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William Lambie Diary, 1881

William Lambie Diary, 1881 image William Lambie Diary, 1881 image William Lambie Diary, 1881 image William Lambie Diary, 1881 image William Lambie Diary, 1881 image William Lambie Diary, 1881 image William Lambie Diary, 1881 image William Lambie Diary, 1881 image William Lambie Diary, 1881 image William Lambie Diary, 1881 image William Lambie Diary, 1881 image William Lambie Diary, 1881 image William Lambie Diary, 1881 image William Lambie Diary, 1881 image William Lambie Diary, 1881 image William Lambie Diary, 1881 image William Lambie Diary, 1881 image
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January 1st- The beginning of another year-If we could rise in Virtue and do in years. Cold day.

January 3- Elizabeth and Robert to School-Frank to Augusta-Brother Robert came. The three of us walked down in the evening to hear Mr. Green's fine history of Missionaries-Morrison in China, Dr. Duff in India and Livingston in Africa carried bravely the Banner of the Cross for native Scotland.

January 4- Jones and Son chopping an Oak on Shares. Wife and I spent pleasant time with our old friend John Geddes and wife.

January 6- Elizabeth's birthday-born 1857. Mrs. L took 3 to School in the Cutter and went to her Father's afterwards.

January 7- Robert vexing us and the girls started out on foot. Bell stayed overnight with her friend Lu and gathered snow for washing-12 below this morning.
Took a grist to the Mill-Drew $50.00 from the Bank. Mrs. L went to the Dentist.

January 12- Got called in the night-saw fire in Town.

January 17- Frank shot an Owl out the window at night-It came on an errand to get a hen but got hit.
S started in the long sled-3 to School and Frank and Mrs. L to Augusta-Robert came home with the horses and went to the Young Peoples meeting.

January 19- Bought boots for Robert-$4.25-Gray britches $3.50.

January 22- Heavy snow in the night, Robert went for Bell in the Cutter. R. Fletcher drove away the Cow, Star-Bell had milked her for 7 years.

January 25- Took a load of Scholars, Teachers and Chickens to Town. Mr. Chidester paid $2.45 for 11 Roosters-Mr. Fletcher's man left $35 for the cow, Star.

January 31- Another snow storm.

February 1st- Old Borealas and the Northern Lights beat in full blast. Mrs. L took the Scholars to Schools every day thru the drifts and deep snow.

February 5- Mrs. L and I went to Brother Roberts for dinner-enjoyed it.
Went to Hawkins house with Mr. Leassing to hear about the Washtenaw History.

February 8- Went to town with the Scholars and gave my paper to Mr. Lessing, is writing the Washtenaw History.

1881 Diary

February 9- Water and flood on the low ground-water under the barn and in the cellar.

February 12- Paid Mr. James Rounsifer $16.68 doe three cords of wood for the School and doing repairs.

February 14- Another snow storm. It seems as though the North Pole was nearer.

March 1st- The beginning of spring, more like mid-winter. The hill is a sheet of ice. Robert got briggs and his team to bring us the new Organ-It is a grand looking piece of furniture-Frank owed $60. paid cash $40-due $20-Mr. Taylor came and the wife to put the Organ in playing order.

March 2- A Farmer brought 50 fence posts from Sumpter and they fell off coming down the icy hill where he piled them up-paid him 8cents each-$4.00.
Paid Elizabeth $25 all she held on R. Campbell note.

March 3- Mr. Lucken sent two men who loaded the two pigs alive in a sled and took them away-Robert and I to divide the proceeds.

March 5- Garfield installed as President-More snow-Robert brought another loadof fence posts-paid him $12. Paid for Wiffletree and Yoke $4.50-Luckin to pay about $28 for the pigs.

March 6- Mr. Spoonser's funeral-Mild and spring-alike.

March 7- Frank paid $20-all he owes-took down eggs and brought up a grist and picked up the girls-ice and snow going fast-Robins singing.

March 10- wife and I went to see the Casey's.

March 11- Robert's birthday-18 years-Gabriel Campbell and his son, Robert came-he brightened us up playing the new Organ and singing, talking and praying with us.

March 12- The good wife, Gabriel and Robert started for Augusta in a driving snow storm-Received letter from Sister Isabell and our old friend John Lindsey.
Robert and Jones drew stove wood in the storm.

March 14- Robert did not go to School-Frank sat up with T. Spoonser-Went to town and Robert stayed to buy a watch and I walked home in the ice and snow-very weary.

March 16- Talked to Robert and Family-Found G. McDougal and Pattisen and told him about A. Campbell's essay on Carlyle we heard on Monday night.
Robert went to A. Campbell's-Paid Jones 75cents.

1881 Diary

March 20- Snow and mud and no help comes to feed and harness the horses-loaned Frank $15. He bought a pig from Deakin read. Loaned Fletcher $20.

March 24- Luckin came to buy Wedders but they were not fat enough-bought one $5.00.

March 25- Wife and I, Robert and Wm. Campbell went to Belleville to Miss Campbell's funeral (daughter of Sam Campbell).
We brought up Brother Robert's one horse wagon.

March 28- Mr. Campbell and Gabriel came after supper-saw the Hawkins House barn burn-Was well entertained hearing Mrs. Owen and professor Lodeman at the Young People's Meeting.

March 31- More snow-a long and dreary winter-lost another sheep. John Campbell brought Mrs. L back-bought two bushels Clover seed from him $9.50-
Clare and I gathered 42 eggs-sold 10 bushels corn to Bueland $3.00.

April 3- 5 went to Church-Dr. McVicar Preached-Old Mr. Flowers and two others buried.

April 6- Robert sick-Wife and I went to see our friend John Miller.

April 7- First grand day in a long time-Skinned a sheep that was drowned-Frank brought more fence boards-Jones and Frank cut more Willows. Paid Jones 50 cents and gave him a pair of old boots.

April 11- Mrs. L, Frank and Robert and the horses helped Wm. CAmpbell to move his big farm near Ann Arbor.

April 14- Jones sowed plaster on the Clover field-Robert got two horses shod-Went to Brother Robert's after supper.

April 15- My Birthday-the days of youth come back no more. Can it be I am three score? Receiove books, flowers and poetry-some stop working long before they are 60.
Robert and I drew up stalks and I had to work like 60 and should be glad I was able to do it.

April 19- The boys and Mrs. L went to Augusta-bought a gray horse Tom from Tom Cross for $77.50-Frank to pay $10 and get to use him-White cow had a calf-Lambs not doing well.

April 21- Frank bought two pigs from Roberts-I did not want fighting pigs-think they were not worth much-A barrell of apples to Agnes, 2 to Frank.

April 22- Wife and I went to B. Voohees for early Ohio potatoes, sowed peas and radishes-Robert and Jones drew Manuare-got in last years corn-turned out the sheep after feeding 5 months. G. Campbell came at night.

1881 Diary

April 23- Sowed Clover seed on the 3 acres near the brook. Went with G. Campbell to his fathers-pleasant visit. Old Mrs. Thompson was buried.

April 25- Wm. Campbell came at noon and wife, son and a horse went to help him on his big farm-Robert harrowed and Jones cut brush-Went to Normal to hear Miss Hoppen-very tired.

April 27- Robert and Jones drew fence posts-frank Miller and I staked out the line fence between Martin and us.

April 28- Willows getting green-have 16 lambs alive, did not count the dead-Robert and Jones drawing Manure with two wagons. 3 cows to milk and 3 claves to feed and Bell does not help me as formerly and more work comes on me.
The Wm. Campbell helpers came back at night.

May 2- Intended selling potatoes to Chidester but Robert did not come home to help. Frank and Dan Miller worked on line fence-Paid Miller $5.00.

May 4- Went to town to get side slide for the plow-Robert plowed with 3 horses-Wm. Campbell came and took Mary away. 28 lambs.

May 6- Brother Robert an daughter came to pick wild flowers.

May 7- Went to town to get a loda of roof boards from Robert. F. Miller roofed the wagon shed-Robert rolled the clover-took butter, eggs and baldwin apples to town. Paid Miss Boice $14.00 for teaching. Paid Miller $2.00.

May 9- Sold the red and white Heffer to Lackin's for $65. He paid $3 down, to take away the first of June-Glorious Eden like days.

May 11- Took a grist-4 of wheat and 2 of corn-No sale for apples and potatoes.

May 12- Wife and I milked after sunrise-Robert plowed with 3 horses and broke the big whiffle tree-another daughter at John Campbells-Robert went for the Barn raising (Wm. Campbells).

May 16- Too wet to plow-Cut the lambs tails-16 ewes and 15 bucks. Miller roofed the pig pen-Paid 40 cents for part to put on plow.

May 18- Went to Depot and met Brother Frank-enjoyed a nice pleasant ride round by the old Moon farm recalling younger days and early life in America 40 years ago.
Took dinner with Robert-Got aneeded rest and spent a friendly happy day.

1881 Diary

May 18- Wife an I milked at dawn. Took potatoes to town. Gave away the apples and sold potatoes for 60 cents bushel. F. Miller made a fence at Harris corner.

May 20- At 3 score, fed 3 horses, milked 3 cows, fed 3 calves and 3 pigs while 3 young people were in bed.
Radishes, pie plant and asparagus ready for use.

May 22- Mary's birthday-sprouted patatoes and sold 5 bushel and some apples to L. Davis and also to J. Ross.

May 24- Potatoes sprouting and Apples rotting in the Cellar. Took 4 bushel potatoes to Haskell and 10 bushels Apples to Forsythe-Robert and I had a boat and rowed on the pond above the Lowell Dam and caught a few fish in the afternoon where I fished 40 years ago.

May 25- Cleaned a load of Wheat and sold it to Deubel for $1.03, 30 bushels $31.28-the Mill undergoing repairs and he won't buy no more now.

May 27- Robert Jones and Dan Miller washed the Sheep and then Robert and I went to the Barn Raising at J. Millers and had a nice supper then under the trees. Elizabeth paid John Boyce the School money ofr Miss Boyce $13.00.

May 30- Mrs. L, Robert, Frank and I went to Augusta to see their new barn. The Pioneer History just our seems to be faulty and give me no satisfaction after paying $8.50 for the Book and $40 for each pioneer likeness-I need have no regrets since they call me a Modern Burns, and get in my lines all right and no $8.00 to pay.
G. Campbell came to help decorate the Soldier's graves.

May 31- Went to town with the girls and G. Campbell-called on friends and drew some money out of the Bank-Mrs. L, Mary and me went to old Mrs. Hiscock's funeral.

June 1- Intended to go to Detroit but too wet-Luckin's took away two Heffers and paid $65 in full.

June 2- Went to Detroit and called on Brother Frank, sister Agnes Brother James and Mother in her old age and my old friend James Wallace, I had not seen him for 30 years.
Stayed overnight with Sister Agnes.

June 3- Brother Frank and I went to the Oak and enjoyed a fine visit with Sister Isabell and her family-Frank returned home in the evening and I stayed overnight and called on her daughter Mary.

June 6- Erna kanapp commeced to work at $16 a month and he spread manure and split wood.

June 7- The boys shore sheep and I tied up the wood. Wet day so it was slow work. Shore 30.

1881 Diary

June 10- Frank and I went to Spoonsers Sale. The boys drew gravel with the horses and worked off the road tax in 4 1/2 days. G. Stephenson got 10 sheep to pay a pound of wool and return them a year from August.

June 11- Brother Robert, Mrs. Morton and his wife and daughter made us a pleasant visit-Mrs. Wartz and Mrs. Morehouse came.

June 14- Monroe Woolsey got 10 sheep and 6 lambs. 3 went in evening to hear Miss Knox sing.

June 16- Went to borrow John Miller's fanning Mill-August, the colored man came to work but we had Knapp. Cleaned 3 loads of Wheat and sold them-33 bushels.

June 17- Cleaned and sold 3 more loads Wheat-the hill was washed out from all the rain in places and Mr. Fletcher's double teams helped us. Sold 183 bushels Wheat at $1.08= $198.25-Frank went to Spoonsers to shear sheep.

June 18- Fine Summer morning, Settled with Frank paying him $51.00. Paid Rensifor $5.00 for getting the shedhouse cleaned. Eliza got $198.00 out of Bank. Mrs. L and G. Campbell went to Augusta in the buggy. Anne did not come-Paid Erna Knapp $5.00, $1.50 before = $6.50.

June 19- Went to Church-Mr. Steel from Ann Arbor preached-grand June day.

June 20- Went to town for Anna at 10-She sent a telegram saying she can not come till 5 P.M. Went again at 5 and she arrived all right. Robert and Erna drew Manure. Jone hoed potatoes. Frank went to Toemes to shear sheep. Wm. & Clare Campbell came and got 3 bushels potatoes, 3 before, paying $3.60, gave them some small ones free as we are through sprouting and turning them.

June 21- Fine morning-Robert and Jones drawing manure. E. Knapp did not work. Mr. & Mrs. Geddes came and we had a pleasant visit. The cows bother us breaking the fence. Girls gathered strawberries. Got out 24 loads of manure. Harry got the rake___pleasers.

June 22- Robert and Jones drew manure. Longest day-put a board on the cows horn and they did not break the fence. Clover fields red and fragrant.

June 23- Robert and I milking at 5-Robert and Jones drew out manure. Robert, Mary, Eliz and I went to the ending or what we call the commencement of the Union School. A big turnout of fine dressed people. But the addresses were not equal to the Grandeur.

1881 Diary

June 24- Robert cultivated corn-Jone plowed our potatoes and hoed them. The girls and Robert went to the Normal. Frank came back on Thursday, having broke the ato(?) buggy and returned with a new one. We paid $100 for the Ato-one about 16 years old.

June 25- Mrs. L sick-The two girls and I went to Church. Mr. Blair preached in the morning. Girls and I went to the Prayer Meeting and heard Dr. McVicker, he kept repeating and shouting till I was weary of him and glad when he stopped. The singing was sweet and the audience large.

June 27- Another wet morning. Boys ground the mowing knives. Jones owes $165-got $50 out of the bank-paid wife $40. Went with Frank to the Voorhees farm but the great man is under the flowers.

June 28- Saw the comet last night. Grand morning-Wife, Anna, Belle and I went to Normal and heard good speaking. A beautiful Hello. Robert mowed with the machine and Jones with the scythe.

June 29- Jones owes $265. The clouds cleared away and we had a good Hay day. Took back J. Miller's Fan Mill-Robert took the girls to the Normal-Began to mow the south field-Raked afternoon and got in 3 loads. It seems odd for a man 3 score to work in the sun and milk at night and young people sitting in the shade.

June 30- The last of balmy June-Robert mowing in the morning. Went with Frank to the Voorhees farm. Got in one load of hay-Robert mowed late and all the fields. Paid Jones 25 he owes 140. Balmy June no more-the bonnie days are over.

July 1- Beautiful dawn-the rising sun throwing sunshine and shadows in fields and forest indicative of a fine hay day. Robert cultivated and Jones mowed forenoon. Got in 4 loads of hay and Belle raked all afternoon. Hay in prime order pure atmosphere-weary with overexertion.

July 2- Wife took Frank to her Father's yesterday “Beautiful morning-fine hay day” Ross and ones helped us get in 8 or 9 big loads. Belle raked round the fields___on the sulky rake. Paid Ross 150-Jones 100. Mr. Fletcher got 2 loads of straw. The word came that President was shot.

July 3- Richman preached about Garfield. A telegram came during the Sermon stating he was quiet and suffering less. It seems terrible wicked to hurt so grand a man as President Garfield.

July 4- Fourth of July-Drew all the hay-two loads of marsh and two of clover. The girls and Robert went to Wm. Campbell's. Wife and I rested at home.

1881 Diary

July 5- Heard that Mr. Graves' son and Mr. Murbie's daughter were drowned yesterday. A great sorrow for their friends.
Garfield still living. Wife and I went with some of Wm. Campbell's friends to his big farm, cameback after dinner in the heat and dust at 90 in the shade and it hurt my eyes and lungs. Did not sleep well.

July 6- Robert and Jones cultivated corn and beans. I hoed weeds at 92 in the shade-very oppressive in the intense heat-rested some in the shady grove.

July 7- Herded the sheep on Fletcher's hill at MOrn-Rain and thunder at breakfast. Wife, Mary, Elizabeth and I went to the funeral of the young people who were drowned on the furth.
Very wet did not get a seat in the Church. A great congregation to sympathize with the bereaved.

July 8- 92 in the shade-helped Robert and Jones to draw manure-Thunder-Mr. Peek got 20 bushel corn, paying in full $9.00.

July 9- Warm and Sultry. Wheat fields nearly ripe for the harvest Drew out 2 loads manure and commenced harvest-great heat 95–100 in the shade. Robert was like to be overcome and we had sometimes to go in the shade.

July 10- 5 went to Church-not so warm today. Garfield improving Mr. Graves thanked me for the line on his bereavement-Have country habits in the Evanglist.

July 11- Frank and his mother went to Augusta, Robert, Jones and E. Knapp brought in the harvest. Feels like a good harvest day about 85 in the shade. Paid Jones and Knapp $175. Brother Robert was very generous to us all.
Girls cleaning house, Wife attended a Church meeting.

July 12- Birds caroling at dawn. Early Ohio potatoes nearly ripe-Robert, JOnes and I harvested till about 2-very warm 98-Then a great thunder storm-was glad of the rest. the storm beat down the wheat. irls papered the room.

July 13- Cool after the storm, dark clouds, mercury to 75. Wind sighing like Autumn. A white dove on the barn. Damp forenoon-Jones brought Trust to bind nd we finished the wheat in the Orchard and cut 9 stook(?) in the Nort field. Paid Jones 2 and Trust 1.

July 14- Robert went to help J. Miller, fine, cool harvest day. Cradled and bound a few sheaves alone.

July 15- Teremo reaped the N.E. Filed. Mr. Miller, Robert, Jerome and Trust bound, 1 set up-Paid Trust 4, Jones 2, cut some on the low land-G. Campbell not up at the table.
Have a letter on Temperance in the Evangelist.

1881 Diary

July 16- Jerome reaped all the wheat. John Miller was sick and Trust was untrusty. Robert Jones and I very tired tusling with the great tangled sheaves. Fletcher's men helped to bind in afternoon. Got it all set up-very weary-good harvest day-about 90 at noon.

July 17- Pure serene Sabbath morning-Two loads wen to Church. A stranger presached. Sheep behaved-both wife and I milked. Young people went to the evening service.

July 18- A cool refreshing breeze from the North. Summer Days in the Commercial. Robert Jones and I drew in all the wheat in the Orchard and begun on the low land-Frank helped some.

July 19- Drew great sheaves of low field all day-very weary-a great crop of straw. John Taylor and Mr. Wartz came. Weary and worn.

July 20- Drew wheat till 3 and the rain came as we got in the last load. we seem to be favored with great weather and better wheat than we expected. Bell helped to pitch sheaves over in the big meadow-Hurt myself-pitching big sheaves-paid Jones 1. Mrs. L took $196 to the Church.

July 21- Robert raked the wheat stubble-emjoyeda needed rest. Grandfather Campbell brought back Frank's trunk. A wonderful active intelligent man at four score. Mrs. L went home with him and got $50 out of the bank.

July 22- Rain last night-The boys went away in the buggy. the two girls to Mr. Camps. Jones spread manure among big mullens. I rested and read and wrote about harvest and kept things in order.

July 23- Belle captured the buttery rat-The boys begun to plow down the big mullens with Fletcher's plow and it worked first rate. Drew in the wheat rakings-Went to town-Called on Robert.

July 24- Sermon on the Woman a the Well. Mr. Post at Church the Sabbath School Superintendent 40 years ago.

July 25- Exchange wheat for flour, got Tom-Robert turning under the big mullens nicely. Jones hoeing beans. O'Brien got the best load of wheat straw.

July 26- Went to town with Robert. Mr. Fletcher paid $5 for interest and 5 for straw. Robert plowing down by mullens in grand style. A minister want help about building a Congregational Church. I have no surpluss. Sent $28 to Miss oyce for teaching.
Cool down to 60.

July 27- Fletcher rectified a mistake about interest-Helped Robert to plow down by weeds and Jones to hoe beans. Cool breezes.

July 28- Robert plowed forenoon and was tired-Him and 5 girls rode to Frain's Lake afternoon. Frank helped Robert to thrash.

1881 Diary

July 29- Wife and I drove down in Frank's buggy and spent a pleasant day with our old friends in Augusta. Met H. McDougal.

July 30- Paid a dollar to get the broken Jointr mended. Robert plowed-dug stumps. Went to town in afternoon. Called on Robert Peck Got some lines to Mr. Post in the Commercial. D. Wilber paid $20 on 15 wedders.

July 31- Sabbath-Last day of July-serene day-Sermon on Adorning the Church.

August 1- Misty morning-summer fading-signs of Autumn. Intended to go to Detroit but came back. D. Wilber got 15 Wedders paying Frank $25, $20 before+ $45. Mrs. L worked in th Church-Robert plowed-Jones cut weeds.

August 2- John Taylor started for Scotland-when will I see my native land, Sold 6 lambs to Munroe Woolsey for $12. Brother Robert, Wife and daughter made us a pleasant visit.
Robert finished plowing down the weeds in the N. west field. 92 in the shade.

August 3- Cut some big weeds in the corn but the heat was too great.

August 4- Mary, Elizabeth and I went to Detroit-Called on Agnes and her family and went over the river and saw brother James and his wife and we had a soul stirring visit with Mother (at four score) and Elizabeth sung “My Ane Countree” and it was like the confines of Paradise. “got a gid visit and a gid cup of tea” at Frank's.
Intense heat 100 in the Shade-the breeze on Detroit River was refreshing-like new life-balm and poetry.
100 in the shade at noon again-92 at suppertime.

August 5- Robert rolled the Miller's field and it looks well. H. McDougal came-grass and corn drying up.

August 6- A grand rain just what we were longing for. When I woke and heard it pattering on the eaves, I was afraid it was not real. But it was real and abundant-a direct blessing from heaven.

July 7- The girls and I went to the Methodist Church and heard Mr. Bourns on Rising up before the hoary head and honoring the old man.

August 8- Mrs. L sick, cool and pleasant-Mercury down to 50. Mowed weeds-Jones bot boards and corn. Robert went to the lake.

August 9- Cool breezes-Frank and West went to Petoskey-was not well Kate and Agnes Inglis came.

August 10- Elizabeth and I went to Detroit with the City Band and enjoyed a delightful sail up to St. Clair. Found my old friend John McMikles, Son and wife, but not himself.
Belle and Robert got home, then Kate Inglis and the girls met me at the Depot and we had a joyous ride home by moonlight.

1881 Diary

August 11- Three girls and Kate Inglis went to Brother Roberts and I went down for them at night and we all went to the prayer meeting.

August 12- Reminds me of early life on the moors of Scotland and we got curds and cream from our kind friends in native Avondale. The three girls, Kate Inglis and Robert went to a pic-nic in Augusta.

August 13- Cut some weeds for the cows-Took down Kate and Aggie Inglis after supper. 98 yesterday and 86 today.

August 14- Sabbath-Three girls, Robert and I went to the Opera House. Mr. Grannus preached.

August 15- Mrs. L and I both unwell in the night. Went to Dearborn and my old friend John Lindsay met me and we went to his fine home in Brownstown and talked of Auld Lang Syne.

August 16- We visited John Lau and daughter and he brought me back to Dearborn-he being 86 it is doubtful if we ever meet again. William and Mrs. Campbell came and got the horse Tom.

August 17- Robert harrowed the mullen field, cut weeds in the corn-Our four girls went to visit the four Miss Bennetts.

August 18- A wet day just what we are longing for-Sold a lamb-Settled with John Miller for harvest work-He paid $3 for interest and returned $100 giving his note for $50.

August 19- Dark cloudy morning after the refreshing rain. Wife and I went to the old home in Augusta-found them thrashing with a steamer-came home.

August 20- Drew rails and chip dirt-went to town afternoon-Brother Robert unwell. Bought Fletcher note for $100 and interest.

August 21- Sabbath-A rare day bland breezes and clear sky-three girls and I heard Mr. Wilson in the Episcopal Church, a good sermon. My old friend Mr. Post thanked me for some lines I wrote, It affords sincere pleasure to think that they made the good old man's heart rejoice over pleasant memories of Auld Lang Syne.

August 22- Fine morning-Robert harrowing-Girls washing-J. Campbell brought Mrs. L back-cut some more weeds-turned the sheep on the stubble.

August 23- Paid Brother Robert $110 on Fletcher's note-got $300 from R. Hemphill, the last of the money from the Farmer's store. Robert and I went to a pic-nic in F. Watling grove. Pleasant time, some speeches and I read a few lines. Girls at Mrs. Allens.

1881 Diary

August 24-Went for Mrs. Stephenson and Ely, Theodores wife and Harris came (Ely Alban? His mother was a Harris).

August 25- Robert, Mary and I went to Wm. Campbells. His wife to see Mr. Ben Voorhees-Sold some corn to Lato Gros.

August 26- Robert harrowing-Went to exchange wool for stocking yarn but could do nothing with the surly fellow.
Monroe Woolsey paid $12 for 6 lambs. Jamie___bought 22 bushels of corn-Wife and I went to Rawsonville to exchange wool for stocking yarn.

August 28- Two girls went with E. Flecther to Camp Meeting at Otisville (s.e. of Belleville where Sam Campbell lived) Robert and I went to the Opera House to hear Mr. Grannus.

August 30- Brother Frank writes that some of the leading men of Detroit have subscribed liberally and will build a house for his Bible class. Willie Campbell came. Wife started for her old home Jones and his man cutting corn and digging potatoes. Robert and I cutting corn.

August 31- Helped Robert to pull beans-Jones dug his potatoes-Willie Campbell came. A few drops of rain at night-Grapes getting ripe-Wife returned.

September 1- Autumn again, another summer with its sorrows ended-Bleam and beauty fades into fruit then sadness and decay.
Robert and Jones dug potatoes-rain and showers in the night. Wife and I wnet to see J. Miller's sick son-Mrs. Wartz and daughter and Mrs. Morehouse, Wm. Campbell and wife and girls, Brother Robert Wife and daughter came.

September 3- Robert took the cultivator to Wm. Campbells-a little rain-Jones dug potatoes-Letter in the Evening about John Lindsey. Robert and I went to the School meeting-few attended-I have $237.65 in school money.

September 4- Heard Mr. Richmond under the Church. Warm and dry.

September 5- 98 in the shade-dry-grapes ripe-

September 6- We drew in the beans and Robert plowed-Wife and I drove to Ann Arbor-she visiting at her Brother Williams-I went to the Pioneer meeting-small turnout but a good dinner free-read some lines later saw the Campbells large grand house-Heard of forest fires and great suffering.

September 8- Went to see Mr. Chidester about the Wool.

1881 Diary

September 9- Robert and I took down 2 years wool 536 lbs at 34 for new and 648 old lbs at 33–98-Heavy wool at 22–86 at 22 1/2-1368 in all. Coming to $437.13-nearly 7 lb per head. I generally look for more than I get but not this time-sign of rain and cut more corn. Sold 92 fleeces-new wool and 106 old-

September 10- Went to town and saw Ann start for her school in Elkhart-She gave me a Bank check for $60. Fearful accounts of fires in North Woods. When will the rain come.

September 11- Grand shower-went to G. Voorhees looking for seed wheat but found none-decided to use our own.

September 13- Celaned 16 bushels of wheat for seed-got G. Voorhee's drill and Robert drilled about half of it. Voorhees wanted only 80 cents for use of his Drill.

September 15- Woke up in the night and rejoiced to hear the rain falling. I think it was the best sermon I have heard this summer. We all say be ye thankful for refreshing rain on the dry parched land. Drizzley day a good day to rest and read. gathered and cut grapes.

September 16- Showers and Robert took Elizabeth to School

September 17- Jones cut all the good corn-took 3 bushels apples to town-sold 20 bushels corn to J. McHill at 35 cents-corn and wheat advancing.
Mr. Hiscock hired Belle to teach and she went to Wm. Campbells.

SEptember 18- A pureday-thy temple is the face of day, earth, Ocean heaven the boundless throne. Robert Campbell came with us.

September 19- Drew pumkins and manure-Wife and I went to the old home in Augusta, a home of work and wealth-learned we sold our wool too cheap. When we entered the Town coming home-the clerks were draping the stores in Mourning and we knew the President was dead.

September 21- Robert and the Knapp boy went to the State FAir-A young man came and said J. McDougal's wife was very sick and Mrs. L went to help.

September 23- Robert came home from the Fair at night bringing Frank with him and giving an account of the State Fair and his travels. Paid Frank $50 what Mr. Campbell sent weeks ago. Boys went to town for Frank's trunk. Dry again-wheat is coming up.

September 24- Cool breezes, dry-apples falling off-potatoes rotting-Grapes abundant and I guess it is easier to find fault than to do well.-All of them went away in afternoon-Wife came back after dark.

September 25- Church draped in Mourning for President's death.

1881 Diary

September 26- Belle began her School-Four of us went to the Opera House to hear addresses and music over the great and good departed President Garfield. Gave our friend John Geddes the History of Washtenaw County in rhyme.

September 28- Went to the Fair but did not care much for it-big crowds of pleasant people.

September 30- Went up to the fair with Robert and returned-The two Mary's went to the Church meeting-gusty showers.

October 1- Got check on the Bank in Detroit for $400. Was paid $60-Nearly all on Mrs. Crumby note-Ann gave me. Mr. Peck paid Frank $5 for corn-owes $250-Paid Rensifor $2 of School money.

October 3- Frank took Belle to school-Robert and I drew in corn all day-Paid Jones $4 for husking one hundred bushels. Frank to help H. James thrash.

October 5- Robert Jones and I husked and got in the big pumpkins.

October 6- Mary, Frank, Robert and I went to the Ann Arbor Fair-Loaned Robert Campbell $550. He paid $9.50 interest. Pleasant fair-a good crowd and a man in a balloon.

October 10- White frost-Robert and I went to town-paid on insurance $4.13 and bought coal for the Engine-took $10 to buy beef and groceries and brought back 50cents.
James snorting thrashing Engine came up the lane. The horses first sight of the Engine, the water tank and then the separator. Thrashers came in late and rain poured on the Apple barrells.

October 12- The Elements seem to War against us-Robert and I killed a sheep. The Thrasher had supper and break fast and thrashed half a bushel and the rains desende in a flood and had to give up-And ther the boys started to go to a Sale and the horse Tom backed up and jumped over the thills(?) and fell and it seemed to be a day of disasters but no one hurt.

October 14- Dark morning-Wife and I went to dinner at Brother Roberts and met sister Agnes and enjoyed a pleasant time.

October 17- Frank and Robert laid a plank floor in the pig pen. Mary and I drove Bell to the High School-In the afternoon 5 of us gathered two big bushels of cider apples and before night another downpour.

October 18- Frank and J. Spoonser took down two loads of cider apples-over two tons at $6 per ton.

October 20- Some sun at last-Sent 4 barrells to Sister Agnes-One to Brother Frank and One to Ann.

1881 Diary

October 21- Frost and clear day-the Thrashers came with enough help began at 8 and finished at Noon, having 244 bushels wheat-was glad to get on so well-Not so much as last year but more than we expected The boys took 2 barrells apples to Miller-Jones and Hopkins picked apples and Frank headed some barrells-Paid Hopkins $3, Jones $2.

October 23-A Minister from Persia described Missionary Life in that far off oppressed land. Mr. Richmond read a notice saying he h a call to a Church in Pittsburg and wanted to be dismissed and preach last sermon on November 6.

October 24- Went to Town for a grist and got wet-A bad letter from Detroit.

October 26- Gathered in all the good apples-Mary and I took flowers to Elizabeth.

October 28- Put up a pig pen-Loaned Robert $100-he bought a black hog from Jones and they brought it here in the wagon.

October 29- The boys took apples to Mr. Sheet-brought 3 black pigs-I repaired broken fence-Brother Robert came-Belle has had 4 intervi Roads very muddy, the forest trees robed in purple and gold.

October 31- Mild damp morning. Robert Jones and I husked.

November 1- Beautiful day-Jone and a lame man husked-Robert and I drew up corn and then Wife and I took tea with Mrs. Stephenson-

November 3- Wet-Could not draw any stalks-Wife and I bought some new clothes-Called on Robert and Mrs. Morten-took 13 bushels apples to L. Davis.

November 4- Four of us went to a supper under the Church to say goodbye to Rev., Richmond.

November 7- Mary and I took Belle to her School-Drew in all the corn stalks-the end of another summer.

November 9- Wife and I went and had a pleasant time visiting our old friends Mr. & Mrs. Geddes-Frank began to shingle the House-Put the Rams with the sheep.

November 11- Sold 6 bushels apples to Thornton for $13-sold 2 barrel to Mr. Crippen.

November 15- Went to Detroit-enjoyed visit with Sister Agnes and Mother and the girls (2 maiden sisters).

November 17- T. Spoonser helped kill a hog-it weighed 300 lbs. Made a pen for the calves under the barn. Elye paid Miss Boyce $14.

November 21- Sold 4 barrells and 2 bushels apples for $9-a big price Bell flowers selling for $1 a bushel.

1881 Diary

November 23- Decapitated Chicken for Thanksgiving-Boys came after all chores were done.

November 24- Thanksgiving-Settled with Frank-owe him $14-The two boys and three girls went to spend Thanksgiving with Uncle William CAmpbell I went to the Baptist Church to hear Mr. McCorcal. The sheep came do the lane to meet me-put them under the Barn-Cold, the stream nearly frozen over. Alone among the beasts.

November 28- The boys and T. Spoonser killed 3 pigs-Brother Robert came.

November 29- Took the pork to town to Chidester, $6.56 per hundred, $27.50. Paid Robert $5-Kept the rest for home use. sorted Russets.

November 30- Took 15 bushels (Russets) to L. Davis 55 cents per bushel Went round by D. Gardeners to Mr. Campbells and had a pleasant visit stayed overnight at Mr. Campbells.

December 1- Salted thepork-Robert and I brought up several loads of broken rails for fire wood. Wife and I went to Church Meeting-3 new Elders elected. The young folks put a drum on the stove pipe.

DEcember 4- Solemn Sacramental Service-two new members-Four of us went to burial service for Mr. Holmes.

December 6- Frank took one horse to go to Uncle Williams and Robert two horses to go with Belle to her school-GAve Elizabeth $14 to pay Miss Boyce for teaching. D. Ellis was hurt on the railroad. Went to Sale at Yost farm-Heard of Mr. Fraser's death.

December 9- Sold 19 bushels apples to Thornton $9.40. Gave Robert $10 to buy clothes-Frank bought a horse blanket $2.50.

December 11- Willie Campbell and E. Hilt(Mrs. Campbell was a Hilt) came-Snow showers.

December 13- Robert went to School-I took Belle to her SChool-Frank and T. Spoonser put eaves through on the house.

December 15- Sent letter and present to Ann. Had our pictures (2) taken at Mrs. Raymonds.

December 17- FRank paid the Taxes $23-Two dogs killed one of the sheep

December 18- 6 went to Church and Dr. McCorcal preached well and accepted the call to preach for a year.

December 23- Aunt Agnes sent a Christmas Box with presents for all.

December 24- Walked to Town-Received School money $158.12 and paid for 12 pictures of Mary and I. Anna arrived from Elkhart last night The girls filled stocking with presents.

1881 Diary

December 25- If it were not for the Memory the separation of 13 years since Father last spoke to me, would be as complete as though he never existed. All able to be at the Board and in good degree of health.

December 28- Elizabeth walked to Town to get Medicine for Anna-Sent letter and my likeness to Mother and sisters Isabell and Agnes.

December 31- A strange mingling of grief and gladness at the end of every year-Old age comes creeping over us.
Took Anna to the Depot in a snow storm after she suffered for a week with vaccinated arm-Robert got new boots and overshoes from John Boyce.

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