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Chronology 1884-1886

Chronology 1884-1886 image Chronology 1884-1886 image Chronology 1884-1886 image Chronology 1884-1886 image Chronology 1884-1886 image Chronology 1884-1886 image
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1884 The Ypsilanti Commercial

January 5- 1400 signatures on a Petition in favor of confirmation of Miss Frances L. Stewart as Postmistress.

January 10- Grand Opening of the Bath House-D. L. Quirk, Charles King, Robert Lambie, I. N. Conklin, W. H. Hawkins and C.S. Wortley, Committee all in attendance with many others.

January 19- The Hawkins House Hotel and property advertised for sale under Mortgage Foreclosure for $7,025.00, I.N. Conklin, Mortagee.

January 25- The G.A.R., in Michigan numbers 250 Posts, with 10,529 members.
ADS APPEARING: A. B. Bell, Dentist-will make best rubber plates for $8.00. Gold and Silver fillings 25% off.

Office over Joe Sanders Clothing Store.

Carson & Rowell, Bankrupt-17 Congress Street (Michigan Avenue) Grocery and Crockery.

Barnum & Earl-27 Congress Street-Complete line of Jewelry and Silverware.

C.M. Boss-25 Congress Street-Successors to Robbins & Rathfon-Groceries.

J. M. Samson, Hardware-17 North Huron Street.

March 13- Standard Time adopted nationally and time zones set up

May 4 & 5- Financial Panic in New York City.

October 25- A large gathering of friends and relatives to celebrate the 50th Wedding Anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. Van Dusen on Mill (Maple) Street.

November 22- Died, Mrs. Amanda Buckbee, November 14, 1884, widow of Walter A. Buckbee. She was born December 12, 1801 in Hindsber, Vermont; sister of Ira M. Weed, Pastor of the Presbyterian Church.

December 13- The Deed Committee on the Carpenter Post No. 180, GAR, are busily engaged in removing the bodies of the 14th and 27th Michigan Infantry from the old Cemetery on Prospect Street and taking them for burial in their special lot in Highland Cemetery. Twenty bodies were removed.

Fire in the Worden Block owned by the Arnold Estate and occupied by John Gallagher, as a Second Hand Furniture and Clothing Store, was consumed. The East Side of the Bortle Building was badly damaged.

December 13- Ads Appearing: Alban & Begole Clothiers.

Fairchild & Smith-Meat Market

J. L. Hudson Clothier, Detroit Opera House Building

M. P. Holmes-Have secured the services of the veteran Miller, Hiram Allen. We have a large power Sheller and will shell your corn free of charge.

Died, Miss Ida L. Aray in Pittsfield Township.

George A. Neat has now reduced prices:

15 lbs. Sugar $1.00 5 lbs. Java Coffee 1.40 5 lbs. Mocha Coffee 1.25 100 Choice Mackeral .75¢ 4 boxes Sardines .25¢

1885 The Ypsilanti Commercial

May 2- Died, John Sedwick Jenness, April 22, 1885. He was born October 15, 1811 in Swanton, Vermont. Married Martha Jane Clark, October 10, 1836 and moved to Detroit. Co-partner with John Smith Jenness in Grocery and Crockery business. Wife died August 11, 1849. In 1850 her married Lucy Jane Moore. In 1859 he came to Ypsilanti and had a grocery store, February 24, 1863, his second wife died. He then married Emma A. Ellis, who was the mother of all his children.

May 7- Harry Sinclair Lewis was born.

June 19- Barhtold's Statue of Liberty arrived in New York.

August 10-First Electric Street railway completed in Baltimore.

October Ads Appearing; P.H. Devoe, Old Flour & Feed Store, south side of Congress.

Lawrence & Smith Grocery-25 Congress street(Michigan Avenue).

E. Washburn & Co., 29 Congress-Fruits, Nuts, Canned Goods & Tobacc

S. L. Shaw-Stove and 4 foot wood, Lime, Cement, Brick Tile-22 E. Cr

Mrs. May McCorkle-Ladies Hair Goods, Hewitt Block over Comstock & Ebling.

Mrs. Curtis-Winter Millinery, No. 6 in Union Block.

Notice: The Saloons, Drug Stores and Hotel Bars are hereby notified not to sell intoxicating beverages to Thomas Honey, James Morris or John McCauley, Sr. Parties selling will be prosecuted-Signed Martin Cremer, Marshall.

Fire: Second Hand store of John Radaway was badly damaged. Had the been a wind the whole row of wooden buildings would have been destroyed. They were constructed by Madison Cook in 1838.

November 7- W. H. Lewis has become manager of the Ypsilanti Sanitarium. He is from Eaton Rapids.

A number of Citizens met at the Follett House to consider piped water for the City.

At the Follett House was Francis E. Brownell, who avenged the death of Col. Ellsworth at the Marshall House in Alexandria, Virginia. It will be remembered that Ellsworth ascended the stairs to the top of the House and hauled down the Rebel Flag. On his way down, the Proprietor, one Jackson, stepped from under the stairs and shot Ellsworth and was himself shot and killed by Brownell. Brownell is now U.S. Pension Examiner and here on official business.

November 7- Canadian Pacific Railroad completed, a transcontinental railroad.

December 18- Ads Appearing: Goodspeed and Sons, 8 Congress Street Lawrence and Smith's New Grocery, 25 Congress Street.

3 lbs. Muscatel Raisins .25¢ 4 lbs. Prunes .25¢ Oranges .30¢ Lemons .25¢ dozen 8 Bars soap .25¢ Fair Roasted Coffee .12 1/2¢ lb. Best Roasted Coffee .20¢

1886 The Ypsilanti Commercial

February 5- Mr. T. Phillips has purchased the Barton House-Mr. Demosh, former owner will raise berries. It is to be called the NEAT House.

President Grover Cleveland married Frances Folsom in the White House.

February 18- ‘The Buyers Guide’, 312 pages, 3500 Illustrations from Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago, Illinois.

S. P. Ballard had the misfortune to lose his dwelling by fire. (Newcomb News).

February 12- The First National Bank rooms of this city are unequaled in the State. It is a great convenience to have two windows to do business. The decoration by the O.E. Thompson Co., under the direction of his son, Edward is superb. The woodwork by Mr. Fleming and the papering by Mr. Thompson are in perfect harmony. Cashier Pack has reason to be congratulated.

Died, Chester Perry in his 87th year. An early settler, for years he kept the leading Hotel called the Perry House located southeast corner Congress (Michigan Avenue) and South Huron. Afterwards he managed the Bucklin House, corner North Washington and Pearl Stree Francis Lambie and his son William stayed at the Perry House in 1839 when they came to Ypsilanti looking for a farm to buy.

February 22- Charles C. Holland has bought out the drug stock of R. E. Knapp, M.D. on East Cross Street.

R. C. Hayton, skilled gunsmith and doing sewing machine repair, located in old Hawkins House which was moved in 1879 to the rear of the new Hawkins House.

George Gaudy has the Star Bakery at 20 North Huron Street.

S. Von Haller has a Fish Market in the Cady Block on North Washing

March 4- The Ypsilanti Commercial sold to Henry T. Coe and his brother Fred Coe. C. R. Pattison was Editor-Owner for 23 years.

March 19- The Ladies Library is moving to new quarters in the Union Block above Joe Sanders Clothing Sore, 202 West Michigan Avnue, and expect to open April 3rd. It was 18 years ago that a group of women met to organize the Library.

Bankers: Hemphill, Batcheldor & Co., corner of Congress (Michigan Avenue) and North Huron Street.

April 23-A great event took place at Normal Hall for the inauguration of the grand organ built by Messers, Johnson & Co., of Westfield, Massachusetts. The organ will be played by Clarenc Eddy.

Died, Harriet Nawell Long Rexford, wife of Dr. F. K. Rexford, suddenly at her home on North Huron Street. She was born May 24, 1816 at Shelbourne, Chenago County, New York State. She married March 22, 1837 and came the following June to Ypsilanti. A member of the Presbyterian Church.

May 4- Haymarket riot and bombings in Chicago. Labor battling for 8 hour day. Seven police and four workers died, 66 wounded.

June 4- Friends gather to celebrate the 18th birthday of Eunice Lambie.

July 30- Meeting of the First National Bank at which the follow were elected: President, D. L. Quirk; Vice Presdient, Lambert Barr Cashier, W.L. Pack; Directors, D.L. Quirk; S. H. Dodge, E.F.Uhl; L. H. Barnes; Charles King and C. S. Wortley.

August 13- Died, Eveline A. Beckley fisher, daughter of Zdbadee and Linda Beckley. She was born September 2, 1838 in Ann Arbor. Married Andrew Fisher, December 3, 1854 and in 1855 located in Augusta Township. They lived there 32 years. She died August 5, 1886. She was a great worker in the State Grange.

The fire Department was out on Thursday evening to test the effiecy of the pipe laid down from the river up thru Congress Street (Michigan Avenue). It exceeded all expectations throwing streams on Washington Street and two on Huron Street. Everything worked like a charm and now those streets are independent of the old fir cisterns.

September 3- Died, Grove Sanders, age 71 who resided on the Salin Road. He died August 31, 1886. He was born in Lawrence County, New York March 15, 1815, son of James and Betsy Saunders. Moved to Ypsilanti in 1839. In 1859 he purchased 240 acres in Pittsfiel Township. Married Cynthia W. Ballard, January 17, 1850. His broth H.S. Saunders lived in Ypsilanti. Grove changed the spelling of h name from Saunders to Sanders because of so much mixup in the mai with his brother. He was a carpenter and probably built the house at 4980 Michigan Avenue.

September 4- Geronimo the famous Apache Indian surrendered.

September 10-Died, Walter B. Hewitt, September 4, 1886. He was born in Stillwater, Saratoga County, New York, February 4, 1800, s of Elias. His Grandfather, Walter Served in the Revolution. In 1825 he married Polina Childs, Came to Ypsilanti in 1831 and was a shoe maker.

September 30- Died, Polly Bush, Born February 20, 1805 in New York. She came to Ypsilanti in 1824 with her husband, Thomas Bush They lived at Lowell (Superior Township) until 1851 and they lived on East Cross Street.

September 30- Professor McLouth accepted Presidency of Dakota Agricultural College.

November 5- Died, Joseph Kitchen, October 18, 1886. He was born April 25, 1820 at Hackettstown, New Jersey. Came to Ypsilanti in 1841.

Died, Lee K. Forsyth, October 31, He was born in Connecticut, May 15, 1800. Came to Michigan 1830. Married Eveline Welch, May 15, 1831. He was a chair maker and farmer in Augusta Township and was a member of the Presbyterian Church.

Died, Olive Gorton Graves, October 29. Born in New Libon, Otsego County, New York. Daughter of Job and Sarah Emerson Gorton. She taught school at age 15 after coming with parents to Woodruff's Grove.

November 12- Trim & McGregor of Detroit have bought out Born & Mapes.

Died, Samuel Robbins. He was born October 20, 1806 in Harvard, Worchester County, Massachusetts. Came to Michigan in 1869. He was a Presbyterian but turned to the Methodists during a Revival Meeting. Married Rachael Mersereau in 1829. She died in 1862 and he then married Rebecca Swift in 1864.

December 3- Stevenson, the Photographer, has photographed Demetrius Ypsilanti and printed the pictures in various sizes. The Commercial Editor thinks every home in Ypsilanti should have one.

ADS: Hough's Book Store-Huron at Pearl Street.

Banghart & Clark-South side of Congress

“Finest Meats of all kinds”

Johnson & Company-East Cross at the Depot: Groceries,

Notions, Boots & Shoes-Hardware.

Lambert & Sons-Meat Market & Canned Goods at the Depot.

December 8- American Federation of Labor formed.