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Chronology 1839-1912

Chronology 1839-1912 image Chronology 1839-1912 image Chronology 1839-1912 image Chronology 1839-1912 image Chronology 1839-1912 image Chronology 1839-1912 image Chronology 1839-1912 image Chronology 1839-1912 image Chronology 1839-1912 image Chronology 1839-1912 image Chronology 1839-1912 image Chronology 1839-1912 image Chronology 1839-1912 image
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This short Chronology was assembled from old newspaper in the Archives. Some items may be duplicates but of interest.

1839 Ypsilanti Republican

April 10-Young Ladies School-Miss Thomas having been a teacher for 3 years had opened a School for Young Ladies-Instruction will be given in all common branches of Education together with Music, French, Drawing and 3 styles of painting.

Julius Morris and Co. Agents for the New York and Michigan line for produce, grocery and staple goods. Julius Morris, S. C. Hammond Ballard, Edmunds and Co. Forwarding and Commission Merchants.

For Sale: A good yoke of Oxen. Six years old and good size. John Watling.

Died-In this village, on the 9th instant, Mrs. Ellen C. consort of James M. Edmunds. Friends are requested to attend her funeral from the residence of A. H. Ballard on the 11th.

Administrators Sale-Notice is hereby given that by the virtue of license to me granted by the Honorable R. S. Wilson, Judge of Probate of Washtenaw County, to sell all the real estate belonging to Noel Moon deceased in the town of Superior on the 20th day of April-The West ½ of the North East, ¼ of the N.W., ¼ of Section 33, containing 112 3/4 acres. Given under my hand the 20th day of March 1839. Nancy Moon, Adm. estate of Noel Moon. (Francis Lambie bought this farm).

Franklin Cowdrey-Notary Public

S. Salisbury, Jr. Physician and Surgeon-Office over store of McAllister and Moore.

G. Spencer-Attorney-Huron Street.

M. & C. Lane-Attorneys and Councillors-Marcus Lane-Chas. W. Lane.

Gridly and Skinner-Attorneys and Councillors-Office in the building of the Post Office, Huron Street. G. Thompson Gridly, George N. Skinner,

Dr. J. C. Allen, Druggist-Huron Street, 2nd door from Congress St.

Nov. 28- Buck & Stuart-Dry Goods, groceries, Hardware.

J. Vibbard & Co. Merino Shawls-just received Rob Roy Shawls.

A select School for young men. A. Melvin has now in operation on the East Side of the Huron River a Select School for young Men.

1839 Ypsilanti Republican

H. H. Ballard and R. E. Fleming asking debtors to pay the Estate of Robert Fleming, deceased.

Lyman Graves advertises that he will pay no debts contracted by Apprentice William Sabins, Age 18.

Shawls! Shawls! Shawls! Shawls! Chenille, Rob Roy, very heavy Merino and Thibet wool shawls. E. Molleson.

Books-School and Devotional-Carpets-Crockery-A. Thompson.

Nancy Moon, Administrator for Estate of Noel Moon, to auction 112 ½ acres in Superior.

E. & P. Hascale. House, Sign and Carriage Painting-Gilding, Glazing, Graining, Paper Hanging.

R. D. Brower, Jr. All kinds of fancy yard goods.

S. P. Fuller, Attorney.

Estate of John Terhune-James Martin, Exector.

Estate of Abel Millington-Grover Spencer, Administrator.

A. S. Salisbury, Jr. Physician and Surgeon-Office over McAllister and Moore.

1844 Ypsilanti Sentinel

May 9-Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, Crockery and full assortment of Drugs and Medicine. Teall and Allen, Corner Congress and Washington.

W. A. Buckbee, Attorney.

Godey's Lady's Book for 1843. Price $3.00 in advance.

David Coon, Cabinet maker and old furniture repaired a few doors west of the Larzelere Brick Store.


June 23- Elias M. Skinner, Daniel B. Greene, Attorneys.

Ad: Improved Grain Cradles by T.H. Rogers, Northside of R. R. Depot.

Paints and Oils, Millington and Dimick, Medical Hall also full line of groceries.

Empire Foundry in full blast. We are prepared to do all kinds of castings. A. B. and S. W. Shafer.

Weidenfeld and Brother have just received from New York, Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes.

Valuable farm for sale-the beautiful farm with new brick dwelling house of two stories and out buildings complete. Situated in Superior containing 110 acres in high state of cultivation. Possession may be had on the First of April, 1853.

Francis Lambie, Superior June 1, 1852.

W. R. Port, Dealer in Hats, Caps and Clothing-

Pure Sperm Oils, Whale, linseed, boiled, castor and olive oil. Millington and Dimick.

Boots and Shoes, Lowridge and Camp.

Fruit trees and shrubbery-E. D. Lay.

New Establishment, Hardware-S. Ostrander.

1859 The Ypsilanti Herald

July 2-Ad: The Old Ypsilanti Market near the Depot. G. W. Washburn

Best Harness-also repairing on short notice-C. L. Yort at the Depot.

Leather Belting of any width-John Howland & Co.

Pure Milk, undiluted with water from cows, well shingled, fed on clover seed. We will furnish milk at prices which defy competition. Two Milk carriages to serve you. S. M. Cooke.


City Lots for sale: 25 large City Lots-Price low and terms easy. Convenient to the Normal and the Union School. Also 5½ City Lots in the Norris and Cross addition. Near the Depot together with the National Hotel which is to be torn down and moved off the lots. Mark Norris.

New Grocery and Provision Store: Bradley and Brooks. Just opened in the former store of Gort, Tisdal & Co. Packages delivered in any part of the City free. O. B. Bradley-Myron H. Brooks.

Their stock of Fancy and Staple Dry Goods, all new, and located in the store formerly occupied by J. M. Chidester & Co.-Cicero Millington-J. M. Chidester-store on Congress Street.

I. N. Conklin, D. Showerman, B. Follett, Merchant Millers-we have 150,000 feet of Pine now in our yard and good assortment of white wood, ash, oak, black walnut and butternut. 1,000,000 feet of logs wanted for which cash will be paid.

Hardware-Stoves, tinware, etc. “One door east of Lambies” (Robert Lambie-124 Congress St. Michigan Ave.)

Alphonso Platt, Grocery-Congress St. (Michigan Ave.) opposite Kinne & South.

The Economist Cooking Stove for wood or coal for sale by E. J. Mills.

The Ypsilanti Herald is published every Saturday by W. H. Jones & Co., in Follett Block, E. Cross Street.

Attorneys: Joslyn & Blodgett (C. Joslyn. A. C. Blodgett). James R. Cook-Office over J. O. Cross store near the Depot; D. R. Greene, Spencer Block; Lyman D. Norris and Thomas Ninde.

Jewelers: M. A. Parks; James A. Dwight, in the new store of Samuel Post & Co.

Dentists: Barr & Baldwin in the Larzelere Block; G. F. Tucker, rooms over Worden Store.

Dr. F. F. DeDerky, Homeopathic Physician and Surgeon has removed his office over S. Post & Co., store. Entrance west of Kinne & Smith's.


October 10-Ad: Pumps of all kinds-shop on Huron St. near the Bucklin House-Merrill & Allison.

S. M. Cutcheon-Attorney-Office in Hewitt Block.

News Depot-South side of Congress Street opposite Park's Jewelry Store-Books and latest periodicals.

Benjamin Follett (Successor to Conklin, Showerman & Co.) Merchant Miller-Doors, Sash and Blinds-few tons of plaster on hand. On Huron River north of Follett House.

AD: Ferris & Crane-Book and Drug Store at the Depot. M. W. Ferris-J. M. Crane.

Sewing Machines-Grover and Baker Machines, Prices from $30.00 to $50.00. Joseph Hand, Agent near Union School, east side Adams between Emmet and Cross.

J. A. Watling, D.D.S. office in the Larzelere Block with Dr. A. F. Barr.

City Grocery Store, corner Cross and Huron Streets. A. Henry and Son.

A. H. Sweet Family Groceries at the Depot.

J. F. Raymond, Photographer-new arrangement for making Ambrotypes, Daguerreotypes. Mr. Raymond also tunes and repairs accordions and melodians. North side corner between Huron and Washington.

1861-Ypsilanti Sentinel

April 10- Died in this City, on the 6th last, Peter Cook age 85 years.

Ad: Worden and Bro. dealers in Clothing, Hats, Caps, Robes, Furs and Boots and Shoes.

Yost and Ferris-Chester Yost and M. W. Ferris Commission Merchants.

Furniture, Chairs and Cabinets-Undertaking, burial cases and a hearse in readiness. R. M. Kame.

1862- Ypsilanti Sentinel

November 5-Property Owners Protect Yourself.

Good Insurance-Lyman D. Norris, Agent.

“Firm As A Rock” Phoenix Insurance Co., R. W. Hemphill, Agent.

S. H. Dodge (successor to M. A. Parks) dealer in Watches, Clocks and Jewelry. Congress Street.

Threshing Machines-Nichols and Shepard, Battle Creek. W. C. Tinney, Agent at Ypsilanti.

500 Tons, Fresh Ground Plaster for sale at the Plaster Mills of B. Follett.

Norris & Ninde, Attorneys at Law-Lyman D. Norris, Thomas Ninde.

Home Insurance Company-Joslyn & Blodgett, Agents.

1864-Ypsilanti Sentinel-C. Woodruff

May 24-Ready Made Clothing-S. Hesslein & Co., North side Congress between Huron and Washington.

Edwin Uhl, Attorney office in Follett's Block, formerly Norris & Ninde.

Hides Wanted-Cash paid for finest at his Tannery on Congress Street two doors from Washington Street.

E. G. Boyce & Co., have removed to the rooms formerly occupied by the News Depot, two doors south of the Post Office on Huron Street.

300 acre Farm for sale-4 miles south of Ypsilanti. Joseph T. McIntire.

1881-Ypsilanti Sentinel

June 15-E. Lynn Dimick-Diamond Pharmacy-Huron Street.

Chas. McCormick Meat Market at the Depot.

Ypsilanti Telephone Exchange-Ed. C. Cornwell, Manager.

Lots of Hotel Property lying round loose. The Biddle House, Detroit; Follett House, Ypsilanti; Gregory House, Ann Arbor.

Robbins & Klein, 25 Congress St., Groceries and provisions.

Mower or Reaper-the best is the Davis Reaper. H. A. Boutell & Son, Agents, and the Ligot Toledo Mower.

1885-Daily Ypsilantian

August 13-Four Hundred fifty tons of coal is what the State Normal School burns. It took 3 weeks to make delivery and store it in the basement.

August 14-Long Article: “Ours Batchelors” Who they are and where they may be found-

Ed Thompson, E. H. Jackson, John Ressler, Jacob Forester, John Martin, John Miller, Fred Lamb, John Smith, Arba S. VanValkenburg, Henry Hall, Dr. James, Frank Whitman, Walter Thorn, Bert Ely, Frank Burbank, Edward Carroll, Charles Killian Benjamin Kief, Angus McFarland, Jerry Ryan, James Crombie, Max Pease, Yee Mong, Joseph Manning, J. J. Gibson, Henry Samson, Adelbert Nicole, George Key, Fred Showerman, Andrew Springstead, Edward Rorason.

More Batchelors: Jabez Bartholomew Wortley, John Bacheldorn, John Bennett, Harry Camp, Hiram Camp, P. R. Cleary, W. A. McAndrew, Ed. Cornwell, Harlow Wells, Chas. W. McCorkle, Frank Bailey, Walter Fuller, Fred Witmire, John Stiller, Donald Frazer, Douglas Harris, John Goodspeed, William Fell.

August 14-The six weeks term at the Normal has ended. There have been over 50 students in attendance.

Ad: The Beehive-No. 2 Union Block (204 W. Michigan) Special Sale on Yard Goods.

Norval Hawkins of East Saginaw is in town visiting his parents.

Population: 5303 1244 Families

Half Page Ad: Ypsilanti Mineral Water-Buy it and take it hom home or visit the Ypsilanti Mineral Bath House, North Huron Street. Helen McAndrew, M.D. offers mineral baths, pleasant rooms and rational treatment, 105 S. Huron.

1890-The Ypsilanti Sentinel

March 9-Ad: W. H. Tousey-Tobacconis-Smokers articles of all kinds-21 Huron Street next to Dimick's Pharmacy.

Master Cyrille Tyler sang a solo Sunday evening at Grace Church, Detroit.

West Side Pharmacy-E. R. Beal-

Math Stein, Agar Manufacturer, 25 Huron Street.

The Grove Brewery-Pure Unadulterated Beer.

Charles Stanley, living near Rawsonville died Friday, Age 74. He lived in Section for 40 years.

Col. George H. Burroughs, a pioneer of Belleville and father of S. W. and George Burroughs, died last Friday, age 83 years. He had settled in Belleville in 1845. He won his title in the Mexican War.

Brown & Mason, Machinists, removed from Saline and are in the old McCullough Bros Shop at 4 East Congress (Michigan Ave.). The McCullough Bros will continue operating the foundry.

1892 Ypsilanti Sentinel

November 9-Died in Superior, Philip Vought, October 30, 1892, Born in New York 10–2nd-1816.

Married Eliza Robinson of Saline who died Jan 9th, 1890.

Farmer Green, born at Eye, Northampton, England in 1825. Married Elizabeth Cooling. Came to America in 1851. Died Nov. 1, 1892 age 67.

On October 26th, Elmer W. Bowen of Ypsilanti, commanding the First Infantry, to his oath of office as Brigadier General of the State Troops.

General Bowen was born April 8, 1846. Came to Michigan with parents in 1854. Enlisted at age 16 in Ninth Michigan Calvary Co., B. In 100 battles and mustered out July 21, 1865. Engaged in the manufacture of brooms and in 1888 appointed Mail Agent on the fast mail between Detroit and Cleveland. Married in Chicago in 1870 to Nellie L. Dow of Adrian. He is a member and past Commander of Carpenter Post No. 180. In December 25, 1872 he became a member of the Ypsilanti Light Guards.

Ad: Huron Street Hardware: Taylor & Lefurge.

1893-The Ypsilantian

April 13-Ad: Franklin I. Carpenter-Hardward and Stoves. 124 Congress-successor to Robbins and Edwards-

Photographers, Gibson and Straights.

Columbian Meat Market-Geraghty and Griniston, Dolson Block, N. Washington.

New “Red Star Cash Grocery” 209 Congress, Geo. A. Kenny, Mgr. Dr. R. H. Kestell, Veterinarian, Surgeon, 13 N. Washington.

Hotel for Sale-The “Ypsilanti House” and barns.

1893-Ypsilanti Commercial

April 14-

Ad: Ernest Hutchinson's Shoe Store-Gilbert Block at the Depot.

Gus Fingerle-The Leading Merchant Tailor-

Latest styles shown at my place over C. King & Co., store (101 W. Michigan).

Harvey S. Day started up his cheese factory last week in Whittaker.


May 29- Unveiling of the Soldier's Monument in Highland Cemetery.

Ad: Fresh Taffies-Bread, Cake, Pies-Fletcher Cash Grocery, 308 E. Congress.

May 29- Ad: Kief & Meanwell Grocers, 19 Huron Street.

Clocks-The Best Alarm Clocks $1.00

F. H. Barnum & Co., Jewelers, 129 Congress.

November 29- Ad: Ike Davis, solo agent for S.S. & T. Kerosene and Gasoline. Kerosene wholesale 5½ cents, Retail 7 cents. Gasoline wholesale 6 cents, Retail 7 cents.


A. A. Graves-The Grocer, 105 Congress (Michigan Ave.) Lamb, Davis and Kishlar.

Alban & Johnson-The Popular Clothiers.

Kief & Meanwell-Grocers-19 Huron Street.

The Palace Meat Market-F. C. Banghart-207 Congress (Michigan Ave)

Died James Finley Seeley, December 17th, age 77 years. He was born July 18, 1819 in Orange County, N.J.

1897- The Ypsilantian

June 24-Died John Knight, age 82 at his son's home in Pittsfield Township, June 15.

24 in the graduating class of Ypsilanti High School

1898- Ypsilanti Sentinel

March 23-Gem Laundry-14 East Cross Street. Mrs. M. Coquillard, Prop.

J. E. Engel, Promptness and neatness delivery of coal. 11 S. Huron Street.

Wanted Experienced girls on Lamb Machines, also strong girls to learn-Hay and Todd Mfg., Co.

1899- Ypsilanti Sentinel

July 7-Ad: Chicago Shoe Store-107-108 W. Congress.

White Laundry-Lace Curtains laundered to look like new, 15¢.

T. S. Whitford-17 E. Cross Street. Hardware and Gasoline Stoves.

1899- Daily Telegram

December 15-Ad: Ammerman & Scott-Grocery, 228 Congress.

G. W. Densmore-Men's and Boy's Clothing-Washington and Congress.

Bert H. Comstock-Ladies Jackets and Furs, 128 Congress.

Brabb the Jeweler-Hand painted Haviland China.

Jansen's Pianos-Guitars-Sewing Machines-509-511 W. Cross.

1901 Ypsilanti Sentinel-Commercial

April 25-It is reported that Frank Owen the young Ypsilanti Pitcher who is being “tried out” for the Detroit team, has been offered $1,500.00 by the Brooklyn National League team to jump his contract.

Exercises in honor of laying the corner stone of the new 5th Ward School will occur April 26th at Eleven A.M.-Architect Edward C. Van Lyen.


May 10-Ad: Jake B. Wortley-Men's Clothing-18 N. Huron.

M. A. Willis-Sanitary Plumbing, 22 Congress Street.

Sullivan-Cook Company-Men's Clothing, 114 Congress.

Webster, Cobb & Co., Sash, Doors and Blinds-Yards also at Eaton Rapids, Charlotte and Olivet.

Groceries at Phillips Bros-27 Cross Street at the Depot.

May 10-Ad: Davis & Hopkins, Depot.

Davis & Co. Grocers, Uptown.

Stumpenheusen and Seymour Grocery, 13 N. Huron.

Pure Food Store-G.H. Harper, 35 N. Huron.

S. H. Dodge and Son Jewelers.

Hubbard and Morrison-Wall Paper and Paint, 7 S. Washington.

Ammerman and Scott-Groceries and Baked Goods, 228 Congress.


H. A. Palmer-The Depot Hardware-35 East Cross.

C. H. Crane Grocery-33 N. Huron.

M. J. Bliss-Boots and Shoes-234 Congress (Michigan Ave.)

C. C. Deuress-Teas and Coffee-19 East Cross.

O'Connors Specialty Shoe Shop-121 W. Michigan.


July 18 George W. Kishlar, died July 13, 1907-born Greece, N.Y., Oct. 27, 1826. In 1850 married Lydia A. Miller and they came at once to Ypsilanti.


March 5 Ad: H.A. Palmer-Hardware, 35 E. Cross. Last rites for I. Newton Swift-the Pall Bearers were of his classmates at Yale.

1908 The Ypsilantian

March 5 Arbeiter Verein have elected the following officers: President, L.Z. Foerster; Vice Pres., J. Miller; Secretary, William Dusbiber; Treasurer, George Witmire. A concert will be given in the First Methodist Church, corner of Ellis (Washtenaw) and Washington Street, for the benefit of the A.M.E. Church who are struggling with a big debt, Friday evening at 7:30. Admission 10¢.

Ad: Stitched Canvas belting-Ypsilanti Hide and Leather Co. 25 S. Huron.

Winter Stock of Trimmed Hats, ⅔ off. The misses M. & E. Simpson-110 Congress (Michigan Ave.). Buy your Drugs at the Depot Drug Store-R. H. Kilian and also your shoes!


Feb. 27 The School Board endorsed Supt. Arbaugh's action in suspending Harry Wood, Harold Crossman and Howard Cooney, who are charged with daubing paint on the Central building.

Ezra Hathaway, veteran, died in Soldiers Home in Grand Rapids.

Mrs. Jerome Rawson, Age 84 died.


March 5-Ad: H. A. Palmer-Hardware, 35 E. Cross.

Last Rites for I. Newton Swift-The Pall Bearers were 7 of his classmates at Yale.

1908 The Ypsilantian

March 5- Arbeiter Verein have elected the following officers: President, L. Z. Foerster; Vice President, J. Miller; Secretary, William Dusbiber; Treasurer, George Witmire. A concert

A concert will be given in the First Methodist Church, corner of Ellis (Washtenaw) and Washington Street, for the benefit of the A.M.E. Church who are struggling with a big debt, Friday evening at 7:30. Admission 10¢.

Ad: Stitched Canvas Belting-Ypsilanti Hide and Leather Co. 25 S. Huron.

Winter Stock of Trimmed Hats, ⅔ off. The Misses M. & E. Simpson-110 Congress (Michigan Ave.)

Buy your Drugs at the Depot Drug Store-R. H. Killian and also your Shoes.


February 27-The School Board endorsed Supt. Arbaugh's action is suspending Harry Wood, Harold Crossman and Howard Cooney, who are charged with daubing paint on the Central Building.

Ezra Hathaway, Veteran, died in Soldiers Home in Grand Rapids.

Mrs. Jerome Rawson, Age 84 died.