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William Lambie Diary, 1885

William Lambie Diary, 1885 image William Lambie Diary, 1885 image William Lambie Diary, 1885 image William Lambie Diary, 1885 image William Lambie Diary, 1885 image William Lambie Diary, 1885 image William Lambie Diary, 1885 image William Lambie Diary, 1885 image
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1. Went to Detroit and over the icy river. Called on James and family. Mother is her 87th year, found her well and intelligent. Pleasant meeting with Sister Agnes.
3. Robert and Belle took Anna to the Depot to return to her teaching at Elkhart.
5. Robert and I brought up 20 lambs and 10 wedders. Robert brought up a ton of coal. John Quirk gave me a note for $40.00. Received a letter from the Duke of Argyle-Hurray
12. Sold the wool to Chidester 531 pounds $135.40. Paid Mr. C $27.28 for his share. Azro got 10 sheep.
16. Robert took BElle to the Normal in a snow storm. Sent a letter to the Duke of Argyle.
19. Pure white snow, Belle walked to the Normal when it was 21 degrees below zero.
26. Coal stove went out, clock stopped, 2 above zero. Read of Irish demonstrations trying to blow up Westminster and the Tower of London.
1. Took a horned sheep for Mutton. John Campbell and Mrs. Hewens came to visit.
10. 8 below zero-cold bitter blasts like a Dakota blizzard. A severe time for old people.
Read of the death of Gordon on the upper Nile and the Fall of Kartoon.
18. Paid for cutting and chopping 30 cords of woord. Exchanged 4 bushels of wheat for flour.
20. Mother's Birthday. She is 88.
21. Went to Azro's for dinner along with Mr. & Mrs. Frank Fletcher, it being the 25th Anniversary of their wedding.
28. Paid Fox for chopping 52½ cords of wood. Frank and Mr. C went off in the Cutter, the first time Mr. C has been out riding this winter.
3 Went to Town with Azro and a group meeting at Archie McNichols. Went to Young Mr. Swift's (Newton) funeral.
6. Mrs. L went to Church Social. Mrs. John Ratfon, Mrs. I. N. Conklin and C. Collins died this week.
Fox wants work when I have none to give him. Dora and Charle Fletcher met with a sad accident on the Railroad killing the horse, breaking the buggy and hurting them.
9. Robert took John Campbell and Frank to the Station on their way to New Orleans.
17. Wife and I went to Alfred Allen's funeral. Got a paper from John and Frank in New Orleans.
28. Drew $80.00 out of the Bank, loaned Robert $40.00. Settled with Fox.
31. Fox moved away from the old farm house.
1. Robert had a party and danced in our old farm house against my will.
12. Too cold to plant trees.
15. My birthday-three score and four.
Brother Robert has had his corner house moved. D. Gardener came. Robert began to plow in the old orchard.
18. Sheep and lambs not doing well. Carried 14 pails of water to the cows and sheep.
21. Set out strawberries. Sowed clover seed in the orchard, south of the new home.
24. Turned the sheep and cows out to pasture.
Mr. Jenness was buried. Mr. Brinkerhof died, old friends passing away. Brother Robert gave me $50.00 for mother.
27. Three more sheep died after all our care.
Planted gooseberries, grapes and flowers.
Went to Detroit and gave Mother $50 in gold from Robert. My sisters told me my faults but I would think more of them if they would knit me a pair of stockings.
30. Azro came at night to tell us Elizabeth had a son. Making me a Grandfather-Heaven bless the little stranger.
1. Mary and I sold eggs and bought bonnie flowers from Mr. Childs. Weary walking and working two farms. J. Campbell came telling of another girl. Mary and I went to see Elizabeth and the baby boy. William and Andrew Campbell came.
5. Frank took about 100 bushels of Mr. C's wheat to Deubel Mill at $1.00. A fire at the Depot, Haskell Bakery and Several other buildings.
Belle and I went to the Normal and I was introduced to Willets and others. Heard Belle on the platform in Willets class.
11. Paid Eva Dancingberg $20.00 for teaching. Hens and wicked roosters scratching up the peas. Marked and planted potatoes. Frank and the tinsmith put up eavestroughs.
13. Frank bought a special Oliver chilled plow.
16. Made a yard to keep the hens in. Fire in Pattison's office. Mary and I took the clothes to Rings. Belle and I had a weary time driving the sheep out of the oats. Aunt Emma, the babe and her father came.
23. Borrowed $40.00 from brother Robert. Paid Mr. Vantage for pew rent and Azro $7.00 for the pig.
26. Brother Robert and Aunt Eunice, Mrs. Finley and Professor Abbott of the Agricultural College made us a pleasant visit. Brother James wrote he ahd settled difficulty between Mother and Frank.
27. The boys and Azro drove the sheep to the river at Mr. Fletchers (old Addison, end of South Grove Street) and washed them getting back by noon. Robert and I cut the lambs tails-11 rams.
30. Mr. C and I went to the Decoration of the Soldier's graves and heard part of Mr. Whitman's address.
Azro and Elizabeth came and the wee boy slept with his arms above his head.
1. Mrs. L and her father drove to the old farm in Augusta. Thompson's men finished painting the new home.
6. Belle up before 4 A.M. getting breakfast for Robert and some young folks going to Whitmore Lake.
12. Robert cultivating the corn. Like to curse the cut worms which are in our corn.
18. 70 years since Waterloo. Wife and I went to Detroit and Canada. Young Inglis and I to the Scotch games at Recreation Park, like the running and jumping but did not think much of Highland men and the Bagpipes.
19. Frank, Peter Van Ellen and Stockdale shore the sheep.
22. Belle came home with a sore heart because Bellows would not sign her paper when she was so factful and 19 others signed it.
Frank thinks there was 85 sheep shorn, two died after the shearing, 20 lambs, 103 total. Long winters, maggots and cheap wool make sheep farming discouraging.
24. Wife and I went to hear young orators at the Normal and Belle got her Diploma from her true friend Willets in spite of Bellows. Sold a sheep to Otto for $2.00.
30. Mrs. L's birthday and she had a sore shoulder. Dr. Kinne came to see her. Mr. C and I went to the Sanitary meeting at the Baptist Church.
1. Dr. Kinne came again, Mrs. L no better. I worked in the Hay all day, got in a few loads. Belle milked the cows.
2. Mr. C, Ann, Mary and I went to see the Four Paws Show and his 17 or 20 elephants, a grand array of carriages, men and horses.
4. Mary, Anna, Elizabeth, Azro and the wee boy wnet to Azro's fathers. Robert and a girl went next. Went to Town at night, lots of guns and firecrackers.
7. Mr. C and Mrs. L went to Andrew and William Campbells.
Andrew arrogant to me last time.
Good crop of timothy hay, got in several loads.
9. Frank, Robert, T. Casey, two boys and I worked getting in a good crop of hay on the old farm. The pig that cost $7.00 died.
10. Cousin Robert Hamilton from the celebrated Ryelanside along along with his friend Mr. Martin from the Dykes came to see us and go back to Native Scotland. Took them to brother Roberts and our cherished old home and it kind of revived my long cherished plan to seeing Scotland again.
16. Young Mr. Bagot was killed playing ball. Mary, Belle and I rode up to Geddesburg.
Jerome came with his reaper, he reaped and Robert and I set up shocks. Very warm.
23. Mrs. Andrew Campbell came. Got in all the wheat and a good crop. So overcome with the heat I am unable to rejoice.
Just weak and weary and oppressed.
24. The boys sold the Wool to Chidester but he did not say what it came to yet.
28. Helped Robert load manure. T. Casey helped too. Frank and Mr. C to Augusta. I howed in the garden. A noisey group of young people came at night.
30. Stepped on a nail, very painful. 97 in the shade.
1. Settled with Frank. He gave me a check $100 for the wool.
6. Anna and Mary went to Augusta. It rained so heavy they did not return. Great change in the weather-56 in the morning.
8. President Grants burial day. Mary and I went to the Opera House and heard Mr. Springer give a fine address on life and death of Grant.
11. Robert and I bound oats. Frank went to the races.
13. Mrs. L, Anna, Mary and I went on a Sunday School Excursion to Detroit and Grosse Pointe.
17. Robert and I bound more oats. H. Reed cradled.
25. Belle and I went to Farmers picnic at Whitmore Lake and enjoyed one of the sweetest of summer days.
Went to old Mr. Platts burial with William Campbell.
26. Ann left for her School in Elkhart. Mr. C and I went to Ann Arbor and heard Judge Cooley, Governor Alger and President Angel give a welcome to the American Association of Science.
29. Robert plowed and I spread manure. Went to Town. Brother Robert and family returned from sight seeing and pleasure trip. I saw the green earth and blue sky at home.
2. Mr. C, Mrs. L and I went to a pleasant Pioneer meeting at Mr. Platts. Read some of my verses.
5. Mr. C, Mrs. L and I went to the hold home in Augusta.
Walked to Town and got the last $50 out of the Bank.
7. Rode with Frank to his work at Gills near Cherry Hill. Belle and I cleaned wheat for seed.
9. Wet day-Went to Mrs. Wilsons funeral. Eunice and Aggie Inglis came to visit.
12. Took Mrs. L to the Depot and her and Aggie Inglis left for Detroit. Drove up the cows from the old farm and milked them as usual. My son that finds so much fault with me came to supper (Frank).
21. Helped to dig and pick up Potatoes. Got a wagon box and a half.
23. Frank, Mrs. C, Mrs. L went to the Sate Fair. Robert, Belle and I dug all the potatoes.
24. Mary, Elizabeth and I went to the Fair and left the wee boy with Mrs. L.
28. Robert and I cut corn. Mrs. C and Mrs. L went to John McDougals. Frank's birthday.
29. Uncle William, Mrs. C, Wife and I went to burial of Mr. McCarthy. Another old farmer fades away. Friendly meeting at John Campbells. A good turn our of Augusta friends.
2. Cutting corn. Mr. Quirk paid his note $42.36. Paid insurance of old and new homes $5.96.
6. Went with Frank to Uncle Williams where he is working on the House of Stones. Heard of old Mr. Thompsons death.
8. Mr. McConachie, Mr. C and Mrs. L wnet to Andrew CAmpbells. Mary, Belle and I picked apples. The crop is poor in quality-low in price.
12. Gathered apples alone in the fornoon. Mary, Belle and Robert helped in the afternoon.
16. Drove Frank to Mr. Cadeys. Took 6 barrels of apples to the Depot to ship to Sister Agnes. Got 6 barrels from Ainsworth.
19. Robert went with Frank to Cadeys. Went to the old home and picked a few grapes. Ainsworth offered $1 a barrel for Russets. Took 8 barrels of Russets in Mr. C's barrels and got 10 more barrels.
27. Jerome brought his engine and we had good help thrashing. 116 bushels of wheat and 247 of oats on the hill farm and 200 at the old farm.
29. Robert Campbell of Ann ARbor paid $33.00 interest and gave note for $300. Mr. C, Senior gave his note for $250.
Robert went to Reeds sale. Ainsworth loaned me a packer.
31. Mr. C, Robert Ring and I repacked the apples. Drew up pumpkins.
1. Robert took Belle to her School at Mr. Rooks. Potatoes rotting. Frank raised a house for Everetts. T. Casey worked on the Hill farm.
4. Robert Ring and his boy picked up cider apples.
6. Robert drew 36 barrels apples to Ainsworth.
12. Robert and T. Casey drawing wood to Reynolds. Too wet to sow clover seed.
15. Robert took care of the wee boy while Elizabeth was gone. William Campbell brought fine quarter of beef.
18. Saved beef bones and salted beef. Drew pumpkins. Lots of showers.
21. Paid the Ferman for husking $7.00, Ring $4.50, the boy 75¢. Nearly 500 bushels of corn.
24. Drew cornstalks to the old barn and put the sheep in the field. James Woosley and the German husked. Put 15 bushels of apples in the cellar.
26. The two Marys, Mr. C and I went to pleasant Thanksgiving at William Campbells.
28. 492 bushels of yellow corn on the side hill field. 224 on the field below the bridge.
30. Went with Mr. C to Stoney Creek burying ground and then to John Campbells.
1. Two Marys went to old Mrs. Ridenours funeral. Wife and I went to Harvey James with honey and $2.00 for helping th thrash. The road past the old Moon Farm where we first farmed in America “like the slougn of despond”.
3. Exchanged 4¼ bushels of wheat for 140 pounds of flour and got wool twine.
Mr. C, Wife and I went to Mrs. Gardeners to commiserate her 90th birthday. Good Dinner and party of friends. Read a few lines and A. Campbell and friends gave her a present.
5. Big change in the weather, heavy snow. Robert and I waded through the drifts and fed the sheep under the old barn and housed the young cattle.
9. Robert drew up a load of coal. The boys set up the coal stove. Heard of the great Vanderbilts death and old Mr. Fletchers sickness. Mrs. L had headache from coal stove.
12. Frank paid $100 for wood sold to Reynolds. Went to Town to see about School Money and Taxes.
14. Frank and I went to old Mr. Fletchers funeral. Another brave strong pioneer laid under the cold snow.
15. Robert and Hones at the old farm. Paid J. Miller $20.00 for an outhouse at the School.
19. Mary and I went to Town and paid $19.22 for taxes.
23. Went to Town and found Anna and A Christmas box from Sister Agnes.
25. Wife and I went to the Episcopal Church. Very few worshippers The minister read the sermon very fast. My old friend William Post getting very feeble. Oyster dinner for some.
28. Sold eggs at 20 cents. Received an invitation to our Roberts wedding on Saturday. Paid Robert $40 all I owed him for working.
29. Robert got some furniture from Brother Robert who is able to help the needy. Loaned Mrs. L $100 to pay $90.00 interest to Robert on note she kept for him several years ago.
31. Mrs. L, Anna, Mary, Elizabeth, Belle, Frank and I went to our Roberts wedding. Great party, grand dinner and it was almost too much for me. What ails this head of mine?

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