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William Lambie Diary, January-June 1896

William Lambie Diary, January-June 1896 image William Lambie Diary, January-June 1896 image William Lambie Diary, January-June 1896 image William Lambie Diary, January-June 1896 image William Lambie Diary, January-June 1896 image William Lambie Diary, January-June 1896 image
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1. Ten above zero while we wished each other a good new year. Mr & Mrs. Fletcher and family, Ann, Mary, Wife and I. Mr & Mrs Scotney and Frank had a grand dinner and a very pleasant meeting at the home of Son Robert and his good wife. Brother Robert called.

2. 30 above zero-Robert helped B. Voorhees to saw wood-him and Ann and Mary came at night.

3. 14 above zero-but the wind chilly.

4. Very cold 4 below zero-Robert got the taxes paid at last.

5. Sabbath-5–7 below zero-Belle brot Mary back-Frank walked over to see us.

6. 12 above zero-but cold and sotrmy all day.

7. Frank brot a load of old rails for to keep us warm/ Robert brot a load of stalks, Mary walked to Azros.

8. 16 above zero. Belle came in her cutter-her Mother went to Town and home with her-Mary brot her MOther home in the surry-Frank said he was going to Ann aRbor and the Insurance meeting.

9. 30 above zero. Robert sold some stack-Frank came-cloudy day.

10. Mild-Wife not very well-Sawed some wood that Frank brot. wrote some and read about Carlyle. President Cleveland seems to be runing this great country into debt and war-I think he could not do worse. I wish all those who want war were in the front of the first battle.

11. Thaw-Mary and I wnet in the surry to Mrs Fletchers-pleasant.

12. Sabbath-Mary and I went to Church-Mr Putnam peached-cold bleak blasts-would have been more comfortable at home.

13. John Campbell came-Belle came and Mary went home with her-more snow.

14. Sawed wood in the sunshine-Frank brot papers-Willie Fletcher came at night.

15. 6 above zero, Mary walked to Mrs Fletchers-Borther Robert came and brot the Evangelist told of Mrs Rorisans death, and Miss Heart's wedding.

16. 10 above zero-Wee Williams Birthday-Robert and his family came up after dark and sung for us.

17. 20 above zero, cloudy morning-Mary wnet in the Surry to Bells and her and Belle went to Town. Brother Robert gave us a pleasant call, mild the eves drooping.

18. Rain and Snow-sawed wood to keep us warm over Sabbath.

19. Belle and Mary walked to Church-slippy-Frank came.

20. Was not very well-Mrs Fletcher, Harris and Robert came in the morning-Mary took them home at night.

21. Sunshine till noon the clouds-Frank came-sawed wood.

22. More frost, Robert came for his girls after dark last night.

23. A freezing rain, dark, damp and slippy-wearing for sunshine-Mary walked to Robert.

24. Rain and snow in the morning-Brother Robert came in the rain & brot us papers-Robert did errands for his Mother-Willie Fletcher came Mrs. Fletcher called on her way to Roberts.

25. Burn's Anniversary-Belle came her and Mary wnet to Town then Mary went home with Willie-Mild and muddy.

26. Wife and I stayed at home-Belle, fRank, Azro and Willie came-Mary went with Azro and Willie.

27. Sunnie morning-Robert sold 50 bushels of corn-Brother Robert came in to see us. Mary walked home.

28. 20 above zero-Wife drove to belles and Belle came back with her and Mary wnt back with Bell-Robert and Fox drew corn to husk in the barn.

Lambie Diary-1896 January

29. Wife and Mary and I went to the FARmers Institute in Clearys College. Called at Brother Roberts then went to son Roberts for dinner.

30. Went to son Roberts for dinner where we lived so long. Mrs. Fletcher and her two boys came and Mary went home with them.

31. Thaw and damp.


1. Robert brot us a gallon of sirup for 13 cents. Sawed wood-Mary and Harris came.

2. Wife had a sick headack, she rested at home. Mary walked to Church. Azro and family called and son Frank.

3. Snow showers, walnut flowers blooming and fragrant in the window. Mr. Pate sent a Straven Almanac from the Brown Castle.

4. More snow-Mary went to Town with Frank and walked home in the snow.

5. Wife and I went to Town, eggs down to 12 cents. Called on Brother Robert and then went to son Robers, him and Fox husking in the barn.

6. Belle took Roberts girls to school and called on her return. Mary walked home from Azros-cold blasts-Frank called.

7. Robert and Fox husking in the barn-Mary walked to Roberts-Frank came.

8. Wife, Mary and I went in the Surry to Mrs. Fletchers and enjoyed a happy visit.

9. Mary and Belle walked to Church-Wife and I rested at home.

10. Wife walked to Roberts-Brother Robert and I had a pleasant drive to Franks farm.

11. Cold bleak blasts all night-some ice in the house. Robert Campbell came in the cold blasts to arange about the Burns celebration.

12. Ten above zero-Mary walked to Belles-calm and cloudy.

13. Snow storm about all day-Shoveled a road to the barn 3 times-Robert brot Mary home.

14. Sunshine after the storms-Robert and family went to Town and took Mary to Azros.

15. Mild morning-thaw-Robert and Fox husking-colder at night. Mary did not come.

16. Mary walked home at noon. 6 above zero-rested at home-Frank and Robert called-wearying for spring.

17. 6 below zero-hear some places 10 or 12. REad in the Scotch paper that Mr. Allison snet 50 pairs of blankets from Australia to Straven poor people.

18. Mary walked to Town in the snow. Frank came-sawed wood to keep us warm.

19. Cold blustering day. Mary went with Robert. Azro came for Mary and said Harris was sick and it was going to be a zero night.

20. 2 Or 3 below zero-Rexfords men brot a load of coal-the house flowers were hurt the worst of any night this winter.

21. Frank and Robert, Mr & Mrs Scotney went and heard the Bag Pipers and songs and speeches in honor of Robert Burns.

22. Washington's Birthday-received a paper and a book about Tarten from my far away Straven friend in Australia Mr. James Allison.

23. Mary walked to Church with Mrs Fletcher and then went home.

24. MIld like spring-Wife, Mary and I drove to Mrs. Fletchers and made each other glad.

25. Clear morning-cloudy afternoon, sawed wood in the sunshine. Wife went down with Robert.

26. Belle came and Mary and her went to Town-Then Belle, Wife and I went to Belles for dinner-like a spring day. I came you have called me, I came over the mountins with light and sand.

Lambie Diary-1896 February

27. Fie morning-Wife took Mary to Mrs. Fletchers-Belle geting a dinner for the Grangers-Wife and I went to Roberts and he had 3 men helping to get in last years corn.

28. Mrs. Feltcher, Harris & Robert came-Wife and I went to the Church meeting.

29. Frost-some sunshine-Robert got in nearly all his corn stalks.


1. Wife, Mary and I went to Church-Sacrament-Mr. Austin minister. 3 fidles helping the singers-rough roads and cold blasts.

2. Belle came and Mary wnet home with her-Frank and Robert went to Cadies sale-bleak blasts.

3. Sunshine, Clare came and drove up to Bells for Mary and got back at suppertime.

4. Cold breeze and sunshine-Wife walked to Roberts. Robert drew up fallen wood in fornoon, his man Will Mure sawed it and I split and put it in the wood shed.

5. Wife and Belle went to Town-Roberts amn sawed stove wood-I split it and put it in the wood house-Went with Mary to Mrs. Fletchers at night.

6. Rain in the night-Slippery walking. Dark & Damp, trees look as if silver plated. Mary walked home from Azros.

7. More snow-Cold blustry-Frank and Robert came-Sent a letter to Mr. Alliso

8. Wife, Mary and I went to Church. Mr. Sutherland from Philadelphis preached-had a scotch accent-Cold blasts.

9. John Campbell brot 2 bags of clover seed, walked to Roberts. Frank came, Robert sung for us after dark.

10. Two or 3 inches of snow in the night-Brother Robert called and brot papers. Frank went to Augusta for a man & wife to help work his farm.

11. Roberts birthday-Wife, Mary and I, Mrs. Fletcher, Harris and Robert had a good dinner and pleasant gathering with Robert and Hattie in their home that was ours in young life. Frank and Belle went to Mary Benetts funeral.

12. Cold zero morning, 4 above after sunrise when I went out to feed the horse, Belle came, Mary went to Town with her.

13. 5 above zero after breakfast-Wife and I had dinner Mrs Fletchers-sunshine and snow showers.

14. Belle came, Wife and Mary went to Town-Mary went back with Belle.

15. Wife, Mary and I went to church, Mr Sutherland preached.

16. Wife and I went to Ben Voohees-Mrs. Voorhees has her leg broke the second time-mild and sunshine-Wife and Mary went to Mrs Fletchers.

17. St. Patricks Day-Mother died 4 years ago. Robert, Hattie and her Mother came with the R. Martins. Wife went with them to Bells.

18. Wife helped Hattie and walked home. Robert bot 2 bushels of Timothy seed from Dawson-Mary walked to Mrs. Fletchers-Roberts man helped to saw wood at the Scotneys.

19. Another snow storm-blustry, damp and mild. Wife went to Roberts-Mary walked to Mrs. Fletchers.

20. Clare campbell came with Frank, Belle came and Clare went back with her. Farm Journal sent a picture of Washington.

21. Snow-sunshine and cold breezes-Wife, Mary and I went to Mrs. Fletchers

22. Wife and I went to Church, Mary had headach and did not go. Frank, Belle and Willie Fletcher came-cold blasts.

Lambie Diary-1896 March

23. Frost, have seen no robins yet-Robert helped Scotney to saw wood. Brother Robert called-Mary had a headach.

24. Mary saw the first Robin-Wife walked to Roberts-Mrs. Fletcher and the 2 boys came and Mary went back with them.

Robert, Hattie and her Mother got the Surry and went about 7 miles North to Mr. Marins Weddin-balmy breezes-mercury up to 50.

26. Mercury down to 30-cold blasts-Belle came-Wife went home with her Mary went for her Mother at night-Robert drew manure from Town.

27. Sunshine all day, Roberts man sowed clover seed on the fields south of the house and the one north-Mrs L, Mary and I went to Roberts to dinner-saw 4 Robins in Robert orchard.

28. Robert man went away-to windy to sow clover seed. Belle came and Mary went home with her.

29. Sabbath-Wife and I went to Church-Robins begun to sing-Mary came home with us-The black horse got very sick, blood flowed from its mouth till we were agraid it would bleed to death and Robert went for a horse Dr. at night.

30. Walked to Roberts before breakfast to see the sick horse-Robert sowed clover seed in the morning-took a load of corn to Newton afternoon.

Robins singing in the sunshine, first wild flowers in bloom.

31. Wife went to Bells-Frank and Robert went to Benetts sale-the Benetts all gone-Wife, Mary and I went to Mrs Fletchers.


1. A morning shower-spread manure-Frank brot Mary home-Roberts man choped down a grove.

2. Snow showers and bitter blasts-Robert took corn to Newton.

3. Cold dreary blasts all day-pitched manure out of the hen house.

4. Sunshine and not so cold-Wife, Mary and I went to Mrs. Fletchers.

5. A stranger preached-Frank came-Mr Fletcher and family came and Mary went home with them.

6. Town meeting-Wife and I went to Azros for dinner-Mary came home with us. Robert took straw to Mr Robinson.

7. Wife went to bells-cold north wind.

8. Mrs Fletcher and Harris came drawing wee Robert in the little wagon Wife and I went to Uncle Andres and had an intelectual amd Maternal feast-Mary took Mrs Fletcher and boys home-Robert and Hattie came after getting Mr Hunter to help to get part of her Mother's farm. Will and Bell came at night and Mary went home with them.

9. Bell came-her and her Mother went to Town-hoed round the berrie bushes-Lilie up and green.

10. Wife, Mary and I went to Mrs Fletchers.

11. A good spring rain-Old Mr Woodruf the editor was buried. Brother Robert called.

12. Loud Thunder last night-went to Church warm like Summer-about 80 starting the peach buds.

13. We went to Mrs Fletchers-bot garden seeds from Thomson-Wife went to Bells-tryed to plow yesterday but failed-Brother Robert came had a pleasant ride to Franks.

14. Harvie came with his Engin and sawed Roberts wood. Sowed Thompsons peas and radishes.

15. I wonder if the morning was as beautiful as this 75 years ago. Robert and family and Azro and family came in honor of my birthday-we had a mental and material feast-balmy breezes blue skies singing birds budding trees and bonnie flowers-a royal day of unclouded joy.

Lambie Diary-1896 April

16. Howed in the garden-sowed radishes and letues.

17. Roberts man plowed the garden-planted turnips for seed-sowed peas-very warm 86 in the shade.

18. Sowed peas-planted potatoes-Frank came his thermometer 90 in the shade-Wife went to Azros for Mary-Kind brother Robert brot papers.

19. Sabbath-Wife, Mary and I went to Church-Frank came.

20. Mary took her Mother to the Moter going to Uncle Williams-Robert and I planted 4 Balsam firs near the house-planted potatoes.

21. Robert cleaned Oats for seed. Mr Blacks son got hurt at the box factory-Brother Robert and I had a pleasant drive.

22. Planted potatoes cool morning-Franks man plowed for Robert and Robert rolled with our horse and the colt. Claire came and Mrs Wm. Campbell.

23. Cool-Wife took Mary to Azros with Eagle-set 2 hens-last night Franks' man plowed for Robert.

24. A good shower in the night and a misty morning-Wife went to Bells Robert drew out manure and plowed forenoon for me.

25. Bell got trees to plant-Wife, Mary and I went to Church-a big Minister from the East preached. Mary came home with us.

27. A wet morning, peach trees in bloom. Robert took the girls to school in the rain.

28. Set out green trees-Robert and his man took down the fence west of the barn and plowed down the stocks forenoon.

29. Robert and his man sowed Oats on the 9 acre field by Harries corner. Brother Robert and daughter called. Mary walked Azros-Asparagus and pie plant for dinner.

30. Balmy breezes at 5 in the morning. Frank adn Robert and his family went to Azros to celebrate Willie Fletchers birthday. Robert cleaned and sold Oats.


1. Beautiful morning-Mrs went to Bells-Robert plowed-I never saw the fruit trees bloom more beautiful.

2. Wife, Mary and I went to Mrs Fletchers-Earth like Eden.

3. Sabbath-A minister from Ann Arbor preached a grand sermon from the text-The pure in heart shall see God.

4. Wife and I drove to Mr Smiths and met Sister Agnes. A grand day blooming flowers and kind friends-Agnes came home with us and stayed over night.

5. Wife, Sister AGnes and I drove to Bells-Son Roberts and Mrs Fletchers and then to Brothers for dinner.

6. Took back Franks buggie then bot 10 little peach trees 6 grapes and 6 currents and 2 red goosberries.

7. Robert and Fox helped me to plant peach trees, potatoes and corn. Mrs. Ring helped Mary to clean the south room.

8. Birds sung-us up at 5-Helped Robert to get potatoes out of the cellar. very warm about 90.

9. Robert got out more potatoes-Brother Robert and wife called-Agnes sent a boax of clos-3 went to Mrs. Fletchers.

10. Watered plants and trees-Roberts man plowing for corn with 3 horses.

11. Hoed potaotes and peas-thunder showers going round.

13. Watering and hoeing the peach trees I got from Gear and they look bad.

14. Thunders showers going round but we got a grand rain at night.

Lambie Diary-1896 May

15. To wet to plow-Roberts man drawing manure from Town.

16. Robert planted the south field to corn. Wife and I went to Town and Mrs. Fletchers-Mary had a sick headach.

17. Wife and I went to Church-the high wind blowed down part of a maple tree near the house.

18. A wet morning-sowed beets, banked up trees the wind bent, Hens scratching the garden.

19. Wet morning-Mary and I went to Mr Fletchers for Mrs. L.

20. Making a park to keep in the hens that are wasting and scratching the garden.

21. Robert sold corn to Mr. Robertson, planted corn-Shut up hens in the house that hurt the garden and vexed more than the work.

22. Robert took straw to Worden.

23. Took down the old hen house, we went to Town with Mrs. Fletcher. Beautiful day.

24. Belle and Frank came, went to Church-grand day-Brother Robert and family drove past then Azro.

25. A wet morning-Wife, Mary and I went to town. Bot fence wire to enclose the house.

26. Robert cultivated and I howed the garden, Mrs. Ring helped Mary to clean the house. Mary helped me to put up the wire fence to confine the hens-fearful blasts and a number killed by a cyclone at Mt Clemens.

27. Robert helping Frank-Ring got 6 bushels of corn for his Mother cleaning the house-Put Paris green on the potaotes. Cyclone at St. Louis fearful.

28. A thunder shower in the night-the Paris green may be some washed away. The wind blew as it would blow its last.

29. Robert spreading the Manure, his man plowing for beans-drving blasts bending down the trees, Robert brought home Anna before supper.

30. Decoration Day-calm morning-a great thunder storm afternoon-to wet for the Decoration party to come.

31. Mr Goodrich preached-calm and cool-Frank came.


1. Cool 42 at dawn-Robert brot 2 bags of flour-Anna, Mary and Bell drove to Franks farm and brot beautiful bunches of roses-Young Renton cultivated our corn.

2. Cool morning-A hen set herself and came with about 15 chicks. Mrs. Ring helped Mary to clean the house.

3. Wife and I went to B. Voorhees, his unfortunate wife had broke her arm again-Ann and Mary went to Roberts.

4. A shower in the night-Went to Azros with Anna and Mary-had a pleasant ride with brother Robert to Franks farm.

5. Wife and I went to the Church meeting then to Azros for Ann and Mary. Robert drilled in beans at the gate field-90 at noon.

6. Wife went to Bells-Mary and I went to Town with Willie-Roberts man planted potatoes.

7. Sabbath-Sacrament-Wife, Mary and Mrs Fletcher at Church-about 90-got home before the rain-Frank came.

8. Long rain in the night-Wife, Anna, Mary and I went to Azros.

9. Wife went to Azros-Robert helped to clean off the wall paper-his man cultivated corn and potatoes.

10. Pioneers meeting, Robert mowed the dooryard and helped me to smash the rough stans at this gate-Anna and Mary went to Bells.

11. Robert mowed the marsh so he could plow it. Thomsans man papered the west room. Robert man, Will Renton hoed potatoes-I put Paris green on the potatoes.

Lambie Diary-1896 June

12. Wife took Ann and Mary to Mrs Fletchers, went for them at night. Mrs. Fletcher and boys came home with us.

13. Robert put Paris green on the potatoes-Wife and I went to A.W. Nicol

14. Children's day, Wife, Ann, Mary and I went to Church.

15. A wet morning-hoed potatoes.

16. Weeds rank on the marsh-Robert could not plow.

17. Robert mowed the weeds and I raked them off the marsh. Wife took Ann and Mary to Mrs Fletchers.

18. Robert plowed on the marsh and some evil boys stole the irons off his plow. Wife went to Bells then Wife, Ann, Mary and I went to Town.

19. Bells birthday-Mary took Wife and Ann to the Motor going to School closing at Ann ARbor. Robert plowing with 3 horses. Mary went to the Motor for Mother and Ann-Mrs Fletcher and 3 boys came, Robert, Hattie and family came-had supper on the porch. Robert plowed all the marsh.

I went home with Belle.

20. Mr. McConachie sent me the Scottish American-I hope in some way I will be able to repay him. Roberts man rolling the marsh land-got his reaper in order for the Harvest.

21. A wet morning-Wife, Ann, Mary and I went to Church-Mr. Goodrich gave us a good sermon. Robert and family came.

22. Longest day-Robert went to reap rye for Theodore.

23. Wife, Ann, and Mary went to the Normal School. Robert drilled corn on the low land. I replanted corn-Peas for dinner.

24. Cloudy morning-Wife, Ann and Mary went to the Normal-Robert reaped Rye near his house. I planted cabbage.

25. Robert reaping-a heavy thunder shower at night.

26. Robert reaping the wheat south of our house-good crop-Worked till about 7. Wife went to Mrs Fletchers bringing Ann, Mary and Willie.

27. Robert reaped the Rye west of his house. Planted cabbage and sowed turnip seed.

28. Mr Goodrich preached on governments-cool pleasant dya-Brother Robert and family called.

29. Breezy morning-Robert reaped wheat for Harrie-Blue skies and cool breezes.

30. My Wifes birthday-Wife and I went to Azros for dinner-Wife, Ann, Mary and I went to Bells-Robert reaped all Harries wheat, then Ben Roberts and part of ours in the field by the brook.

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