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Diary of Lottie F. Warner

Diary of Lottie F. Warner image Diary of Lottie F. Warner image Diary of Lottie F. Warner image Diary of Lottie F. Warner image Diary of Lottie F. Warner image Diary of Lottie F. Warner image Diary of Lottie F. Warner image
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We are going to go back in time with Lottie F. Warner when she came to Ypsilanti to attend Michigan State Normal School in 1892. Her great grand-daughter graciously is sharing the experiences when she came to Ypsilanti from Almont, Michigan. She married Joseph E. Warner in 1893, he ran a dairy here for several years then became a Republican Legislator for Washtenaw County in the Michigan House of Respresentatives. They had 4 children Edwin, Josephine, James and Alice. Her gradchildren in the area are Dr. Scott Woods and Barbara Weiss.

Almont & Ypsilanti

January 29, 1892. Was around town on a few errands and bid my friends good bye. Started for Ypsi on the Noon train, arrived in Detroit about 6:30 where I had to wait until 8:30 and was in Ypsilanti at 9:45. Joe (Warner) met me at the train. Henry was at Carrie's (Carrie Hardy was Lottie's roommate and good friend) room waiting to see me. The boys staid a little while then we girls Carrie, Florence Boals and I had a great time before we got to sleep.

January 30: After a short night's rest we arose went to the Shankland Club (The students lived and boarded in what were termed clubs) to breakfast where I am going to board. I am going to room at Mrs. Gallops's (This boarding house was near Forest Ave North of Pease auditorium) with Carried Hardy. Martha, Joe's younger sister died and Florence Warner called in the morning then I was at the Normal to be classified, Meeting many of my old friends. In the afternoon Joe, H.W. (Carrie's boyfriend) Florence, Carrie and I had our pictures taken. Went for a little ride with Joe.

January 31: I didn't really feel able to go to Church this morning but staid home, wrote to Grandma Carpenter then dressed for dinner. I was invited to Florence Warner's (The Warner Farm was just west of the City of Ypsilanti on what is now Michigan Avenue) to dinner and Joe drove up after when Sunday School was up to take me out there. Enjoyed a pleasant afternoon and was back here to see Ivah McHardy, Tom and Miss Buck. Joe and Henry took church with Florence, Carrie and I. Joe escorted me to church but didn't stay after church. We all retired early that Florence might get her rest.

February 1. First day back at Normal (In 1837, John D. Pierce, Michigan's first Superintendent of Public Instruction, urged the legislature to establish a school for the professional training of teachers. On March 25, 1850 an act provided that the school be organized. The first Michigan State Normal School building was dedicated on October 5, 1852. Professor welch was the first principal of the school. (Today Welch Hall on Cross Street bears his name.) Work! I bid Florence Boals good-bye after Chapel and went to work. My work wasn't very hard but was nervous and worked myself up to a first class headache.

My class that I taught was drawing in 5A Grammer Dept and has also to observe there all afternoon. Had letters from Mabel, Anna & Robert.

February 2, Beginning of the duty rounds again! I was very busy all afternoon and didn't get away from the Normal until after five o'clock. After tea Joe called for a short time. Wrote to Aunt Lizzie. Did not work to hurt myself in the evening but I do feel weary all the time unless there is something special to???me. The work has hardly regularly begun yet but I hope by next week to be thoroughly at work. Father has been married twenty-one years. (James Findley Ferguson married Alice Carpenter on February 2, 1870 in Flint, Michigan. Alice died September 11, 1873 in Almont, Michigan of Typhoid Fever.

February 3: Two recitations in the morning & the rest of the time for preparation but it is no long since I have studied that I find it hard work to apply myself to work as yet but I pray to my Father in Heaven to give me clear thoughts. I was very late in getting through with the afternoon work. Attended S.C.A. (?) prayer meeting after tea at 6:30. Worked afterward at my physics work. Haven't heard from home.

February 4. A regular round of duties had begun again but am I going to like it or am I not? I wasn't through my work until very late then hurried down town on some errands. After tea I did some work then attended a Lecture by C.H. Cateu(?) on “Willington and Napoleon”. I then sat upon until nearly midnight to work. Wrote to Papa.

February 5. Chapel exercises this morning were in honor of Hon. J.M. Ballow. (Could have been a Professor at Normal.) Miss King (The Dean of Women at the time began her service to the Normal in 1881 teaching history. King Hall now stands on Eastern Michigan University Campus.) Prof. Putnam (A professor of Latin came to the Normal in 1868). Putnam Hall also stands on the campus today. They gave a very enjoyable talk on the purity of women. Carrie had her hair cut short and really looks nice but-Oh My! I attended the Lyceum (In 1853 the teachers and students came together to consider forming a society for the literary improvement, the Lycem was born at the Normal. Professor Welch was the first president, and among the early members were C. F. R. Bellows, Julia King, and John Goodison. Buildings on campus bear these names today. Public-“The Comedy of Errors”-with Joe. He is very kind to me and is very gentlemanly.

February 6. We didn't get up very early and after breakfast went immediately to work. We cleaned the rooms and I took a bath before dinner. Emile Comstock called in the afternoon. Henry and Carrie went to a reception and Joe came after me but he went with me over to the wash woman's then staid until they came home when I had to study.

February 7, I didn't go to church in the morning but wrote letters. Jennie Bishop called. Joe and I attended Miss Kings talk at the Conservatory. (A building on the southeast corner of campus that was the home of the Training School at the time.) and how it did rain! Joe brought milk down (His family ran The Warner Dairy for many years.) and Henry and Carrie, Joe and I had bread and milk for lunch. Joe and I went to church at the Presbyterian Church (I don't know why they attended the Presbyterian Church. A Congregational organization was developed on Oct 4, 1881 and the first building was built in 1883 on the corner of Adams and Emmet Streets. The Presbyterians & Congregationalists do enjoy close denominational beliefs.) but he didn't stay but a few monents to get his milk cans.

February 14. Snowy stormy Sunday. Ed. Stone and his sister Marie called here in the afternoon and made such a lengthy call that we most heartily wished them some other place. Carrie didn't feel very well. Joe was here and Henry, Carrie so that we had our Sunday night lunch, as usual.

February 17. Worked quite hard all day, at least I worked plenty hard enough to get all tired out. Carrie & Henry were out in the evening again as they have been before for two nights but I was not alone this (end of written text).

February 20. 2 pr. stockings Under drawers & wrapper Towel 2 drawers 6 bdkfs & wash ???

Attended an entertainment in Cleary Hall (Across Michigan Ave from Ypsilanti Savings Bank.) with Joe, Herbert Sprague spoke. O Pshaw! My valor is oozing out at the palms of my hands.

February 22. Tom Paton-23. Mr. Nicolson and Miss Stuart, Mr. Burr and Miss Norton, Joe & I went to Ann Arbor. (a large City west of Ypsilanti). We heard Grover Cleveland (the twenty-second and twenty-fourth president of the United States 1885–1889 and 1893–1897.) He must have been campaigning for his second term.) speak in the afternoon; We went to the Cook House for supper and afterwards to the reception for Cleveland at the court house. We got home about 11:30 and I was very tired.

March 1. Fisk Jubilee Singers with J.E.W. (Joseph Edwin Warner)

March 13. Heard Elder Venning(?) preach in the morning and Rev. Putnam in the evening. Joe, Ivah McH and I were together in the evening.

March 22. Sick and at home all day. I hardly sat up at all. I feel all played out. Joseph Cook lectured at the Normal, Carrie & Henry went but I didn't. I sent my lecture course ticket to Joe and he wouldn't go because I was sick.

March 26. Chrissie Paton, Grace Bitherford and Mary Bishop came from home today. Grace is with Miss Dawson, Chrissie is here.

March 27. I heard Rev. Bradshaw of Ann Arbor preach in the evening. He preached about things on “What ever things are good, think on these things”, and I enjoyed it. I would like to see Mr. DeBar(?) before he goes to Albion. It may have been a college town in those days, as it is today, but am afraid I'll not be able to.

March 31. Alex Mair and Lucy Thurston came today. They have been to Grand Rapids to the convention of the Y.P.S.C.E. (Young Peoples Society of Christian Endeavor). We had quite a party at Mr. Warner's and Martha Marth Gill Warner. They were the parents of Joseph Edwin warner. Chrissie, Grace, Lucy, Helen, May, Carrie, Florence, Martha, Lottie Miss Warner, Miss VanDusen, Mr. Curtis Norton, Mair, Tom, Henry, Joe. We had a pleasant time.

April 1. Lucy went to dinner with Miss Graves and was with me all afternoon and to tea. We went to the Normal Public in the evening. It was the temple of fame. I enjoyed it but would have felt better if I had not been obliged to wear my eye in a ???? for it is very sore. O Father in Heaven! I need thy help constantly to keep my temper sweet and amiable. Keep my tongue from cross words, I pray thee.

April 2. All our folks went home today. Shall be lonesome without Lucy every so short a time as she has been here. Joe and I went to Ann Arbor in the afternoon. We called on Mr. DeBar & Miss Connor and were back at tea-time. My eyes pained me greatly all the time.

April 3. Unable to go to Church my eyes felt so badly all the time. Joe came in the afternoon as usual, and we four (Lottie, Joe, CArrie, and Henry had our regular luncheon. I shall miss them when we have them no more.

April 6. Aunt Lizzie, Aunt Jennie & Grandma each sent me a dollar for birthday and Carrie gave me a photograph of a painting.

April 8. A great many of the students were home today but I had to stay on account of my work. Joe was up in the evening.

April 9. Started for home, Almont, Michigan at 6:30 A.M. and got home on the Noon train. I went to Aunt Lizzie's to dinner and afterwards up home. Everyone seemed pleased to see me.

Lottie remained at home in Almont until April 18 returning to school.

April 19. I did my work in the morning, attended criticism, as usual in the afternoon. Joe & Henry were both up in the evening.

April 20. I went down town in the afternoon, Florence Boals was with me, and we called at Henry's room to get a book of mine. Florence and I attended the Bernhard Listeunann(?) concert in the evening. I didn't enjoy it as much as I might.

April 23, Went out to make a few calls in the afternoon but was laid up in the evening, quite played out and had to go to bed.

April 24. Staid in bed for breakfast but felt better and at night even went to church, but I did not walk.

May 4. Carrie went away early in the morning to Gregory to attend a Baptist Convention. Eva Jamieson stayed all night with me. Joe called for about ten minutes on his way to a meeting. We went to bed quite early and were quiet for two girls staying all night with each other.

May 5. Harry & Genevieve's birthdays.

May 6. Just about the same round of duties each day. After dinner I cleaned the bedroom then went to read in the Library a little while. After Criticism, I went to my room to work a little. there was no “conversation” today. After tea I wrote a letter to Jennie & Mabel. Then at recess time went to Lyceum.

May 7. I went to Detroit in the morning and had my graduation waist fitted. After visiting with Anna and doing some shopping Anna went to the train with me and while we were talking we were much surprised to see Melvin Reid. He talked with us a little while before his train left. It does not seem possible that I could ever have thought of marrying him. He looks improved. I was home for tea and was very tired. Joe called to have me go for a ride but I was too tired and he staid a little while. I had a letter from Imlay City offering me the school, so did Eva.

May 8. Attended service at the M.E. Church that I might hear Mr. Henning but I did not really like his sermon as it held up f??m as very important in the church service and worship generally. Attended Sunday School and after dinner wrote letters. Tom & Joe called also a Mr. B?phrey. I was not at all flattered by his call. Joe accompanied Eva and I to church. There was considerable noise around the house but not from company of Carrie's nor mine. Mrs. G was very much put out but not more than I was. Father of Heaven help me to control my tongue!

May 9. Went to work at the usual time. Read some in the afternoon in the Library. After Criticism I went to my grade room to work. After tea I went to take my washing to Mrs. Nisely and went in to speak to Miss King a few moments. She gave me a bunch of pretty tulips and afterwards Will Davis gave me a bunch of Arbutus.

May 10. A drizzling rain was coming down when I first awoke and it has rained nearly all day. I prayed for strength this morning and I feel that I have been somewhat pleasanter all day. I have had a feal head-ache all afternoon and evening. Read in “Parker's Talks on Teaching” in the evening and found it rather dull especially when someone has company and is talking at the other side of the room. No letter from home.

May 13. It has rained nearly all the week now. I am glad that this is Friday. There was no Criticism no Conversation this afternoon. I attended the Normal News Oratorical Contest with Joe, Winnie Robinson and D. C. VanBuren won the prizes. Mrs. M. Adel Kazlett, Gov. Winans presented the prizes. The participant were Roy Williams, H.L. Vookers, Wm. Lightbody, Edith Stuart, Myra True, Francis McConnel.

May 14. Studied all morning and in the afternoon, after taking a bath, started out to walk and do some errands. In the evening Henry, Carrie, Maida Beal, Joe & I attended the University Minstrels at the Opera House. Enjoyed it real well.

May 15. Attended church and Sabbath School and after dinner wrote letters. I didn't go to prayer meeting-but Joe went home and I retired that Carrie might pleasantly have the parlor.

May 17. Eva, Joe & I went to an ME. Ice Cream social. (Eva, A school friend who would teach in Imlay City with me).

May 21. Went to see James Reilly in “The Broom Maker” with Joe.

May 22. Henry, Carrie & I went to dinner with Joe.

May 28. Carrie went away and the consequence was I was a little lonesome. I went to Ann Arbor in the afternoon and visited Ella Connor and Mrs. DeBar. Joe and I attended the Junior reception in the evening. It was as pleasant as such affairs generally are but Joe had a very hard headache and we didn't stay long.

May 29. Attended church but not Sabbath School. Joe came down in the afternoon and I kept from being “cranky” all afternoon. We attended prayer meeting but not church. We had a very good visit after prayer meeting. Martha & Florence were here. Helen & I staid at Warner's all night. Never-to-be-forgotten.

May 30. Came home from Mr. Warner's and didn't do much all day long. Fred Lipsy called in the afternoon. Joe & I went for a little ride in the evening. My graduating dress came. Joe came down so I didn't have to carry it up. He is so thoughtful.

May 31. School today again. Joe didn't go to Ann Arbor in the morning and at noon he came down to see if I didn't want to ride to Ann Arbor but I couldn't so we enjoyed a little talk all by “our lonesome”. There was a reception at Prin. Sill's in the evening and I wore my graduating dress. Joe brought me some lovely pink roses to wear. I wasn't in bed until midnight and so tired.

JUne 1. Work again but not very hard. Joe came down after that and staid until his sister's were ready to go home from the Reception at Sill's. He gave them roses to wear too which I think was very kind of him. It was more than some boys do. O so much rain!

June 14. Last day of recitation at the Normal. The Training School (The Training School opened at the beginning of the second term of Normal's first year in 1853. It was a regular gradedschool, K-8th grade with a full course of instruction. It's purpose was to give the Normal students, student teaching practice.) closed at noon and their Commencement exercises were in the afternoon. Joe was here in the evening.

June 15. We went up to Training in history class but Miss King just talked to us and gave us no exam. Attended S.C.A. Prayer meeting. Henry led it. I went down town and when I came back I was much surprised to see Joe here because he was here last night. There are not many more nights before I must go home.

June 17. I have done but little these last few days excepting to idle away the time in the hammock and read. Joe came down with horse & carriage in the evening and we went for a ride, taking his father to the train and going to the fire afterward.

June 18. I was up and swept the bedroom out before breakfast, and then the sitting room. After breakfast I went to a meeting of the Senior Class at the Chapel. Had a picture of our room taken. I did nothing all afternoon but lounge around. I met Perry Trowbridge who knew many Almont people. Joe was here all evening.

June 19. Joe & I took a long ride in the afternoon and had a pleasant time. We got back in time to go to the Baccalaureate address in Normal Hall which was given by Prin. Sill. It was on the subject of Memory as applied to Peter's denial of Christ.

June 21. Conservatory Commencement and Senior Clas day. Carrie's brother & sister & cousin came and Lotta Mills came to see me. Joe was down in the evening and took us for a ride. Joe framed my class picture for my Commencement present.

June 22. COMMENCEMENT, ALL MORNING LONG WE SAT WITH our good clothes on listening to the essays and orations before receiving our diplomas. I did not stay to the Alumni dinner but went to the Club. After doing some errands in the afternoon I was very near tired. Joe staid to dinner with “Sa???” and I. I had a pleasant good-bye visit with Joe while Lotta read a magazine.

June 23. Called on Rosalia Vroman in the morning. Henry, Carrie, Will Davis and I started for Ypsi at eleven, leaving Carrie at Wayne and Will came to Almont with Henry. Wilber met us in Romeo. The folks at home were all pleased and surprised to see me. I attended Commencement at home in the evening but was too tired to enjoy anything but the music.

June 24. After unpacking my trunk, I took a ride to make a few calls. I attended the alumi banquet in the evening and took Will Davis. All seemed to enjoy themselves. I got home just at midnight. I wish Joe might have been here instead of Will.

Lottie returned home to Almont after graduation.


I wish to thank my grandmother, Alice Ferguson Warner Woods, for the many hours of hard work she spent explaining the relationships of the people mentioned in the diary and how they impacted on Lottie's life. Without her efforts this work would merely be a copy of the diary and not a study of Lottie's life in 1892.

Martha Woods Rhudy, Capt.

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