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Vett Noble's Handwriting

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Aashville Jennuessee
February 14th 1863

Dear Mother

Auspiciously again to day & examined the mail for our Regiment as it came through the Post Office. But after the last letter went into the bag and I had seen none with my address upon in familiar for my other in fact/hand writing. I drew a long oma said well it her went they will come some day “and I went at my work again. I have seen very for about a week I had my recording all even when the a. a. Gent got a new set of Books for 1863 and I had from January 1st all record over again into the new Books. what kept coming in, and still keeps coming in though I think if I keeps finally steady at work all day tomorrow. I will have everything fair and the weather to-day has seen warm and nice but how muddy. I had no idea it was so awful muddy unit evening I went over to the Company and it being very dark. I could not keep out of the mud & conecqus and it being very dark. I could not keep out of the mud I confess it. I got my feet wet while over there I drew me an ruff set a genuine are. I think it will be a very good if I happen to be traveling anytime and it raing there was some over three a few sweety ago but they were only oilcloth. I told the orderly I didn't want one of those but if ever he could get his eye outs any that-were genuine first to freeze to one after for me I being a very particular friend of his he did just as I requests, Ma it is 1/2 past 11 at the present time and I onghs