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The Soldiers' Monument in Highland Cemetery

The Soldiers' Monument in Highland Cemetery image
Doris Milliman
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Ypsilanti Historical Society
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Since the Poster for the Heritage Festival has a picture of this Monument, it is appropriate to relate the Monument's History.

The idea for the monument came from the Women's Relief Corps, a patriotic organization under the leadership of Mrs. Florence Babbitt and that organization raised the money for the monument to the memory of the Soldiers who died in the Civil War.

Mrs. Mary Starkweather, a City benefactor, told the Ladies that if they raised $1,000.00, she would give that amount. Other organizations contributed to the fund, as did many individuals until $3,500.00, the cost of the Monument, was raised.

The Soldier's Monument was unveiled in Highland Cemetery Memorial Day, May 30, 1895. It stands 22 feet 3.5 inches high from the foundation to the tip of the flag. The base is gray granite, cut from Solid Rock.

Much credit whould be given to the members of the Women's Relief Corps and to Mrs. Starkweather for this monument erected at the south end of Highland Cemetery, to the Memory of the Fallen Soldiers of the Civil War.

Doris Milliman
City Historian