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Do You Know Your Ancestors?

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My Grandfather was __________________ son of ______________ and ________ (name both parents) and they were (farmer, merchant) _______________________.

Parents married _________________ (date) _______________ (where) Grandparents married ______________ (date) ________________ (where) My Grandmother was ________, daughter of _____________, born _____________, parent's occupation _______________.

Church affiliation __________________

Schooling ___________________________________________

My name is ____________________________________

First Middle (Maiden) Last

Address __________________________________

Street City ZIP

Phone _______________ Birthdate ____________________

Brothers and Sisters ________________________

My grandmother would have told the E.R.A. supporters “that's right”/“go away” (circle one).

Can you fill in the blanks? Do you know your ancestors well enough to predict the way they would feel about today's or yesterdays events?

Whether you scored high or low, the most significant question now is “could your grandchildren answer these questions 50 years from now–about you?

(If you would like to return this form to the Archives, we will add this information to our files and insure your place in History!)