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Ypsilanti Historical Society & Archives Information

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Ypsilanti Historical Society
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President...................Mr. La Verne Howard
Vice-President..........Mrs. Francis (Rene) Burgess
Secretary...................Mrs. George (Sharon) Patterson
Treasurer..................Mr. Frederick Peters

Board Members

La Verne Howard, Rene Burgess, Fred Peters, Doris Milliman, Phoebe Miller, Margaret Bemis, Linda Halhbrock, Foster Fletcher, Dr. William Edmunds, Carl Worley, David Gauntlett, Betty Campbell, Ann McCarthy and Sharon Patterson.

Administration Committee

Doris Milliman, Chairman, Rene Moran, Ann McCarthy, Eileen Harrison, Flora Block, Deci Howard, Marge Gauntlett, Ethel O'Connor, Joyce Peterson, Jean Scott and Sharon Patterson.

Miss Ethel O'Connor, Chairman of Museum Guides

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Howard, Plant Room

Ruth Reynolds, Clothing Curator

Lewis House Board

Arthur Howard, Chairman and Treasurer, Evangeline Lewis, La Verne Howard, Dr. William Edmunds, Secretary and Horatio Lewis.

State legislation was passed in 1957 authorizing local governing bodies (Ypsilanti City Council) to “raise and appropriate money” and help with “any activity or project which…tends to advance historical interests” of the community. Public Act 213, 1957 applies to cities and villages.

February 2, 1960, Mayor Rodney E. Hutchinson appointed the following to serve as a Historical Committee: Mrs. H. Z. Wilber, Mrs. George Ennen, C.D. Bassett, T.S. Webber, Westly M. Dawson, Harry F. Shaefer, Miss Clara Sweet, Mrs. Elson (Ruth) Shaw, F.B. McKay, Mrs. M.I. Stadtmiller, E.R. Isbell, Albert W. Brown and the Mayor as Chairman with Louis S. White serving as City Historian.

October 10, 1960, the organizational meeting of the Ypsilanti Historical Society was held in the Estabrook School.