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Researchers Needed Michigan Stained Glass Census

Researchers Needed Michigan Stained Glass Census image
Doris Milliman
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Ypsilanti Historical Society
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The City Historian under the auspices of the Ypsilanti Historical Society and Jack Harris of the Ypsilanti Heritage Society have been asked to help the Michigan State Museum with its census of Michigan Stained Glass. This census is a survey that will locate, photograph and document stained glass windows in the State of Michigan. The information will be maintained in a computerized archive at the Michigan State University Museum and entered into the National Census of stained glass windows in America which has been underway since 1979. It is an ongoing project that, hopefully, will encourage individuals and groups to appreciate and preserve the stained glass treasures in their own communities. The goal is to collect and disseminate artistic, historical and technical information that will serve as a basis for study of this form of architectural embellishment.

On site researchers will be needed and it has been suggested that a team approach be used, so get a friend involved. It will take time and effort but will be a rewarding experience.

If you cannot do on site research, you can still participate by providing names and addresses of buildings with stained glass.

For more information, contact either Doris Milliman at 482-4990 or Jack Harris at 485-2155.