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William Lambie Diary, January-April 1899

William Lambie Diary, January-April 1899 image William Lambie Diary, January-April 1899 image William Lambie Diary, January-April 1899 image William Lambie Diary, January-April 1899 image
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1. New Years Day-Mother, Mary & Belle went to hear a Sermon. Ann & I rested at home-6 above in the sunshine-Frank came at Noon and went home with Bell.

2. Ann & Mary went to Town-12 above zero. Mrs Fletcher & the boys came back from Uncle Williams.

3. Rexford sent over 2tons of coal-Mrs Fletcher & the boys came back from Uncle Williams.

3. Rexford sent over 2 tons of coal-Mrs Fletcher & the boys & Ann & Mary went to Bells. Anna & Mary stayed overnight-Robert brot a load of wood.

4. Dark, mild and muddy-Mary went home with Frank in the rain-A big Paper from Australia.

5. Frank brot back Mary-frost & cold-Mother, Ann went to Town. Mother & Anna stayed at the Dentists till after dark-Frank brot me new trousers.

6. Franks butter would not came, took home his churn. More snow-Anna, Mary, Mrs Fletcher & 3 boys had supper with Aunt Eunice & came home in the dark. Bell came after dark and Will called for her in the dark at 11.

7. Robert took Anna to the Depot at 9-Cold stormy blasts-Frank came to dinner.

8. Robert came and told us a wee boys came and was born in their home last night, Mrs Fletcher and family & Mary went to Church. Mary walked home and fRank came-the eaves dripped at noon.

9. 20 above zero-Belle came adn Wills sister was dead & Mother & her went home together.

10. Frank came in fornoon-Mary walked over to the grave yard & Wills sisters funeral-Belle came home with her-Will came for bell about bedtime.

11. Insurance meeting-8 above zero-Mary & Mrs Fletcher walked to Town-sent a letter to Anna.

12. Mr & Mrs Couvert made us a good visit-Frank came-Robert brot us a grist-dark day.

13. Rain in the night-dark-mild wet morning. Mary, Mrs Fletcher & the boys went to Town in afternoon.

14. Wet morning-water standing in the Wheat-Mary & Mrs Fletcher went to Town.

15. Mother & Mary went to Church and the boys to Sunday School.

16. Like a Spring morning-Wife & I wnet to Roberts & saw the wee boy over a week ald. Will took 2 boys to his house & Mrs Fletcher went to Town and did not find them till she got hame.

17. Fine morning-Wife & I had a pleasant visit with Belle. Mr & Mrs Frank Fletcher came.

18. Mother & Mary went to Town-We saw over 20 cederwax birds in the Mountain Ash tree. The boys & girls had fun sliding on the ice by the Orchard. Mary had a headach-hens don't lay & roses don't bloom.

20. Robert brot 2 loads of straw from the stack to the barn. Mr & Mrs Hunter & Mr & Mrs Cameron gave us a pleasant call. Mrs Fletcher & 3 boys went with Frank to his farm.

21. Stormy-The wind blew over a brick-killed Mr. Kirk.

22. Mother & Mary went to Church-Mrs Fletcher & boys to the Sunday School.

23. Mother & Mary went to Town then Mother to Bells-Frank came-Mary & Mrs Fletcher walked over to the grave where they were burring the body of Mr. Green.

24. Split wood & tried to draw Haplen Cargo(?).

25. Burns Day-Mr. Hunter, his wife & daughter came to see us. Robert brot Oats & corn to feed the hungry hens.

26. Mrs Fletcher & Mary went to Town & came home in a snow storm. Frank took Mary, Mrs Fletcher & the boys to his home at night. Robert walked up to see us after dark.

27. Six above zero-cold-sunshine. Lines on Burns & Whittier.

28. Willie started early-Frank brot the Detroit Journal-6 above zero.

29. 3 above zero here-10 below at Franks home. Mary, Mrs. Fletcher & the boys walked to Church.

30. Monday-2 above zero-Frank drew a load of hay-Mary hitched up and Mrs Fletcher and the boys went to Roberts.

31. Willie said it was 10 below zero-Wife & I walked to Roberts who was husking corn in the barn. The wee boy looked bright & fell asleep on my knee.


1. About zero-split wood-Wife went to Bells with the Milk Man.

2. Mr. Fletcher took Mrs Fletcher and the boys to the farm.

3. Snow in the night-20 above zero-Frank brot papers.

4. Mrs. Fletcher & the boys & Mary went to the City.

5. Cold-Mary walked to Church-Willie & Harris to the Sunday School.

6. Zero-hear 4 below at FRanks-he got a load of hay out the shed.

7. Zero again-Mother walked to Roberts-fed out all the corn-Robert brot corn & a barrel of Oats.

8. Mary says 2 below zero-Mother has a cold and can hardly speak. Mary, Mrs Fletcher & the boys walked to Roberts-very cold-come balmy Spring and cheer sad hearts.

9. Ten below zero-The Milkman says 16-We pray for warmer days-20 below at the Normal-Father killed 2 swine for Robert.

10. 14 below zero-22 at Franks & one of his Cows had a calf in the cold and cruel winter.

11. 10 below zero-Bell walked over to see us. Frank came-some sunshine.

12. Lincoln's Birthday-14 below zero-Mary & Mrs Fletcher & boys walked to Church.

13. Still cold-12 below zero-Frank & Mrs Fletcher set a stove in the Cellar-Harris, Robert & I helped Robert to load Hay.

14. Glad Morning-South wind, Mercury up to 6. Mrs Lambie went with the Milkman & walked to Roberts-The wee boy seemed to laugh on my knee.

15. Grand mild day-eaves dripping-Frank went to the Farmer's Institute at Ann ARbor-Willie got pills from Mr Fraser for me.

16. Sunshine & balmy breezes-Robert brot a laod of corn in the car from the cars for himself and then brot a load to us and put it in barn floor-Frank went to Ann Arbor Institute.

17. Another fine morning-20 above zero-trimed trees.

18. Wife & I had a cheery dinner with Will & Bell yesterday. Wheeled manure out the stable. Mary & Mrs Fletcher drove to Town to read a poem from Mr Golder to Wm Lambie in the Hamilton paper.

19. Willie took Mother & Mary to Church in the Surry.

20. GRand day-wheeled manure out the stable-Mother & I dined with Mr & Mrs Robert Lambie-Mary, Mrs Fletcher & the boys went to Town.

21. Rexfords man brot over 2 ton of coal-Mr Alison sent two Almanacs from Australia-Robert thinks the Walnut trees on the old farm are worth $50.

22. Washington's Birthday-Mrs Fletcher, Mary & the boys went to Belles-Rain, snow & mud when they came back.


23. More snow-Mother went with Robert to his home. Robert brot Papers.

24. Sunshine and after snow & rain-Mother went to Bells with Milkman.

25. Mary walked to Town-Wet & Muddy.

26. Willie drove Mother & Mary to Church. Mary went for the Sunday School Scholars-A thunder shower at night.

27. Mother & I walked to Roberts-ice & cold-driving blasts-Roberts brot Mother home.

28. Ice & cold blasts-Mary, Mrs Fletcher & 3 boys went to Roberts-Roberts girls went home in the Surry & Mary & Mrs Fletcher came home in it. More Papers from Mr Allison.


1. Glad to live safe and well thru the winter and see another pleaant Spring. Bell and Mrs Lang came-Mother went to Mr. Hiscocks and Bells.

2. Wife took Mary, Mrs Fletcher & 3 boys to the Motor on the way to Uncle Williams. Wife & I called on Aunt Eunice-about the first I have been to Town this fearful cold winter.

3. Wife to see Bell-Mild, dark and damp-Dined alone. got cold reading.

4. Did not rest well, a long night, mild, muddy and damp. Mary came down on the Motor & then walked home in the snow alone.

5. A fearful snow storm-The Milkman thought it the worst storm he had seen & Will had to turn back. The wind broke down the door on Franks shop.

6. Robert drove through the fields & called. Glad to see a friend-Robert, Hattie & the babe went to Hatties Mothers then Robert brot Mrs Fletcher and family here to his own family home.

7. More cold-north drifting blasts and some sunshine wearring for blue skies & balmy breezes-Robert & Hatties drove thru the deep drifts and gave us a pleasant visit.

8. Willie & his Mother drove thru the snow to Town-Mrs Fletcher came back afternoon & her & Mary & boys drove to Roberts & Bells.

9. Mild & Murkey-Mrs Fletcher & 3 boys went in the snow to Mr Hiscocks & met Will & Bell.

10. Mother drove thru the snow to belles coming back after dinner. Mary, Mrs Fletcher & boys went to Town-mild, dark & damp.

11. Willie & Mother went for Bell to celebrate Roberts Birthday. Sunshine and Mud-A grand dinner-3 generations-21 in number round the table.

12. Willie went with Mother & Mary to the nue Chapel. Mary went for Mrs Fletcher & boys. Willie & Mary saw Robins in the Orchard.

13. Mary, Mrs Fletcher & the boys went to see old Mr Fletcher who was better and called on Eunice & her Mother who were earing small apples of Roberts. Eunice has ahd the grip & has not been at Church for weeks.

14. Roads froze-Mrs Fletcher drove to the farm then her & Mary to Roberts-Frank told us Uncle William had bot a house in Town so none would be oppresed boarding hired men.(?)

15. Mild rain & sunshine-Mother drove to Cells-Robert and Hattie came.

17. St. Patricks dAy-Wife & I walked to Roberts & Bell walked back with me. Robert had to go to bed. Mother was tired walking home in the mud. Mary & mrs Fletcher called on the Stevenson family.

16. Mother drove to Roberts then Mrs Fletcher took her to the Motor to see Aunt Mary.

18. Cold icy rain-Willie started for the creamery at daylight. Robert brot us a grist. Cold bleak Sabbath.

19. Mother went to Church & Mary went for Mrs Fletcher & the boys.

20. Robert not well. Mother walked in the North blasts to see him. Sunshine-Robert had a Dr. Mother was brot up at night.



21. Cold stormy morning-Come balmy Spring.

22. Mild and Mud-Robert better-Mary, Mrs. Fletcher and the boys went to Belles. Frank called.

23. Thunder last night-colder, ice and sunshine this morning-Mary, Mrs Fletcher and the boys drove down to Roberts.

24. A robin sung at morn. Mother drove to Belles, when she came back, Mrs Fletcher went to

25. Willie started for the Creamery at daylight & in snow storm.

26. A year since my kind brother Robert died. If a man dies will he live again? I drove threw the mud to Church for Mrs Fletcher & family.

27. Wife & I had a pleasant time with Will & Bell. Called on Mr Gray coming back. Robert better.

28. Mary & Mrs Fletcher called on Mrs Loveridge.

29. More drifted snow-long winter.

30 Wife & I called on Eunice Lambie-did not see them.

31. Wife & I had dinner with Robert and Hattie & had? 3. years with peace and good will. Good sister Agnes sent a fine Baby Quilt she made a at hame.


1. This morning looks more like January than April.

2. Mary, Mrs Fletcher and the boys walked to Church.

3. Blue & White clouds-Mother drove to Bells.

4. Mrs Fletcher, Mary & the boys drove to Roberts. Enjoyed a Sun bath and rest on the South Porch.

5. Fine Morning, rested in the sunshine.

This is the last of the Lambie Diary. Mrs. Fletcher & the 3 boys that is mentioned was Foster Fletcher's mother and 2 brothers. Peter Fletcher's father.

I have been doing the diary for 9 years now and have enjoyed it very much. It is just as tho I was walking along the time with them.

Mr. Lambie died April 25, 1900 at the age of 79.