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In Memory of James Westfall

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Ypsilanti Historical Society
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A Memorial Service for James Westfall who died April 26, 1994 in Tampa, Florida, was held at St. Luke's Epispocal Church on June 20th. He was a Life Long member of that church where he had been a member of that church where he had been a member of the Choir and Assistant Organist for many years. Jim graduated from the Michigan Normal College in 1934 and retired from the United States Postoffice in 1971.

Before Jim moved to Florida, he was active in the community and was an astute Treasurer for the Ypsilanti Historical Society for many years. He made many contributions to the Museum, including three early American Chairs for which he made Needlework seats. His hobby was Needle working which he said was relaxing and therapeutic for him. Jim enjoyed making several tapes about people and activities in the city for the Oral History collection in the City Archives. Jim loved telling stories about the many experiences he had and the many people he had known.

We will miss Jim's annual visits to the Museum and the Archives, as well as the many stories he told.

MUSEUM DONATION — James Westfall did the needlepoint seat on the chair he is holding and donated the chair, along with a matching chair with a needlepoint seat done by his aunt, to the museum.

Doris Milliman
City Historian