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Recipes from the Museum's Scrapbook Cookbooks

Recipes from the Museum's Scrapbook Cookbooks image
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These recipes are in one of our scrapbook cook books in the Museum so we thought you may want to try them.

Bird's Nest Pudding

4 nice apples-pare, whole and cors
Place in pudding dish-fill cores
with Sugar and Nutmeg.
Make a custard of 2 eggs to a scnt
pint of milk. Sweeten to taste.
Pout this over the apples and bake 30 minutes

Moon Shine

Beat whites of 8 eggs to a stiff froth
add 1 pint of powderad sugar, a little
at a time, beating for 30 minutes.
Flavor to taste. Prepare each dish
with some cream and one tablespoon
of Moon Shine and place this on two
halves of a peach. Any fresh berries
may be substituted for peaches.
(4 eggs is anough for six people)

Marshmallow Cake

3/4 cup butter-stir this to a cream
Sift 2 cups granulated sugar, add
graduslly and beat to a cream again.
3/4 cup water
1 cup whites of eggs, beaten vary stiff.
3 cups flour sifted with 3 teaspoons baking
powder. Add alternately, water, eggs and flour to
Sugar and Butter. Bake in two layers.
Make boiled frosting and when nearly cold,
add 10ยข worth of Marshmallows cut in bits
and beat lightly.