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The Ypsilanti Nomads (1955-1965)

The Ypsilanti Nomads (1955-1965) image
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Dedicated to safe driving and to courtesy on the Road, The Ypsilanti Nomads were organized by Mr. Harold C. Foster, a member of the Ypsilanti Police Force, and Mr. Emil Susterka, Chief of Police in 1955. It was Ypsilanti's First “Hot Rod” Club and held it's meetings at the Police Station, corner of South Washington and Ferris Street.

The ten members pledged themselves to Quote:

“I will conduct myself in all Automotive Activities, Club Sponsored or Not, in a Safe and Sportsmanlike Manner, Acknowled-ging the Aims and Purposes upon which the Club is founded. I further agree to bring credit to myself and my Club, be careful and considerate drving on Public Highways, and by strict observance of the Motor Vehicle codes of my Community and State”.

Members of the Ypsilanti Nomads were-

Jake Lambert. Clyda Hoover, Egbert House, Jack Miller, Melvin Foster, Joel Holding, Bob Holding, William Kessick, Jack Washburn and James Gimson.

As a member of the Michigan Hot Rod Association, the Ypsilanti Nomads worked on a drag strip which was built in 1956 at 26 mile road about 5 miles westof Marine City, Michigan. This was the first actual drag strip in the State of Michigan and was operated for many years by the Michigan Hot Road Association.

(We are grateful to Mr. Jack Miller for this Historical Information).