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200 Years Ago...It Wasn't Easy

200 Years Ago...It Wasn't Easy image 200 Years Ago...It Wasn't Easy image
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January 1, 1781
Pennsylvania Troops mutined demanding back pay.

January 2, 1781
Virginia relinquished claims north of the Ohio River.

January 3, 1781
Benedict Arnold, the traitor, with British Troops forced American retreat Hood's Point, Virginia.

January 5, 1781
British under Benedict Arnold burned Rishmond.

January 7, 1781
Mutiny of Troops ended with concessions by state officials.

January 8. 1781
British raided Charles City Court House.

January 10, 1781
British attack repelled at Bland's Hill, Virginia.

January 12, 1781
Indian attack on Freeland's Station, Tennessee repulsed.

January 13, 1781
Lafayette visited West Point and went to New Windsor, New York.

January 15, 1781
Congress called on the States for requisitions.

January 16, 1781
Virginia Commander asked for discharge of old men and boys from Militia.

January 17, 1781
Victory at Cowpens, South Carolina led by Daniel Forgan.

January 19, 1781
Americans won skirmish in Georgetown County, South Carolina.

January 20, 1781
New Jersey Troops mutinied and two mutineers were executed.

January 26, 1781
Lafayette averted a crisis in New Jersey.

January 30, 1781
Korgan and Greene joined forces at the Catawba River, North Carolina.

February 1, 1781
British occupied Wilmington, North Carolina--Lafayette appeals to France for aid.

February 4, 1781
High waters at the Gadkin River detained Cornwallis.

February 7, 1781
Militia harassed Cornwallis Army at Shallow Ford, North Carolina.

February 9, 1781
British occupied Salem,

February 12, 1781
Birthday of Abraham Lincoln, born 1809. Americans harassed advancing British at Bruce's Cross Roads, North Carolina.

February 13, 1781
Cornwallis' advance guard ambushed near Dix's Ferry, North Carolina.

February 15, 1781
Two French aides joined Lafayette

February 16, 1781
Washington's Birthday

February 21, 1781
Jefferson learned Williamsburg troops utterly destitute.

February 23, 1781
George Taylor, signer of the Declaration of Independence, died.

February 25, 1781
Americans won battle of Haw River, North Carolina.

February 27, 1781
Maryland became last colony to ratify the Articles of Confederation

February 28, 1781
Richard Stockton, signer of the Declaration of Independence, died.

March 1, 1781
Articles of Confederation ratified.

March 5, 1781
Eleventh anniversary of the Boston Massacre.

200 years ago…it wasn't easy…


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