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William Lambie Diary, 1879

William Lambie Diary, 1879 image William Lambie Diary, 1879 image William Lambie Diary, 1879 image William Lambie Diary, 1879 image William Lambie Diary, 1879 image William Lambie Diary, 1879 image William Lambie Diary, 1879 image William Lambie Diary, 1879 image William Lambie Diary, 1879 image
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January 1st- Frank loaned $200 to R. Fletcher. Elizabeth took the train for her school in Pittsfield-Anna went on the train at night for Manchester.

January 6- Elizabeth's birthday 22 years-Wife and I went in the long sleigh ti visit old friends and Father's home.

January 10- Sent a load of corn and wheat to Rawsonville. Paid Frank $16 for new sleigh.

January 17- Wife and I took dinner with brother Robert-pleasant time.

January 23- The Wm. Campbells' went with us to Andrew Campbells' in the long sleigh.

Frank brought a load of fence posts from Sumoter.

January 25- Burns' born 120 years ago. Wife and I went to hear Andrew Campbell lecture on Burns' in the evening-good lecture to a small audience.

January 27- Prince Bennett died. T. Casey fiddled in the evening.

January 30- Pumray who harvested for us died suddenly-Wm. Campbell gave me $150 check-gave it to Robert for a note on John Miller of $150 owed to Robert. Interest $7.50.

February 1st- Sold 4 dozen eggs

February 3- Brother Frank in Detroit-sent the Strathaven Times.

February 8- The Wm. Campbells' and I went to A. Campbells' and had a great visit-the wee laughing infant son, bright boy's and bonnie lassies. And old Mr. Fisher age 91.

February 10- Frank sold the old sow he bought for $12 and we kept it nearly 3 years and did not get more than $2 more than we paid-was glad to get rid of the profitless troublesome brute.

February 13- Settled with Frank-$10 for pig money coming to me. Wrote a letter and some lines to sister Isabell (Todd).

February 15- Wrote sister Agnes-cleaned the stable-read the Strathaven Times.

February 18- Wife and I to visit Ben Voorhees-Bell started at Normal-snow storm-Mary Campbell came home with Bell-Frank speared 4 big fish.

February 21- Got the horses shod. The old red cow had a calf.

February 22- Wife and I and Robert went to town-The Band played and the Light Guards marched in honor of Washington's Birthday.

February 25- Gorton offered $45 for the big steer-Wife and I went to John Clarkes desolate home in Pittsfield-Elizabeth met us at young Robert Campbells gate with glee and we stayed with our kind friends over night.

March 3- Corn stalks nearly fed out. Luckens offered $45 for the white heifer-Bees flying and ice and snow melting.

March 6- We sawed down John Flemings tree-about 40 years since I stood beneath its shade-it stood for 300 years like a sentinel in the forest.

March 10- $100 from Wm. Campbell-Walked down in the evening to hear Miss Weed on Westminster Abby and Mr. Rexford on Morals-fearful thunderstorm and Robert was kind enough to meet me with a lantern.

March 11- Roberts Birthday-young friends came at night for his Birthday party.

March 13- Brother Robert putting new glass in his store front. Wife to see sick Mrs. Fletcher.

March 15- We were waken by some one shouting Mrs. L and the boys were to come to Fletchers. Mrs. Fletcher was dying.

March 17- Wife and I went to her Fathers in afternoon-bleak blasts and rough roads-pleasant time.

March 19- The boys went to the Bacon sale. It is sad when a family loses the home and sader when they disgrace the Church and neighborhood with extravagance and fraud.

March 24- Frank and Casey killed the 4 profitless pigs. The Knapp boy took away Robert all night and vexed us.

March 28- Sad and angry at the Boys.

March 30- Frank helped bury Wm. Perrin.

April 1st Wife and I went to visit J. Miller and found him boiling sap-He had a rousing fire by a wee log house in the woods-a real rural visit. The roads so bad we broke the buggy.

April 3–4 went to funeral for old Mr. Voorhees-a great good man-some could speak better but none live better.

April 5- Got feed ground-Left $100 of Mrs. L's money with William Campbell.

April 8- Sold the white Heifer to Gortin for $57.50.

April 13- Temperance lectures in town, speaking to crowded house.

Ben Roberts helped put more sleepers in barn floor.

April 15- My Birthday-Burned marsh grass to celebrate Shakespeare's Birthday and mine.

April 20- Mr. Galpin took the Census-gathered stones and planted strawberries.

April 24- Went to town with butter, eggs and Pie Plant.

April 28- Turned the cattle out to pasture. Mr. Campbell came-pleasant time-Wife with some plants went home with him. Planted 5 peach trees. Frank working on the hen house.

April 30- Jerome got two swarms of bees.

May 1st- Frank hung the rollings doors on the barn-went to see friend Casey-he seems near the grave.

Brother Frank sent a Scotch Letter with heather from the Ryelandside-all my interest in that famous farm.

May 3- William Campbell paid J. Miller $1.50 for cleaning the School house-Wife walked to her brothers' (William Campbell)

May 5- Have about 30 lambs, 4 young ducks-paid G. Stevenson $6.50 for seed oats.

May 8- A. Campbell and wife came and wife went home with them.

May 10- Marked for corn-Frank and Robert finished planting.

May 14- Mr. Lay wants me to address the Pioneers in June.

May 17- Robert and I went to the River-I left him there fishing. Paid R. Crippen $60 for his Sister's teaching. Wm. Campbell paid $53.75 payment in full. Bought a coat for $10.

May 19- Dan Miller helped us wash sheep-Mr. McCormick tried to hive two swarms of bees. Only got one.

May 20- Robert took a grist to Rawsonville-Frank shore sheep for Ben Voorhees-R. Fletcher offered $95 for horse, Fred.

May 22- Mary's Birthday.

May 24- Robert and I cut the lamb's tails-21 ewes. 17 rams-38 in all.

May 26- Went to Detroit to Brother Frank's then to Agnes, James and Mother-Some treating me kindly and some not.

May 27- Went to Royal Oak to see sister Isabell Todd-a pleasant time on her farm-the hard work seems to be on the farm, the grandeur in the City.

May 29- Agnes and I planted daisies on Father's grave.

Came home on the Noon train.

June 2- Wife and I to the Pioneer Meeting. I read a paper-a great discussion what rooms to accept in the New Court House.

June 4- The boys worked on the road-A few ripe strawberries. My paper at the Pioneers is in the Commercial.

June 7- Shore Sheep-Robert and I did up the wool.

June 10- Finished shearing-think we have 107 old sheep and 42 lambs. Paid Dan Miller $2.50 for shearing. Ainsworth talked about 27 for the best wool. Frank went to shear for Clawson.

June 12- Sold a Wedder and Lamb to Crane for $5.

June 13- Bees swarming.

June 19- Bell's Birthday-sold 60 Bushels what for $1.03, and then 60 more.

June 21- Frank paid $123.20 for wheat he sold-Robert and Bell went to bring Elizabeth home from her school. Our table beautiful with Flowers her Scholars brought her.

June 23- The butcher took away old Dainty and the 4 year old steer, Fred and paid Frank for them. The cows jumped the fence and got in the road.

June 25- Bought 17 quarts strawberries from Mr. Gray. Mary, Elizabeth, Bell and I walked down to hear the graduation exercises at the Normal-Some good speaking and a grand building-the audience looked rich and prosperous.

June 27- To town in forenoon-got in 3 loads of hay-it was hard to rake and we hurried to get it in as a storm was coming.

June 28- Was up in the night-Frank was suffering where a nail had hurt his foot.

July 1st- Frank bought a Sulky rake from Casey $12. The rake a fine improvement. Drew in all the hay. New Potatoes for dinner.

July 4- Went to Wm. Campbell's-Frank went to Niagra Falls.

July 5- Mr. Casey's man helped us get in more hay-sold two fat sheep to McCormick for $6. Two girls went to Dr. Van Tiles party at night.

July 7- Went to see a new buggy-Robert brought it home-Paid $90-Wife and I went to Wm. Campbell's for cherries.

July 9- We all went to the Church Semi-Centennial-a grand affair. Mr. Green read the Church History. And a great feast members-faithful for 50 years.

Robert and 4 girls rode to Frain's Lake.

July 12- Fearful thunderstorm. Lightning struck and burned a neighbor's barn.

July 13- Had a fine ride to the Church in the new buggy. Bell milking at sunrise.

The dog ran away and the boy's got another.

July 15- Casey came with her reaper-and got all the wheat cut.

July 17- Robert, August and I drew in all the wheat and bound some barley-Frank helped Casey. Paid August $7 for harvest work.

July 20- Cleaned and sold about 97 bushels wheat $9. Brother Robert came and we went to the Old Moon Farm and got 10 bushels of wheat.

July 24- Bought pants from Robert $2.50-hat $1. The poem I wrote about the Semi-Centennial was in the Commercial.

July 30- August cradled the oars south of the house. Wife, Mary, Elizabeth and I went to John Taylor's to tea and then to Prayer meeting.

August 1st-Paid August $5.50 for work-It is the Colored Man's Day-Emancipation.

August 4- Boy's and August drew Manure with Wm. Campbell's Wagon.

August 5- Frank, Robert, Bell and I went on the Excursion to Detroit and Belle Isle Island and to Harsen's Island on the steamer Northwest-A pleasant trip-called on Frank, Mrs. Inglis.

August 6- Sold 5 Wedders to Lucken $15 and one lamb $2. He paid $12. August went to work for Fletcher.

August 12-Wife and I went to town and brought Kate and Willy Inglis. Lucken paid $5 on sheep-Youngsters in great glee. Girl's went to see Miss Yakley.

August 15- Frank took Kate to the Depot-finished plowing the hill field-Fletcher's chilled plow does good work.

August 17- Frank and Willie Campbell went to Church in the old buggy-the 4 girls, Robert and Willie Inglis in the new one-I stayed home-Bell came at noon-walked home.

August 19- Went to town-got Robert's horse shod-bought 3 Excursion tickets.

August 20- Mary, Elizabeth and I went with the Excursion to Watkins Grove and saw his great farm.

August 22- Wife and I went to Augusta-found Mr. Campbell weak from overwork.

August 23- Frank and I went to Barns to see if Bemis could thrash for us. The 4 girls had their Portraits taken.

August 25- The boys helped Fletcher thrash-took Willie Inglis to the Depot. Gabriel Campbell came-a pleasant visit.

August 28- Elizabeth was offered and accepted a situation in the Union School.

August 30- No market for wool-Moved it to the woodshed.

September 1st- Elizabeth's first day of teaching in the Union School. Heard old Mr. Fisher died-Went to School meeting-small attendance-Elected Assessor again-Rensefor to furnish the wood.

September 2- Bell, Robert and I went to the Fisher funeral. Sick that night.

September 5- Jerome came with his steam thrasher and thrashed 196 bushels of Oats, 41 Bushels of Barley-155 Bushels Wheat-25 Bushels per acre-the best yield yet.

The engine did no run very well. Plenty of help and too much swearing and straw stack too flat. Paid $1.50 for coal and did not have enough.

September 7- Sacrament and only one added to the Church-

September 8- Bought 30 Bushels seed wheat from Mr. Leach for $30. Drilled about 1/2 of it in the South Field.

September 10- Went to the Cars (Depot) with Anna to see her leave for Elkhardt-Brother Robert and Francis came to see us-All went to Robert's for dinner-Grand a affair.

Went to Union School to see Elizabeth.

September 11- All corn cut-some welcome rain-Paid Jones $1 for cleaning well.

September 17- Frank and I sent to State Fair in Detroit-Saw Agnes, Francis and went over the water to Canada-Frank and I slept at Mother's and was kindly treated-Mother bright and happy at 82-No room for me in Detroit.

September 19- John Miller paid $12 interest.

September 22- Frank working for Wm. Campbell-Robert digging potatoes and I picking them up. Borrowed $30 from brother Robert and paid A.J. Leach for seed wheat.

September 25- 3 tramps got their supper and slept in the barn.

September 29- Settled with Frank-he owes me $18. Mr. Thorn paid his note $100.

September 30- Wife and I went to John Millers and got 2 ladders and Drill-$1 for Wheat drill and 75¢ for ladders. Paid Mrs. L $30 I owed her her and Bell $25.

October 1st- Gathered apples-warm and sultry-went to town and got apple barrels-

October 2- Brother Robert and Francis returned from visiting Sister Isabell-apple crop poor.

Took 4 bushels wheat to the Mill and got 4 more barrels-Pomray helped husk and pick apples.

October 4- Took a barrel of apples to brother Robert-got a grist.

October 6- Loaned C. Fletcher $50-Frank went to shingle for Wm. Campbell.

October 9- Husking corn-Wm. Campbell horse and buggy to take his family beyond Saline.

October 11- Bell and Eunice gathered nuts-heard of sad accident on the railroad near Jackson-15 killed.

October 14- Robert caught all the sheep and Frank marked those for sale-95 old ones-44 lambs-139 in all.

October 15- Frank, Robert and I went to the sale winding up the affairs of good old honest Mr. Voorhees-big crowd and big sale-bought a few things.

October 18- Frost-husked and went to town-small crop and small price for apples.

October 20- Went to hear about enlarging the Church. John Geddes, A. Campbell, Mr. Green did not pull together.

October 22- Brother Robert, Mrs. Morton and Eunice paid us a pleasant visit.

October 25- Husked and gathered russets and nearly all the apples. Took 2 barrels to Miss Patin-Paid Pomray $5 and Casey $2.75.

October 26- Mary, Elizabeth and I went to Church at night in the Moonlight and Saxtons great house was all right when we went down and nearly all burned down when we came back.

October 28- P. VanAtten digging for water east of the Barn and found water at 15 feet.

October 31- Bell took $33 to Lula Crippen for teaching. Wife and I went to Augusta-cold ride-good roads.

November 1st- J. McDougall came for Mrs. L to take care of his sick mother. Paid Pomray. Heard of Chandler's death.

November 3- Snow and Winter here-Robert took Elizabeth to School-Put the sheep in the Orchard.

November 6- Mrs. L was brought home after waiting until Mrs. McDougall died.

November 7- Robert and Mrs. L started for Augusta to tell the sad news of the old Aunt's death. (was she a Muir? or Anne Muir Campbell's Aunt?)

November 8- Sold 657 lbs wool to Mr. Chidester-$203.57. Wife, Robert and I with Wm. Campbell's went to old Mrs. McDougall's funeral.

November 11- Frank and I went to Hewitt's and then to Goodspeeds and bought a Ram for $5.

November 14- Rain-Rain-sent 2 barrels apples to Sister Agnes. Gave Frank $200 for the Wool-Repaired the pig pen. Paid Mr. Cherry $18 for teaching.

November 17- Robert started with Elizabeth to the Union School.

John Miller took away the Ram.

November 18- Pomray and I drew in all the corn. Elizabeth's School dismissed-

November 22- Bought a suit of clothes at Roberts' store $15.50. Heard of old Mr. Howland's death (John's father).

November 25- Sold 21 old sheep to Mr. Freeman $27-helped drive then over the railroad. Wife and I went to old Mr. Howland's funeral.

November 26- Killed a sheep for Thanksgiving-

November 28- Thanksgiving-the Wm. Campbell's and John Taylor's families fame to dinner with us, pleasant time.

December 1st- Made a pen for the Calves-oiled the harness and the buggy-sold 3 sheep pelts to G. Gager $2.50.

Wife, Mary and I drove to Rawsonville and bought blankets $10. Paid Mr. Ronsifer $16 for School wood-Robert paid $5 for tuition

December 13- Received from W. Crippen $193.67 for School money. Lots of snow-bought overshoes from John Boyd $1.85.

December 22- Frank & Jerome killed two swine-4 of us went to a big surprise party for Uncle Wm., brother Robert-Wm. C. got a present in gold.

Sold pigs 480 1bs for $10.00.

December 24- Anna arrived from Elkhardt.

December 25- Christmas-we all received nice presents-a Christmas box from Sister Agnes-the 4 girls and 2 boys received valuable tkens, kindness of brother Robert-I always think of Father on Christmas-1868-Eleven years since he last spoke to me for the last time.

December 29- Went to town got a barrel of Salt-good sleighing the fast driving-also 60 1bs rock salt-packed pork in the afternoon.

December 31- Last of 1879-Another year with all its joys and sorrows gone.

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