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William Lambie Diary, 1886

William Lambie Diary, 1886 image William Lambie Diary, 1886 image William Lambie Diary, 1886 image William Lambie Diary, 1886 image William Lambie Diary, 1886 image William Lambie Diary, 1886 image William Lambie Diary, 1886 image William Lambie Diary, 1886 image William Lambie Diary, 1886 image William Lambie Diary, 1886 image William Lambie Diary, 1886 image William Lambie Diary, 1886 image William Lambie Diary, 1886 image
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1. Anne and Mary went with Azro and Elizabeth and the Babe to Azro's father. A little frost and pleasant. Frank drew furniture for Robert to the old house. Gave Anna my note for $100.00-Heard of a great fire in Detroit.
2. Frank took Anna to the depot for her School at Elkhart. Frank and Mr. C went to Mrs. Forsythes Funeral. Mrs. L and I went to Town in the rain. Called on Brother Robert and got a coin from William McAndrew made out of the old Church Organ.
3. Mild Shower-A good Sermon on Moses.
4. Like Spring, Frank and Azro drew up Mrs. Younglove and her furniture.
5. Snow Showers, Frank and Azro repairing the old house. I wish everyone would bear their own burdens when they are younger than me.
6. Mary and Belle went to Azros to celebrate Elizabeth's Birthday.
7. Cold north wind. J. Campbell came-James Hewens came and went.
8. Fed at the old home. Robert's wife's Mother living in the old house. Walked over to Azros. The wee boy not very well. Mr. C. vexed me-I am too old a man to work a farm on shares and not get what I think a fair share nor give me all the hay I paid for mowing, for pasturing 2 cows part of the time. Robert and his bride came home to live in the old house.
9. Cold driving snow storm. Went to Town 18¢ for eggs. Cold waves.
10. Walked to Church. Mary and Belle drove-Stormy and dreary.
11. Below zero-Drove Belle to her School. Called on Elizabeth. Mary and I went to our old home and Robert's new one. Gave Robert a note for $100.00.
12. 2 below zero-Fed at the old home, found Robert tacking down carpets. The two Mary's went to Town.
13. 4 below zero. The white cow had a calf. Fed at old home.
15. The muddy rutty roads now frozen. Took Belle to Sobers Corners-Ridge and Geddes Roads and she walked the rest of the way. Called on Elizabeth and sick Mr. Casey on the way home.
16. The two Marys and I went to Town and got chilled in the icy rain.
17. To icy to drive to Church, Belle walked and went alone.
18. Drove with Belle to her School in a snow storm. Robert took twelve hunder of hay to Ring.
19. Blustry and snow in the night. Paid $6.00 to Van Pail for seat rent in the Church on Saturday. Paid Isabell Marshal $10.00.
20. Robert and I drove the red cow to the old farm. Drving snow storm, dark and dreary.
21. The two Marys went to Town in the cutter-good sleighing. Mr. & Mrs. William Campbell came.
22. Cold driving snow showers. Frank & Azro went to see the flour Mill at Rawsonville. Brave Belle walked home through the driving snow storm.
23. The coldest morning so fat 13 below zero. Robert and I got two bags of wheat exchanged for flour-80 lbs each. Mrs. Ring let the washing fo for the load of hay, 5 due yet.
24. A Sermon on fighting, the Anicmas(?). Two below zero at dawn.
25. Burn's Anniversary 127 years since his birth I think. Went with Belle to her School in the Cutter-fine sleeping. Called at Elizabeths and Mary came back with me. A. Campbell and Walter came.
26. Mild-The two Marys rode in the Cutter to J. McDougals. William Campbell came-dull winter day.
27. The boys got the horses shod and brought up a load of Coal. Mary sick all day. Received a receipt for the Scottish American. 10 papers less than a year. The boys saw three Robins.
28. Frank went to William Campbells-Wife and I went in the Cutter to see Robert in the old home and to call on our old neighbor Mr. Casey who is quite sick.
30. Went to Town in the Cutter. Mr. Ring owes 4 on the washing for hay. A number enjoying sleigh riding even if I don't.
31. Last of January-I feel sad to part with May, so so with cold January. A Sermon on Cenceration that was little benefit to me.
1. Bell and I drove up with old Frank the horse, to her School. Good sleighing-Had a note from my favorite Poet Whittier.
2. Mary & I drove down in the Cutter and visited Robert and his wife in our old home and was almost sorry we ever left it.
3. Nine below zero hard on my coal and wood on both farms. Pleasant sunshine at noon. The two Marys went to Town.
4. Nine below zero again. Frank, Robert and Ring picked cornstalks pure white snow field pure air and sunshine.
5. Six below-the boys took a load of hay to Town on the bobs. Cold cloudy dark and dreary and the old horse run down to the old farm-Belle got a ride home.
6. Boys took a load of Hay to Town and I sent $1.75 for the “Youths Companion”. Robert and his wife came to dinner.
8. Robert brought 1675 lbs of coal to us-Wife and I went to Church to hear the Evangelist.
9. Wife and I went to the old home in the Cutter-took a sheep for Mutton, Mild and muddy.
10. Robert and Andrew Campbell came-mild and dreary.
11. Wife and I went to see our old friend John Geddis in forenoon and found him well for his years. Mary and I walked to the Bible reading in the Church. Brother Robert came to tell Franks wife was very sick.
15. The muddy rutty roads now frozen-took Belle to Sobers Corners-Ridge and Geddes Roads-and she walked the rest of the way-Called on Elizabeth and sick Mr. Casey on the way home. Mary and I walked to the bible reading at the Church, something like a blizzard coming home.
16. Mary and I walked down to the old home to see Robert and learned he had been sick.
17. Mrs. L and I went to the Bible reading, called on Robert. A. Campbell invited us to the Grange gathering. J. Campbell came and stayed overnight.
18. Frank and J. Campbell went to Ann Arbor-Wife and I called on Robert and Mr. Casey.
19. Mild damp snow-rain dark and muddy growing cold-Belle walked home most of the way in a driving snowstorm.
20. Mother's Birthday, I think she is 89 and enters late into the Kingdom of Heaven. Her old friends nearly all gone over the mistic river. Six above zero but a bitter northern blast at morn.
James sent a Poem on Mother's Birthday.
21. Belle and I walked to Church. A sort of faultfinding Sermon.
22. Washington's Birthday-Went with Belle to her School-good going. Nelson and Isaak Coller and their wives came.
23. The boys sold a load of hay. A. Campbell and Mrs. L went to Augusta Grange-pleasant sunshine.
24. Wife and I had a pleasant visit at Mr. Millers. William Campbell and friends came-mild and sunshine.
25. Went to see Robert in the old home-mild morning and cold afternoon. The white steer bothered us sucking the cow.
26. Wife and I took dinner with son Robert in the old home along with Mr. & Mrs. Springer. Mrs. Ring washed to pay for Hay.
28. Mrs. L, Mary, Belle and I went to Church with Dick and the big buggy-chilly north winds. The Minister preaches theology but not righteousness and well doing in every day life as I understand it.
2. Cold winds-William Campbell and Griffin came on business. Mary and I walked to the old home and found Robert sawing Willows by the stream where he first played in bygone days.
3. Ice has formed on the water pails in the house-the three first day of this spring month, the boys took a load of hay to Town.
4. The boys took two loads of hay to Town. Hens laying, Cow calving but no Robins sings.
5. The boys drew two more loads of Hay to Town-Received $100.00 from R. Hemphill. $50 for School money left. The two Marys and I went to the Church Meeting. Mr. Geddis walked too but rode part of the way with a neighbor.
6. A light frost, good roads beautiful sunshine. Frank took a load of hay to Town. Walked to the old home, now Robert's home. Paid Brother Robert the $40.00 I borrowed of him last May. Balle paid $62.00 School money.
7. Sacrament about 40 additions to the Church. My old friend John Geddis dispenced the bread and wine as he did over 40 years ago and walked home unless some friend gave him a ride.
8. Snow on the fields Frank went to his work and Belle to her School together. Jerome brought Isabels Marshall order for the 62 she got Saturday.
9. Frank took down a small load of hay from up here. Robert sawed wood and I split it. The two Marys went to Town.
10. Cold winds and some sunshine. Mrs. L and Elizabeth went to Azro's Fathers. Helped the Boys to put new rollers on the Barn doors at the old home. Belle came home, her School being out. The first Blue Birds peeping.
11. Robert's birthday, bright sunshine. Brother Robert and Editor Pattison called on Editor Powers with Whittier. Letter fore-noon and read of it in the afternoon in the Ypsilantian. Snow in the night another mantle of pure white on fields and forests. J. Campbell's family came, Mary went off with them.
13. More snow, damp and mild. went to Town called on Brother Robert and the Ypsilantian Editor did not go to hear the sweet singers.
14. Went to Church in a snow storm, A Sermon on the Sermon on the Mount and being in spirit.
15. Snow melting in the sunshine, Robert and Ring chopping a tree by the old gate.
16. Robert's wife and her Mother and Mr. & Mrs. Lowry came to dinner. Went through the mud to our early home where a' the bairns were born.
17. The first song sparrow sung at dawn to usher in St. Patricks Day. J. Campbell brought Mary home deep muddy roads.
18. Robert, Azro and A. Knapp went to look at houses down by Wayne. William Campbell came. The Steamer Oregon collided with an unknown vessel. Both sank near New York.
19. Spring like sunshine. Song Sparrows and Robins singing. Mrs. L went to the Missionary meeting.
20. Exchanged 2 bags of wheat for 160 pounds of flour. Put manure on the pie plant, howed round the current bushes. Wet night.
21. Wet morning roads so muddy, farmers did not attend the Chard well. Mrs. Fletcher and her wee boy came, his doude dadule was most as good as some sermons.
22. Snow storm-Carlas Childs came from New Hampshire-he seems like a child from Heaven so journing on earth. Received a Scotch paper that was on the Oregon when she sunk off fire Island.
27. Picked over apples and could hardly get 45¢ a bushel for them. Belle started for Ann Arbor and Frank to Plymouth.
29. Went to the old home and found Robert sowing an his wife's Mother riding in a top buggy.
1. Went with Robert drving his young horse to Issac Kimbels and he gave me a carved box made of a Walnut fence post that had stood by Father's brick house in Superior.
3. Belle and I got some books and saw the fine new room for the Ladies' Library.
5. Election Day-Only Frank went to Vote.
6. A fearful snow storm-snow over the boot tops when I went to water the cows. Robert came on horse back. Shovelled snow to the barn and the pump.
8. Robert bought 2 pigs from T. Casey and Ring killed them for him. We thought Brother FRank's wife was dying until Belle brought word she had gone to Minneapolis-some are a blessin and some a burden on humanity.
10. Sold butter, eggs and apples and bought goods from King. William Campbell came to get books and ink from Samson.
13. Dug Parsnips and picked over apples-took Frank and his tool chest in the deep mud to Mr. Calkins (Collins?). Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Crittenden came to see us.
15. My Birthday-Mr. C, Mrs. L, Mary and I want ober to Azros, Elizabeth and the wee boys home-A fine day-recaived nice presents and kindly treatment.
20. Planted some potatoes-Robert harrowed with his colt and old Frank.
22. Robert sowed about 3 acres of Oats below the bridge. Turned the young cattle out to grass.
26. Mr. C and Mrs. L went to see James Hewens befroe he leaves this world.
27. Mrs. L and I went to Detroit and over the River and paid Mother $100.00 for generous Robert-felt sorry-Mother taunted me and only talked about Money in her 89th year of life. How much more pleasant was the dinner party at the home of dear delightful Sister Agnes.
30. A very complimentary letter from Augustus Moore-John Campbell came in the rain and brought us word of James Hewen's death. Mary drove her Mother over to celebrate wee Willie's Birthday.
1. Mrs. L and I, Robert and his wife, Azro and Elizabeth went to James Hewen's funeral.
3. Mr. Graves came to assess the Hill farm and Peter Gill to do the same for the old farm. Robert and his hired boy cleaned wheat and took 125 bushels to Town at 85¢. $104.00-$52.00 for Mr. C and $52.00 for me.
8. Mrs. L and I went on anExcursion to see the big drawing of the Battle of Gettysburg. A pleasant entertainment and had a pleasan visit with Mother.
11. William Campbell and Mr. C, wife and I went to the Memorial Service in the Grange Hall for James Hewens.
12. William Campbell brought Lawyer Griffin to make out some papers-Mrs. L and I went to Pittsfield to Allan Crittenden burial.
14. Went to Robert's to see his young matched team-pulled red root in the old farm garden.
17. Boys repaired the chain pump. Mr. Taylor sold us an Oil Stove.
19. Mary went with Robert to the May Festival.
20. Elizabeth and wee Willie came with a horse before and one behind. Robert and his boy plowed some of the garden and moved the smoke house. Mrs. L baked bread in the new oil stove.
24. Washed sheep with T. casey down at A. Fletchers. An unpleasant job for the boys as well as the sheep.
28. Went to Town to get the Oil Can filled. 60¢.
31. Mrs. L and I went to Ann Arbor-called on the William Campbells-had dinner with Robert Campbell-Mr. C went with us to University Hall-heard singing and orations and Uncle Gabriels “War Pictures” recited in fine style. Our Ann Arbor Friends were very kind.
2. Mrs. J Hewens and friend came and took her late husband's body out of the vault and buried it in Stoney Creek.
John Campbell buried two of his children in the same lot-Robert Campbell was with us at the new made graves.
4. Van Atten and Comstock came to shear sheep-Robert's boy left him because he wanted to live easy.
7. Chidester offered 25¢ a lb for wool.
11. Picked strawberries-Got 25 bags from Ainsworth to put Oats in.
12. Robert drew two loads of Oats to Ainsworth 212½ bushels at 30¢. R. Casey's sheep got into Robert's corn.
15. Drew 72 bushels Oats to L. Bennett-old Frank, the horse, broke the gate and run with Robert's colt past Swifts and Pecks.
Robert's boy run like a deer and turned them back as Robert and I drove up. Got $645 for the Oats.
19. Paid Robert $2.00 for road work, $2.00 for doing up wool and $6.00 for cleaning and selling the Oats.
21. Anna walked from the Depot at night and then we went to get her trunk-her school at Elkhart is out.
23. Robert mowed the field by Norton's Corner.
25. Mr. C, Mrs L, Anna and I and Robert's women went to Belle's School for the Exercises. At noon a fine picnic in Slaten(?) Woods.
29. Went to Town with Mr. C to see John Robinson's Show come in and parade the streets.
30. Mrs. L's Birthday-Her, Anna, Elizabeth and Belle went to hear speaking and singing at the Normal. fRank getting the machine knives and horse rake in order.
1. Helped rake the hay and brought 3 loads of Hay from the Gate field to the hay shed up here. Bought tin ware from the Scotch Peddler.
3. Guns firing for the 4th as it falls on Sunday this year.
5. Drove Frank to Monaghans and went to Jerome Millers about coming to thrash.
6. Frank and Jones halped Robert get in a great crop of Timothy Hay. Sold Peck 20 bushels of corn at 25¢.
7. FRank sold the Wool to Chidester 87 fleeces 425 lbs at.28¢-$119.00.
Brother Robert brought word Brother Frank's wife died in Minnesota-her body was brought to Detroit and buried yesterday. Jerome came and reaped the two wheat fields up, here before noon and reaped well.
9. Anna, Mary and Belle went to Brother Robert to supper before he goes to the Sea Shore for rest and health.
13. Got in all the Wheat and the sheaves seemed very heavy.
20. Took Frank to the Hillsdale (Lake Shore) Depot to work-bought nose-glasses from Frank Smith.
Mrs. L and all the girls went to Roberts to quilt.
24. Robert reaped the Oats by the bridge with R. Sponser's leaf(?) raker.
28. Helped set up Wheat for Robert. Went to Town and got 17 wee liknesses for.35¢.
31. Small shower at supper time-Frank met Mrs. G. Campbell and 3 of her family at the Depot.
1. Mr. McCorkal away for a rest and the Church to be vacant and renovated.
2. Mr. C, Mrs. L and I went to the Fairgrounds and heard E.P. Allen and Whitman at the Calebration of the freedom of Slavery by the British in the West Indies. Went to Elizabeths at night.
3. Mr. C went to William Campbells and the old farm. Mrs. L and Belle went to see Mr. Keedle.
George Voorhees set fire to a stump and it run over the Wheat stubble and burned 30 or 40 rods of our fence and frightened us.
6. Went to the old Farm. Frank and Van Riper preparing to build fence that got burned-Robert drew pickets from Norton's for the fence. Watched Frank and Van weaving the pickets in the wires for our line fance.
11. Anna, Mary and I started about 5 for Niagra Falls and went over the river through Canada and got there about 2 P.M. The Falls were soul inspiring and it did me good to see them. I cared little for the camping out and outdoor preaching.
12. Anna and I went over the suspension bridge to the American side and went down the steep bank and on the ‘Maid of the Mist’ up close to the Falls-Splendid rainbow on one side of Cook Island and the boat rocked fearfully turning around at the Horseshow Falls.
13. Anna, Mary and I walked to the Cantilever and the great railroad bridge and down the rapids till near the whirlpool.
17. Mr. C, Belle and I went on the Excursion to Detroit. I went to see Agnes but she had gone up the Lakes. Mr. C climbed to the top of City Hall-there were said to be 800 steps.
19. Mr. C and I drove down to the Tuttle Bridge, Whittakers Corner and the old farm-hot and dusty. Mr. & Mrs. John Campbell just got back from Niagra Falls. Frank working on the City Bridge. Miss Lottie Casey was married.
24. Mr. William Campbell and Clare brought Mrs. G. Campbell, Robert, Edith and Bessie-fine young people.
26. Helped Robert get out manure-Received a Texas and Chicago paper praising the wee book. J. McDougal paid interest.
27. Frank and took Mrs. G. Campbell's trunk to the Depot and I waited to see her off for her home in New Hampshire.
29. Mrs. L, Anna, Mary, Bella and I went to the Congregational Church and heard Mr. Walton.
31. Jerome came and got all the Oats and Wheat thrashed up here before Noon and finished at Roberts about 3. 200 bushels up here and 150 on the old farm. 25 bushels here to an acre and only 15 at the old farm.
1. Dr. G. Campbell came and Mr. C and I drove him to see Azro, Elizabeth and the wee boy and Robert and his family.
2. Robert took G. Campbell to A. CAmpbells on Platt Road.
3. We went to the Depot and saw Anna off to Elkhart. Mrs. L and I went to our old friend Grove Sanders burial.
5. The two Marys and I went to the Methodist Church and heard Mr. Springer. Heard of old Mr. Hewitts death.
6. Went with Frank to where he works on the Dam. Mrs. L and I drove down to see Frank and the Mill Dam.
Mr. & Mrs. R. Campbell and A. Campbell and John came to see Gabriel Campbell baptise the wee boy William Azro Fletcher. A pleasant and heart lifting gathering.
12. Went to our Church-Mr. Allen took Mr. Geddes place. The Church ceiling and walls painted beautiful during vacation.
13. Belle begun her School where she went as a child. Paid Robert $8.60 for helping to Thrash.
16. Went to the Depot with Azro on his way to the Fair in Jackson.
21. Paid Miss Stewart $3 for a post office Money Order and sent it to Mason and Perry for a Waterbury Watch.
25. Mrs. L and I went to a child's burial at George Allens.
30. William Campbell and wife, Azro and Elizabeth went to Plymouth Fair in one buggy.
2. Some frost-Mr. & Mrs. A. Campbell and Jay came.
4. Helped Frank put roof boards on the Woodshed, quite a big shed. Robert brought a load of Baldwin apples for drying on the kitchen roof.
5. There was a little girl born in Robert's home-looking back it doesn't seem very long since Robert was born in that house. Mr. C, Mrs. L and I went to see Elizabeth, Wee Willie and Azro who is picking apples.
7. Mr. C and I went to Augusta-paid $6.48 for Insurance. John Campbell's girls came up with us.
9. Helped Robert gather good Baldwin apples and some windfalls to sell for.20¢ a hundred.
Brother Robert returned from the Sea where he had been for two months. His wife sick and he was glad to get back.
13. Mr. C and Mrs. L went to the Town of York to see Mrs. Rambo.
16. Went to the old farm and called on Hattie and the wee girl-Mary and Belle went to Uncle Williams.
18. Brother Robert came and told of his wife's sickness and that J. Kitchen had just died outside of what was intended to be his new home.
20. Went to the old home and gathered apples. Held Robert's wee wee girl.
23. Robert helped Azro to thrash-I left 4 barrells of Apples for Sister Agnes and 2 for daughter Anna at the Depot. A great decoration row in Town.
29. Went to Town with Mr. C who was wanted at Nindes Office-Mrs. Sam Campbell, her granddaughter and Jane came from Belleville.
1. Walked to the Opera House to hear Dickie the Prohibitionist and it made me sweat in the fine building. A man said they would begin by singing a song by William Lambie.
2. Frank and Mr. C went to Vote. Old Mr. Forsythes burial day.
3. Frank went to Crittendens-Robert to Sanders sale and I wheeled manure on the garden.
A great Republician rally at night to congratulate E.P Allen on his slection to Congress.
5. Received word from the Railroad that Anna's Apples to Elkhart were unclamied.
9. Walked to Town and was glad to hear from Anna and the Apples. A. Campbell came and told me I was a narrow man but failed to state how broad he was.
15. Drove Frank to McKim's Corner.
16. Came to America in 1839-Married in 1849.
John Geddes came and went to Town with us. I drove him to the Starkweather Farm. One of the first and best men I met in America.
24. Drove to William Campbells against the cold blasts to have him come and help with the Ring Mortgage.
25. Had a grand Thanksgiving dinner along with William Campbell and family, Azro, Lizzie, Willie, Robert, Hattie and the babe and some others.
27. A. Campbell came to tell us of his son's Wedding.
30. St. Andrews Day-Mrs. L and I went to call on Uncle Robert Campbell and Uncle William-Robert paid $18.00 interest on his note. Everyone very friendly.
1. Brother Robert and daughter drove up in the storm and presented me a fine fur cap-just what I needed.
3. T. Camman and two friends called coming from McComb County for th Ypsilanti Temperance Convention. Follmores driver brought boards for Franks shop.
6. Went with Mr. C and Mrs. L to grand dinner party at A. Campbells along with the William Campbell Family and Mr. & Mrs. Follar.
10. The two Marys and I went to call on Azro and Elizabeth and then on the Mrs. Loveridge who was a happy girl when I came to America 47 years ago. She looked very well, cheerful after passing th through so much sorrow. She showed us the beautiful portraits of her husband and family but it was sad to think of them all dead.
13. Anna's Birthday-It was a cold dreary day when she was born when we only had one wee stove and one room 12 by 16 and our few potatoes all froze-poverty within desolation.
Frank paid $50.00-all he owes me.
14. Mary and I went to Town and to Mr. Gray for Onions and turnips. Paid the Taxes on the old farm. $15.36.
16. A good winter day, Mary walked to the home of her childhood. A poem in the Ypsilantian on the Knights of Labor.
17. Two above zero, Robert drew two loads of week to town. The two Marys went to a fair under the Church. Mr. & Mrs. Laurie came to dinner In Memory of David Kennedy.
18. Snow in the night, Paid the Taxes on the old farm. Mr. Voorhees paid me the School money $243.59. Taxes on the old farm $15.36.
19. Mary, Belle and I went to Church. Mrs. L kept Willie-Snow showers and cold, dreary weather.
20. Went with Frank in the Cutter by moon to McKims Corners-got back to Azros about sunrise-very cold, Elizabeth and Willie came back with me, four above zero.
21. Mrs. L went to Town in the Cutter-I saw them sliding on their toboggens down the Huron Banks. Shortest day Mrs. L and I went to our old sick friend John Geddes in fornoon and went to David Laforges burial in afternoon. Pure sunshine in pure snow.
23. Misty morning. 16 above zero-Brother Robert and daughter called the two Marys and I drove down to Roberts-The old home where we fought life's battle so long.
24. Drove to the School with Belle in a driving snow storm. Mrs. L went for Belle at night-Anna came home from Elkhart and Robert brought her home after dark.
25. Christmas-I think it is 18 years since Father left this life of ours. It seems wonderful that even death with all its awful mysteries can seperate us from those who were near and dear as completely as if they never had existed.
The whole family went to Roberts in Azros long sleigh and had a granddinner in the old home where all the Bairns were born. With a strange cemingling of joy and sorrow…
Paid Anna note of $100 with interest and Belle $100.
26. Mrs. L, Anna, Mary, Belle and I went to Church in the Cutter, tie up Dick in the deep snow.
31. The last day of 1886-Cold storm forenoon. The two Marys and I went to Town in the Cutter and bought some food for the feast.

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