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Christmas about 1904

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Foster L. Fletcher
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Ypsilanti Historical Society
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It snowed in the night and the next morning everything was white and smooth and it was cold and the wind blew and the bedroom was cold and you could see your breath but we didn't mind for we were young and giddy because it was Christmas and we ran downstairs where the big coal stove glowed and there were our black stockings with toys and bright little bags of candy and after a-while mother said breakfast was ready and we had hot oatmal with milk and some toast and a little coffee because it was a holiday and then we dressed warm and got out our sleds and took our presents and followed a narrow path in the new snow down Forest Avenue and when we got to the bridge we stopped and pushed snow thru the railing and threw snow balls onto the frozen river to see the funny tracts they made in the snow and when a freight train roared past on the other bridge we yelled Merry Christmas at the engineer and he smiled and waved and we began to count the cars and read the numbers on them and the rails sang and clicked up and down and the snow blew and we got dizzy watching everything and lost count of the cars and we shouted at each other after the caboose went by and our voices sounded funny in our ears.

The crossing gates went up and the one armed man in the gatehouse came out and said Merry Christmas boys and we said same to you Mr. Evans and we crossed the road to go thru the gulley where we were explorers and pulled cat tails for lances and made cannon balls out of snow and it was hard work climbing the steep bank into the Cemetery where the soldier with the flag was all snow and we wished him a Merry Christmas and we laughed and got snow down our necks.

All the Lambie kids were at grandmother's and we slid down the hill beyond the evergreens and ate candy and drumsticks and dressing and then had the tree in the parlor and Uncle Frank gave each kid a quarter which we were expecting because he always did that on Christmas and we went out and played in the barn in the hay mow and by night we were so tired we were glad to ride home with Uncle Robert in the bobsleigh and cover up with a blanket and pretend the bobs were going backwards and it was all a very Merry Christmas seventy five years ago.


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