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William Lambie Diary, July-December 1898

William Lambie Diary, July-December 1898 image William Lambie Diary, July-December 1898 image William Lambie Diary, July-December 1898 image William Lambie Diary, July-December 1898 image William Lambie Diary, July-December 1898 image William Lambie Diary, July-December 1898 image William Lambie Diary, July-December 1898 image
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1. Wife, Mary and I & the boys went to the Normal with Ann and then to James Hamiltons. The warmest day 95 here 98 at Franks. Robert & Frank drew in hay.

2. Mrs. Fletcher took Willie to the Creamery. Robert reaped about half of the wheat by the Gale Field-very warm-90 in the shade-the earliest harvest on the old farm home-went to Roberts for Mother.

3. Mother, Mary & I went to church-Came home in a driving thunder shower.

4. Cool morning after the thunder shower-Mother went to Bells & Bell sent me to make ice cream-Mrs Fletcher brot Mrs Dawson-Robert reaped one field and begun another-Had supper and ice cream before the house.

5. Robert reaped west of the house-a good one but falling down & hard work for man & beast.

6. Robert got the good crop of down wheat nearly harvest. Bell Hattie and youngsters picked cherries-was about as glad to get a new knife as when I was a boy.

7. Robert reaped all his wheat and went to reap for Frank-his men begun to draw in his wheat-90 in the shade-papers from Australia. Willie went on his wheel-Mother took Ann to the Normal-Mary brot her back-Mowed peas and sowed buckwheat.

8. Mother took Ann to the Normal and went to Bells-Robert reaping for Frank and his men drawing in wheat-Bell & boys & Girls picking cherries.

9. Robert got the wheat in the barn on his farm-Wrote to Brother. Peas ripe-boys & girls picking cherries-Mrs. J. Campbell came.

10. Cold morning 43 above zero-Mother, Mary & I went to Church. Mrs. Fletcher and the boys to Sunday School.

11. Cold-44 at dawn-Harvie could not come to thrash & Roberts men stacked the heavy wheat-Mother took Ann to the Normals and went to Bells.

12. Harvie came & thrashed the good crop of wheat. 260 bushels-grand harvest day-13 men to dinner-they all worked in harmony. We had joy in harvest-a good crop, good help & a good day.

13. Went with Mother and Ann to the Normals-carried bright clean straw to the stable-Frank got his wheat all in-helped Robert to hoe potatoes-85 in the shade.

14. When I got up before 5 Robert was raking wheat stubble-Mother took Ann to the Normal then took Mrs Fletcher, the boys & Mary to Bells-about 90-Frank brot 2 laods of hay… The whisles blew because Santago had surrenderd.

15. 97 in the shade-Robert raking stubble-to warm forenoon-His Men and he left-Wrote to Mr Allison-put clean straw in the hen house-Frank brot 2 loads of hay. Mother took Ann to the Normal.

16. Very dry, looking for clouds & rain-Frank brot more hay-Robert and his man picked 3 pails of cherries.

17. Mother, Mary & I went to Church-Mrs Fletcher & family to Sunday School A light refreshing shower last night.

18. Willie started on his wheel before breakfast-Mrs Fletcher, the boys and Mary went to Uncle Williams. Robert took me to dinner and we went to see his corn & beans on Wilbers farm. A black cloud in the west like a aligator.

19. Mother took Ann to the Normal then we went to Roberts & got a jug of his pure water. Mrs Fletcher & the boys & Mary brot Ann home. Went to the River with Frank & Willie-it was to dirty. Some light showers.

20. Hoed Roberts potatoes-very big weeds-broke the hoe-Clouds & prayers little rain.

Lambie Diary July 1898

21. Robert & his man, Willie & his man howed potatoes-weeds like to ruin the potatoes-very dry.

22. Willy went on his wheel before breakfast-helped to hoe potatoes-get them all howed-some Alegander peaches about ripe. Called on Eunice Lambie-Osband returned th poem Straven callan by J. Golden.

23. O for clouds & rain on the dry grass.

24. Wife, Mrs Fletcher the boys & I went to Church-great heat. All of a hundred in the shade-lay under a green tree and prayed for rain on the dry grass.

25. A thunder shower and rain at daylight-A good deal of thunder & light showers-Robert raked Oats for Martin-picked peaches & Gooseberries. Mother went to Bells after the shower.

26. Robert reaped Oats till the reaper broke-Mother took Ann to the Normal-Mrs Fletcher & Grandfather went to Moorville-Mary & the boys pickned out north.

27. Roberts reaper was so broke on the hill side he had to borrow Harvest reaper to finish cutting the Oats-Clare Campbell made us a short visit.

28. Thunder in the morning & little rain. Roberts man mowed Oats-I picked black currents.

29. Mother took Ann to the Normal & went to Bells. Dr. Fraser came to s the wee sick boy. Robert & Hattie I think went to Whitemore.

30. Wife went to Roberts-till they got back some rain.


1. A little rain in the night-Robert got a grist of new wheat.

2. Roberts men stacked the Oats-90 & dry. Wife went to Bells & took Ann to the Normal.

3. A fine morning shower-Robert helped Frank to thrash his wheat & Oats were good-Mrs. Fletcher & Mary went to Bells-I picked Gooseberrie

4. Mrs Fletcher took Ann to the Normal-Robert helped Harvy James-I dug Clairs early potatoes-Cool breezes.

5. Robert begun to plow near us for wheat-Anns school ended at the Normal-Mrs Fletcher & family went to the farm. Willie hurt his hand with a pistal.

6. Robert plowed-We had a great gathering at night in honor of W. Scotneys Birthday & got home late & dark.

7. Mother, Mary, Mrs Fletcher, the boys and I went to Church. Clouds & dust & a few drops of rain.

8. Mother went to Bells And Mrs Fletcher the boys & Mary went to Mr. Smiths in Ann aRbor afternoon. Got a letter from J. Ingles that Margaret not well. Mr Kimmiel got Franks hike pols.

9. Roberts man plowed had to drive the hens out the stable-Frank was to raise Kimmels barn-Steven & sisters came.

10. O for clouds & refreshing rain-Trimed peach trees. Robert Campbell Wife & Eunice Lambie came-Mrs Fletcher the boys & Mary went to the farm and Bells.

11. Wife & I went to Town with eggs & plumbs.

12. Wife & daughter went to Town-Mrs Fletcher & Ann went to Bells.

13. Rain at Ann ARbor & Detroit & my poor garden wilting in the drouth-Robert helped Theodore to thrash-It looks like the end of the War with Spain-glad for peace.

14. Mr Morey prayed & Mr Goodrich preached-Mr Fletcher & the boys went.

15. Cloudy morning-Robert sold a load of wheat-his man plowed & burned the stubble-dangerous in such a dry time-Mrs Fletcher got plumbs & chickens from her farmer-a little rain.

16. A little rain in the night-Robert bot a load of fence posts to fence between him & Martin-Wife went to Bells.

Lambie Diary August 1898 August

17. Mrs. Fletcher went to the farm-Went to Roberts to see the new barbed wire fence.

18. A light shower at night & another at noon-Wife & I went to Town-Mr A Campbell & daughter Kate came-went to the old farm. Grateful for peace & rain & all the blessings of life. Robert finished the barbed wire fence between him & Martin.

19. Robert & Wife started for Detroit & Canada. Mrs Fletcher & family went to Town-Bell came.

20. Got Roberts man to plow near the house-Wife & I went to Town-Sarah CAmpbell & her cousin came on their wheels.

21. Wife, Mary & I went to Church-Mrs Fletcher & family to Sunday School-A thunder went north but no rain for us.

22. Mrs Fletcher & family went to the farm, same clouds but no needed rai

23. Went to dear good bells with Mother-Mrs John K CAmpbell came-dry wethering blasts. Robert & family came to see us.

24. A grand shower of refreshing rain to water the witherd grass & save us from fire & desolation-thank the Lord, rain & Other blessings-Read at night that good Margaret Ingels dead & at rest.

25. A cool moring breeze-Picked peaches & grapes-Mrs Fletcher went to the farm.

26. Mrs. Dectar (?) & Mrs John Campbell came-Eunice Lambie brot word that Mrs Heartt was dead.

27. Cut dry corn in the garden-Mother, Ann, Mrs Fletcher & I went to Mrs. Heartts funeral.

28. Mother, Ann, Mary & I went to church, A great number went to the buriel for Mr Frier & his son who was drowned in the river.

29. Mother took eggs to Town. Mr Fletcher farmer brot 5 baskets of plumbs 90 yet 0 for rain on the dry grass.

30. Wife took plumbs to Uncle Andrew-Frank took plumbs to Uncle William. Roberts men cutting a dry corn-Robert bot a ladder and we picked peaches 94 in the shade.

31. Mother, Mrs Fletcher, Mary & the wee boy after breakfast went to Bells. The last summer day-great heat wearing & praying for cooling showers.


1. Picked peaches & grapes-Robert got coals for thrashing.

2. Robert got his thrashing done before supper-had 265 bushels of wheat & 113 of Oats. Mother, Mary, Mrs Fletcher, Willie & I went to the Church meeting.

3. Robert & his man brot us Oats & picked Peaches.

4. A grand refreshing thunder shower in the night-the best morning in the year water standing on the road-When we went to the scrament.

5. Another grand welcome shower in the night-Thank the Lord for prayer answered needed rain & saving us from fear & fire danger. Mother went to Bells, Mrs Fletcher to her farm.

6. More refreshing rain this morning. Wm. CAmpbell, Wife & daughter made us a pleasant visit.

7. Belle came & Mrs John Campbell & Ann picked grapes & peaches-Roberts girls went to School-Mr Fletcher to Town.

8. Cool morning, 4^o at dawn-Mr & Mrs Grover came to dinner-Wife & I went to Town-Peach trees breaking down with abundance.

9. Mother, Mary, Robert & I went to the depot with Ann on her way to Elkhart-Laidlaws flowers look grand & the flower ship was better yet-Wife & I called on Mr Voohees & Mr Gray.

Lambie Diary 1898 September

10. 48 in the shade at dawn-peaches plenty & cheap.

11. Down to 40 this morning-Mother, Mary & I, Mrs Fletcher and 3 boys went to Church-pure air & sunshine.

12. Mrs Fletcher, Mary & 3 boys started for Uncle Williams-picked peach sold a bushel to Mr Lang-Robert brot flour.

13. Robert & I picked Peaches-Mother went to Bells-,r Fletcher & Mary came from Uncle williams.

14. Robert his man & I picked peaches-Then Roberts man gets 2 bushel o peaches for a days work-there is not much for Robert.

15. Robert, Hattie, Ann & William came to pick peaches-Mother took peaches to Bells-Robert sold peaches in afternoon. Had a good shower.

16. Robert helped to pick & sell Peaches.

17. Wife & I spent a pleasant day at Uncle Williams-Robert helped Harvis to thrash.

18. Mother, Mary & I went to Church-The ald Churchto be renewed & improve before we meet again.

19. Got 12 papers with the Straven collan from Woodruf. Roberts man drilled in wheat south of us.

20. Robert drilled in Wheat, Wife & I went to Bells for dinner.

21. Robert got his wheat all drilled yesterday & him & Evens helped to pick all the peaches today-Mr Fletcher, Mary & the boys went to Bells.

22. A wet day & we just rested and rejoiced over the refreshing showers & peeled peaches.

23. More rain & green fields again-Sawed branches off the broken peach trees.

24. Read the flowery City in the Ypsilantian-the great rain was absorbed in the very dry land-Mrs Fletcher & Mary went to Town.

25. Mother, Mary & I went to worship in Mrs Starkwethers grand hall n the Normal while the church is being enlarged-a fine place to hear ser and singing.

26. Mother went & visited with Mr John K. Campbell-good roads-clear skie & fine breezes.

28. Hoed strawberries-paid to Sherwood our insurence $12–14. Wife paid Miss Steward $4 for the seat in Church-Got strawberrie plants from J. Hamilton.

29. Bell came & Mother took her home. 3 of us planted strawberries.

30. Mother went to Uncle Williams-Robert & Hattie went to Ann Arbor fair


1. Wm. Fletcher, Harris, Robert & I planted 100 Clydes & 50 Glen Mary strawberre plants.

2. Wife & I went to hear a Sermon in Mrs Starkwethers fine building, a great number drove past seeming to enjoy the beautiful day.

3. Grand Autumn morning-Robert was sick & Mother stayed with him nearly all day-warm 86 in the shade.

4. Wet morning-rain nearly all night-Wife & I went to Bells-Got papers from Woodruf about Mothers Birthday.

5. Wife & I went to Bells for dinner yesterday-Robert unwell-went to see him-has no apitite-Bell came to see him.

6. Cleaned the hen house, 40 in the shade, repaired the floor of the Corn crib. Robert was able to ride to Town. Mrs Fletcher got more peaches-Wife & I drove to Roberts.

7. Willie sold the Rusters 37 pound at 7 cents-sold 2 hens & chickens to Worden for a dollar-Mrs Lambie & Eunice called.

Lambie Diary-October 1898 October

8. Wife & I gathered Apples & went to Town-Robert sold wheat.

9. Mother, Mary, Bell & I went to hear a Sermon in the Starkwether Building-Mr Fletcher & family went to the Sunday School.

10. Grand morning-Wife & I went to Roberts-he had 2 men picking apples. Mrs Fletcher her family & Mary went to Uncle Williams-picked quinces. Mothers Birthday a second time in the Sentinel.

11. A great rain in the night-Robert picking apples.

12. Cleaned the hen House-picked quinces-Wife & I went to Town.

13. Caught a hen-its spur went in my finger, I can hardly hold the pen. Bell sold a lot oc chickens-Robert helping to thrash beans-Got silver pens from New York-papers from Australia.

14. Mother walked to Roberts-Robert brot the stove in the kitchen-Robert men picking apples-cold showers in the afternoon.

15. Lines to Wilber in the Sentinal-Roberts men geting cider apples. Mrs. Fletcher, her boys & Mary to visit Mr & Mrs Smith. The barn white with frost till the sun thawed it. Roberts men took nearly 2 loads of apples to Harvies cider mill.

16. Mother, Mary & I went to hear a Sermon in the Starkwether building. Mrs Fletcher & family went to the Sabbath School-Forest trees doning there robes of splendor.

17. Mother went to Bells-I split and put wood in the shed-Robert Campbell sent a check for $18. Mrs Fletcher & Mary went to Town.

18. Wet night & Morning-I keep a concience clear and have $18 a year-drew the $18 out of the bank.

19. Wife & I went up the river road & had a grand day with Mr & Mrs Smith and dear delightful Sister Agnes.

20. Wife & I went to Roberts then to Bells for dinner. Mr & Mrs William Campbell & John Clarks sister came. Robert brot more & better potaotes then we expected.

21. Wife & I went to Town in the morning then came a dark wet day.

22. Wife & I went to Town-got shoes and prim roses from Archie. Called on Mrs. R. Lambie.

23. Mother, Mary & I herd a Sermon in Starkwether Hall.

24. Mrs Wm Campbell, Mrs Hit & Sarah Campbell came-Roberts man geting apples.

25. Wife & I drove to R. Campbells-a good visit but got wet coming home & 6 near the train.

26. A wet night & morning-Mrs Fletchers farmer put a load of potatoes in the celler-cold blasts all day.

27. Robert sold a load of wheat at 53. Mother went to Town-Mrs Fletcher to Roberts, ice so thick could not break it with my fingers-sunshine. Robert brot 2 bags of shelled corn.

28. Mother went to Bells for Mrs. Aulds then her, Mrs Fletcher family & Mary went to Uncle Williams.

29. Yesterday I walked to Brother Roberts grave with strange thoughts of bygone days.

30. Mother, Mary and I heard a Sermon in Starkwether Hall. Mrs Fletcher & family wnet to Sunday School.

31. Wife & I went to Bells for dinner-Frank & Robert came.


1. Wife walked to Roberts home; carried wood in the shed

2. The boys & I put the Cabbage in the celler-Bell came & Mrs Fletcher the boys and Mary went with her to dinner-no ice or sunshine. Paid 165 for the Ypsilantian till October 99.

3. Mulched the strawberries-Robert drew dirt for Lucect.

Lambie Diary-November 1898 November

4. Robert set up the coal stove-Mother took Roberts girls to the Normal Training School.

5. Wife & I went to Town-Wrote lines for Ypsilantian.

6. Stormy-Wife & I rested at home-Mary & Mrs Fletcher went to Town.

7. Sunshine-Mother went to Bells-I nailed old dirty carpets in the hen house to keep out the cold. Robert sold his Turkies for $20.

8. Election day-banked up the house-Robert drew a load of stalks from Ben Voorhees farm.

9. RAIN IN THE NIGHT & snow shower in the morning. Mrs Fletcher's farmer brot apples-Frank & Robert came-dark, damp day-rested in the house got a Review from Australia.

10. Another wet morning-Mrs Fletcher the boys & Mary went to Robert home in the rain-Got milk from Willies man.

11. The ground white with snow at morn-Mother, Mary, Harris & Robert carried apples from the barn to the celler.

12. Put in the celler window-wrote a letter to Ann-got cold in Town

13. Mother & Mary went to Church-Mrs Fletchers family to the Sabbath SChool-cold showers.

14. Mother, Mary went to Franks & Bells-Robert & family came to supper.

15. MR Fletchers family & Mary went to Bells-I mulched strawberries.

16. Wife & I went to Roberts home to celebrate our 49 wedding day-It was sunshine like 49 years ago but there was no house, barn or Orchard where we dined with Robert, Hattie & Little ones today. Robert ga us money for seeds & dirt-His sore eye improving.

17. Frost at morn-Sunshine at noon-Robert set up a coal stove for MRs Fletcher-Mother, Mary called on Aunt Eunice & Miss Harris.

18. Mild & sunny-Mrs Fletcher, the boys & Mary went to the City. Hatt & Robert had a call from friends.

19. Mrs Fletcher had a sore arm-Willie lay on the longue-Mother went to see Bell-cool & I had to split wood.

20. Mild-Mother & Mary went to Church-3 boys in the Sabbath School-Robert & 3 girls besides Frank came to dinner.

21. Fine morning-Mother took Mrs Fletchers boys to Bells to let her rest-sunshine on the green wheat fields.

22. Mr & Mrs Smith came to get 21 hens from Robert that Bell raised. Mrs Smith walked to our home & back bringing us wine & good cheer & helping to revive Mrs Fletcher-Rejoice ye righteous.

23. Cold-the pump froze-got out the plug-had to get our the winter coal.

24. Thanksgiving-Mother & FRank started for the old home in Augusta-grand ol party. 20 above zero-Mrs John Campbell sent me a thanksgiving dinner. Robert, & Hatties family dined at Bells-I was very thankful Robert sore eye was better.

25. 12 above zero at morn-Mrs Fletcher, the boys & Mary went to Roberts.

26. Shoveled snow to the stable-first this winter-Mary walked to Town in the snow.

27. Mother & Mary went to Church-Mrs Fletcher & boys to Sunday School = I rested at home.

28. Mary took the clothes-Mother started fro bells. Robert sold a load of wheat for 65 per bushel.

29. Robert and his man helped to split tough apple wood. Mrs Fletcher the boys & Mary went to Bells who was not home-then they went to Roberts-mild-dark & damp-threw wood in the wood shed. Bell brot word Wills sister died yesterday.

Lambie Diary-December 1898 December

1. Bell came-Mother, Mary & Bell went to Wm. Scotney sisters funeral. Got a letter & paper from McCamache.

2. Mild & Sunshine-Mother went to Bells.

3. Mother & Bell went to Miss Waterberries and stayed till night.

4. Bell came-Mother, Mary, Mrs Fletcher & boys went to Church & came home in a snow storm & Frank went home in a snow storm.

5. Snow in the night-Robert took Mrs Fletcher, the boys & Mary to his house & brot them back in the snow.

6. Another snow storm-Wrote to Bowmanville yesterday.

7. After 2 stormy days the sunshine came & Mother went through the snow to Bells.

8. Robert took the children & Mrs Fletcher to Town and then Mother to his home. Robert brot 2 bags of Oats & 2 of corn. Frank came.

9. Mother went in Roberts cutter intending to go to Uncle Williams to get Mr Smiths mortage discharged.

10. Robert & Williw put the Surry on runers.

11. Mary, Mrs Fletcher & the boys went to Church-Mary wlaked home in the snow.

12. More snow-Frank went to Mrs Steven Voorhees funeral.

13. Anns Birthday-about zero-3 above in the sunshine.

14. A zero morning-Belle walked down to see us-Mary & Bell walked to Town & back-Mary heard it was 6 below zero.

15. Above zero-Mrs Fletcher, the boys & Mary went to Roberts in his cutter-pleasant sunshine-Wife drove to bring Mrs Gabriel Campbell but she did not come.

16. Mary says 12 above zero-Frank came on his way back from seeing Brother John at Royal Oak.

17. Mild morning, Mother drove to Roberts home on the snow. Robert paid the taxes $19.60.

18. Willie drove Mother & Mary to Church, Mrs Fletcher & 3 boys went to Sunday School. Mild & thaw.

19. Mary & Bell walked to Town-dark icy rain-Frank got the clock to strike.

20. Wet morning, ice melting-Mrs Fletcher & 3 boys went to Bells with the milkman.

21. Mary went to Bells with the surry for Mrs Fletcher. Mrs Allision sent a Australian paper & lines on the Straven Callen. Ice, snow, mud & Mi

22. Shortest day-wrote to sister Agnes thanking her for poesents. Eunice Lambie came with kindness & presents-Mild, dark & wet.

23. Some frost & slippy. Robert helped Frank to load hay.

24. Robert took Mother to Bells and got the horse shod. Mary went to Bells for Mother.

25. 29 years since Father died, Mother, Mary went to Church, Mrs Fletcher & boys to the Sunday School.

26. Mother drive with Anna & Mary to Franks farm-20 of us enjoyed a Turkey dinner and got present off a Christmas tree at Son Franks farm.

27. Cold blustry morning-Anna & Mary & Mrs Fletcher & the boys went down to Roberts.

28. Clear morning & above zero-Willie hitched up-Mother went to Bells. Mr. Kirkpatrick sent a letter yesterday and Mrs Pawan a Christmas card from Pearth, Scotland.

29. Mild morning-Mrs Fletcher went to see Mrs Dawson-Mother & Willie went for her at night.

30. Mary took Mrs Fletcher & family to the Motor on the way to Uncle Williams-Mother went to Robert & Hatties-damp & muddy.

31. the last day of 98-Ann & Mary went to Town.

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