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William Lambie Diary, 1887

William Lambie Diary, 1887 image William Lambie Diary, 1887 image William Lambie Diary, 1887 image William Lambie Diary, 1887 image William Lambie Diary, 1887 image William Lambie Diary, 1887 image William Lambie Diary, 1887 image William Lambie Diary, 1887 image William Lambie Diary, 1887 image
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1. Robert Campbell and his bride from Jackson came to dinner along with a great company of friends.
3. Frank took Anna to the Depot and then went to the woods in Augusta to look at the fallen trees. Very cold and coal and wood going down fast.
14. Snow in the night too deep for Belle to walk to her School. Took her in the Cutter.
20. Mild weather and thawing. A. Campbell came on his way to Mr. Conley's funeral at Ann ARbor. Paid Brother Robert the $45 dollars I owed him.
22. Paid Stephenson $1.60 for 6 pictures of my old Straven Home.
24. Went with Mr. Campbell to have his photo taken in the Stephenso Gallery. The two Marys and I went to see son Robert in his home-the snow was deep in the lane-Dick pulled till a trace broke and I had to be half a horse and hold the trace thru the snow.
25. Burn's Birthday-the time for Scotchmen to make speeches, sing and eat Haggis-Frank came at night from Detroit and brought good news that Mother on the edge of 90 was in good health and spirits.
27. Helped Azro clean wheat-Frank, Azro and T. Casey worked on Frank's Shop. Mrs. L, Mary, Lizzie and the youngster came. Wee Willie got down an Album and my gold specks to look at the pictures.
29. Went to Town to call on Brother Robert-found him and his wife rather downhearted.
31. Cold and stormy-too cold to write well-Received fine letter from Dr. Inglis. Settled with son, Robert.

1. Robert, Azro and Walter cleaned up all the wheat and took it to the Dauble Mill.
Paid J. Campbell for 4 bushels of seed wheat.
3. Mary and I went to Town. Stephanson gave me 16 photos for mr. C., more to core-paid him $10.50.
4. Frank paid me $52.50 for my share of the wheat that grew on this farm. Robert sold some turkeys and brought us a load of coal.
14. Jones sawed wood and I split. Robert measured up the Oats and divided them between Mr. C., him and Azro.
18. Went to Roberts and saw him cutting down Apple trees that I planted in younger days. Muddy and roaring winds. Peter M Martin going to California to gather oranges.
20. Mother's Birthday–now 90 years old-went to Detroit and called on Sister Agnes in her beautiful home and then over the river to see Mother.
23. Mr. L got Robert's horse and buggy to go to Ann Arbor about the Hewen's Estate.

1. Robert went to Parkers Mill to get feed ground and I went with him.
3. Went to Town and got a fine pair of pants and vest made by John Grogan.
10. Frank sold 35 sheep to C. Fletcher for $2.00 each and Robert sold him 5 swine for $25.00.
11. Robert's Birthday-The two Marys and I walked to Town to see him, his wife and Babe(Leah) and the old home where we lived so long.
13. Mary and I walked to Church. Mr. Lay walked also, Church full.
14. Cold and dreary. Mary sick and I have a cold. Geese flying.
15. Frank kept some money for repairing the stable and paid $63.60 for the sheep he sold to C. Fletcher. Mr. Martin paid a dollar for the use of the horse. The cow and steer got out on the road and wife and I run after them till my head ached.
16. A sore headache all night and forenoon. Received a letter from Prof. Blackie of Edinburgh and one with the picture of James Golder who wrote the “Spenticlell”.
17. St. Patricks day, a bitter north wind, got a good sleep. Mary come back afoot. Robert went past Azro drawing wheat. Belle went to Marys.
19. Mary and I went to Detroit and Sister Agnes' and enjoyed a grand day with her kind family in her beautiful home. Met Brother Frank after a long absence and did not like his manner, his pride seemed to overmaster his good sense.
20. Was glad to see a pleasant Sabbath after so many starmy days. Mr. McCorkel preached about not being justified by the law. Elizabeth and Willie stayed with us.
21. The two Marys and I took dinner with our kind friends Mr. & Mrs. John Taylor. Paid Mr. Coe 50cents more on the Commercial. Bought a bushel of Timothy seed from Mr. Ainsworth at $2.25.
23. Robert and I sowed about 10 acres of Clover seed.
24. Sowed the field south of the house 2 or 3 acres with clover. seed. Paid Frank $18 for an overcoat he bought off J. Sanders. The first new overcoat I remember buying. Went to Town, wet afternoon.
25. Frost and sunshine. W. Campbell brought back Mary. J. Golder has a poem in the Advertiser to me.
26. GAve Frank a Note for $268 to pay Belle for teaching the Winter School. Frost, sunshine, cold wind and birds singing.
27. Bleak blasts, Mr. Putnam preached a heart uplifting sermon. A cold dreary snow storm in the afternoon.
29. More bleak weather, the two Marys and I went to Town.
30. Four above zero but no bitter blasts. Wife and I walked to the old home, blue skies and sunshine.
Catherine Campbell came, Mrs. L and I went to B. Voorhees.
31. Pleasent sunshine. Rode to Town with Robert.

1. Sunshine, a bonnie blue sky. Walter and William Campbell, Robert and Hattie came to dinner and the babe cried some.
2. Frost and sunshine, like spring. Went to Town, Mother's Birthday lines in the Commercial. Mr. C. is unwell.
3. The first fine balmy day in a long time. Three went to Church in forenoon. Mary and I walked down by moonlight.
4. Breezy and mild, the grest day to vote yes or no for prohib-ition, “I will not be there”. Mr. C got up at breakfast but is weak and weary.
5. Same-more snow, cold blasts, ice on the water pail, longing for spring. Received a letter from Ex G. Begole.(Govenor?) Heard the State vote was against prohibition. The Satans were more powerful than the pulpits.
6. Drew out manure alone as I did 40 years ago. Azro took all the Hay away that I helped to gather. Not many Christians take the spoiling of their goods joyfully. The chain pump broks and Robert was kind enough to fix it.
7. Snow during the night, the fields all white once more. Mary and I went to the old home. Robert had Jerome and a number of men carrying wood to his engine sawing pickets and stove wood and a Mason plastering. I used to saw the wood and plaster all alone in my younger days.
A letter about straw stacks in the Hamilton Paper.
9. Frank, Robert and I went to see the raising of Frank Fletcher's barn.
11. Went with Mr. C. to Stoney creek to see the monument on Deacon Prats grave. Had supper and pleasant time with the John Campbells.
15. My Birthday-I was born in 1821 and this is 1887 so I have lived 66 years.
21. Mr. & Mrs. A. Campbell came to dinner, Kate Campbell, Roberts and Jay Campbell–Dan Campbell now a full fledged Lawyer already, came.
Heard the W. Hearst lost $50,000 by Hill Mills burning.
25. Received a beautiful book ‘Heaven in Song’ from Mrs. Fairbairn the finest compliment yet in return for ‘Life on the Farm’.
Robert paid me for the Hay Azro sold.
30. Mrs. L, Mary and I went over to Azro's to celebrate Willie's second birthday.
Dr. Watling told me he is going to sail for Glasgow on the 28th of May.

3. S(L?) Vale offered me a ticket for $135, Cabin passage to Scotland on the Nebraska June 2.

Sailed for Scotland May 1887 and returned July 20. Gone away from home a month and a day.

21. Was glad to get home to my friends and daily duties after seeing the home of my childhood where life began and character formed. Brother Robert and other friends were pleased to see me back safe and well. And I ought to be glad and grateful for so pleasant friends on land and sea.
23. Fine morning. Robert and I walked over to the old farm and saw the crop fields, cows and sheep. I long dreamed of going to Scotland. After going in reality it seems something like a dream still.
25. Went with Frank to Mr. Conklin's, past the Free Church. John Campbell and his only daughter came to see Mr. C.
28. James wrote Mother not well-took the train to Detroit and walked to the Oak (Royal Oak) last night. The friends and farm looked well. William Todd brought me in time for the early train. Called on Mother and James. Took dinner with Agnes. A. McCelellan changed 4 1/2 Sovereigns for me.
30. Not feeling well. Belle gave me hot scalded milk and pepper and I improved.

1. Frank, Willie and I drove up to Mr. Conklins to Frank's job. Mrs. L and I went to Mrs. Weed's funeral. The best people seemed to be there.
3. Went to Town with Belle and paid $1.75 for setting the Buggy tiees.
4. The girls brought over Mrs. F and Willie. Met C. King back from over the Sea.
6. Mrs. L got a hired girl at Lowell and took her to Uncle Williams. Robert and his man drew manure on the Oat stuble.
8. Written with a Glasgow pen–Frank and Mr. C went to John Campbells.
10. The Ypsilanti Band gave an Excursion to Detroit and Put-in-Bay Island.
11. Anna and Mary went to Brooklyn to Camp out.
12. Brother Frank's Birthday, when the Sportsman shoot murfowl in Scotland. The white cow went down to Roberts.
Mrs. L and I went to Mrs. Gale's funeral.
Robert (son) unwell and his man is plowing.
17. Belle want on the Sunday School Excursion-Andrew Campbell came in forenoon and Gabriel at night. Wrote to J. Taylor in Canada and Hamilton Brothers in Glasgow.
A card from the girls camping at Brooklyn. It came in 7 days.
19. Fine morning. Salted the sheep on the old farm and at dawn. Settled with Robert for making the fence and drawing Wheat.
26. Jones wheeled manure on the garden. Andrew Campbell brought Gabriel at night.
27. Took Mr. C, Mrs. L and Gabriel to the Depot. Gabriel did not take out his satchel and did not notice it until I got home. Returned to the Depot to send it to Jackson and met Mr. Roberts coming for it. They had to wait for the next train. I suppose they will lay all the blame on me.

1. Jerome finished thrashing here, 71 bushels of Wheat and then he went to Roberts and he had 240 bushels. The Thrashers had supper, dinner and breakfast at Roberts.
2. Took Anna to the Depot on her way to teach at Elkhart. Mr. C, Mrs. L and I went to a grand party and dinner at Robert Campbells in Pittsfield, William Campbell and wife, Andrew Campbell and wife, Willie and wife and Professor Campbell were there, Very plesant party. I let men better educated than me manage the conversation.
4. Beautiful day neither heat or cold. Impressive Secrament. John Geddes went round with the bread and wine as he did in the long ago. Uncle Gabriel, Mary and I rode down in the evening to the Congregational Church and Gabriel preached about the prodigal son-fine moonlight coming home.
5. Beautiful morning. Mr. C and I went to Town with Gabriel to see him off for his home at Dartmouth.
7. Mrs. L and I went to Ann Arbor and saw the Museum in forenoon, the Statuary and Art Gallery in afternoon. Had dinner with kind Aunt Livina and met some of the pioneers in the Court House and Willie, or rather Dr. Campbell and wife in their home.
10. Went with Frank to J. Waterberries, cool breezes.
Mrs. L, Mary and Belle went to Town. Belle and I put up the stove to keep us warm, I caught cold. Gathered apples.
14. Mary and I went to Detroit-called on Agnes and Mother in Windsor, found her very weak and usable to sit up. Had dinner with Brother James, met Mr. & Mrs. Fletcher on the Ferry Boat and saw the Soldiers marching in fine style.
16. Had a letter in the Evangelist about going from Michigan to Scotland.
19. Frank went to Waterberries-Mrs. L, Mrs. C and I drove down by the Paper Mill to get a ride and see the new Railroad. State Fair Week, but I saw the fair far away in Native Straven.
20. Saw an Electric Tower over by Pecks to enlighten the City of Ypsilanti.
24. The first ice this morning. Mr. C not well. Dug potatoes and tried to cap the straw stack.
26. Mrs. L went to collect provisions for a dinner to a goodly number of ladies expected in the Church (Presbyterian) next week. I west to Tom Moore's Sale. Robert sold his black team to Yost.
28. Mr. C, Mrs. L and I went to the Fair in the afternoon.
I like the Fairs in America better than in Scotland. And the Sailors on the Clyde will be sorry to hear that the Volunteer has left the Thistle behind.
30. I gave Frank the notes on Breining and Fletcher $100 each and he gave me the one he held from me for $168.00.

3. Frank went to Ann arbor in connection with J. Miller's farm. Mary and I went to the church at night to hear a colored Troupe. It looked a kind of profanation of the chunch and pulpit to me. I would rather hear my own family sing at home.
4. Went to Town and got wet coming home-Paid the insurance on Mary's farm and mine. Milked in the rain, the wind blowing the foam off of the pail.
5. Mrs. L took provisions for the Missionary Ladies in the church. I repaired old board fence for no wages and no thanks Robert put his mothers share of potatoes in the cellar.
7. Got apple barrels from Ainsworth.
8. Went to Town, Mr. Quirk paid interest. Brother Robert is having a flagstone side walk laid in front off his fine home. His horse died.
10. Went to the old farm and used a ladder to get fine Catawba grapes.
12. Went to Parson's wood yard and Frank took his tool chest. Azro's Mother, Elizabeth and Willie came. Gathered apples for Anna and Agnes. Shipped 2 barrels to Sister Agnes and 1 to Anna.
18. Robert's man brought a one horse load of corn. Reynold's man brought Coal. Gathered apples by the old farm alone. Belle helped after School.
20. Took apples to the cellar. Our good friend Robert Campbell came and paid interest $18.00. Robert (son) called as he drew stones and got a pig from Jones.
25. The wind roared nearly all night.
Went to Town and got a lot of Letters and Papers. Went to the old home to see about apples. Seems hardly fair that the old should gather apples and the young ride in Top Buggies.
28. Robert took Azro to work with Frank and then gathered a few apples.

3. Went to the old home and got a sheep for Mutton.
7. Walked to the old farmnand then to the Moon farm where we first lived and plowed. So I have seen the first home in Straven, the second on the Moon farm, the third on the Marsh-field farm and the fourth where I live at present.
11. Robert brought up a load of cornstalks. Four men were hanged at Chicago for killing the Policemen with Bombs last summer. Reynolds sent up a load of Coal. Gathered more apples.
14. Went with Frank to Harvey James-Exchanged Wheat for flour.
20. Cold snow showers. Robert and Dan Campbell came, Dan to bid us goodbye before going to open a law office in Fort Scott, Kansas.
23. The body of Justine Bennett came to the depot on the after-noon train-Went to the Funeral and heard Knights Templars read their service over his grave.

3. Wet afternoon-Andrew Campbell came. The electric lights burning the third time, dim in the storm.
4. Wet stormy night-cleared up as we went to Church Sacrament. No new members and some old ones not there. Saw a building burning proved to be Mr. Ainsworths.
5. Clear and frosty. Went to Town and was vexed to see so much flour, beans and oats burning in the Ainsworth Building. The one who set that fire disgraces humanity-an example of total depravity.
8. Beautiful winter day-Farmers buying loads of burnt grains from Mr. Ainsworth.
Mr. Allen got the first seat in Congress.
10. Wrote lines to Whittier on his eightieth birthday. Paid William Scotney $20.00 for school wood.
14. Mrs. L took provision to the Church Festival and Mary and I had supper under the Church in the evening with Mr. & Mrs. Taylor.
17. Mr. Whittier's 80th Birthday. Mr. Campbell was unwell.
William came to see him. He is hardly able to get out of bed. James writes that John is low and poor Mother is comfortable. Read in the paper that Lambie and Fletcher had bought City property for $800.00.
18. Good winterday, went to the old home to see Robert and then to Church.
19. Went to C. Fletchers with Frank and then to see Robert. William Campbell came.
20. Mild-Robert had 3 helping to cut stalks yesterday.
22. Cold and Stormy-6 above zero. Reed brought another load of coal.
24. Paid the taxes and received the school money. Paid the $100 I borrowed of Brother Robert, Anna came at night.
25. Sabbath: On a Christmas Sabbath day very like today, nineteen years ago the Angel of Death took Father away to the Silent Land. Time, earthly power, preaching and mental ability never make the awful mystery of death any clearer.
26. We had a goodly number to dinner and social pleasures. William Campbell and family, Andrew and family, John and family, Robert and Dr. Campbell (M.D.), John Taylor, Azro, our Robert, in all about 35 old and young. A goodly company of good friends who seemed to bring peace and good will to each other.
27. Robert, William Scotney and Azro sawed our wood with a horse power and buggy saw. Kind sister Agnes sent Caranges book “Round the World”.
28. Cold dreary blasts, Anna and Mary visiting our Robert. Robert got his horses shod-Belle walked to the Grange.
31. The last day, not of the World but of the year-Went to the Depot with Anna, was sorry to have her leave friends and home in a dreary driving snow storm.

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