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An article from the Ypsilanti Press, 1961

An article from the Ypsilanti Press, 1961 image
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Ypsilanti Historical Society
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One of our members came across the following notice on a Society meeting plans for the March meeting in 1961. I thought it was very informative and to the point. I wonder if they had more members to their meetings than we do.

Historical Society Plans Unusual March Meeting

Members of the Ypsilanti Historical Society will meet in the Estabrook School on March 16 at 8 P.M. Program chariman, John Elwell, will moderate the meeting and interested adults are asked to bring items of historical interest which include old diaries, books or manuscripts which pertain to the early history of this city.

Where did you come from, citizen dear? Where did you live before you came here? Have you always lived on that shady old street? Did you stop there to rest your world-weary feet?

Did your grandmother come to this town as a bride, With your proud grandfather there at her side? Do you remember the picnics at Peninsular Grove? The fragrant bread baked in the wood-burning stove?

Students from the country (we now say suburban) commuted to High School on the old “Interurban”. Though you live in a mansion, a cabin, or shanty-your town is the oft mispronounced Ypsilanti.

If you've lived here forever, a day or a year, many facts and memories you'll be delighted to hear, come to the meegings-we've nothing to sell you-But rather, we have interesting stories to tell you.

The next meeting's March sixteenth (remember the date), at Estabrook School, the time is at eight. Judge Breakey has asked us to his home in May; eight o'clock is the hour, eighteenth is the day. And now we invite you with fitting propiety; Please come.

The Ypsilanti Historical Society
Phoebe Miller

Reprinted with permission of Mrs. MarLou Wiltse, daughter of Phoebe Miller.