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Thank You Note

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The following Thank you note was received from Ellen Could.

I was very happy on May Day when I found a lovely May Basket hanging from my door knob.

The May Basket brought back many happy memories.

When I was a little girl. some of my friends and I went into the woods on April 30, to gather wild flowers. There were spring beauties, addie tongues, violets, May flowers and butter cups. Then we made May Baskets, such as the one you made. On May Day we filled our little baskets with flowers such as you did. Then w we would go house of our older friends or one who was ill or just any friend and hang it on the door knob as you did.

Then we would call out “May Basket for You” and then go hide. It was fun watching them search for us. They usually found us.

Thank you again for the beautiful May Basket. I loved it.

Ellen E Gould

Thanks so much to the committee that did so much to make these fine people at Gilbert Residence Happy on May Day.

Betty Tunnicliffe: Deci Howard;