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William Lambie Diary, January-June 1898

William Lambie Diary, January-June 1898 image William Lambie Diary, January-June 1898 image William Lambie Diary, January-June 1898 image William Lambie Diary, January-June 1898 image William Lambie Diary, January-June 1898 image William Lambie Diary, January-June 1898 image William Lambie Diary, January-June 1898 image
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1. Robert family, Will & Belle and all of us had a pleasant meeting and a good dinner in Son Franks home.

2. Mother, Mary & I went to Church-Frank came.

3. Mother went to Roberts-Robert brot a load of wood from Franks.

4. Mother went to Bells for Ann & Mary & then we went to Mrs. Fletchers.

5. Mother went to Bells-sunshine-Robert split wood. Wrote to Mr. Calvin in Perth.

6. Robert drew stalks out the Barn and sold a load of hay-Mrs Fletchers birthday-Mother went for her & the three boys.

7. Mohter walked to Roberts-sunny day-Roses in full bloom-Robert & family came to dinner. Belle came, Ann & Mary went back with her.

8. Robert & Mother went to the Depot with Ann on her way to Elkhart. Mary & I went to Mrs Fletchers for Mother.

9. Mild mornings, Mother, Mary & I & Mr & Mrs Fletcher & the three boys went to Church-Frank came.

10. Mother went to Bells-sunshine & mild, Robert sold 2 good loads of clover hay. 4 jays in the Corn Crib.

11. Mist & Snow birds-Mother & I went to Pattisons.

12. Thunder & rain in the night. Mary walked to Mrs Fletchers.

13. Mother & I wnet to Azros. Mary came home with us. Robert drew manuer from Twon.

14. Mother walked to Roberts-Belle called-Hattie brot up Mother-Ann & William & Mary walked to Roberts.

15. Pure snow & 30 above zero-Robert brot up Mary.

16. Mother, Mary & I went to Church in the Snow-Little Williams third birthday.

17. Mother went to Belles in the Snow. Mother, Mary & I drove to Mrs. Fletchers.

18. Clare Campbell made us a pleasant visit. Frank came-Robert Pate sent us a picture of Straven 7 the Straven Almanac. Mary walked home at night-Mr. Allison sent the picture of R. Griffin the fammous Straven callan.

19. Mother walked to Roberts-Robert came at night and played and sung fro us.

20. A wet morning-Eunice brot presents to Hattie and papers to us. Mary went to Bells with the milkman-Will & Belle brot Mary home after dark.

21. Belle came and Mother & Mary went to Town with her. 30 above zero-Robert came at night.

22. Received a silk handerchief from a kind weaver in Straven-he liked the lines on Pamilliam. Mrs Fletcher and the boys came. Mother & Mary went home with them in the snow storm.

23. To stormy to go to Church-Frank & Robert came-saw the sunset.

24. Mother went to Bells-Sunshine forenoon-Mother, Mary & I went to Azros in afternoon. Brother Robert called when we were gone.

25. Burns birthday, Mother walked to Roberts-stormy day-Robert brot up Mother on the sleigh and took down Mary and his girls.

26. Robert took the 3 girls and a load of feed to Town.

27. Mary walked in the snow to Mrs Fletchers, Frank brot Roberts girls & papaers. sent a paper to Mr Fleming who sent the silk handkerchief-blinks of sunshine.

28. More snow-Robert took down a load of girls and brot up a load of manure-Frank came-Mary wwlked home from Azros in the snow.

29. Sunshine-Belle came, Robert brot Mrs Fletcher and the 4 boys to his hosue in the long sleigh and took them home afternoon.

Lambie Diary-1898 January

30. Mother, Mary & I went to Church-cold and dreary-Mary stayed to Sabbath School with Harris & Robert Fletcher & went home with them.

31, Robert took the 3 girls to School and brot home Mary in the sleigh & moather went back with him-cold, blustry & sunshine.


1. 4 below zero & a cold north blast-come gentel spring-mildness came-The primroses blooming bright in the sunshine in the south window. Robert sold 2 loads of hay-to cold to go to the cremery meeting.

2. Zero last night-8 above this morning-blinks of sunshine-Robert sold 2 loads of hay and Frank came.

3. Belle walked throught the snow to see us when it was 3 below here and eleven downtown in the morning-Frnak sold hay and came to dinner.

4. 3 above zero-got a paper from Australia-Robert brot a load of wood from Franks famr and it tumbled off by the way.

5. 30 above zero-mild & eves dripping-Mother, Mary & I wnet to Azros-Brother Robert not well-called to see him.

6. Mother, Mary & I at church & Mr & Mrs Fletcher & 2 boys.

7. Like spring-Mother went to Bells-Mother, Mary & I went to Town-got papers & shoes-Jack dressed Roberts big swine.

8. A wet Morning-Mary went with Robert-Mother & I, Mr Fletcher the 3 boys rode round by the cremery.

9. Mild, misty morning-Mary walked to Azros in the snow.

10. Mother & I wnet to Mrs Fletchers and Mary came home with us.

11. Mother walked to Roberts-Like spring.

12. Robert brot us a grist-Mother, Mary & I drove to Mrs Fletchers.

13. Mr Allan of the Methodist Church preached for us.

14. Cold blast at noon-Mother drive to bells-Mary went with Frank to his home.

15. A snow storm-shoveled a path to the stable-rode pure white snow myself. dreary northern blasts.

16. ABout zero-sunshine. Mary walked in the snow to Azros, More paper from Australia-12 eggs.

17. 20 above zero-Clouds & cold blasts-Roberts man drawing manure from Town-come gentel spring.

18. A wet morning-Frank & Clare were at a Republican party in Ann Arbor went over with him to his home-Mary came home with a headach. Mother & I went to Mrs Fletchers-CAll on brother Robert-he looked very sick & weak & was prepared for life or death. Our Robert had a headach & Sister Agnes had sickness at her home.

19. Cold & cloudy-Robert split wood-Frank came.

20. Icy rain and snow-stormy-rested at home-Mr Fletcher & family came.

21. Deep snow & cloudy-Wrote to sister Agnes-Robert took Mary to his house-More snow but not very cold.

22. Washingtons birthday-Clare Campbell came and arranged that his father & Frank should go tonight to see sick John Clark at Guelph in Canada.

23. Mary went in the long sleigh along with Roberts 3 girls. More snow Son Robert came and told us that Brother Robert was worse & he took me down in his sleigh to see him-he looked very feeble-hardly lifted his head and siad that “tho I walk in deaths dark vale, yet will I fear no ill for thou art with me and thy rod and staf will comfort me still I can only say Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done.

24. Good daughter Belle walked all way through the deep snow to see and cheer us. Robert got a good fur coat and went to Franks farm and took a great load of live swine to the Depot.

Lambie Diary-1898 February

25. Mother went with the Milkman to Bells. Robert brot home Mary-Hattie brot home Mother.

26. Frank came home from Canada this morning-Went over to his farm with him-Robert & Mother went to Town.

27. Belle came with her Cutter and took Mother & Mary to Church.

28. Mother went to Belles-Then Mother, Mary & I went to Mrs. Fletchers.


1. Belle came and Mary went to the City with her. Wrote to Mr. Mcconchie 13 above.

2. Wrote to Mr & Mrs Smith-Frank brot word Brother Robert was some better. Robert drew manure from Town-Mary walked home from Azros.

3. Ten above zero-a golden sunrise-Robert brot us a load of sawed wood from Franks farm-Mother walked to Roberts & back-went with Robert to dinner. Enjoyed seeing the Horse & colts in the sunshine.

4. 20 above zero-Mary went to bells with the Milkman-Roberts man chopping willows-Frank brot Peters.

5. Starry morning-Frank & his man cleaned beans-10 above zero.

6. Mild morning-Mother, Mary & I went to Church. A Missionary who had been round the world preached.

7. Like Spring-Mother & I had a pleasant dinner with Belle.

8. Mother went to Azros and he got hurt with steam bursting. Frank sold the beans he has kept for 2 years.

9. Went with Mother to Azros & brot up Harris & Robert. Saw the first robin & a large flock of geese.

10. Robert drove Mother to Azros and brot up Harris & Robert. Sent a letter to A. Fleming the silk weaver. Raked pie plant & berries in the garden-Birds singing.

11. Roberts birthday-Frank, Bell, Mother, Mary & I went to his home for dinner-Willie, Harris & Robert came after dark so as not to disturb there sick father.

12. Mother & I called on Mr. Fletcher who is very sick and his brother who was up walking but very weak-we seem to be under a cloud of sorrow.

13. A Sacrament-Mother & I went to Church-Mary at Home taking care of Harris & Robert.

14. Sunshine, blue skies-birds singing. Mother went to Belles. Then Mother Mary, Harris, Robert & I went to Azros but did not see him. Mr Fletcher said he had good nurses to take care of him. Brother was able to be out. The boy fretful-gave Mary a headach-sold 10 dozen eggs for a dollar.

15. Mother walked to the old home. Wheeled manure out the hen house.

16. Mother went with Mary, Harris & Robert to Bells-then after dinner we went to Mrs Fletchers and round by Millers to bells for Mary & the boys. deep mud on the roads-Robert helped Frank to move his man on his farm.

17. St Patricks Day-Sunshine & song birds. Mother, Mary, Harris, Robert and I went to Roberts for dinner, it being little Anns birthday-Frank brot good news from Azros.

18. Belle came and went home with the Milkman.

19. The Fletcher boys got eggs-I went to Town-Miller drove against the Surry and the wind blew the egg basket in the river-Heard of the death of I. Clarke.

20. A sermon on religious honesty and fifteen thousand to be spent on the Church this Spring.

21. Mother went to Bels then Mother, Mary, Harris & Rboert went to Mrs. Fletchers.

Lambie Diary-March 1898

22. The deep waters of sorrow are come to our family may they not overflow us, it is easy to see thy Will Be donein prosperity but it is not easy to say Thy Will be done in great waves of sorrow. Robert went & told our friends of our great loss.

23. Mother, Mary have headachs and are sad and weary. Frank came back from Canada-Went with him to his farm-very deep mud. Robert brot Ann home at night.

24. Robert took Ann and the 3 boys to Mrs Fletchers then Mother, Ann, Mary & I rode in a carriage to the house then to Church. Mr. Wharton preached a good sermon, conseling to all then we went to the grave trying to be resigned under a great wave of sorrow.

25. Starry morning-went through the deep mud with Frank to his farm, then Mother, Ann and Mary went to Town.

26. Son FRank told me that brother Robert died peacefully at 3 o'clock this morning. This seems to be the week of death & sorrow. Sent letter to brother John, Sister Agnes, Sister Mary and Catherine in Canada. They Kingdom same, thy Will be done.

27. Rested at home, Sister Agnes & her Son James came to go to Brother Roberts funeral on MOnday.

28. Sister Agnes & her son William, Robert & Hattie, William Scotney & Bell, Mother, Ann, Mary, Frank, Brother John & I paid our last respects to Brotehr Robert and saw his body laid in the silent grave.

29. Went with Frnak to his farm. Mrs Fletcher & family came from William Campbells and came to live with us. Mrs Smith, Ann came and went to the Motor with her.

30. Mother went to Bells, Robert brot a load of wood from Franks farm-went to Town with Frank. Ann & Mr. Fletcher went to Town.

31. Frank sowed cloverseed yesterday-Robert today. Mother & I called o Mrs. Robert Lambie & Eunice in what used to be Brother Roberts home-we think he has gone through the pearly gates.


1. Mr. Fletcher came-Roberts man sowed clover seed. Mother & Mary went with Ann & she called at Brother Roberts old home.

2. Hard on peach buds-A little snow-cold blasts-Frank brot furniture & the Surry from the Cremery-Grandfather Fletcher came.

3. Mother, Mary & I went to church-Sermon on Easter-A meeting on Tuesday to spend fifteen thousand on a great church that I don't need and gave us an envelope for collection & my careful wife income at present is eggs at 7¢ a dozen.

4. More ice & snow-cold blasts-hard on peach buds-Mother went to Bells-

5. Mrs. Fletcher, the boys & mary went to Town-Cold blasts.

6. STill cold-helped Robert to fill corn brib for feed-Mr Fletcher & Mrs Fletcher went to the farm.

7. 24 above zero. Wife & I went & called on Mrs Eunice Lambie-Frank & Robert brot 2 loads of furniture to Mrs Fletchers. Mrs John cAmpbell called.

8. Mother Mary & I went to Town.

9. Robert brot 2 loads of good furniture to Mrs Fletcher.

10. Flowers in the Church for Easter. Harris & Robert walked to Church with Will and rode home with us.

11. Mother went with the Milkman-Robert brot her home.

12. Mother & I went to Town-Then Mr Fletcher, Mary, Frank brot a load from Mrs Fletchers. Robert plowed part of the garden & burned some vile weeds

13. Sowed little gem champion pears-Roberts man plowing.

Lambie Diary-April 1898

14. Sowed cabbage, letuce & radish before breakfast. D. fRaser Came.

15. My Birthday-77 years old-A good dinner party met with me at Son Roberts home. Glad that the joy & Comforts of life lifts us over the sad trials that come over us.

16. Robert & I set out 3 green trees in Eunice Lambies garden-Paid $2.00 for 25 peach trees planted til I was weak and weary.

17. A collection this time for Almy(?) College. Frank and Mrs Fletcher at Church.

18. Harris helped to set all the peaches-Harris & Robert helped to sow pease. Roberts man plowed & rolled. Robert went to Franks.

19. A wet morning-peach buds almost red-cold driving blast-could not keep warm-dug out and planted 4 small cherry trees. Robert let 3 acres of Marsh land for 3 per acre to Dubel for 25 to grow callaflour.

20. Helped Robert to load corn & oats for feed-Robert took Mother to the Motor to go to Uncle Williams-dreary driving cold blasts-Went for Mother at night.

21. Sunshine, trimmed peach trees-Roberts man drew up wood-Robert drew down part of Franks straw from his beans that has been long in the barn. Mother, Mary & Mrs Fletcher went to Town.

22. Was sick all night-wet morning Mother went to Bells and came home in the rain.

23. Mr Fletcher, Mrs Fletcher & family & Mary went to the farm-got 4 bushels of coal.

24. Mother, Mary & I went to Church-Bell & Frank came.

25. Wet morning-War & rummers of War. Wife & I to Bells for dinner.

26. Mary, Mrs Fletcher & Belle went to Town to see the Soldiers off to War. Harvie & James sowed Oats with both Hands.

27. Mr & Mrs & Miss campbell came-went to fRanks farm forenoon and the burying ground in afternoon-A grand visit and a grand day.

28. Mother walked to Roberts-Peach trees turning red.

29. Mother, Mrs Fletcher, Mary & them all drove to Town. Eunice Lambie & Agnes made me a plesant visit while I was alone.

30. Mrs Fletcher & family & Mary went to Bells in honor of Willies Birthday-sowed onions & cabbage seed. Robert drew up rough apple wood.


1. Mrs Fletcher & her boys & Frank went to Church with us. A War Sermon on wicked Spain.

2. Harvie, James & Frank sawed us a great pile of wood by noon. Mother, Mrs Fletcher & Mary went to Town-Harvie sawed Roberts wood pile by Noon.

3. Mother weary & resting. planted small potatoes.

4. Mrs. Fletcher & Mary went to Town-planted all the potatos from the cellar.

5. A wet morning-wet nearly all day-rested in the house.

6. 10 grapes & gooseberries from Mr Geer & planted them. Robert saw ice in the morning.

7. Mrs Fletcher & Mary went to Town with Mother-A grand day.

8. Another collection like Foley out of the Church-Frank, Robert & family came.

9. Up at 3 to see the glory of the morning-Mother went to Bells. Mother got strawberrie plants from Mr Miller & 3 helped to plant them,

10. A wet Morning-sent papers to Royal Oak. Scotland & Australia. The blossoms in the sweet Mays winds are falling like to snow-planted some of Roberts strawberries.

11. Mother went to Mrs Dawsons with Mrs Fletcher-Mr & Mrs Smith made us a pleasant visit & Mary went for Mr. Fletcher.

Lambie Diary-May 1898

12. Planted corn before breakfast-War & rummers of war. Mrs Smith in a small way blew up the War ship Main yesterday.

13. Balmy breezes-blue skies & whole clouds.

14. Wife & I went to belleville & Mrs Samuel cAmpbells 84 birthday-delightful day-Huron Banks in bloom-Earth like Eden.

15. Wife & I went to Church-Frank did not come for Mrs Fletcher.

16. Mother, Mary, Mrs Fletcher & the boys wnet in the surry to Uncle Willima Campbells & left me to mediate in sunny skies.

17. Planted potatoes Clare sent-Robert plowed down clover & red root south of w.

18. Went to Bells-she was sick & Not able to come to the table. went to the Motor for Mrs Fletcher & Mary-thundered at night.

19. A morning shower-Wife & I met Sister Agnes at Mr Smiths on the banks of the Huron. A delight. we enjoyed about all that earth & part of Huron could give Heaven-bless my good life long friend Mrs Inglis.

20. A good rain in the night-Mother went to bells-found her better & Hatties Mother taking care of her.

21. Grandfather & Mrs Fletcher went to Ann ARbor-I planted melons.

22. Sabath-rain in the night-Mother, Mary & I went to Church Blue Skys & grand white clouds.

23. Robert planting corn-put a wire fence round the pie plant & flowers.

24. Queens Birthday-Put Paris Green on the potatoes-Mother went to Roberts.

25. Wife & I had a grand pleasant day at the good home of Mr & Mrs Andrew CAmpbell.

26. Frank & Robert worked with three horses on Mrs Fletchers lot where Azro was buried-put paris green on the potatoes-fine day.

27. Hoed potaotes in the garden-sowed turnips.

28. Hoed cabbage-Went to Town, turned round and was at home in the rain

29. Mother, Mary & Mrs Fletcher, the boys & I went to Church. Mr. Morie preached.

30. Hoed potatoes after 3 in the morn, Decoration Day-Mother went to Bells and she came home with her-Robert & family went to Town-Hoed corn.


1. Frank & I went to Davud Uhls burial with a large company of old men and we read of great Gladstones passing away from Earth.

2. Mary & a woman helping her to clean the house-Wife & I drove to Roberts Wee William and I found Robert cultivating along the corn over the brook on G. Wilbers farm.

3. Plowed amoung the Potatoes and hoed them. Mother, Mary, Mr Fletcher and I went to the Chruch meeting.

4. Mother, Mary & Mrs Fletcher went away-planted corn amoung the potatoes Willie cut rye out of the wheat 86 in the shade. Went to Roberts found him working on the land he let to Mr Dubel.

5. Wm. A. fletcher & Mrs Webbs girl united with the Church-89 in the shade.

6. Wife & I had a pleasant day with Mr & Mrs John Campbell. Warm & dusty 89 in the shade.

8. Wife & I went to the Pioneers Meeting-It was a grand gathering. Read a paper that was all right but could not make them hear well.

9. Hoed in th garden till the heat of the day.

10. Willie cultivated corn in the garden-I planted string beans.

11. Wife & I got medicine from Dr. Fraser-a good shower-Roberts man got wet cultivating corn. Strwaberries 8¢.

12. Childrens day-warm shower after the Sermon.

Lambie Diary-June 1898


13. A wet morning-burned out the Chimney-Robert got the Surry repaired and painted.

14. Mother, Mary, Mrs Fletcher, the boys & I went to Town. Got strawberries 3 & 5¢ a quart-Showery-Letters and papers from Mr Cowan in Perth.

15. Wife went on the Motor to her brother Roberts & Mr Campbells-a good visit.

16. Went with Robert to Franks farm-he got 10 bushels of wheat-set out cabbage-Roberts corn & beans look well.

17. Bell came on her wheel & Mother took her and the wheel home.

18. Got up about 4-went to Roberts before breakfast-picked fresh peas for dinner.

19. Mother, Ann, Mary & I went to Church-Bells Birthday. Her & Will, Mrs. Fletcher & Us had a family supper on the porch.

20. Ann & Mary drove Mother to Bells-I went for her at night.

21. Mother, Ann, Mary went to hear singing at the Normal. Wife & I went for her at night. Wife & I went to James Hamiltons & saw his garden-called on Mrs Stephenson. Ann & Mary went to Roberts for Mrs Fletcher. Wrote to Mr. McConchie-Longest day-Mother & Ann went to hear a speaker at the Normal.

23. Robert & Frank in the hay field.

24. Frank brot a load of hay-warm 93 in the shade at 2-Went to Bells for Mrs Fletcher & the boys.

25. Wife paid Miss Stewart 4 dollars for seat rent till October.

26. Mother, Ann Frank & Mrs Fletcher and the boys went to Church.

27. Frank brot 3 loads of hay-went with Mother to bElls-Mrs Fletcher, Ann & mary went to Town.

28. Mother and Ann went to Town-howed beets-girls picked currents. Mrs. Leveridge called.

29. Whealed manure to the garden and howed potatoes & cabbage. Mother went to the Normal with Ann-Frank brot a load of hay.

30 My wifes birthday-warm morning 70 at sunrise-called on Mrs McNicle and Mrs CAmeron-Wife went to Town.

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