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William Lambie Diary, 1883

William Lambie Diary, 1883 image William Lambie Diary, 1883 image William Lambie Diary, 1883 image William Lambie Diary, 1883 image William Lambie Diary, 1883 image William Lambie Diary, 1883 image William Lambie Diary, 1883 image William Lambie Diary, 1883 image William Lambie Diary, 1883 image William Lambie Diary, 1883 image William Lambie Diary, 1883 image William Lambie Diary, 1883 image William Lambie Diary, 1883 image William Lambie Diary, 1883 image William Lambie Diary, 1883 image William Lambie Diary, 1883 image
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January 1 Robert took Anna to the Depot, was sorry to see har go away from home with such a bad cough and so far from being well Robert went to Brothers for dinner and the two Roberts and Eunica came here after dinner.

January 2 Frank want to Datroit-Jim sawed a little wood.

January 3 Fad the stock and read Milton-three want to John Taylors after a dary blink of sunshine.

January 4 Ten above zero, cold north wind-Walked to town called on George Alla, Brother Robert and J. Boice.

January 5 Snow last night-Elizabeth and Robert want to School in the Cutter.

January 6 Mrs. L came, went to town with her and she returned. Paid Lulla Crippen $54 for teaching-paid Robert $5.00.

January 7 The whole household went to Church leaving me to meditate and feed the farm stock.

January 8 Took Belle to the Crippen School in a snow storm-sunshine in the afternoon.

January 9 12 below zero at dawn-10 when I milked-Clear sunshine-saves dripping in afternoon-some of Mary's window flowers froze. Three went to town-reading alone. Frank returned after visiting the friends at Detroit, Canada and Royal Oak and found them well.

January 10 Not so cold-Clouds and haze-Mary and I went to Church prayer meeting-a good number present, solemn service.

January 11 Elizabeth and Robert went to School-Frank to Uncle Williams, Mary ironing, me milking and feeding. The Steamer City of Brussels sunk. A great loss of life by a tornado in Milwaukse-Some sunshine on the snow.
Mrs. L came in the Cutter-Thaw in morning frost and ice in the afternoon.

January 14 Sabbath-Frank went to Mrs. Knapp's funeral-the rest of us to Church.

January 15 I took Belle to School-2 above-pleasant sunshine.

January 16 Wrote to J. Camman-Frank helped Mary with the washing-Did my daily duties and mused on departed days of old.

January 17 Robert and Elizabeth went to School in a snow storm. The youngsters want to Church to a supper and a party.

January 18 Mary and I went to Church morning meeting-Went to Brother Roberts for dinner and never was so well treated in my life.

January 19 Feeding, reading and writing as usual-Mary and Elizabeth went part of the way for Belle.

January 20 More snow-cold-Fed the flocks when it was 8 below zero. I was too cold to go to Church but the four young people want-5 below zero at noon.
The boys bought 34 fence posts from B. Huterhiser.
Mrs. L came and I went to town with her in the rain.

January 22 Colder yet-16 below zero-Robert took Belle to School-I did not feel strong enough to go. A cold and dreary winter. Frank helping Uncle William. All I could do was feed and milk.

January 23 Not so awful cold-8 below zero-Elizabeth and Robert walked to School. Mary and I working a battle against the cold. Mrs. L came up from her Father's to see if we were suffering from cold.

January 24 Frank came back from helping Uncle William.

January 25 Fed and read as usual-eaves dripping-read of sad disaster by fire and shipwreck. A Political pew wore at Lansing on Jerry (?).

January 26 2 below zero-Elizabeth and Robert went to School. Frank want to William Campbell's wood lot. B. Voorhees brought back the horse Tom that was lost last Wednesday.

January 27 Mrs. L came from her Father's and then returned. Paid Robert $5-got $20 out of Bank-melting and slippery.

January 28 Another good but severe Sermon-taught a class of boys.

January 29 Went with Belle to the Crippen School-mild and good sleighing. The white cow sick, Robert went to Holmes Mill and got coin and oats ground for Cow feed.

January 30 Mild and springlike-Robert and Elizabeth went to School-Frank and Mary to William Campbells.

January 31 Another snow storm-the boys took a grist to town-Frank paid the interest on Rolland and Charles Fletcher's note.

February 1 Mary, Elizabeth and Robert skating on the Creek.

February 2 A cold rain and the fields encrusted with ice. Dare not drive the horse.

February 3 Mrs. L. came and returned in the icy rain-Frank went to town with her, got a cold in the rain. Belle did not come.

February 4 The field encrusted agin. Mary, Elizabeth and Robert walked to Church on the ice and a party came to dinner.

February 5 Robert and Elizabeth skated to School and dined at Roberts. John Starkweather was buried. Jennie Hamilton's daughter was burned by her clothes taking fire and died. This new year of 1883 has brought much disaster and sorrow.

February 6 B below zero-hard ice over the snow-longing for sunshine and balmy breezes.

February 7 Robert drove two horses on the Bob sleigh up the hill to break the surface ice-then him and Elizabeth went to School in the Cutter.
John Miller paid $9.50 interest.
Cleaning stable and doing chores-have not been to town in 2 weeks. Weary for Spring. Youngsters had a good time skating on Casey's field.

February 8 Cold clear sky. Pure sunshine on a pure white world.

February 9 Good skating on the Brook-some more snow but no storm.

February 10 Mrs. L came as usual-went to town, the first time in 2 weeks. Mrs. R. Lambie has a severe cold, Robert and Mary went for Belle yesterday and Robert and Belle went to Uncle Andrew's at night.

February 11 Mary, Elizabeth and I went to Church in the middle of the road. Mr. Goodrich preached a good sermon on Daniel.

February 12 ABout zero-Mary and I went with Belle to her School-pleasant sunshine coming back.

February 13 Zero at dawn-saves dripping-bright sunshine.

February 14 Valentine's Day-More icy rain, dark, slippery and dreary.

February 15 Thaw at last-Marcury up to 40-eaves dripping-

February 16 Rain, Mist and dampness-the brook flowing on the ice. Mary want to Belle's School and came back without her.

February 17 Colder, some frost and snow-Two boys and two girls walked to Town. Saw a Robin-Feeding and reading-cleaning the stable and weary for Spring.

February 18 Three walked to Church-I thought it too icy to go. Clear sunshine but it hardly melted the snow.

February 19 Doing my usual round of work-Frank cut some wood-Boy went to Town in the cutter-Mary and I at home-Mild and cloudy. The youngster skating again on Mr. Casey's field.

February 20 My Mother's Birthday, making her 86. Long life and salvation. Our young home is far away o'er the ocean wide. We are drifting older down the tide. We are far away from the Rylandside where the soaring Laveracks sung “O for the land where the ever abide forever pure and young”. John CAmpbell came and Mrs L, Mary went to Town with them-some thaw.
Paid Mary E. Tuttle $15.00 for teaching.

February 21 Frank and John Ross thrashed beans. Walked to Town on the ice and snow. Called on Robert. Mary went to J. Tailors (?) in the evening.

February 22 Washington's Birthday-Frank and Ross thrashing beans again. Mary came back-Sunshine-eaves dripping at noon.

February 23 The youngster all went skating-Young William Campbell and his wife came and stayed overnight.

February 24 Mrs. L came and we had more icy rain-A bleak cheerless blast-Robert took his Mother to Town.

February 25 Four of us went to Church in the Cutter-The Shoreless Ocean tumbles round the world but so far as we can see it it is an ice crusted world. A good Sermon.

February 26 Belle started first to walk to her School over the frozen snow. Elizabeth and Robert next-Then Frank took William CAmpbell and the young guid wife to the Depot. Ice-Ice-Ice-some blink of blue sky to cheer us with the hope of sarly Spring. Feeding hungry cattle in the Barn yard and Mary getting food for those in the house-the first lamb yesterday.

February 27 Cold bleek blasts-William Campbell came for Frank-BRother James sent a paper with a poem on Mother's Birthday.

March 1 Snow and Ice melting at last-Walked to Town and got $30 from the Bank-Called on Brother Robert-Robert and Mary met me at the Hill about faged out.

March 2 Snow melting water over the Meadow-Walked through the melting snow to Church meeting.

March 3 Colder-ground hard-Mrs. L came as usual and mended chether (?). The girls and Robert went to Town with her-Belle went to William Campbells.

March 4 Sunday-Sacrament-Walked to Church, a number of new members. Have plenty of help at the table but little in the Barn Yard. I would like to give up farming-told my family a man of three score should have more help.

March 6 More snow-Bonnie days are long coming.

March 7 Cold North Wind and sunshine. Pioneers meeting at Chelsea.

March 8 Milked and then walked to Town, come darling Spring-Roos cleaned the beans.

March 9 Ainsworth offered $175 for beans-Walter Campbell came-Robert went home with him. Alf and Lute Gray and Frank picked over apples-rotting fast-the boys brought back the barrells and $5.50.

March 10 Mrs. L came-Went to Town and came home to do the feeding.

March 11 Went to Church in the Buggy-good Sermon-cold breezes. Mary not well. Robert's birthday, girls gave him presents.

March 13 Went to Town with Frank and talked to Brother Robert about giving up the farm.

March 15 Fox began to chop down an Oak but the snow storm drove him off, the big tree that had the swing.

March 16 Mary and I went to Augusta and stayed overnight. Mrs. CAmpbell's mind failing after a long useful life-stayed to dinner and saw J. Campbell's stock. Paid Fox $5 for chopping-killed the bunting buck.

March 17 Mrs. L, Mary and I returned after dinner.

March 18 Spring like and no frost-after months of frost. Cold and snow at night-All at Church but Frank.

March 19 Another snow storm-deep snow to wade through and the sheep like to stick in the drifts-too cold for the birds to sing or the Jay to scream. John Campbell came for Mrs. L at night.

March 20 Frank went to work. Bird singing in the clear sunshine at Noon-Wrote “Going back to Scotland”.

March 21 Zero at dawn-pure sunshine and a pure world of snow. Mary walked to Town in the Snow.

March 23 Snow in the forenoon. Paid Robert $5. Mary went with Robert to see the closing of the School.

March 24 Mrs. L came-went to Town with her and walked home in the mud and snow. I was so very weary.

March 25 Easter Sabbath-3 girls and I went to the Episcopal Church. I heard Mr. McClean, my old friend Mr. Post's kindly welcome and beaming face impressed me as well as the Sermon.

March 26 John Campbell came and brought Mr. L. I drove with Belle to her School and brought up Hattie Stephensen. L Hardy helped Robert to saw wood. R. Campbell came and thought the picture father painted of me in boyhood looked like Shakespeare.

March 27 A light frost-Robert sawing wood. Went with Mrs. L to her father's home and roads very muddy. It was sad to see Mrs. Campbell that had done so much good in life so much fallen off in mental ability-stayed overnight.

March 28 Left the old friends and came home over some very rough roads. Robert and Hardy sawed wood till noon.

March 29 Frost as usual-pleasant sunshine and birds singing at noon. Three went to Miss Fletcher's funeral-Paid Mrs. Tuttle $10.

March 30 Went to Detroit. Called on Sister Agnes, Brother Frank & James Wanlas the Poet, William Adair my old friend & Mother and Sisters. Mother not very well otherwise I was strengthed by so much kindness and respect.

March 31 The last of March-frost and the birds singing to usher in the long wish for Spring. Wife and I sat to get our likeness taken. Walter Dan and Kathie Campbell came.

April 1 Sabbath-Walter Dan and Kathie Campbell came and went to Church with us. More wood chopping and drawing of Manure.

April 2 Went with Belle to her School-Town meeting-cold morning with cold, like winter. Fox chopping wood-Robert and Hardy drawing wood.

April 3 Mr. Fletcher to saw wood and repaired the road at the gate.

April 4 Wet like-Fox did not come-Robert and Hardy drew Manure from under the Barn. Mary and I went to Town in the wee wagon.

April 5 A wet day-I think its 44 years today since we left Scotland. 18 years in Scotland and 44 in America and it seem as the 18 years in Scotland was the greatest part of existance.
Received a paper from my old Schoolmate John Fleming.

April 6 Turned the sheep in the Orchard-Walked to Town. Mrs. L came at night unexpected. Received a paper from Africa from John Fleming.

April 7 A little more snow-heard of death of young Mr. Goodspeed-than the young people went to his funeral-more rotting apples which vexed us.

April 8 Sabbath-Mary not well. Elizabeth and I went to Church.

April 9 Beautiful day after the long weary winter. Robert & Hardy had a swing on the big Oak tree, then looked over the apples that rotted and bothered us.

April 10 Robert & Hardy drew manure-Mary & I had a pleasant ride by D. Davis and Elizabeth came home with us. Sent a paper to Africa's Golden Sunshine.

April 11 High wind and some thunder in the night. J Gale got the two swarms of bees on shares. Robert & Hardy split fence posts. Paid Miss Tuttle $10 for teaching. Willie Campbell and wife came at night.

April 12 Robert and Hardy hauling up wood and drawing manure. Mary and I rode to Town in the afternoon-Got pictures of Wife and I.

April 13 Sold 3 bushels of apples to King-Robert & Hardy drew manure till noon and they all went and left me. Mr. Casey is unwell. Mrs. L came at night.

April 14 Robert & Hardy drew manure and then plowed the garden. Went to Town-Bonnie day.

April 15 My Birthday the beginning of my 63 year. Old age comes on so gradually that it is hard to believe, I'm really an old man of three score. Wet at Church time and we stayed home. I reviewed the past and early years with a strange mingling of gladness and grief. My youthful days are gone.

April 16 Went with Belle to her brick school beside the placid lake (Frain's Lake).

April 17 Mary and I went to R. Campbells and we looked over my papers and agreed to pay Mr. Beal $100 for 400 copies of the wee book Received pen and holder from Mary-a picture in prospect from Elizabeth-A book and beautiful card from Belle and then came from Anna today an Easter Card the finest I have ever seen. I hope I may prove worthy of so much kindness and respect. Treated very kindly in Campbell's beautiful home in Ann Arbor.
Had twin lambs.

April 19 Robert plowing with the 3 grey horses, planting potatoes.

April 20 Mary & I rode down to Augusta and Mrs. L came up with us at night-rough roads.

April 21 Mary took her Mother to Town. Robert & I sowed some Oats in the old Orchard-had twin lambs-snow shower.

April 22 Robert drove Elizabeth and I to Church-cold-Minister not well.

April 23 Robert's black sheep died-Most of us have colds. Robert plowing with mittens on. We went to Mr. Hiscock's sale.

April 25 Ground too hard freeze in the morning to sow barley. Sowed and harrowed barley in afternoon. The first day Elizabeth has been out of School on account of sickness in the 7 years she has taught.

April 26 Robert harrowed in the barley, Took FRank and his Tool Chest to Jackson Gales and called on J. Miller.

April 27 Mrs. L came home to mend clothes-Brother Robert went to Cincinnati-Robert got the harness mended. Paid him $10-Went to Town and bought new shoes.

April 29 Cold morning-pleasant at noon-All in Church but Belle.

April 30 Rode with Frank to Gales and the Lake School with Belle-Robert plowed for corn and I spread manure.

May 1 Merry ever Merry May-Robert plowing-Fox taging sheep-I sowing clover seed-Four of us went to the Manse in the evening, the house was so crowded could not get a seat-the brassy boy stole or hid Robert's hat.

May 3 Thunder in the night-wet morning, Robert plowed and spread manure-12 lambs.

May 4 Plowing and spreading manure again. Mrs. L came. Belle walked home from the Lake School, nearly 6 miles.

May 5 Cut some asparagus-the very first. Brother FRank sent word our old friend John Lindsay died nearly a year ago. His boys were unkind not to send word to us. Brother Robert came and told of his trip to Cincinnati-20 lambs-Borrowed $100 from Brother Robert and Mrs. L took it to her father. Marking and planting corn and potatoes.

May 6 Beautiful May day-Robert and Belle went to Church-a large congregation.

May 7 A wet morning-Robert took Frank to his work and Belle to her School. Rolled the barley ground & turned the cattle and sheep out to pasture-15 lambs.

May 8 Robert and I repaired fence-weary and worn.

May 9 Frank came from Gales and took Mary, Robert and the team to Wm. CAmpbell's and left me to farm alone-about 20 lambs.

May 10 Robert plowed-I spread manure-set out our 8 green trees-great rain storm-ground very wet.

May 11 Beautiful clear morning the land to wet to harrow. Mary and I went to Town and bought some flowers. Mrs. L came.

May 12 Robert harrowed the corn field-Paid Miss Tuttle $10 for teaching-

May 13 Ice on the wash dish-Walked to Church alone-Earnest Sermon-taught a class. Met my friend John Geddis.

May 14 Drove Belle to School in a driving east rain. Hardy and Robert did chores and cut wood. Frank tried to sell beans-too wet to plant corn.

May 15 Wet morning clearing off by noon-about 25 lambs. Boys went away and atayed all day. Went to Wm. Campbells.

May 16 Marked and helped to plant potatoes. Mary and I sent to Town and got feed and Elizabeth's plants and a corn panter free.

May 17 Robert and Hardy planted the potatoes and marked for corn.

May 18 I marked the corn ground, Robert and Hardy planted and Mary went for Belle and Mrs. L came home

May 21 Rain snow and sleet-Robert took Belle to the Lake School-Sold 38 bushels of clean wheat to Deuble at $1.

May 24 Cleaned and took 4 loads of sheat to Market-Cut the lambs tails-13 ewes and 11 bucks-Got a check for $170 on the Bank for the Wheat-170 Bushels.

May 26 Went to Ann ARbor and Beal disappinted me about the book as usual. Mrs. L went to her Father's. Paid Brother Robert the $100 I owed him-Paid son Robert $16.

May 28 WEnt with Belle to her School at the Lake-muddy roads. Robert and Hardy plowed for Beans. Paid Hardy for last week-ground very wet.

May 30 The two girls and Azro (his first appearance in their lives) went to Wm. Campbells. Hardy harrowed and brought a dog to scare the vile beasts that kills so many hens-another great shower.

May 31 The last day of May a very wet cold May. The boys replanted half of the cornfield, howed the garden. Mary came back.

June 1 Fine cool clear morning-Birds singing before four. Mary and I went to Church. Mrs. L came.

June 2 Two girls cleaned house-Robert broke the big cultivator and got it repaired. Belle and I went to Town with Mrs. L and walked home and made calls.

June 5 Boys repaired the fence broken by the troublesome cattle and cultivated the corn before it was up.
Another pouring rain-lighting striking Mr. Fletcher's Barn (Charles Fletcher). Robert Luts, Azro, Spooner Boys helped wash the sheep-good place to wash and good help-the vile beast took another hen last night.

June 7 Sold 18 bushels Potatoes to L. Davis at 35 cents. Mrs. L came for a few days and went to Detroit, Windsor and Royal Oak to visit relatives. All well and comfortable.

June 10 Forty years since we came to Ypsilanti. Went with Isabelle to her Church in Royal Oak, Agood Sermon, A pleasant time with Isabelle's married daughter and grandchildren but not one to read a chapter in teh Bible aloud.

June 11 Returned from Sister Isabelle's and the Oak and met Brother James and took dinner with Mother in her home and she is wonderful, intelligent at her age. Then we had a fine visit and supper with Sister Agnes and stayed overnight.

June 12 Agnes, Wife and I walked to Father's grave-we did not see it last summer and it was covered with Myrtle.
Returned home and went with Mrs. L to her Fathers. John Campbell was drawing wet manure through the mud barefooted.
A friend Harry trapped the Coon that we thing was killing all our hens-Paid Mary Tuttle $20 for teaching.

June 14 William Lambie, Superintendes the FAir in native Stravens today where I have not seen in 44 years but I will not be there. A Pioneer meeting in Lansing, I will not be there neither. Spreading potatoes, howing in the garden and trying to keep the farm in order.

June 16 Mrs. L went back-Mr. Campbell paid the $100 note-I sent it back.

June 18 Went with Belle to the Lake School-Robert went to Sing. Frank to shear sheep-Lizzie to teach-Cultivating potatoes and corn. The cow that had the dead calf milking well. Thunder showers. Hardy told me of a swarm of bees in his field. Lut helped me to hive them and I carried them home through the wheat after dark. George Green sent papers from Lansing-The State Pioneers opened their meeting with Prayer then they sang Old Hundred and read a poem by William Lambie-Hurrah!!!

June 19 Robert broke the Cultivator again-poor prospect for corn-Sent letter to Lansing-Robert went to Sing.

June 20 Very cool-Boys working with their coats on.

June 22 Elizabeth's last day of School-Mary and I went to John Millers-could not get a pig to to save us from throwing away our mil

June 23 Frank, Spoonser and Azro shore the Sheep-76 in all. Robert tied up the wool.

June 25 Mary, Elizabeth and I went with Belle to her School and got Water Lilies in the Lake-Bought two pigs from Bennett for $6-too dear but dislike throwing away the milk.

June 27 Three firls and I went to the Normal and heard the Graduates and Mr. Willits the new Principal-More rain-rather alarming for the crops.

June 28 Cows broke the fence and got in the Meadow-Vexed us. Anna Came home at night.

June 29 Bought barbed wire and strung it along the fence where the cows broke down the other. Working on the corn and catching potato bugs.

June 30 Mrs. L's Birthday-Cleaned and whitewashed the Cellar and howed and cultivated beans. Mrs. L and Belle went to Town. John McDougal paid interest-good day-Cultivated beans with Mr. Gray's cultivator in afternoon.

July 1 Sabbath-Long bright beautiful day. Mrs. L, the 4 girls and I went to Church. All at home again.

July 2 The girls bought 16 quarts of berries from Mr. Gray. The boys put up a tent in the grove-Sister Isabelle sent her likeness-Elizabeth went to Whitmore Lake-the boys worked on the road. I put Paris green on the Potatoes.

July 4 The boys slept in the tent in the Grove and then drove away in the buggy.

July 5 Luts and Robert got the Mowing machine in order and began mowing-The Scotney boys offered to cut and bind the wheat fro $10 an acre if I pay for the twine. Wilber offered $50 for the White Steer and Heffer-Bell offered $57. Heard from Robert that Mother was sick. The three girls went to Belle's School and brought her home.

July 9 Frank sold the horse Tom to Mr. Burns and the White Steer and heffer to Rolland Fletcher fro $60. Mowed and got in lots of Hay. It is fine order. The Congregational Church was dedicated-got more pages of the wee book from Beal-Hay estimated 16 tons.

July 13 Dull and cloudy-cleaning and painting the house.

July 14 Too wet to get in the Hay, put green on potatoes-Boys did not work. Went to Town-Bought more than we sold.

July 15 Went to Church-Anna and Belle to the new Congregational Church.

July 16 Mr. Scotney promised to cut hay for us tomorrow if it doesn't rain.

July 17 Mr. Scotney came with his Exclusive Reaper and the Agent failed to come-he was very much bothered before he could get it started-then was able to get most of the Northwest Field-doing some good work.

July 22 Grand Harvest weather. It is better to rejoice in prosperity than murmer in advertisity-Drew in 4 loads of wheat and then the rains came. The boys heard a dog in the sheep-it killed 3 and hurt some more.
Frank lived here in the Winter and got his Board and Washing free and I hoped he would help his old weary Father in Harvest-But rich Mr. CAmpbell took him away-If I could sell the farm and retire I think it would be better for me.

July 25 Frank and I went to E.C. Peck and he promised to come and Harvest.

July 26 Went to John Miller and Wilbers to seek help but failed-Then kind Harry came with his riding rake and John Ross helped-Ring and Jones came to help-Azro helped run the reaper and bound up wheat.

July 28 With Azro's team and ours we got in most of the Wheat.

July 30 Robert and Luis (his name shows up during the summer) working for Azro-Elizabeth and Mother went to buy a stove and things for Elizabeth to begin for herself.

August 2 Elizabeth's Wedding day-Azro and her went on the Eleven O'Clock train to Jackson and by rig and horse to Olivet to get Mr. Estabrook to marry them. Robert and I went to the Depot and saw them start on the journey of Life together. Was sorry to part with such a grand happy good girl as Elizabeth but could not blame her for leaving us and her early home in all likely hood for ever.

August 3 Elizabeth and Azro came back-Married man and wife-Mrs. L went with them to Town to buy more things.

August 5 Went to Church and 6 of us went to Miss Bennetts funeral in the afternoon.

August 7 Anna, Mary and Robert helping Elizabeth to put her new home in order.

August 8 Girls and I had a pleasant time down the River_ and gave notice of Elizabeth's marriage to the Printer-Robert worked for Azro.

August 11 Mrs. L went to see Elizabeth's new home-her marriage in the paper.

August 17 Robert helped Loomis to thrash-Luis and I drew manure-Heard about the death of Mrs. Geddis.

August 20 Two girls, Robert and I went to Mrs. John Geddis' funeral. Beal sent word my book was printed but sent no copy-Mary and I got a Churn.

August 23 More rain-too wet to work-Robert and the Gray boys went to Camp at Whitmore Lake-Beal sent a copy of “Life on the Farm”.

August 27 Beal sent the Index for the Book-Bought half ton of coal for the Thrashers-Thrashers came after dark and Belle gave them supper-Then it rained and she gave them breakfast bo no thrashing-but at noon it cleared and they thrashed till dark-good help. Expected 300 bushels but had 345-only 15 bushels Oats-Azro helped and Mary took him home.

August 31 Drove Robert and Belle to Harry's to help Thrash. Luis and I drew boards and post for a lane fence.

September 1 Robert and I harrowing with 3 horses-Luis and I fixing the board fence.

September 3 With Frank to Depot and to the Lake School with Belle-then through Dixboro to Ann Arbor-Paid Beal $60 and brought home 200 of “Life on the Farm”.
Went to School meeting-Paid Mr. Scotney $16.90 for harvesting the wheat-Wm. Scotney elected School Director.

September 6 Azro and Elizabeth took away the Organ. Robert and Jones helped Azro thrash-The sulky, greedy book seller of Ann ARbor wanted 30% to sell the book-Samson 10% and Frank Smith-nothing. Robert got a drill from Wm. Campbell and B bushels seed wheat from Azro.

September 12 Very surprised to hear of death of our young neighbor Alford Gray.

September 13 Mary, Frank, Robert and I went to the burial of our neighbor, Alford Gray-solemn and sad.

September 15 Went to Town in Elizabeth's Buggy and took 50 copies to be bound. Paid Elizabeth $10 for seed wheat.

September 17 Mrs. L started for her Fathers with 6 books-the first $2 for my book venture.

September 19 Went to Detroit-Frank met me and we went to the State Fair-big crowd-street cars packed-We walked part way.

September 21 Azro brought his sulky plow and helped us.

September 25 Went to Town and changed wheat for flour-Paid Fisher $7 for binding.

September 27 Went to the Fair (Ypsilanti? Ann Arbor?) Met Father Campbell, old John Geddis and a number of friends-looked at the fine fruit and vegetable and farm implements-and the Buckeye Binder-saw Joslin's balloon go up in grand style-Mr. Robert's burial.

September 30 Frank and Azro went to Mr. Campbellss-Robert cutting corn-then they all went away and left me.

October 1 Fox and Jones cutting corn-Robert mowing in the Meadow-took a sheep for mutton.

October 2 Gave a book to Mrs. Stephenson and old Mr. & Mrs. Post-Robert and Mary went to AZros.

October 4 Father Campbell and I went to the Ann Arbor Fair-met old friends-Robert Campbell paid $33 for interest-gave some friends “Life on the Farm”—happy day.

October 6 Intended going to the Art Loan in Detroit but it was dark and damp and some of us did not feel well. Received big book by the Signal Service from Washington-Nice notice of “Life on the Farm” by Charles Moore in ‘Every Saturday’.

October 13 Mrs. L, Mary, Robert and I gathered Apples-7 bushels.

October 15 Mary and I went to Mrs. Herman's burial. Robert gathered Apples fro Azro-Mrs. Gregory wanted a poem for a Birthday Party-wet and husking corn.

October 19 Grandfather Campbell, Mary, Elizabeth and I went to the Detroit Art Loan and was well entertained seeing the fine pictures. Came home very tired.

October 24 Husking the poor corn, Mr. Campbell came-Went to Elizabeth's for dinner.

October 29 David Gardener told us of his FAther's death. Mary and I went to John McDougals to take him wool.

October 31 Mary and I went to Robert Gardener's Funeral-they laid the old man in his garden.

November 2 Robert and I went to Ben Voorhees and got two rams $10.

November 5 Paid Beal $0 and $60 before-got a receipt in full-36 books unbound-I did not get them-More rain.

November 9 Fine review of “life on the Farm” in Hamilton Adventurer

November 10 Went to Canada and called on james and Mother-was vexed and said words I regretted to Mother.

November 14 Shipwrecks on the Lakes and sorrow on the Sea. Snow showers and high winds.

November 16 Banked up the Cellar-put sheep under the barn-took a sheep for mutton.

November 19 Pleasant morning-Robert and I went to a sale over at E. Paynes.

November 20 Dr. Davis was buried-got a letter from Thomas Holmes.

November 25 Grand Sermon at Chruch. Mrs. TAylor wanted money for the parsonage. I only had 25 cents and that was borrowed.

November 27 Frost and clear beautiful day-Jones got a load of stumps Received a delightful letter from Mr. Estabrook.

December 2 George Allen told us of Mrs. Allen's death. So our good friend will help us no more in sorrow and sickness-At Church helped old Mrs. Thompson, over 90, down the steps.

December 5 Went to Pioneer meeting in Saline-delightful day-some goo addresses-Read some lines-did not expect to be called on and was too excited.

December 7 Robert and I went to Town to see the big Derick and Moormans men boring for healing water.

December 8 Went to see “Custer Last Rally” in the Opera House. All the clocks set back to correspond with the new Standard Railroad time.

December 11 Went to Town and bought a pork barrell and salt-could not find anyone who would kill pigs.

December 12 Robert and Jones killed the pigs-we salted the pork.

DEcember 16 Mr. & Mrs. Frank Fletcher sat with us at Church.

December 18 Cold and dreary-Cattle and sheep very hungry.

December 19 Mary, Robert and I went to Town, called on Robert and learned from him Mother was better and was able to take a cup of tea with him as she did 50 years ago.

December 20 Some sunshine-lambs very weak, 2 died. Wrote some lines intended for the Farmers Institute to be held at Chelsea-January 22.

December 21 More snow-Robert took Mary to Elizabeths. Cloudy, bleak and dull. Mrs. L came in the snow storm.

December 22 More snow-Received $236.21 School money from the Tax Collector F. G. Covert-Paid the taxes $23. Paid $60 I owed Brother Robert-Anna Came from Elkhart-Loaned Frank $100-Azro got the White Self.

December 24 Opened a Christmas box from Sister Agnes with presents and Mrs. L started over the snow early.

December 25 Christmas-Fifteen years since Father left all that is of earth earthly. If it was not for memory he would be to as if he had never been. Except for Belle we all went to Azro and Elizabeth's for dinner along with Mr. & Mrs. Frank Fletcher and William Campbell family. A pleasant meeting of rural friends.

December 26 Anna gave me a handkerchief, Mary a box of paper, Elizabeth a new day book, Mrs. L a pair of stockings on Christmas. Mrs. L started for her Fathers. Frank and Robert who returned before dinner. Anna, Mary and Robert went to Town in the Cutter.

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