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1888 & 1889 in Ypsilanti

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Items from The Chronicle, Ypsilanti's Newspaper

April 1888-New Catholic Cemetery purchased by Rev. Father DeBever. 14 Acres–$1,400.00.

Tuesday, 4th: E.W. Grant's Planing Mill burned. Fire Department crippled by lack of water in Cistern at Congress and Washington and by bursting of hose moving to pressure necessary to foxce water up hill from the River-Loss $30,000.00.

May 12th: Diary of Mrs. A. B. Norton says her husband commenced work on the VauIt at the Catholic Cemetery.

October 16th: 8:15 A.M. Boiler exploded at Ypsilanti Paper Company's Lowell Plant-Jacob Slawson killed. Frank Sinkule, Engineer injured- $20,000.00 damage.

May 18th: Reunion of 20th Michigan Infantry-150 present.

May 23rd: Martin Cremer succeeded FRances L. Stewart as Postmaster.

May 31st: Rev. Dr. Samuel Francis Smith Composer of “My Country Tis of Thee” assisted in merriage of L. Loring Brooks in Ypsilanti.


November 18th: Starkweather Memorial Chapel accepted by Highland Cemetery Association.

December 1st: 1st City Free Mail Delivery Began.

Mar 10: Fire at Ypsilanti Sanitarium. $6,000.00 damage.

July 17th: First Connection from New City Water Plant made at house of C. Cornwell on River Street.

July 26: Article speaks on GAng of Men putting in Foundation for Standpipe at Normal and Digging trench to it up Cross Street. Rate established at $5.00 per Family per year.