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Miss Ethel Hammond who passed away April 17, 1986 was a resident of Augusta Township until she moved to the Gilbert Residence in 1971. She had received her A.B. Degree from Eastern Michigan University in 1931 and was a teacher in the Hamtramack School before joining the Faculty of the Lincoln Consolidated Schools. She was an active member of the Ypsilanti Evangelical Friends Church and of the Ypsilanti Senior Citizens.

Mrs. Ruth Reynolds who passed away April 19, 1986 was a loyal member of the Historical Society, an accomplished seamstress, and a cheerful friend. She came to the area from Plymouth, Indiana where she had done mending of clothes in the collection at the Museum there. She became involved in the same activity here, for as she said “I have the expertise”. We are grateful to her for all of the mending, refurbishing and organizing she did with our collection of dresses, coats, blouses, etc. Ruth will be remembered, too, by all who shared her gracious hospitality and her gourmet cooking.

Mrs. Harry(Anna) Smith was a Guide while she resided here and always maintained an active interest in our Museum. She passed away in St. Paul, Minnesota in June 1986. Anna married Dr. Harry Smith, Faculty member at Eastern Michigan University in 1952, at which time she was in the Art Department of the same University. She and her husband were great travelers and shared their experiences with the Historical Society Members and other groups.

Mrs. Lloyd (Rose) Olds passed away in Laguna Hills, California. She was a graduate of Eastern Michigan University and as the wife of Lloyd Olds who was Athletic Director at Eastern Michigan University for many years. As such she was active in College activities. A daughter and two grandsons survive her.