crop we have. Took 15 bushels of potatoes to Robert at 35cents. Staid to dinner. Robert very still

October 30-bought a ram from Ben Emerick, $10.

November 24-Went to Ottisville for lumber

December 1-got 500 feet lumber from Mr. Hurd and a grindstone from Mr. Rau.

Dec. 2-killed a sheep, now have 89. Built a bee house.

Dec. 15-went to A. Gardners funeral


January 6-daughter Elizabeths birthday. Got Mr. Caseys corn sheller, shelled 14 bushels of corn.

April 2-Election day for those that are good enough to vote.

April 26-drawing manure & lamb died-27 yearlings-Mr. & Mrs. Auls came.

May 20-Walked to church. Rev. Weed & Cheever in the pulpit.

June 19-went to Detroit & Canada-found them all well-Father and mother failing.

July 4-Took the girls to Starkweather Grove for a picnic (next several pages have such faded entries, they could not be read)

September 2-Sacrament-daughter Mary united with the Church (Presbyterian)

November 8-drew in all the stalks-got a letter from brother Frank with a check for $88. Paid Robert $50 on the buggy.

November 28-went to the school-the children seem to be learning well.

December 24-Mrs. 1. and 4 of the family went to see the Christmas Tree.

December 25-Christmas-quiet winter day


January 1-Went to Mr. Clarks-he seems to be a better farmer than me-I hope this will be a good year for us and would like to have abilities & opportunities to do better than I have formerly done.

January 3-went to Mr. Cheevers funeral

January 21-sold our wool at last-$45 1bs at 44 cents. Paid Robert $82 from the $182.60.

February 8-4 went to prayer meeting-brother Robert gave me a pair of pants.

February 26-went to Detroit & Canada-got $11 from John-$50 from James. Father & mother still spared & have a good home in their old age-a good deal of comfort mixed with grief and difficulties.

May 7-4 of us went to the Normal-drew up some wood.

April 15-was presented with a new book for my birthday by some friends and my children gave me a book. Brother Frank starts for native Scotland today.

April 23-with Mr. Robert Campbell to see his son Gabriel come in on the train from Chicago.

April 24-went to a party at Mr. Campbells-a good party but cold wet and muddy coming home

April 26-A good morning-working long days-A fine letter from John with check for $30-Frank on the ocean foam-the band going to play him into Strathaven, and robins singing to me in the marsh.

May 3-Ice in the water pails-cold sad and weary

May 10-have a letter from John about Franks arrival in Liverpool. Sold 10 bushels potatoes for $5.

May 11-Rose about 4-tired and sober-a good deal of toil and small returns-children in bed.

May 22-Marys birthday-cold & wet-the sheep wet and dirty-25 ewes, 17 rams.

May 25-Frank sent a letter from the name of our childhood.

May 28-Sold 2 cows and steer to Mr. Camp-one cow $50, one $35 and steer $35-Got two milch cows from Mr. Camp, one $60, one $50, borrowed $10 from brother Fobert and paid insurance and “Commercial” (newspaper subscription)

June 1-Mary & 2 children went to Mr. Campbells picnic-got a paper from Scotland with a letter in it from Frank.

June 3-took down 6 bushels of wheat for a grist

June 14-went to Detroit-called on the Dr Ingles family and John-James badly hurt by a fall-staid over night at fathers-a fine letter from Frank from native Scotland

June 15-James worse-father went up to Sandwich-felt sorry for James

June 27-went to MR. Clarks-pleasant day, the crops look well-almost every field of wheat looks better than ours.

July 17-July 17-Jones out the wheat-over 7 acres in 2 days-light crop spain-paid him $6

July 24-raked stables-heard of the death of Gabriels child-great heat-Ballards funeral. (Arden Ballard 4-7-1799 to 7-23-1867-President Ypsilanti Village 1847-8 & Mayor 1859)

July 30-John Clark & R. Campbell came yesterday-Wm. Campbell and his bride came-a pleasant little woman.

August 18-very warm-4 girls & Frank went in the buggy to church & I walked-a lonely excile in America

Agust 20-Got a letter from Frank telling of his return from Scotland

August 29-went to Belleville to get fence boards-McGray repaired the road bridge-Ferriers Foundry was burned-Frank and I went to see it. (The firm of Philo Ferrier & Son-machinery-e.s. River s. of R.R. depot).

September 12-Frank & I went to the State Fair and Canada-hot & dry-mother looks feeble.

Sept 16-Frank & I cut corn-like to be beat with the heat

Sept. 19-Gabriel Campbell & his wife came at night-next day they went with MRS & Belle to Augusta-I cut corn

Sept. 25-Fine morning-children sleeping. Brother Robert, Eunice & sister Catherine came.

October 10-Frank & went to the Ypsilanti Fair

October 21-moonlight night-went over to Magees early and got 6 more bareels-now have 16 for apples-Cady owes about 2 days for pastures and 1/2 day for pumpkins.

Oct. 30-A wet morning-wife took a load of sleepey folks to school.

November 1-husked in the forenoon-went to Charles Fletcher raising.

Nov. 2-Robert & David Inglis came-sold 5 barrels apples to the Farmers Store-5 of Baldwins to Burt-18 7/18 over varieties at $;12.25 total.

Nov. 12-Robert & I went to Detroit and the Oak (Royal Oak)-

Nov 12 (cont.)-fishing at fathers farm-called on James.

Frank they are doing great business-in the race of life I be left behind.

Oct. 16-18 years since we were married-bot some shoes and vints clothing for the children-dug out a big stone-no help Robert-Resard wanted me to sing a $;50 note with him-so many willing to rob me & so few to befriend me.

November 29-plowed in the new land in front of the house-very tough-went to the Methodist Chruch and heard Hewitts -giving Sermon-plowed again.

Dec 2-got $30 out of the Bank-bought books for winter -took down a grist & sold a sheep skin for $1.

Dec.6-Frank & I getting cow horse & sheep in order for winter cold bitter blast. Frank & I walked to town at a loss to know what to do with our sheep-no buyers.

Dec 9-Mary & Frank went to school-burned brush.

Dec 14-killed 4 sheep-sold 1 1/2 very dull cold profitless.

Dec.20-Went to Mr. Geddeses to get him to see Mr. Phillips before he died-sat up with MR. Phillips, the old man crossing the river of death-he deid at 9 o'clock.

Dec 23-Wife & I went to Mr. Phillips funeral the last of our old freinds-very few at the Church-not a popular man with the Americans-an honest man said Mr. Wilson. (John Phillips ) 1805 in Ireland d. 12/21/1867-a brewer-settled in Woodinghum Brove in 1821).


January 1-New Years-stormy-got all the household to Mr. Campbells bells to dinner & a very pleasant party of friends-James Campbell started for Minnesota, the head of the big water. (Wm. & James) Campbell were brothers of Mary Campbell Lambie's).

Jan 7-went to meeting of the Farmers Store-another dividend of 20 per cent.

Jan 8-went to Detroit & Canada-found all well-Frank & doing a great business. John paid $21 interest

Jan 9-cold & storm-helped father to water his stock at detroit river-came away at noon in a bitter cold snow story .

Jan 4-Frank (son) shot a rabbit out the window-sold 4 and 4 shoulders to Yost for $14-got a grist and Frank get his watch mended.

Jan 22-went to County Convention-A(Andrew a brother-in-law’s wife came at noon-Mr Cady settled with me, another honest many.

Jan 24-Snow & ice-weary for Spring-the wilderness seems to have shut me in.

February 13-the creek froze-very scarce of water.

Feb 17-Mild morning-no water in the Creek nor the well

Feb 20-a little like Spring-got a letter from John with a check for $200-loaned $200 to J.W. Childs for a year at 10 per cent sold a sheepskin for $2.50

Feb.-the stream sold again-got a letter from Frank about father selling his farm-3 oldest wading thru snow to school

March 28-Glorious sunshine-beautiful day-went to John Geddeses with Mr. & Mrs. John –did not get much done.

April 6-Election Day-snow a cold-children home-bot 15 apple trees of Bubble-1 1b, onion seen-set the apple trees.

April 17-got bushels early potatoes from Peck-300 feet oak fencing from Fletcher-some lambs.

April 18-some frost this morning-borrowed $20 from Robert-got berry plants from 5. Phillips.

May 1-sowed 1/2 bushel peas, some oats-wet evening-about 30 lambs May 3-Sabbath-beautiful day 6 of us at Church-Mr. Tindell spoke of the Ancels rejoicing over those that repent & turn from the error of their ways.

May 22-Marys birthday-Frank & I went to the river to find a place to wash sheep.

May 28-Fletcher, Frank & I washed the 106 sheep

May 31-wife sick-a man 100 yrs, old at church-Robert came & I went to the cemetery with him.

June 3-Charles Fletcher, Frank & I shore 42 sheep-Brother Roberts second child born-paid him the $20 I owed him.

June 5-finished sheering at noon-we shore too early in the season-103 fleeces by dividing two big fleeces have 110-Mr. Fletcher helped well & reasonable-2 1/2 days at $4.25-loaned him $12.

June 6-a great storm in the night very hard on our new shorn sheep-went to town bot fine shoes for Ann & Mary-put hen manure around the corn.

June 16-Mrs. L., Eliza & I went to Detroit & Canada-found them all well

June 19-Isabelles birthday

July 4-fine summer morning-3 swarms of bees-weary toiling in the great heat-wife & I raked hay alone

July 7-Mary went to Sugusta with her father

July 18-Frank & I drew in the wheat & raked & bound some

July 21-Bright morning-got a box of honey-raked wheat

July 29-walked to town & got $15 from Roberts-came home and found cows in the corn-Lake offered $37 for wool = built a shed on barn.

August 6-Sold about 30 bushels corn to Follett for $26-sold out the wool to Bassett & Lake at 40¢, they paying us for 393 1bs at $157.20-it weighed on the Hay scales 425-I doubt they cheated me. August 25-got medicine for Isabel she having argue-Frank & I ditched beside the road

September 3-bright Autumn morning-Isabel sick-Frank and I to the river & paper mill

Sept. 16-Went to the State Fair & Canada-beautiful day-father & mother both over 3 score & 10 and not able to work the farm-unable to provide for my family & work fathers farm too.

Sept. 28-Franks birthday-owe him $50-drew corn-fine day-dogs hurt the sheep-shot one.

October 6-cradled buckwheat-rot $30 out of the bank-the last of the wool money-bot 8 prs of shoes.

November 3-the Day to Vote for the President-we got all the potatoes dug-some black men husking us at 8 cents per bushel.

Nov 7-drew corn stalks-went to town-Grant to be the President.

Nov. 9-Ann started to the Normal & Frank, Mary & Elizabeth to the District School

Nov 14-Went to Augusta-very pleasant day-our friends have a better farm, better crops, better help and better success than the family on the wee misty marsh.

Nov 16-19 years since we were married-It seems hardly possible I can be an old ran already.

Nov 17-4 started to school in the rain

Nov 28-got a letter about fathers sicness-bot a sleigh at Mr. Graves sale-a pleasant day but anxious about father.

December 1-Dr. Richard Inglis, Frank, Isabel, Agnes & I all at fathers-came home sad and weary

Dec.7-Robert went to see father said he was better

Dec 10-got a letter from Frank stating that father worse

Dec 11-Robert got telegram that father was dieing-went with Robert-found father very sick but sensible

Dec 12-a Minister came to see father

Dec 13-Went to Canada-sat up with father trying to be kind to him as his days on earth seem to be numbered

Dec 22-went to Detroit Canada sat with father-a long sad weary night-father fading away

Dec 25-Christmas Day-my father died at 11 o'clock, peacefully-came home with the sad news to Robert & my family and was some comforted-hardly seems I will never see father again

Dec 26-Robert & I went to Canada to our fathers funeral the last sad duty-the man nearest & dearest to me from my first recollections was laid in the cold grave & it seems like a dream-how I long to know where his brave spirit is. Went back to the old home with my widowed mother & tried to comfort her in the lonely house-tried to get James to buy the farm & get mother up to Windsor.


January 1-Andred Campbell invited us to a New Years party-felt too sad to go.

Jan 6-the 6 went to A.Campbells

Jan. 4-went to McDourals-very pleasant-they seem to be some of the salt of the earth-sold the white foot cow to Clark for $39.

Jan.6-took down some eggs-Mary bot some clothing-Robert cut a vest for me-got a letter from Frank me thinks the world seems less after fathers death

Jan 7-A glorious morning-looks like spring-I think it will be an eternal spring to my departed father

Jan 11-son Frank went to Canada to help his grandmother

Jan 17-Bright beautiful day to me less forleorn-Little Robert broke out with the reasols.

Jan 22-went to John Millers-very pleasant & I wish all men had been as just to me & nine as he.

Jan 23-Annual meetiar of the Farmers Store-a good divident

Feb 6-Bleak & cold-feeding the flocks at morning light-a letter from Frank (son)-pot $20 out of bank

Feb 13-R. Campbell & wife came-John Miller come to see Ann about teaching

Feb 26-went to town with sleigh-cold & stormy-left $30 with Wm. Campbell to pay 4 shares in the Farmer Store (n/s Cross, midway in 1st block).

March 4-47 went to the training at the Normal

March 22-fathers birthday-I think he was born on the side hill in Avondale, 75 yrs ago-a long life & saw his best & happiest days in Scotland-tide of events appeared to be always against him in America

April 9-Frank came home (from Canada)-glad to see him after an absence of 3 months-we all met at breakfast-Willie Campbell came.

April 15-my birthday-I seem older & sadder & have less energy-Mr Childs paid $80 interest-paid Mr. Fletcher $11 for fence boards.

April 28-planted sore osage orange hedge-some apples & willows

April 30-sowed plaster all day-Frank not well & could only help a little.

May 15-went to Detroit & my fathers grave with a sad heart & strange feelings then to mothers-returned home some better in health.

May 18-sent 14 bags of wheat to John & Frank

May 24-marked for corn-Howard, Frank & Pearce planted

May 25-Beautiful morning-Frank & John sent us $48.19 for the wheat-a good return

May 28-wet last nighnt-plowed the low land-got bags & a letter from Frank. Frank & John sold their elevator 100,000-mother soldher farm to John & James $5,000

June 1-cleaned 40 bushels for wheat & left it at the Depot

June 5-a letter from Frank witha check for the $42 for the wheat-a great rain & the stream on the low land

June 6-Sabbath-very cool-acament-Eliza joined the church

June 14-went to see Mr. Fletcher about shearing sheep-mowed some clover for feed-cleaned the hen house

June 16-Mr. Fletcher & Crane sheared sheep-Frank helped-shore about 109-2 sheep very poor-had chaff in their wool-paid $7.50 for shearing

June 19-Isabels birthday-more rain-Mary not breakfast & miled-Ann in bed as usual.

June 29-Frank & Iworked on the roads drawing dirt horse and wagon four days.

June 30-Mrs. L. birthday-sold the wool to Yost-416 lbs at.40 cents-$166.40

July 23-Tom cradled before the house-hardly worth cutting-had the ague, sick & sad weary.

July 29-went to George McDougalls, got a bottle of cologne & a jug of beer from Robert.

July 29-30-Drew wheat all day from the south field-Mrs. L., Frank, Mary & Elizabeth all worked well-very tired & took medicine & beer to strengthen me.

August 12-Brother Franks birthday-used to be a gala day long in native Scotland-30 year toil & exile in America-Gabriel Campbell came brought his wife & baby to supper-he had one of our horses and we got a horse from Mr. Gray and drew in all the Spring wheat

August 14-went to A.A. with the wool & got 45 cents for it.

Aug-19-went to Mr. Clarks-had the ague-got pigs from him.

Sept. 8-went to A. Campbells-had ague lay on the floor-Andrew a great farmer & doing well.

Sept. 28-Franks (son) birthday-owe him $60-Mrs. L., Isabel & I went to Detroit & Canada the day mother left the farm-no one to care of the farm-they seem not to want me to know about it-staid in Franks great house in Detroit.

October 12-took down 9 barrels baldwin & russet-some of them to Basset for $17.50-did not get what we expected.

Nov. 9. Mary & I to Augusta-Wm. Campbell gave us a note from Mr. Crane for $130.

Nov. 16-202 yrs. since we were married-went to a grand party at Dr. Inglis-22 friends around the board.

Nov. 20-dressed 3 sheep-sold 7 skins for 5-gpt a grost amd left $80 with Wm. Campbell

Dec. 8-Mrs Phillips sick-Mary staid with her.

Dec. 22-shortest day-got a hat from Robet & letter with map from Frank-3 went to party at Mr. Millers-wife sick.

Dec. 25-Christmas morning-a year since my father died-where is his mansion now? We meet no more on earth but hope to meet where there is not death-Heaven hang about us all and help us.

Dec. 30-find morning-sold 4 sheep skins to John Wowland-saw the beginning of the railroad to Hillsdale.


January 1-Another year dawned on us this morning. Wife & 2 of us to Augusta-some snow-may I do good and get good this year-keep me & prepare me in the right.

Jan. 4-tried to take Mary & Elizabeth to school but had to turn in Stephensons lane-snow drifts deep-sold 21 sheep to Fletcher $18-92 left.

Jan. 12-dull mild morning-all well & singing-went to Farmers store meeting-11 percent dividend.

Feb. 11-school closed-Ann went to Mr. Millers-got the Authors of America, a fine picture.

Feb. 21-went to town-talking about the Toledo railroad-very cold ice in water pail-Rosy had a calf-had to take it in the house it being nearly frozen.

Feb. 26-Ypsilanti town voted for the railroad

March 8-went to brother Roberts-Superior voted the railroad.

March 18-Spring like-snow going away-sold 3 1bs butter 35 cents got warp to make a carpet-got $20 interest from Mr. Childs. March 24-took the bees out of the cellar-bright sunshine.

This advertisement published in Windsor & Detroit newspapers


THE OLD LAMBIE HOMESTEAD, situated on the Canadian bank of the Detroit river, about four miles below the city, can be bought cheap, and immediate possession given. This beautiful villa, consisting of 90 acres of land in a high state of cultivation, has 500 of Adair's best fruit and ornamental trees in two orchards, an avenue of evergreens and Lombardy poplars in front of the house and barn. It is on the line of the Niagara South Shore Railroad, within a half mile of the famous Sandwich Sulphur Springs. For beauty and culture unequaled between Windsor and Malden, and with or without annexation would make the finest rural retreat or suburban residence in this region, the fishery alone frequently yielding $1,000 per annum. The whole will be sold at once. Terms easy, Title perfect. Particulars made known to F. Lambie & Bro. Also 50 lots for sale in the Ninth Ward.

F. Lambie & Bro.

Grain, Flour, Money and Real Estate Factors

March 20, 1870

April 6-worked hard all day repairing the bridge over the stream-spotted cow had calf-lost a sheep-got nails & milk pans.

April 16-Frank plowed-got 2 bushels of wheat of Fletcher-bot a clock for Anna to take to school $3.50, spoons $1.50

April 18-Cool cloudy-Ann started to school to teach-Bell and Robert went as pupils.

April 23-Frank plowed & was sick at night-planted willows-2 men came to tell us how to prevent bee stinging & were stung themselves-A. Campbell said Robert got $2000 for his labor last year-I think I worked harder for 2000 cents.

May 9-sowed 5 bushels-Frank had ague-Eliza harrowed.

May 18-Frank plowed for Casey-went to Detroit & Canada it looks as if I will get no share of my fathers inheritence-it is strange-the oldest son gets all the farm in Scotland and none in America-James promised to pay interest.

June 11-Newton came for bees-sow got in clover

June 13-4 started to school in the rain-Eliza driving-Fletcher tried to mow but the machine would not go.

June 17-Ben Voorhees his wife & mother came-2 swarms of bees united & bothered-Ben hived them

June 22-A black man helped us draw in hay-grand day for hay-got in half the field-Alexander offered 40 cents for wheat

July 4-the great American day-wife & Frank & Robert went to Augusta-3 girls to a feast & celebration-I howed onions-Frank & I went to see the fire works after dark.

July 5-took down a grist-2 young Scotch men looking for workstaid over night.

July 13-bot 1/2 ton of plaster & sowed it on the south field-went to the river to swim-Isabel sick, Robert goes to school alone.

July 19-took down our wool on the hayrack, 269 Ibs at 40 cents-$107.80

August 3-Isabel getter better-Mary not very well-drew manure-the census man came-flys very troublesome.

Aug 10-Eliza & I mailed-Bell kept the flys off-Wife, Robert & I went to Ann Arbor with wool-exchanged 49 Ib for yarn & cloth at 35 cents a Ib.

Aug.16-went to Mr. Roberts funeral in afternoon-Willie Campbell staying with us.

Aug.30-went to Augusta-got a washing machine-another $10 for poor Will.

Sept.3-went to town-Napoleon surrendered to the Prussians-G. Campbell sent a letter to Mr. Campbell.

Sept.13-Robert, Frank & I went to the Oak to see sister Isabel-poor woman & her family will loose their home & be very poor.

Sept.17-Mother, Mary & Lizzie went to Mr.Clarks-Frank, Robert and I husked-a good deal of sickness-Mr.Wilsons son died

Sept.25-Frank & Mary went to Normal-took down 4 barrels apples & got $2.50-disappointed.

Oct.3-damp morning-Bell & Robert milked, the others going to school

Oct.18-paid $12 to the Normal School for Frank & Mary.

Oct.24-Bright morning trying to get my family up-Ben Voorhees & I appraised the property left by the late Mr. Roberts.

Nov.4-Went up to Manchester on an excursion train-pleasant ride-the engine broke down at Saline-a crowd of strange faces-free dinner.

Nov.10-wife & I went to Augusta and got some cabbage-the sheep ate them at night-roads very bad.

Nov.21-ditching-Mr. & Mrs.Aulds & Mrs Campbell & baby came to visit.

Dec. 10-thrashed 1 1/2 bushel beans-Frank & 3 girls went to the Normal-Isabel milked and cow put her foot through the pail.

Dec.22-another cold ride to the Normal-6 below zero-got an overcoat from Robert for Frank $11.50

Dec.25-the children got presents in their stockings.

Dec.26-John Miller agreed to come & kill hogs but after we got Fletchers kettle and made a fire he did not come.

Dec.27-Fuller & his men came killed 4 hogs-rough work-the water took a weary while to boil-paid $2-sold 2 hogs-Frank $25.25-the black one $23.75-sold them to McCormick-paidRobert for Franks coat.


Jan 1-A beautiful sky at sun rise this first day of the year & first of the week.

Jan 2-John Miller & his wife came & Mr. Fletcher-Frank has the mumps.

Jan 6-Elizabeths birthday 1 yrs old-wife Robert & I went to

Augusta-got $13 interest from Mr. Crane

Jan 13-Frank gets over the mumps & Mary takes them-apples roting

Jan 21-Ann & Bell have the mumps-went to the Farmers Store meeting, 20 percent as usual-a help to me.

Jan 22-Bell & Robert crying with mumps-Frank & Mary back to school-Frank has sore eyes-wearing specticals.

February 10-Franks eyes no better-went to Mr. Hall to get him to Doctor.

Feb 21-Took Frank to Dr. Ashley to see his eyes.

Feb 25-Wife & Robert came back from Augusta and said that A. Campbells babe was born on Monday and died on Thursday.

March 11-Roberts birthday. Brother Robert & Frank came to see us-wife, Bob & I went to Roberts to dinner-pleasant visit-paid Priscila Boyce $71 for teaching the winter.

March 16-White came to lath-bot a door $2.25 & some lumber from Edwards-Frank lathed & White hung the door.

March 23-John Miller came to hire a teacher-feeding the hungry animals-children sleeping, eating & talking about the Normal School-bot another door & White hung it.

April 6-Frank & Jones mixing mortar for plastering-Girls and I set two long rows of strawberries-Ann retting her teeth filed.

April 15-My birthday 50 years since I was born-

April 27-Mary & Eliza paper the south room

May 6-Spencer did not come to paint the house-Frank did not want to do it so I painted it myself belov and above-a great improvement-paid Thomson about $8 for the paint besides our work.

May 13-Frank finished plowing the gate field-wife & her father came at supper time and brought an organ to bring harmony I suppose-

May 22-Marys birthday, age 19-Georre, Howard & Frank made a dam and washed the sheep after six.

June 1-Frank cultivated corn in the new orchard-went to the river to bathe-bugs bad on potatoes.

June 19-Isabels birthday-her life so far has been like a summer morning-sold the wool to Simmons 280 Ibs at 55-Frank has ague.

June 29-Frank took 3 down to the closing of the Normal-

July 4-Frank & I went to Detroit-had a pleasant day at Dr. Inglis-called on mother & James-a fine ride with the Dr.-went to the Fort, the Dry Dicks and other places and went to see the fire works at night-

July 5-Frank & I got up at 5 & went to the river and the old bakery & went to the Drs. and waited until after 6 & then started for the Depot and home-harvested wheat in the afternoon-

July 9-Brother Robert told me James wife was dead-

July 15-Wife, Bell, Robert & I went to Augusta-helped to pitch wheat-heard that Mr. Childs had been bit by a rattlesnake.

July 21-Jones came to help-Ann bought a sewing machine $65-we have spent a great deal this summer.

July 25-5 of us went to Church-a good sermon from Mr. Estabrook on prayer-one of the horses bit Robert and frightened us some.

August 2-5 of us went to see the show come in-saw the elephant & 3 or 4 lions-a grand sight.

August 9-wife & I up at daylight and tending to the small things of life-the young people sleeping

August 11-Brother James & John came, went to brother Roberts to dinner-a grand affair-he spends more than me.

August 15-Jones cryed & pryed in the Grove & thought he was going to die-Frank went for his wife-wife, Mary went to Augusta

August 16-Wife has ague-bugs eating the potatoes-Robert presented me with a grand chair

Sept.1-Wife & I took dinner with Sister Agnes & 2 of her family at brother Roberts-had a shake of ague-bot quinine

Sept.5-went over to the marsh last night to drive the dogs from the sheep-Frank sick-well & cistern both dry-looking for rain

Sept.13-Wife & I to Detroit-took dinner with mother and went to Johns wedding in the evening-a grand affair-ladies trailing silk dresses & a marriage feast-a profusion of good things & music & dancing-staid overnight at that doctors.

Sept.14-had a pleasant breakfast at the drs.-Frank took us to the depot and we returned to our humble home-cut corn in the afternoon

Sept.21-borrowed $30 from Robert-he gave me one share of Detroit-Hillsdale railroad

Sept.22-went to the depot for brother Frank & his wife-brought them here-had a walk in the orchard and all went to Roberts for dinner-My brothers seem to get far more of the good things in life than me-I dont know how it will be in the life everlasting-read in the Free Press that the shop had arrived that carried Gabriel.

Sept.24-Wife & I & 2 sons went to the Fair in the forenoon-Mary, Eliza & Bell in the afternoon-Gabriel Campbell arrived from Scot-& quite a number of friends

Oct.5-Frank went & got 10 more barrels-we filled them-5 of Seek No Further and 5 of Greenings-that is 44 in all

Oct.6-got 10 more barrels-filled them with Russets & Bellflowers-took 10 to Yost-a great many apples in town

Oct.10-Frank took 10 more to Yost, 74 in all-our barrels-a great fire in Chicago & Sandwick-great drouth (Chicago fire $196,000,000 lost-250 killed-1152 lives lost in Postigo fire)

Oct.16-Mr Yost paid us for 80 barrel of apples at $2-a profitable pleasant crop-gave Frank $10 and the 4 girls $5 each and Bob $2-paid brother Robert $20 and left $100 with Wm Campbell

Oct 23-plowed in front of the house & in the orchard to save us from fire-dense smoke at night from the firest in the north-had ague forenoon-went to town afternoon to Wm. Cambpell-Frank & I went to see the fire in Palmers Marsh-like many of lifes fears it was so bad when we came to it as we had imagined

Oct. 31-Rain, Rain, Rain, Showers of blessings-it will refresh the parched earth.

Nov. 7-Plowed in the old orchard-Bell counted the apple trees-208 in the old orchard & 200 in the new.

Nov. 16-22 years since we were married-Wm. Campbell, Mrs. Clark A. Campbell & wife, Robert & Mrs Campbell came to dinner-pleasant party-the sun seemed to shine with unusual splendor.

Nov. 24-Intended to go with Wm. Campbell to see Hubbards Farm-200 acres-snow too deep-Wife & Frank to Augusta-Robert would offer little for our farm so we will not be able to buy a bigger one-

Nov. 30-Thanksgiving-Robert ried out hunting rabbits-him & I staid home-6 went to dinner at Wm. Campbells-heard of Mr. Weeds death.

Dec. 7-Mild-drew wood & put corn stalks around the beehives. Heard that Stone & Lambies Tannery was burned.

Dec. 9-Frank brought word that Mr. Aulds was dead-another good man gone.

Dec. 16-Willie Campbell came-borrowed $15 from Robert to pay our taxes=Hall came took away a swarm of bees this week to pay for our doctoring Frank.

Dec. 19-Got Fletchers kettle & drew water & started a fire-bitter cold-T. Fuller, Frank & Richard killed 2 hogs-drew 4 barrels of water-too cold-the dipper froze in the waterpail-sold 2 hogs to Casey $35.35-the brook froze solidsome water at Caseys pond.

Dec. 25-Christmas-3 years since fathers death-E. Fuller killed two more hogs-girls went to town to buy presents.

Dec, 26-settled with Wm. Cambell, $319 due us-got $30 from him and bot a hat from Robert $8.

Dec. 27-sold a hog to McCormack $15.96-roads very icey-received a present from Detroit-one from Robert-paid Robert the $15.

Dec. 30-walked to the Depot to see the Grand Duke-but did not see him.

Dec. 31-Sabbath walked to church with 4-another year passed away forever.

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