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William Lambie Diary, July-December 1897

William Lambie Diary, July-December 1897 image William Lambie Diary, July-December 1897 image William Lambie Diary, July-December 1897 image William Lambie Diary, July-December 1897 image William Lambie Diary, July-December 1897 image William Lambie Diary, July-December 1897 image William Lambie Diary, July-December 1897 image
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July 1. A warm misty morning-working among the potatoes and bugs.

2. Mother brot up Mrs Fletcher and the 4 boys-Put paris green on the vile bugs-90 in the shade.

3. Robert mowed the clover by George Allans-between 90 & 100 in the shade.

4. Mother, Ann, Mary and I went to Church-great heat-Robert & family came-98 in the shade.

5. Warm night-Robert mowed-Will raked-3 men got in 4 loads of Clover hay in the afternoon and helped to cack(?) up hay-a breeze in the afternoon. Robert, Hattie and wee William walked up at night.

6. Fine cool morning-60 at morn-Roberts men drew clover hay into our barn-Went to Mrs. Fletchers for Ann and Mary.

7. Robert drawing clover with 2 teams-Mary picked currents-5 brot up good milk from Roberts at dusk.

8. Ann and Mary went to Bells-about 100 in the shade. Robert raking and drawing hay-have about 50 chickens.

9. Robert has 3 men getting in his good crop of clover hay-still very warm. Mother, Ann, Mary & I went to Azros at 4-Mother stayed-A farmers sermon in the Ypsilantian.

10. Robert has 3 fields of clover hay in the barns-not quite so warm-4 of us went to Azros.

11. Some thunder & rain-cool breezes-a relief from 100 in the shade. 70 today-Frank called then Robert and all his family-a fine shower coming from Church.

12. Robert man mowed went of us-picked currents and wild cherries. A heavy shower in afternoon-Mother went to Bells-shook dry stuff on the potato bugs-some wheat fields into shocks.

13. Cool after teh rain-below 60 at dawn-Robert put Franks beans on the granary and put his reaper in order. Picked gooseberries and cherries-a good shower in the afternoon.

14. Robert reaped wheat till his reaper broke. Will raked-I helped to cack up clover and sprouted potaotes. Hattie and us and Digmans boy picked cherries-Mother took the girls to Bells.

15. Robert reaped by Harries fence-the reaper went out of order and faithful Hattie walked to the foundry at noon and got chains to repair it-had a pleasant ride with Brother to Franks farm-his ripe wheat looked well and he had 3 men helping to get in his 70 loads of hay with more on the field. Bell brot home Ann & Mary.

16. Robert reaped all the wheat on the old farm-set up some shocks-they were heavy and I was very weary-joy in the harvest when the wheat was all in stacks and the good hay in the barn-4 went to Mrs. Fletchers at 4–2 stayed overnight. Robert went to reap for Frank at noon.

17. Robert reaped for Frank-picked cherries. Wee Robert Fletchers birthday-4 of us and 3 of Roberts girls went and had supper at Mrs. Fletchers.

18. Four of us and 3 of Robert girls at Church-good summer breezes.

19. Mother went to Mrs Fletchers and brot her and the 4 boys. Robert helping Frank in his harvest-Ann & Mary went home with Mrs. Fletcher.

20. Mother went to BElls-Robert reaped all FRanks wheat-warm 88-Willie & Bell picked cherries-cut big weeds.

Lambie Diary 1897

21. A morning shower-Robert sold a load of hay to Wilcox. Went to Mrs Fletchers and then to Roberts-little Ann quite sick.

22. Helped Robert to unload 2 loads of hay-Mother and Mrs Fletcher and family went to the sunday school picnic at Uncle Williams.

23. Cool 64 at noon-Joy in harvest-Robert got men to help and got his wheat all in the stack-had a pleasant ride with Brother Robert by the old Moon farm-Ann and Mary went to Bells.

24. Dug some small potaotes-the bugs and dry weather like to spoil the, 4 went to Mrs Fletchers.

25. 4 went to Church-the Minister going away 4 weeks-very warm 92 in the shade.

26. Great Showers and some thunder-Robert brot a grist and his horses run away and vexed us all-rested all day.

27. Clouds and cool breezes-Mother went to Mrs Fletchers with Ann & Mary and then to Bells-Frank and I dined alone. Robert went to reap for poor Norton-Hattie, Mary and Willie came to pick cherries but it was to wet.

28. Invited to Mr & Mrs Leels golden Weding-Went to Mrs. Fletchers for Ann and Mary-Dug small potatoes.

29. Wife and I went to Town-Saw the Eclips on the Sun. Mrs Fletcher & her boys came-had a pleasant visit then she called on Roberts family & Bell wrote lines to Mrs Houelitt.

30. Robert reaped his Oats-the weeds grow faster than I can cut them down-big weeds and small potatoes.

31. Robert reaped his Oats, dug potatoes-Went to Town and Azros.


1. Mr. Goodrich was the Minister-Mrs. Fletcher walked to Church and we went home with her.

2. Wife and I went to Azros, Ann & Mary to the old home. Robert reaped Oats for Frank.

3. Three of Robert girls and their Grandmother started for Port Huron-Brother Robert and I had good ride past Franks farm and the old Backan farm-90 in the shade.

4. A morning breeze-Mary not well-a great thunder shower.

5. Went to Roberts-tried to fill the washout at his gate. Went to Azros-Ann and Mary stayed overnight.

6. Robert reaped the Martins Oats-Wife and I went to Bells then to Mrs Fletchers and Bell came home with us.

7. Robert built an Oat stack-Mother, Mary and I went to Azros.

8. Mr. Goodrich preached-Mrs Fletcher walked to Church and we went home with her.

9. Showers prevented Robert from geting his Oats. Mother went to Bells. A hen came out with 15 chickens-Frank getting his wheat thrashed.

10. Rain last night-To wet to get in Oats-Robert begun to plow for wheat-dug big weed to get some small potatoes.

11. Mother went to Azros fro huckleberries and took them to Bells-Frank and I dine-he had about 480 bushels of wheat. Ann & Mary came home from Uncle Williams.

12. Reminds of the Moors of old Scotland-cool morning 55-Mother and I went to Azros and went to Bells with Ann & Mary.

13. Dug potaotes the wild grass-Brother robert, wife and daughter called amd invited us to dinner-Mother went to Bells for Ann & Mary-50 at morn 83 at noon.

Lambie Diary-1897

14. Mother, Ann, Mary and I had a grand dinner and a delightful visit with Brother Robert and family.

15. Mrs Fletcher walked to church and we went home with her. Gave 2 for a present to Mr Green on his eightieth birthday.

16. Cool breezes-Robert cleaned our barn faloor-Ann & Mary went to Roberts-dug potatoes and weeds.

17. Mrs A CAmpbell & Mrs Fletcher called, Wrote lines to D. B. Green on his eightieth birthday-Cool breezes 46 at dawn-Harvey came with his engin after noon and FRank helped to get men and thrashed the wheat 240 bushels.

18. Harvy thrashed all the Oats before noon-247 bushels-Robert brot the Oats and put them on our barn floor.

19. Mother went to Bells-hoed cabbage-went with Robert to the old home.

20. Mother, Mary, Mrs Feltcher and I called on the Miss Stevens-a pleasant visit.

21. Brother Robert came with paper-Ann came back from Uncle Andrews and came home with us from Azros.

22. Wife, Ann, Mary and I went to Church and Roberts 3 girls.

24. Did not get as good potatoes as I planted.

25. Mother brot up Mrs Fletcher so that Azro and wife could go to see a sick friend.

26. Sent to the Youths Companion and Mr McConchie.

27. Mother brot up Mrs Fletcher and the boys-Bell and Will came and we had a pleasant meeting and a good dinner under the trees. We planted at the old home.

28. Mother went to Mrs Fletchers-Ruben Risley came-Ruben and I went to Mrs Fletchers for Mother.

29. Went to Church-thunderstorm-Frank saw a barnburning.

30. Ruben went away-Robert got the horse to go to Hatties farm.

31. CAlled on Miss Stevenson, Miss Yakley-then we went to Mrs Fletchers the sumer days ended.


1. Mrs Fletcher and the boys came-a great thundershower in afternoon. Brother Robert came.

2. Mother brot up Mrs Fletcher to Bells in the morning-Dug small potatoes-Wrote to Mr Allisen-Robert & family, Bell & Will & Frank came to supper before Ann went away.

3. Went to the Depot with Ann on her way to Elkhart. The railroad garden looked well-Mother, Mary and I went to Church meeting.

4. Robert got the surry for them all to go to Murrys Lake. Mother and Mary went to Azros, dug small potatoes.

5. Sacrament-Mr Green of 4 score waited on us.

6. Robert brot a load of Oats from Hatties farm, George Risley Rubens son took dinner with us on his way to Pontiac.

7. Mother went to Bells then we went to Mrs Fletchers at night. Leah and Minnie went to the Normal.

8. Mother went to Roberts, his man begun to cut corn-very warm 90 in the shade.

9. Mother went to Roberts found him drilling wheat-warm 94 in the shade-after dinner Mother and I went to Azros for Mary.

Lambie Diary-1897

September 10. Went to see Robert drilling wheat-dug poor potatoes. Warm 94 after dinner-read in the shade afternoon.

11. Mother, Mary and I went to Mrs Fletchers-wrote about the Ann Arbor Fair-Brother Robert brot papers.

12. Wet morning-then 3 went to Church-5 of Roberts family made us a barefoot visit.

13. Mother and Mary brot Mrs Fletcher and the boys-Roberts girls went to the Normal.

14. Mother went to BElls-picked grapes-Robert begun to drill west of our barn.

15. Bell, Mary and Roberts girls went to Town. Wife helping Hattie-Robert drilled all the field west of the barn-Mother went to Bells for Mary-92 in the shade.

16. Warm morning, 70 at dawn-Robert got all his wheat drilled before noon-a heavy thundershower in afternoon.

17. The breezes of Autumn 48 at dawn-Cut corn-Received the Courier with a poem on the Fair.

18. Paid Mr Harris $4 for Seat rent till October-Went to Mrs Fletchers.

19. Mother, Mary and I went to Church-Mary went home with Mrs Fletcher.

20. Cold 37 at daylight-Mother went to Bells-Cut corn and picked grapes.

21. 35 at dawn-part of the shingels whit with frost. Went to Mrs Fletchers for Mary.

22. Fine morning-Mother went to Azros for the boys. Mary and I went back with them at night.

23. Mrs W. Campbell and daughter came-I went to Bells for Mother-Stayed at Bells for dinner then they went to Roberts then in Azros and then took the Motor home.

24. Corn about all cut-Robert helping Harry to thrash-Brother Robert and I had a fine ride to Franks farm.

25. Mother, Mary and I went to Town and to Mrs Fletchers.

26. Harvest Festival at Church-decorated with corn and flowers.

27. Mother went to Bells-sold 5 chickens alive for 7 a pound-17 pounds to a meat pedlar-Went to Mrs Fletchers.

28. Trees doning their Atumn splendor-Robert broke the pump then repaired it-grand day-Mary went to Bells with Miss Waterberry.

29. Mrs Fletcher give wee William his first pair of breeks. Went to Roberts for dinner.

30. Robert and all the family went to Ann ARbor Fair.


1. Gathered apples-few good ones under the trees. Mr Dale caught 46 pounds of chickens paid $3.22-Warm-88.

2. Frank has men thrashing clover seed-Robert sold wheat-The clover thrashers came and left their Engin here after dark.

3. Mrs Fletcher came to Church and we went home with her.

4. Robert got his clover seed thrashed-about 6 bushels and Frank 24. Wife and I went to Church meeting about being nearly out of debt and more money wanted.

5. Frank and Robert went to the sale where C Merril used to live.

6. Wife and I went to the home of Mr & Mrs Smith-met good sister Agnes, a day of glee and gladness-a light shower at night to gladden hearts langing for showers of blessings.

Lambie Diary-1897


7. Robert, his wife and Mary went to Mrs Fletchers brother. Robert and wife and daughter called.

8. Harvest Hymn in the Ypsilantian-O for rain and showers of blessings.

9. Went to Mrs Fletchers, Mary and I gathered apples-Robert selling hay.

10. Mother, Mary & I, Mr & Mrs Fletcher and 3 boys at Church.

11. Mother went to Bells-Went to Mrs Fletchers-paid Insurance $10. Longing and praying for rain and the rain came on the dry grass-grass safer from fire and danger thanks to the giver of showers of blessings.

12. Pure breezes after the refreshing rain.

13. Will Martin picking apples.

14. Wife and I went to Belleville to see old Mr Campbell in his 84 years-a pleasant visit, was kindly used-forest trees in golden splender.

15. Very warm-84 in the shade-Robert geting apples before they are stole.

16. Robert and all the family gathered about all the apples. Helped in the forenoon then we went to Mrs Fletchers in the afternoon.

17. Mr & Mrs Fletcher and 3 boys sat before us in Church.

18. Mr Ring helped Mary to clean the house. O for rain and showers of blessing, wrote to old Mrs Samuel Campbell.

19. Mother went to Bells-a good refreshing shower at night.

20. Showers of blessing-Went to the old home and to Mrs Fletchers. Got a letter and $18 for interst from my good friend Robert CAmpbell Were invited in to Mrs Childs home to see her Mother's body but the spirit was gone.

21. Robert selling clover hat at $5 per ton. Robert has 2 colred men and 2 women husking and they laugh louder than anything I have herd this summer.

22. Mother went for Mrs Fletcher and 3 boys and we all went to Roberts for dinner-the forest in atumn splendor-a day of feasting, kindness and mutual joy for 3 generations.

23. Robert put 188 bushels of corn in the crib and paid the shouting huskers.

24. A grand day-Ye are our glory and joy was the text-Robert sung for us at night.

25. Mother went to Roberts to help his wife-planted slips of grapes and currents.

26. Brother John and his wife, sister Agnes and daughter, Wife and I had a grand dinner and were kindly intertained at Brother Roberts in honor of his birthday.

27. Mother went to Bells-Golden October.

28. Planted current slips-Mary walked to Azros.

29. Robert selling Oats-geting ready for winter.

30. Grand day-Mother Mary and I walked to Azros.

31. Mr & Mrs Fletcher and 3 boys with us in Church.


1. Wet night and morning-puting the hen house in order.

2. More rain-Robert not well-Will took the girls to school.

3. Mother, Mary and I enjoyed a pleasant visit at Uncle Williams-Sunshine and kindness.

Lambie Diary-1897


4. Mother went to Roberts-he sold cornstalks to Ring. Mary walked to Azros.

5. Robert got a load of stalks in the stable-wheeled manure to the cuttings in the garden-rain at noon. Went to Town came home in a fair downpur of cald rain.

6. Took dinner with Mrs Fletcher and Mr & Mrs Smith-a grand meterar and mental feast.

7. Wife and I went to Church after the rain-dark day.

8. Bell came and took away Mother and brot Mary-Rexfords men brot 2 tons of coal.

9. Robert set up coal stove-paid Osband $1.65 for the Ypsilantian and Tribune till October 98.

10. Mother and I walked to Town-Robert sold corn to Worden.

11. Mother walked to Roberts-codl showers-Roberts head ached. Mary, Ann and William brot us milk.

12. The first thick ice-wheeled cabbage into cellar.

13. Called on Brother Robert found him quite unwell. John Campbell came and told us the sad tidings that his daughter Susand dress caught fire and burned her so that she died.

14. Mother, Bell, Frank and Robert went to the funeral in the surry. a dark wet day.

15. Mother went to Bells with the Milkman-Mary brot Mother from Bells.

16. 48 years since we were married-Robert & family came-Mrs Fletcher called and brother Robert found him improving.

17. Wheled manure and split wood-very tired and cold and weary.

18. Mother and I went to Azros for Mary.

19. Mild-dug radishes-Robert sold hay-drove to Bells did not find Mary.

20. Like morning in spring-Went to Azros-a golden sunset.

21. A full church-Frank came, Robert and family home in a snow storm.

22. Mrs Fletcher and sons walked to our house-Mother went to Bells-Mary drove Mrs Fletcher and family home in another snow storm.

23. The fields white with snow-Robert selling hay.

24. Mother and Mary wnet to Azros-got a book from Australia.

25. Robert and family had a Thanksgiving dinner with Belle, Mother, Mary and I had a pleasant dinner at Azros-came home in a heavy rain.

26. A wet morning-Robert brot a load of Frank's wood. Banked up the house.

27. Mother & Mary went to Azros-bot overshoes-called at Brother Roberts.

28. Not very cold-A Minister spoke for the Sailers-Azro called and Son Robert.

29. Cold blasts-wrote lines in memory of Duncan Stewart.

30. Mother went to Bells-some snow-Robert drawing corn stalks.


1. More snow-Bell took Mary and the girls to Town.

2. Frank came back from Uncle Andrews-Robert tied cornstalks. Kept the hens shut up and out of the snow-8 above zero.

3. 25 above zero-Robert drew stalks to husk in the barn. Brot Mary and Mrs Campbell-Mother, Mary and I went to church meeting.

4. Dark morning rain & ice-Hattie took Saddy Campbell to the Motor Frank came.

Lambie Diary-1897


5. Sacrament & Mr & Mrs Fletcher went to Church.

7. Thaw & Mild-Mother went to Bells-Mother & Mary went to Azros. Brother Robert weak and weary-called to see him.

8. Mother walked to Roberts-beautiful sunshine, Mary walked to Azros, Robert selling hay.

9. Mr & Mrs Fletcher, Mary & Frank went to a great supper under the Presbyterian.

10. Wife and I called on our good old friends Mr & Mrs Ben Voohees-dark wet day.

11. Wet morning-Mother, Mary and I went to Azros-short dark day.

12. Mr & Mrs Fletcher and 3 boys at Church-Frank came.

13. Anna's birthday-mile-Mother went to Bells-Mary to Roberts.

14. Mother and I called to see brother Robert and he was out-Got a letter from Kate Ingels that her sister, Margaret was very sick.

15. Mild sunshine and muddy roads, Robert brot a load of wood. Mother went to Azros.

16. Breezy morning and sunshine-Mother went home with Robert. Mary walked to Mrs Fletchers.

17. A driving snow storm-a blink of sunshine at night.

18. 2 below zero-rested at home. Mary, Mrs Fletcher and little Robert walked to Church.

19. a White world-pur snow and sunshine-sawed wood in the wood house till I was warm. Mary went to Town with robert.

20. 24 above zero-sawed wood-dark and damp-Robert & Hattie came.

21. Sunshine, Mother went to Bells-Robert and Fox got Azros cider in the cellar. Mother and I went to Mrs Fletchers.

22. Shortest day-Mary & Willie Fletcher walked to Town-9 above zero.

23. Robert sold a load of hay. Belle brot home Mary. Frank came. Mrs Smith from Willis paid Mother $137 he owed her and thanked her for waiting till he was able to pay her.

24. 4 below zero at dawn-Received a box and presents from Sister Agnes. Brother Robert was able to drive up and bring presents.

25. Christmas 28 years since Father died. All the family and the 10 grandchildren enjoyed a grand turkey dinner, and then a Christmas tree, over 20 of us happy and grateful for so many blessings bestowed on us.

26. 20 above zero-Mother and I went in the snow to the Church.

27. Sunshine-Mother went to Bells-Frank came-sawed wood.

28. Bell brot 20 hens-Mother to Azros in morning-Mary and Ann & Mother to Mrs. Fletchers.

29. Mld and snow showers-Roberts brot Ann and Mary home.

30. Mild snow melting-Robert and family went to Town-Have a cold-Received a fine Christmas card from Pearth, Scotland and from the Cowan family.

31. Robert paid the taxes $24-Frank sold a load of hay and put in a new cistern pump-Ann and Mary at Roberts.

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