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Something NEW under the HOOD!
Of the ACE is a new type automobile power plant. Read the complete story and description of this marvelous motor on page three.

The Greatest Advancement Made in Internal Combustion Engine Design in Recent Years

PASSE! “Indications are that the streamline, straight-side body is passing out.” So stated a writer in a recent issue of a well-known motor journal.

What more fitting and proper than that a car, bearing the name ACE, and powered by a motor incorporating the greatest forward step in engine design, should set the style and fashion in new body designs.

In the mad race for quantity production, style and appearance were secondary considerations. For proof, observe the marked degree of sameness common to most cars. Style, always a big factor in the choice of a motor car, now influences to a greater degree than ever the selection of this or that car.

NEW! The ACE in four new, handsome body styles establishes a new standard in motor car fashions. There is an air of smartness and originality in their makeup that is as welcome as it is refreshing. Each of these four bodies portrays true grace and beauty in every line and curve and offers a pleasing change in appearance to the man and woman who have grown tired of, a style which has lost its attraction.

Compatible with its distinction and good taste in body improvement are mechanical features which lift the ACE from the ranks of the commonplace and identify it as a truly great and extraordinary motor vehicle.


Commerce SD-11 Roadbuilder

A fast, sturdy, long-lived, light dump truck built exactly to the contractor's own ideas. Continental S4—four-cylinder motor,4 1/4 borex4 1/2 stroke. Special bevel gear rear axle. Extra heavy semi-elliptic front and rear springs. Unit transmission. Double internal brakes. Radius rod drive. All steel automatic dump body of 1 1/3 yards capacity. Write for complete description of this popular job.

—the Commerce Relay Axle Drive

“It does pull out”—that's why the Commerce Relay Axle Drive Truck sells itself to the most skeptical dump truck operator. Here is a truck which will out-perform any other truck of similar capacity under any conditions—will deliver thirty per cent more work—with thirty per cent less operating expense.

The Commerce Relay Drive Axle embodies an entirely new method of applying power to the rear wheels of a motor truck. The power of the motor, the momentum, the weight of the load —all these forces are utilized in moving the rear wheels. In other words, the entire truck with the load gets under way first and aids in pulling out the rear wheels.

With such advantages, the Commerce Relay sells, and sells readily—strictly on a performance basis. Do you want your share of this business? Do you want to sell trucks—not prices? To make profits—not just sales? If you do, write or wire us today—find out if your territory is still open. Particulars of the Commerce franchise and descriptions of the complete Commerce line will be furnished you.



Export Dept.: 132 Nassau St., New York City
Cable: Commerstrux

MOTOR—Continental 6B, six-cylinder, vertical L-head, 3 3/41 bore × 51 stroke, 70 horsepower. Timken I-beam front axle. Commerce Relay Rear Axle. Multiple disc clutch. Transmission amidships, 4 speeds forward, 1 reverse. Gear ratio, 9.28 to 1. Frame, extra heavy, 7 1–161 section, 5 cross members, 2 brace rods. Front springs, special Commerce compound construction for easy riding. Rear springs, 541 long. 31 wide. Wheels and tires—front, steel spoke type with 36 × 6 pneumatic cords—rear, solid disc, 40 × 12 solids. Footbrake on transmission, emergency Internal expanding on rear wheels. High tension magneto. Electric head and tail lights, starting motor, generator and battery. Equipment —lighting and ignition switch, ammeter dash light, choke and oil gauge on instrument board. Horn button on steering wheel. Electric horn. Front bumper.