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William Lambie Diary, 1888

William Lambie Diary, 1888 image William Lambie Diary, 1888 image William Lambie Diary, 1888 image William Lambie Diary, 1888 image William Lambie Diary, 1888 image William Lambie Diary, 1888 image William Lambie Diary, 1888 image William Lambie Diary, 1888 image William Lambie Diary, 1888 image William Lambie Diary, 1888 image William Lambie Diary, 1888 image William Lambie Diary, 1888 image
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1. Belle went to Roberts and got a sharp shod horse to take us to Church over the icy roads. 8 above zero.
5. Walked down in the snow to Roberts. Robert and one they call August went riding in a carriage and his wife and Knapps daughter in a top cutter. Only the dark bay stamping about in the barn yard. I thought of Princes walking and servants riding.
6. Elizabeth's Birthday. Belle made her a dress. Very icy and I had to get old Dick Sharp shod. Masons working on the new Bank opposite Kings and Cleary College. My poem about Whitter's Birthday in the Commercial.
8. Sunday-Mr. Pratt and Mr. Hunter installed Elders. Brother Robert declined.
12. Zero cold blasts-heard of death of Mrs. Stebbins and Mr. Buklin.
13. Very changeable weather-zero yesterday and today 38¢. Paid Frank Smith $6.00 for Church seat rent.
17. Received a kind complementary postcard from my favorite poet, Dear delightful John Greenleaf Whittier.
20. Just above zero and dreary-few eggs and little milk. Had account of hundreds being frozen to death in Dacota. Mr. Fairfield called and invited me to read a poem for Burns' Anniversary at the Congregational Social next Tuesday.
22. 4 below zero, but going to Church eaves dripped in the sunshine. Every Presbyterian is requested to give a dollar for a fund for disabled Ministers.
24. Mr. & Mrs. Voorhees came-his daughter and Mrs. Deuble, Mary, Belle and I went to a pleasant part at Mr. Coverts(Coles?). (Dr. Kinne came to see Mr. C.)
27. A poem about Bonnie Doon in the Ypsilantian. Editor William Naismith sent me a calendar from Scotland. He is a kind friend and sends me his paper free. Eclipse of the moon in the evening.
29. Mrs. L gave $3.00 for the Ministers millions. Brother Robert had word John (their brother) was sick and poor and needed help.

3. Wrote Mr. Naismith. Mrs L and Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Hewens went to Azros for pleasant time. Some happy young people singing in the evening.
8. 5 above zero. Robert got his hand badly cut with a buzz saw over at Theodores but can use his fingers. Dr. Kinne came to see Mr. C. Coldest night this winter, 11 below zero.
10. Grandfather (Mr. C) very sick in the night. Frank went for Uncle William in the morning.
11. John Campbell, William and Andrew came. John sat up with his father during the night. Azro's Mother sick too.
12. John and Mr. Campbell, William and Dr. Campbell and Clare came. Frank sat up with Grandfather. Azro stayed with his sick Mother.
13. Grandfather able to read a little. Mr. & Mrs. William Campbell came. Mr. & Mrs. John Campbell and family, Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Campbell and Mr. L Crittenden came to see Grandfather.
Sent 16¢ in stamps to pay for all we owed on the Youths Companion.
15. Mrs. L woke me up between 1 & 2 in the morning and said Grand-father was breathing fast and he passed away from all of this earth. Frank and I dressed the body. Frank started early in 8 below zero to go for Uncle William. Wrote to Anna regarding the sad event. William & FRank selegraphed Gabriel at Darthmout and in about 2 hours he sent word he would come.
Robert & Andrew, John(the sons) and David Gardner came.
16. William Campbell went round making guarrangements for the funeral. Mr. McElcherin and Chideater put the body in the casket.
17. After all the friends came here and went to the Church at Stoney Creek, Gabriel did not come and the burial was pestponed till tomorrow. He arrived late on the evening train.
18. The friends came again in the morning. Gabriel sung a fine Scotch Hymn and prayed over his father's body in the coffin. The Mourners rode in 3 closed carriages. The day was very pleasant for February.
Mr. Loury(?) preached a good short sermon and we laid the body low in the grave, sorry to part on earth for ever and glad he died in good old age well taken care of here and we trust happy with the Redeemer in Heaven where came and sorrow never comes.
Robert & Hattie cared for the house and Gabriel and Andrew came to supper. Everyone seemed to do all they could to make our sorrow less and our peace of mind greater.
19. The two Marys, Belle, Azro Clizabeth and wee Willie and I went to Church. Mr. C was lying in his bed here last Sabbath and this Sabbath he is lying in his grave in Augusta, the greatest change possible on earth and appaling in its magnitude.
20. Mother's Birthday and I think she is 91. Wanted to take the train at daylight but the wind blew so hard I deferred it. Took the eleven o'clock train and found her in bed but her mind clear and glad to see me. A great many times shw thought our next meeting would be in Heaven but it has always been on earth so far. Took tea with Agnes. It was delightful to be with her and her family. James was sick. Got home at 10.
22. Washington's Birthday, a great Republician meeting in Detroit. Robert Campbell came and met John and Gabriel in the afternoon.
29. Cold night-ice in the kitchen-rough roads and dreary blasts. A great contention voting about Local Options.
28. The vote in Washtenaw went for the Saloons and the sale of Liquor. Azro's Mother failing.

3. Mud yesterday and hard rough roads today. William Campbell sent the Sentinal, an account of Grandfathers life and death. Called on Brother Robert and found them all unwell and down-hearted.
6. Mrs. L sick, son Robert brought Milk and medicine. Split wood and got 34 eggs.
7. Mary and I went to Town. Sold 8 dozen eggs at 16¢ a dozen. Found Brother Robert on the street a little better and family gaining.
9. Went to School with Belle, saw 2 Blue Birds. Azro and Elizabeth went to see Mrs. F. Fletcher and Willie atayed with us.
10. Eggs down to 11¢ Got 40 today.
15. Went to the old home and got a sheep for Mutton. Eggas 12¢. Sold 8 dozen. Saw two flocks of wild geese.
16. Heard of the death of Azro's Mother and that Lorshire () the grocer had hanged himself. Belle has a girl sewing for her. Traded eggs for goods.
18. Frank, Mary and I went to Azro's Mothers funeral. Great numbers came to do what they could do megitate(?) the sorrows of the bereaved family. 54 eggs.
20. Frank drove over to work on Vromans barn. Azro, Elizabeth and Willie came and Robert and Hattie, Mary and Willie walked to the Depot. 43 Eggs.
21. ABout 6 inches of snow in the night. Cold and dreary but the song sparrows are singing. 47 eggs.
22. Great storm in New York. Fed the stock and reed-50 eggs.
22. I took back Hattie's sewing machine. The wheel of the buggy went in a rut under the snow-I fell out and was vexed add some hurt. Eggs at 14¢.
27. Belle and William were married by Mr. Fairfield. William's father, the three brothers and three sisters were present. The new man and wife went to Robert. Frank brought a nice letter from Cousn James Hamilton in Glasgow.
28. More snow. Brother Robert and daughter came and brought presents to Belle. Mr. & Mrs. Scotney came for her goods. 42 eggs. Went to Town and exchanged wheat for flour.
29. Frank west to Vromans-Wife and I went to Town. Anna and her Mother bought a White sewing machine. I think the agent im-posed on them.
30. Old Mr. Scotney got 5 sheep at Roberts. Mrs. L and Anna went to see Mrs. Scotney (Belle).

1. Easter Sunday-the two Marys and I went to Church, a beautiful display of flowers before the pulpit. Belle has a home of her ownaand did not come home with us as she used to do. Mr. & Mrs. Fletbher and Willie came to dinner.
2. Roads getting better. Town Meeting Day. Jones split wood. I wheeled ashes on the garden. Mrs. L sick but went to Town with Mary. In the afternoon Robert and Hattie came and Dr. Campbell at night.
4. Mrs. L and I went to Ann Arbor to visit Mr. & Mrs. Robert Campbell-Called on William Campbell-splendid homes do not bring health and vigor. Our friends seemed weak and weary.
6. Set two hens. Robert's boy (hired hand) plowed the garden and I wheeled manure.
Mrs. L and I went to Ben Voorhees for White Leghorn and Plymouth Rock eggs. Dug some parsnips and sowed peas.
8. Sabbath-The two Marys, Azro, Elizabeth and Willie at Church. A meeting of Irishmen and the Priest before the house. Was told they came to look at the land, they thought of using it for a Catholic burying gooodd. 43 eggs.
9. B. Voorhees brought 3 dozen eggs-Set 2 hens with our eggs yesterday and 3 with Ben's eggs today. Eggs now 14¢-49 eggs. Robert took down the partition between our bedroom and grand-fathers for more room.
9. B. Voorhees brought 3 dozen eggs-Set 2 hens with our eggs yesterday and 3 with Ben's eggs today. Eggs now 14¢. got 49 eggs today. Robert took down the partition between our bed-room and Grandfathers for more room.
13. Robert cleaned Dats for seed. Frank sowed clover. Got premium eggs from G. Yager to set.
14. We are sorry the Catholics have bought 14 acres of land oppo-site our house for a burying goound. Mrs. L west to consult Uncle William regarding it. Frank paid the $32 he owed. Went to see old Mrs: Morton (Brother Robert Lambie's Mother-in-law).
15. My Birthday-I am getting old and gray-sixty seven years have passed away. unice gave me a likeness of Gladstone.
Catholic's surveying their land. Brother Robert gave me a mattress. P. Van Attan got 3 bushels of Potatoes.
18. The two Marys went to John Campbells and got strawberry plants. Mrs. Hewens paid interest. Planted potatoes-46 eggs. Sent a $2.50 Postal Note to W. Johnson for Evergreen Trees.
Catholic's planting Maple Trees.
21. 7 hens hatching-The two Marys went to consult with Uncle William about C.King buying some land. Frank and Mr. Rice put weights in to raise the windows.
27. Boys making a fence around the garden. Slow hard work and lots of of shouting. Mrs. L paid the Agent for the White Sewing Machine. Peas coming up.
28. Robert's boy came for more hay. It is hardly fair he should get so auch and me so little.
30. Mrs. L, Mary and I went over to celebrate Willie's Birthday-3 years old.

1. Robert sold load of wheat at $85. Mary, Elizabeth and Willie gathered flowers in Norton's Woods. (Norton casey) Robert paid $89 for wheat, and $17 for Mother.
3. Frank got Van Attan to drive for water. Axro brought 5 late Crawford peach trees-planted them on the south side of the garden. Mary, Mrs. Fletcher, Willie and I called on Belle, now Mrs. Scotney and went by the old Moon Farm and Camps, dreaming of Lang Syne.
5. Frank, Robert and VanAttan driving for a well. They want no advice from me only my money to pay for it and did better than I expected. Sold 10 dozen eggs to Basslers.
7. Cool breezes, saw the first red headed woodpecker. The boys think they have driven a good well at the old home. Robert got more hay.
9. Mary and I went to see the new well. Robert was discontented. Like the rest of us does not make much. Those who used to laugh at us for being so saving when we did not make much may laugh now. We saved our honor and our creditors from hearing lies.
10. Went with Frank to the Depot where they are putting up buttetin boards for Baroums Show.
(K) Wressler got 15 dozen eggs at 11¢. Helped Robert spread manure. Got 6 bushels of whte seed corn from William Scotney.
16. Went with Frank to Vromans-Robert took down the coal stove and got more hay. Turned the cow out to pasture. The low land with frost.
17. A year ago today I started from home in America to my first home in native Scotland. Received 95 Evergreen trees from W. Johnson Antrem Co. 85¢ express charges. Bought nails and shoes.
Wressler got about 20 dozen eggs.
23. Got old Dick shod. Planted potatoes. Mary and I had to run after Robert's cows at night and was very weary.
24. Mary and I drove to Town and saw Sells Circus come in on the Train.
30. Mary and I went to the Cemetery and saw the Monuments to the Dead adn the parade of Marching soldiers to celebrate Decoration Day.
31. Robert got more Hay and a letter from a man that I thought wanted to defraud him.

2. Went to see Belle at her home. Vexed that Robert went to lease his home and work for a strenger that I think will rob him.
4. Frank and I put a board on the cows face so she may not break fences. Repaired fence and was sorry to see Robert go past without speaking to his Mother who has been so kind to him all his life and would do all for him.
6. Milked about 5 in the cool bracing air. VanAttan shore the sheep only 37 and wool cheap. Some years we have had 100.
Got the old buggy mended.
9. Anna came at night. Weasler got 15 dozen eggs at 14¢.
11. Started early on the 7 o‘clock train-crossed the River and called on James (younger brother) and spent a hour at Mother's bedside with her mind clear. went to Toyal Oak with James and found John strong and well. Grand visit and dinner with Sister Agnes. Returned home late at night.
13. Greatest egg day we ever had, 107. Robert took the White cow to Casey's bull.
Tremendous thunderstorm-When Frank was raising one frame of Pat Martin's Bran. I cleaned the hen house.
17. Sabbath-Internse heat-100 degrees in the shade. One fainted in the Church and had to be carried out.
20. Robert put up his old reaper. Frank got Pat Martin's Barn Shingled. The great Republican Convention in Chicago.
Willie said the Robins sing “Werry Cherry Werry Cherry”.
25. Went with Frank to where he is to build a sidewalk by the old Follett home. Rassler(?) paid over $3 for eggs.
27. Mrs. L, Anna and Mary went to the Normal but could hardly get in for the crowd. Robert and Azro rigged up the reaper.
31. Robert and Hattie and the was lassie, Mr. & Mrs. Scotney came to supper to celebrate the Birthday of Mrs. L. Azro, Elizabeth and Willie came too.

3. Put Paris Green on the Potatoes. The two Marys and I went to Town and then to Roberts to see Robert beginning mowing at Harris Corners. Hay grass very light, too much Rye in the Wheat and Wool dull and cheap.
4. Guns and firecrackers firing. Dug the first potatoes. Azro, Elizabeth and Willie came. The women made Currant and Gooseberry jelly. Robert came and took the big buggy to dive to the Lake. Mrs. Younglove drove past twice with Eagle.
6. Picked all the Currant and Gooseberries. Howed in the corn rows. Robert got in a field of Hay.
9. Milked and fed the horse and hens at 5 A.M. The girls picking cherries. Rassler (Bassler?) got about 12 dozen eggs at 14$. Robert mowing the Catholic burying ground. Frank helped Robert rig up the new reaper. Received a fine letter from Mr. Bowie and a Postal Note for 80$; for ‘Life on the Farm’ only expecting 30$.
11. Robert reaping for Wanzer. I helped put up Hay on the old farm. Ring and Frank helping Will Evans with Robert's Hay.
15. Robert reaped the Wheat field south of the Orchard. I helped set it up in shocks. Robert add his reaper did the work fast and well. Lots of cherries.
18. Robert went past before 5 to reap for Mr. Cooper. Anna, Mary, Mrs. Fletcher, Willie and I all went to Town and was well enter-tained seeing Barnums great show and parade.
Wheat foul with Rye but better than expected. Belle came to Roberts oppressed with hard work.
24. Went to Townaand saw 100 men on bicycles. Anna and Mary went to comfort and help Belle.
30. Frank went with Mr. Todd. Old Dick broke out of the barn in the night and went to the old farm.

1. The Colored mans celebration and Brian sails for America in New York.
We all went to Azros to celebrate their Wooden Wedding.
4. Robert finished reaping his Oats and brought the reaper here. Willie Inglis and Eunice came. Went to Town with Frank and got a big piece of ice for 10$.
6. Mrs. L, Anna, Mary, Robert, Hattie and I went to Mr. & Mrs. Scotneys to celebrate William Scotney's Birthday.
10. Mr. Whitesley offered 16 for the two clips of wool. Robert helping the Thrashers. Took the two clips of Wool to Ainsworth 593 lbs at 16$-$94.88. We used to get 30,40 and 50$.
14. Sick and suffered all day. Could not digest my food. Mrs. L took Anna and Mary to the Depot on their way to the Sunday School Excursion to Detroit and the Lakes.
Took Brandy toddie that helped me and was able to dine.
28. Mrs. L and I went to Augusta and her old home and had a fine visit with John Campbell. The farm crops looked well but the old folks were gone and now we are the old folks on the march to the aternal world.
31. Mrs. L and I went with Anna to the Depot. It was rather sad to part with her and the last days of summer.

1. Robert's little girl walked up to visit us. Some farmers cut-ting corn. Grapes not ready. Very dry to pasture-feeding horse and cow on cornstalks.
5. Great smoke in the morning caused by the Marsh burning. Ring and I tried to carry water and put it out but did little good.
Then Mrs. L and I went to the Pioneer meeting in Relief Park in Ann Arbor in a fine grove. Read some varses and brought John Geddes home.
6. Gabriel Campbell came to visit. Robert's colts ran away from Will and I saw them from the window and managed to catch them before they got to the gate.
7. Exceedingly glad of rain to put out the Marsh fire and refresh the parched earth. Belle made us a visit and we were sorry her husband and brother-in-law lays so heavy a burden on her till both mind and body like to give way.
10. the rain did not put out the Marsh fire. The two Marys went to help Belle.
14. Mrs. L and I went to the Depot and saw Uncle Gabriel off for his home in New Hampshire and met his daughter Hattie.
20. Mary, Elizabeth and Willie and I went to the Fair. A grand and fine company. Met John Geddes and Mr. & Mrs. Cowell.
21. Went with Frank and Elizabeth to the FAir Grounds (Recreation Park and then on the Excursion Train to Detroit. Had dinner with James and talked with Mother and sisters until 3 and then went to the new Museum and back to have supper with Mother. Clear headed at 91.
24. Jones dug potatoes and I carried them down Cellar. Gathered snow apples.
28. Thrashers came and thrashed 150 bushels of Wheat before night after they got started-they said they thrashed 100 bushels the first hour.
29. Helped Robert thresh and he had 220 bushels of Oats and 120 of Wheat. Good thrasher and good machine.

1. Went to Annual Church meeting. A good deal of wrangling. The Minister thinks the Session did not use him fairly-I think they did.
Cold balsts and Ship wreeks on the Lakes. Had to put on Under-wear.
3. Mr. & Mrs. Scotney gathered apples here; Mary and I filled two barrels for Anna. A great meeting in Detroit to hear James G. Blane. Robert had 3 men gathering apples.
4. Husked corn and got $40.00 out of the bank. Traded wheat for flour. Ainsworth sent 50 apple barrels to Robert. Wheat up to $1.05 and $2.00 in Chicago.
6. More rain and Marsh fires almost out. Paid May Dashner $28 for teaching. Robert headed two barrels of apples and Mary and I took them to the Hillsdale Depot (North Huron street) for Anna at Elkhart.
15. Apples at 25$ a hundred.
16. Fine sunny morning. In going to the Barn I heard a strange noise and saw a great cloud of steam down at Lowell and learn-ed afterwards the boiler had burst and shot over the railroad killing one man and destroying much property.
20. Called on Robert and then at Mr. casey's farm. Sick old Mr. Casey, feeble, demented-Old Mrs. Casey tearful and sad.
23. Mrs. L and I in Town and saw the Soldier's Marching and the band playing in honor of Cleary College.
Robert and I went to Lowell and saw the great destruction of property and the awful force of steam that shot the boiler over the railroad and had almost wound itself around the big tree.
28. Our old neighbor Mr. Casey died.
30. Mrs. L, Frank and I went to the Casey funeral. The old men mostly gone bringing us nearer the other world.

1. Beautiful morning-went to the old home and helped pick apples. Little Leah fell asleep in the woods. Robert Campbell came and paid $18 interest., Paid $28 to May Dashner for teaching. Robert sold a load of wheat.
5. Helped Frank and Robert get in the stalks-carried apples down cellar.
6. In Town Bands playing and Torch light parade to rouse up the lethargy of the Voters and save the country.
10. Went to the old home and helped Robert burn out the Chimney.
13. Mrs. L and I went to Ben woorhees and had a nice visit. Bought a lamb weighing about 70 lbs for $35.00.
18. Robert took 6 swine to market and brought up two loads of corn.
22. Wife and I went to Addison Fletcher, Jr. funeral.
We all fade like the braces and some fade young.
23. Wife and I went to Uncle Williams. A fine farm but too much work for Mr. Campbell. William and I went to the County House to see our old Pioneer friend Lorenzo Davis.
24. Dug some turnips-Azro, Elizabeth & Willie went to Town in the wagon-Frank came.
25. 3 went to Church in the sunshine and Azro, Elizabeth and Willie came afterwards.
29. Went to Church and heard Mr. Beal deliver the Thanksgiving Sermon, then we went down and took dinner with Robert and Hettie in the old home.
30. Mild and cloudy, Went to the Church meeting Mr. Green and Dr. McCorkal centricted and quarrelled with each other in an unchristian vexation way. Mary came home from Uncle Williams and Frank from Denton add then Robert, Hattle and Leah. A letter from my scotish friend, good Mr. Thomas Mummry (?).

1. Frest out of the ground and one pleasant day for December.
2. Sacrament. A stranger spoke well and canducted the Service.
It was well after so mach wrangling at the Church meeting last Friday.
3. Mary and I alone wheeled manure on the strawberries. Azro broug over his reaper. Robert got old boards.
4. Frost but the sky is like a spring morning. Mrs. L came from Azros and Mary and Willie wnet away.
5. Wife and I went to the old home, Robert and August are boarding up the Barn.
6. Fine mild day, hens laying about 8 and 10 eggs a day. Went to Belles for dinner.
7. Wife and I called on Mrs. Covail. Sent a letter to Mr. Mummry.
9. Mr. McCorkal came back and preached his usual sermon.
Azro, Elizabeth and Willie, Robert, Rattis and Leah came to dinner.
10. Fiee weather-Went to Robert to get his axe and chapped the Cherry Trees in the garden. Called on Brother Robert. sent a letter to Sister Isabelle.
11. Trimmed the Grapvines. Sent a book to Anna for her birthday. Frank came home from Slichts at Danton. He worked on their new barn for 3 days. Got 15 eggs,
13. Anna's Birthday. Mrs L and I went to Brother Roberts for dinner and had a pleasant exchange fo thoughts.
15. Exchanged wheat for flour. Was promised the school money next Saturday. Short dark day.
17. Whittier's 81st Birthday. I sent a poem on his 80th and he sent me a kindly note that pleased me.
20. Mary and Elizabeth went to Mr. Taylors for dinner. Our old friend John Miller is like to lose his home in his old age. Mrs. Kind, Mrs. Demick and old Mr. Millard laid in their graves this wekk.
22. Received $240.39 of School money from the Township Treasurer. $19.48 out for Taxes. Left $200.00 with Robert Hemphill.
24. Some one stole Robert's big Turkey.
25. Christmas-Robert, Hattie and Leah, Mr. & Mrs. Fletcher and Mr. & Mrs. Scotney came to dinner-A pleasant party from morning till night.
26. Mrs. L and I went to Town and got a box of China dishes from Sister Agnes. General Alger again at Christmas gives hundreds of Boys in Detroit a bew suit of clothes.
28. There was a blizzard but noae here. Helped Robert to drive back his sheep. Anna and Mary went from Mr. Fletchers to Mr. Scotneys, Robert, Hattie and Leah went there too.
29. Anna stayed with Belle taking her part to meke her burdens less and do away with slow murder on the farm. Belle fainted once as she talked with Anna.
30. A fine winter day-Belle talked to Anna. Few at Churoh.
31. Last day of 1888, another year with all its grief and gladness gone down into the relentless past. Belle walked down to see Anna at night.

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