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Doris Milliman
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Ypsilanti Historical Society
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Historical Markers

There are two stone markers on Huron Street that are seldom noticed and to which we call your attention in this issue of The Gleanings.

The first one is in front of the former Ladies' Library at 130 North Huron Street. During the celebration of the observance of the Ypsilanti Area Sesquicentennial 1823–1973. The building was used as the headquarters for the celebration. The Marker was installed by the Ypsilanti Area Jaycees, January 1973.

The next Marker is in front of the former City Hall at 300 North Huron Street, and the inscription here reads:

“In Loving Memory of Carpenter Post No. 180 Grand Army of the Republic. Dedicated by Carpenter's Women's Relief Corps No. 65 Carpenter's Camp No. 180, Sons of Union Veterans. Marbha Beach Tent No. 5, Daughters of Union Veterans, Ypsilanti, Michigan”.

The Boulder in memory of the G.A.R., placed in City Hall Yard by Sons and Daughters of Union Veterans.

Committee: Mrs. Eunice Garty, Mrs. S.B. Mereness, Mrs. Harry Weston, Mrs. Ella Niles, Mrs. Sarah Young, Mrs. Ella Bassett, E.E. Ensign, Horatia Paine, and Mrs. C. Downing. Unveiled by Mrs. S.B. Mereness.

There were about 50 Soldiers in the Grand Army of the Republic organization at the time the stone was erected. The day before the stone was erected, the Women's Organizations sponsored a dinner for the men. At this event a “Guess Cake” was raffled off and was won by the Justice of Peace, Mr. Darwin Curtis for $1.25. The cake which contained 50 pennies was made by Mrs. Margaret Weston. Many dinners were sponsored by the group to raise money to pay for the Marker.

The stone supporting the plaque was obtained near Milan where it was dug from a trench and brought here by Mr. Byron Fosdick who also placed the stone.

At the time the Monument was erected, Seth Mereness was President of the G.A.R. Post and Mrs. Eunice Matts was Monument Chairman.

Three early members of the Women's Relief Corps were Mrs. Margaret Weston, Mrs. Ella Miles and Mrs. Nellie Tripp.

In another of The Gleanings there will be an article about the Women's Relief Corps which met in the Building at 11 Pearl Street that was owned by the G.A.R.