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Doris Milliman
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Ypsilanti Historical Society
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If you have never seen a Buggy Jack, come to the Museum and see the one we have in the Tool Room. It is a new acquistion and has an interesting history.

Eric Sloan, in his book A Museum of Early American Tools, illustrates various types of antique jacks and writes about them thus:

The early American was an artist at lifting and moving heavy objects. Foundations and Stone Fences were built with the laver principle and a few gadgets as well as with the help of Oxen. The "Wagon Jacks" you find in antique shops were used for many purposes. Carpenters, Framers, Blacksmiths, and Wheal Wrights in-cluded these jacks in their list of shop Tools. Some of then were made entirely of Wood (This Buggy Jack is) and they have outlasted many Automobile Jacks that have rusted away and ended in the junk pile while wooden jacks are as good as they were a century ago.