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Chronology 1887

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The Ypsilanti Commercial 1887

January 28-
A special meeting of the Council called by Mayor Cornwell to adopt a proposition to a vote of the People the bonding of the City not to exceed $100,00 for a Water Works…

February 11-
Mrs. P.S. Howard, widow of A. Howard, died in Boston, brought to Ypsilanti for buriel. She was born September 27, 1826 in Cumberland, Maine. Her maiden name was Stone. Very active in Congregational Church and buried in Spencer Cemetery.

March 4-
W. R. Coates of Kalamazoo says he has found an excellent supply of fresh water on Race Street near the Ypsilanti Paper Co., Dam at a depth of 24 feet. He says $75,000 will construct water works for the City with Hydrants in every block…

J. H. Samson-Hardware, 17 North Huron Street

Ely and Ely Grocery-Newell Block at the Depot.

Charles E. Samson Woodward-Cross and Perrin

March 25-
Died-Nelson M. Thompson, born July 15, 1817 in Orange County, New York. Came to Michigan in 1869. He had married in 1844. He lived on Forest Avenue about 1873…

March 31-
O. A. Ainsworth & Co., have bought of Seth Arnold heirs, the three lots on Congress Street between the old Tannary and Bortle Saloon and will proceed at once to erect a two story brick building for their ‘Feed Store’ and Mill for grinding Corn and Feed.
The remainder of the property occupied by the Bortle Saloon, has been purchased by Janet Campbell…

April 1-
Robert H. Kilian purchased the Drug Store at the Depot from Robert Coy.
Ypsilanti Meat Market-near Post Office (Pearl and N. Huron)

April 15-
Leonard Do'oge, Grand Rapids, died at age 71. Born in Providence of Zealand, Netherlands in 1816, came to America in 1846. He is the father of Benjamin L. Do'oge of the Normal College.

Less than 13 months ago, E.C. Bowling and H.P. Glover entered Partnership under the name: Ypsilanti Dress Stay Mfg., Co. The Dress Stay had been patented by Bowling. They now have 12 representatives on the road.

April 15-
“less than 13 months ago, E.C. Bowling and H.P. Glover entertained into Partnership under the name; Ypsilanti Underwear.

Died-Thomas Grady, age 86. Born in Ireland, December 5, 1800. Came to Michigan in 1837. Was one of the first settlers in Mooreville…

Ads: ‘First Home Dairy’
First Home Milk at 4 cents a quart, 14 cents gallon at counter.
First Home Dairy-Four quarts or more to one customer-3 cents a quart.
J.T. Wanzer, Proprietor… Cream 18 cents a quart.

Dress Making, 33 North Washington-Mrs. H.M. FRost-formerly Miss Ella Campbell.

Married, Frank C. Banghart and Ella A. Alban at home of Bride's parents, Mr. & Mrs. George Alban. Rev. L.E. Springer officiating. They will live at 153 Congress (Michigan Avenue)

The railroad spur is now open to the Ypsilanti Paper Company through Parson's Lumber Yard.

E. E. Ferguson, Normal School graduate in 1885 is home having been obliged by ill health to resign his position as Principal of a High School in northern part of State.

April 29-
M.S. Straight & Son, dealers in Kerosene & Gasoline-Gasoline stoves put in first class working order. 40 Perrin Street.

City Feed Store-Post Block-North Huron Street. Flour, Baled Hay and Straw-Fairchild Brothers

Knapp's Drug Store-Artists' Materials-Soda Fountain now open. 6 years in business.

L. M. Duggan's Shoe Store-North side East Cross at Depot.

May 21-
Blacksmithing by John Renton on Cross Street opposite O. E. Thompson at the Depot.

June 8-
McPherson & Scott have purchased the North Washington business of Hiram Batchelder together with his stock and tools. He is retiring.

June 21-
Austin George Building, a brick of two story stores at Adams and West Congress (Michigan Ave) are for rent.

July 8-
Doctor Frank Owen is building himself an $8000 residence on North Adams.

July 22-
Winsor McKay, Cleary Business College, Artist has returned from a visit to his home.

August 26-
Business Failures in U.S. during past 7 years: 135. Canada 26.

October 14-
James Hueston, M.D. Physician & Surgeon, residence River Street-former Nark Norris Home.

November 4-
A. E. Edwards, Blacksmithing and Carriage dealer. Horse shoeing a specialty. First door south of the Engine House on South Huron Street.

December 9-
Milo F. Ehman, the popular clerk at Davis & Co. married Kate Hopkins, November 22nd. They will live at 5 Norris Street. Rev. J.L. Cheney performed the ceremony.

The Ypsilantian 1887

7th year … . George C. Smithe & Perry F. Powers

January 6th-
“wait for Humphrey successor to Lewis & Gibson, ground floor Gallery in the rooms now occupied by George Witmire as a barber shop opposite the Sanitarium on Huron Street”.

Bennett & Son-Leading Livery men-Barn on Congress Street adjoining Opera House in the rear.

February 3-
G. E. Waterman, late of Ann Arbor, has rented the well-known Lewis & Gibson Gallery on Congress Street.

Robert C. Coy's Depot Drug Store

March 3-
Glimpses of Places & Things 1861–1886 by George C. Smithe= 192 pages .80¢ (wish we had one)

George Moorman buys out Cornwell and becomes sole owner of the Ypsilanti Sanitarium on Huron Street.

H. P. Glover buys the 2 story brick building that was Neat's Livery Stable for his Dress-Stay factory. Neat to move to Yast's location on N. Washington St.

Del Harris is moving his goods to the house of Mrs. Grove Sanders on the Chicago Road having rented that farm in Pittsfield Township.

April 7-
Ads: George T. Pencil, Blacksmith-North Washington and Pearl Street.

A. A. Graves, Grocer-No. 5 Congress

Hewitt & Champion, Boots, Shoes, Dressmaking-30 W. Congress.

George W. Havens-Guns & Sporting Goods, North Street one block east of the River.

William Mallion, Gunsmith, South Washington.

Charles Schetterly, New Barber Shop, under Joe Sanders Clothing Store.

J. D. O'Brien-Money to Loan, Whittaker & Ypsilanti.

Dr. A. B. Spinney, Superintendent of Ypsilanti Sanitarium.

George Fuller & Son-Contractor & Builders Shop on River Street.

Goodwin & Crich, Manufacturers of Boots & Shoes South Huron Street

April 14-
73 persons now employed at the Ypsilanti Dress Stay Factory.

May 5-
Normal College item… Lawn Tennis is all the rage.

Railroad proposed from Ypsilanti to Belleville and to Trenton. Railroad siding to be run thru Parson's Lumber yard and below the level of South Grove to the Cornwell Mill on the river beolow Spring Street, now the location of the Ford Generator Plant.

Incorporation of Ypsilanti Savings BAnk, Capital Stock $50,000.00
D.C. Batchelder, President; S. M, Cutcheon, Vice President; R. W. Hemphill, Cashier; Henry P. Glover and Stephen Moore of Detroit, Stockholders including Mary Starkweather, Henry Stephenson and Henry R. Scovill. Business will begin when the new building is ready. The Corporation has bought from George Moorman the corner of Congress (Michigan Avenue) and South Huron, 50 × 80 Building to cost $20,000.00.

June 5-
New brick Church to be built at Stoney Creek by the Methodists.

Joe H. Manning has purchased the Cigar & Confection stock at No. 7 Union Building and will conduct business there.

June 23-
The contract for building the Starkweather Memorial Chapel has been given to E. C. Warner and Mr. Walker, the latter of Ann Arbor, $7,555.00

July 7-
The Electrical contract with the Jenny Electric Light Co., of Indianapolis has been let for 5 Electric Light Towers besides arm street lights.

A long article about the death of Lambert Barnes.

July 14-
D. C. Griffin buys the A. M. Noble house on South Huron Street.

August 25-
Charles Ferrier has entirely remodeled his large brick residence on Adams Street. The roof is raised, a story added to the wings, a handsome porch built on the front. Double doors and archways put in. The cost will be $3,000.00.

William McAndrew departed this week for Chicago ready to begin his School duties.

September 8-
R. M. Hemphill has purchased what is known as the Follett residence on Huron Street owned by Mrs. N. K. Seever.

Nine divorces granted during the month of August and B new bills for Divorce were filed.

September 15-
Miss Nellie Verkes has been officiating as organist at the Presbyterian Church during the illness of Miss VanDuso

September 22-
Follett house Hotel sold to W. H. Woodman of Vernon, Mich. George Moorman took a 320 acre farm near Varnon in trade. The Manager will be the same, W. H. Lewis.

Attorney Whitman at the City Council meeting submitted a written opinion that there was no question of the City's right to remove the bodies and Monuments from Prospect Cemetery to the new Cemetery, Highland on River Street.

A Reception will be given at St. Luke's, September 23rd to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the organization of the Church.

Windsor McCay, the gifted young artist, who recently graduated from Cleary's Business College is this week giving exhibitions of his skill and geniousness in Detroit-He recently gave a chalk talk before one of the Normal Societies and astonished all who for the first time saw pictures form under his swift touches.

September 27-
Ads: Bay City Lumber Yard-C. N. Ellis-Proprietor Verd on Congress Street.

C. F. Reinhart-Mfg. confectioner

J. M. Orcutt-Livery, Feed and Exchange Stable, Barns in rear of Ypsilanti Sanitarium.

Follmor & Scoville Lumber, Lath, Shingles. cash paid for loge.

O. B. Bradley-Manufacturer and Dealer in Gunger Ale & Pop.

Paragon Mineral Water, Office & Manufacturing on River Street.

Long articles about Ypsilanti Industries, Schools and Churches.

Austin Burbank's handsome new residence on South Huron Street. A.W. Kannedy is the builder.

William Hay has nearly completed a very handsome house on Ballerd Street-427 is the number. Quite ornate outside and cherry wood interior. Samuel Hand is builder.

October 27-
Charles Hyzer was appointed Engineer of the Electric Light Works.

The currant is expected to be turned on for the Towers November 15th. E.H. Jackson was appointed lineman.

At the Annual meeting of the 20th Michigan Infantry, held in Charlotte this last weak. A. A. Van Cleve of Ypsilanti was elected President; Oscar Loveland of York, Vice President and Clark S. Wortley, Secretary-Treasurer. The next Annual meeting will be held in Ypsilanti.

New Jewelry and Stationary Store on Huron Street, 3 doors south of the Post Office. (Pearl Street) E. L. Hough-Owner

W.H. Hall-Harness maker and dealer at the corner of Congress and Washington.
Bear, Wolf and Goat Robes

Jenny Lind died, age 66.

November 10-
Opera House sold by present owners, H.M. Curtis, D.L. Quirk and Mrs. Helen Swift to Mrs. S. Draper of Buffalo, New York, wife of long time proprietor of Draper's Uncle Tom's Cabin Troup.

November 17-
One of Ypsilanti's handsome residences will be that of R.W. Hemphill now nearly completed after raising the roof and other alterations.

December 29-
J. H. Samson has sold his Hardware stock to Chester M Norton of Leslie.

Annual meeting of the Stockholders of the Ypsilanti Gas Company.
C.S. Wortley, Secretary.