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William Lambie Diary, 1890

William Lambie Diary, 1890 image William Lambie Diary, 1890 image William Lambie Diary, 1890 image William Lambie Diary, 1890 image William Lambie Diary, 1890 image William Lambie Diary, 1890 image William Lambie Diary, 1890 image William Lambie Diary, 1890 image William Lambie Diary, 1890 image William Lambie Diary, 1890 image William Lambie Diary, 1890 image William Lambie Diary, 1890 image William Lambie Diary, 1890 image William Lambie Diary, 1890 image William Lambie Diary, 1890 image William Lambie Diary, 1890 image William Lambie Diary, 1890 image William Lambie Diary, 1890 image William Lambie Diary, 1890 image
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1. Frank and I drove to the Depot with Anna in a pouring rain to take the Huckleberry train for Elkhart. Mrs. L, Mary and I called on Mrs. Morey end family and enjoyed our visit.
2. Robert and Leah sick with the prevelent influenza, has to keep a colored boy to help him.
3. Sent a dollar for the Michigan Farmer-mild and muddy. A hungry man helped to saw wood. Mr. Naismith sent a callender from Scotland.
4. Wrote regarding Christmas end Sents Claus in the Banner.
5. Went to Church, rain and mud. Sermon on revivals.
6. Frank and Mary went through the mud to Azros-Robert and his help-er able to set by the stove-Went to see them.
7. Blinks of sunshine, Wentdown to Roberts three times.
8. Frank went to the Insurance Meeting-Robert cams for a load of stalks dreary blasts.
9. Bells called to see us-Mrs. L walked to Roberts-Azro went with Mrs. L, Mary and Willie to G. Stephansons.
10. Called on Mrs. Taylor-Robert buying Turkeys.
11. Drove up wood from Robert's Lane-Got papers from Robert and Frank.
12. Went to Church in the rain-Sermon on prayer and prayer meetings.
13. Rain in the night-Snow showers and dreary blasts. Azro came for Mary to help Mrs. F.
14. Went to Town and Robert sewed some wood.
15. Azro, Mrs. L and Willie came back with Mary. Saw a fire up the river at bedtime, Govenor Luce addressed the Grange here.
16. Robert had Harvey James, his engine and men sawing wood. Walked down to the old home to see them. Mr. & Mrs. Fletcher, Willie, Laeh and Minnie were here too.
18. Mild and hazy. Mary and I went to Town. Mrs. L had a headache.
19. Mrs. L and I went to Church alone, first ice on the river.
20. Heavy rain in the night, wind storm in the morning.
21. Dull Sky and bitter blasts. Mrs. L ahs Influenza.
22. Walked to the old home-Robert brought two loads of wood and got a load of stalks and James Wallace called yesterday-coldest day this winter so far-4 above zero.
23. Heard of Mrs. Rambo's death. Snow showers-ground white. Robert went for medicine for his Mother and him. Hattie and children stayed for dinner.
24. Mrs. L unwell. Mr. LaFurgs brought a load of wood. Clear sunshine an pure snow. Brother Robert brought me some papaers.
25. Burn's Anniversary. Robert and his man sawed and split LaFurge's wood and I helped.
26. Showery-Mrs, L was sick. Mary and I went to Church. Robert and Azro's family came to dinner. Dark and damp.
27. Mild and sunshine, like spring-Mary and I went to Town and got Dr. Kinnie to come and see Mrs. L.
28. Uncle Andrew and his son Dan gave us a friendly call.
29. Robert sold the brown cow we bought of B. Roberts years ago for $15 and paid me most of it. Walked through the mud to Roberts. Robert got more medicine for his Mother.
30. Like Spring-Robert brought a load of wood and an old sheep. Received a letter from Robert Pate at Browncastle.
31. Mrs. L, Mary and I had a pleasant ride in the balmy air for health and pleasure. Some more Grosbeek birds in the dairy yeard.
1. We can hardly think of the winters past and the next month will be Spring. Called on Robert and got papers from him.
2. Dark morning-3 able to go to Church-Sermon on the widows-few old men out.
3. Robert got a load of stalks. Mrs L and I drove to the old home-rain at night.
4. Misty morning-Robert was sick and went to see the Doctor.
5. High winds in the night-LaFurge came to sell trees. Mary and Miss Draper went to Roberts-Azro and Liz and Willie went to hear Mr. Lowell at night.
6. Wife and I went to Town-took apples to Dr. Kinney.
7. Looked over old letters-Frank got Eagle shod. A new snow storm all afternoon about the first of importance.
8. Shoveled anow to get to the Barn. Mary came back-Stormy. Mr. Fletcher brought the papers from Brother Robert.
9. The two Marys and I went to Church-Sermon on Jericho. Some were out with the Cutters and bells.
10. Robert sick-Had to get Dr. Owen. Mary went to help Hattie-BRight sunshine-snow melting.
11. Robert better-We went to see him. Went to Town in afternoon-Like Spring.
12. Robert was able to come and see us-Dan called on him.
13. Mr. L drove Mary to Harries-Mary went to Church at night with Mr. & Mrs. Fletcher-Balmy day.
14. A wet morning-A letter from J. Camman-Mary walked to Roberts in the rain.
15. Two years to the day since Grandfather died-clear sunshine and frost after the rain. P. VanAten came to trim the Orchard. P. Stephens and Mr. Wilcox died this week. Roberta man filing saws and sawing wood.
16. went to Stephens burial. Sermon on the conversion of Paul.
17. Mrs. L and I went to Azro's for dinner. Called on Mr. & Mrs. Webber. Drove to John McDougals to tell them of the death of old Mrs. Gardener.
18. Misty and damp-Mrs. L not well enought to go the Mrs. Gardner's funeral. Robert came up sick-Mother went and stayed with him. Mar and I went to Town. Azro, Elizabeth and Willie came for Mary to go to Theodores late. More rain in the night. A robins singing feebly in the dreary and trees. Robert and family made us a pleasant visit.
19. Bleak blasts, dull skies and Mary and I saw the old Camp House blazing and burning in the dreary blasts. Split wood.
20. Mother's 93rd birthday-the side walks were a sheet of ice-went to Detroit-CAlled on James-Mother as well as could be expected at her time of life. Shw was able to sit up about an hour-talked of the happy days of Auld Lang Syne. May the frequencies of God's mercies not lessen our gratitude all our meeting and parting make us better. Called on Sister and she accompanied me to the Depot.
21. Walked down to see Robert-Bitter blasts-Bell called after dinner-Mary went to visit Mrs. Everts.
22. Washington's Birthday-Mothar's Birthday is of greater importance to me. Had a cold stayed at home. Robert called and brought word that Joe Saunders fell down and died in his store.
23. Snow showers-the two Marys drove to Church-I stayed home-Robert and family came to dinner.
24. Mild and misty and damp. Split some stove wood.
25. Rain in the night, cloudy akies and muddy roads. Mrs. Fletcher and Mary went to Roberts and they were sorry he was away spending money his family needed.
26. Mrs. L went to see daughter BElle. Ring triming and burning brush in the Orchard.
27. Frank went home with Azro to see Willie. Cut off sprouts round the apple trees.
28. More rain-Mrs. J. Campbell came through the mud from Augusta, took down Mrs. Campbell's team at night. Robert got back seemed to be better. Farewell to Winter.
1. Welcome another Spring, cold breezes. Robert got a load of stalks. Belle came, called on Brother Robert-he looked sad and weary.
2. The Young Men's Christian Association conducted the Service at Church. The river about froze over the first time this winter or Spring.
3. Rough roads-Frank took both horses to Town, Crows cawing and forming in long rows in the field before the houss. Wife and I drove down to Roberts-but all was deserted-snow showers.

4. More snow and then sunshine. Frankhas Dick drawing stove wood for his customers. Frank, Robert, Azro and all the third gener-ations came and the younsters had a gleeful time.
5. g above zero-the men who want ice may rejoice. Went to Town called on our old firend John Taylor, found him looking well, A turnout over at Azors-Belle came.
7. Above zero, Uncle William made a short pleasant call.
8. Belle, Leah and I called at Brother Roberts. A great many in Town. Men building an ice house, and filling it.

9. Sunshine-The Church full and Professor helped the Minister.
10. A snow storm in the forenoon. Robert and his man up here cleaning wheat. Robert sold a Icad of wheat to Mr. Dubal.
11. Robert's Birthday. Deep mud and a long race after a stupid cow. Mary and Belle went to Town.

12. More rain in the night. A robin sung seedly in the dreary day.
Robert and family made us a pleasant visit.
13. Dug parsnips in the garden. Mr. & Mrs. Taylor walked up. went home with them after supper.
14. Wife and I had a pleassent visit at Mrs. Stephens. Called on Mrs. Thomas Phillips who is very sick.
15. Cold snow showers-Did not go Downtown in the storm. Brother Robert kindly sent pepers by Frank.
16. Ice on the water paid in the kitchen. Went to Church in the bleak blasts-came gentle Spring eternal mildness came.
17. A little below freezing and a little snow. Mr. Stanley buried yestarday. St. Patrick's Day.
18. Robert and his boy got the stable manure on the garden. Frank paid me the Greenman not $22,00. Spread manure in the garden, sowed Lettuce and Raddish. Tulips and Snow drops peeping up. Raked off the Rhubarb.
19. GRound white with a morning snow shower. Azro making Maple Syrup. Belle came to see us.
20. Went to a prayer meeting in the Baptist Church yesterday.
21. Went through the deep mud to Azros. Willie and I had a grand walk in the pale forest and saw them boiling sap. The two Marys went to a Ladies meeting in the Church.
22. Robert's boy plowed the garden with our help. Got papers from Brother Robert.
23. Mary over at Azros. Mrs L and I went to Church and took old Mrs. Rorisan home; only Frank with us at dinner.
24. Bleak March blasts, laid up rails between the old farm and Wilbers. Mary and Willie walked over and back.

25. The bonnie birds sung in the sunshine at dawn when we left for Uncle Willisme where we had a pleasant visit but the wind blew bleak and dreary coming home.
26. Bleak, bitter blasts-Robart and family called on us, next Azro and his folks, glad to get in the house by the stove.
27. Wife and I called on John Mann and Mr. & Mrs. Lay, some of the few friends we found fifty years ago.
28. A great viariety of weather, thunder and lightning in the night, snow, hail and rain in the forenoon. Robert came through the driving snow to see us.
29. Sunshine after the snow storm-Did not go Downtown.
30. Sacrament over 20 additions to the Church. Mr. Green about the only one of the Sacrament hosts, the others mostly gone to their homes.
1. Paid Mr. C for the Commercial and Mr. Woodry for the Sentinel. Birda singing.
2. Went with Frank over to Mr. Arnold's. Aunt Kate and Jay came-Mrs. L drove them over to Azros. Sowed cabbage, beets, carrots and onions.
3. A morning shower, Snow drops peeping through Rhubard leaves forming a wet day. Balle and Mary went to Town in the rain.
4. Wet morning, birds singing, gladsome day.
5. Met Belle in Town. The farmers met in the Grange Hall. A great sale of City Lots in Windsor.
6. Easter. The pulpit adornad with flowers-Sermon on Easter. Went to the home of Mrs. and Sarah Rorison. Mrs. L went home with Willie.
7. Town meeting-Robert and family came, grand day-Repaired fence. Rasler got 26 dozen eggs-Loud thunder in the night. Warm sunshine that Robert's children enjoyed.
8. Great thunderatorm in the night-too wet for Frank to work. The Ministers forming-the Presbyterian came.
9. Walked down with Robert to see about fence posts in the woods where I wandered when young. Took down chickens for Ministers. Mrs. L attended a Missionary meeting in the Baptist Church. Cold blustry and dreary after the sunshine and thunder. Robert has 4 lambs.
10. Cold dreary blasts-Willie said he wanted to go home awful bad.
11. Mrs. L and Mary went to Town-OUr old friend Mr. Pasons was buried. planted potatoea-birde singing among bursting buds.
12. Mary and I set out 15 Ohio Roses-Thunderstorms last night. Peach treea begining to leak road with blossoms.
13. A full Church-a good Sermon-a beautiful day.
14. Robert and Will begun to plow for Oats south of the house. Repaired fence round the barnyard.
15. Mr. Birthday, having lived 69 years and beginning my seventh year-Mans alotted time upon earth. The joys of young life and mature life are past and solemn thoughts comes over the mind as one thinks of so many old friends gone and that we are now in the front ranks on the march to the unseen world. A beautiful day with a pleasant party to dinner.
16. Wheeled ashes on the garden. Robert and Hattie went to Miss Martin's wedding. Peach trees bursting in the red beautiful bloom Mrs. L and I west to our old friend E. C. Peck's funeral.
17. Called on N. Voorhees and got 3 dozen eggs for sitting. Got straw-berries and Cuthbert plants from Mr. Everts. Azro sowed Dats south of the house. Frank let the Miller farm to Harvy James.
18. Uncle William, Azro and Frank drove past Belleville to look at farms he had a claim on. Planted Cuthbert and 100 strawberries. Mary, Mrs. Fletcher, Belle, Willie and Leah gathered wild flowers in our old woods. Robert harrowing Oats.
19. Fine Spring day-Frank getting the Buggys painted.
20. Mr. Morey preached a good Sermon.
21. Robert sowing clover seed-the boy rolling and plowing-bought one bushel timothy seed and 1/2 bushel clover. Received and planted 7 fine peach trass from the Monroe Nursery.
23. A fine refreshing shower. Mary, Mrs. F and Willie went to Uncle Andrews-planted potatoes, sowed parsnips. Robert has 20 lambs.
24. Dug a seafrass bushes on the old farm and grapes and planted them up here-Wild flowers in the woods.
25. Planted and trimed trees that I dug up-Robert sold potatoes.
26. Walked to Roberts. Came back in the rain. Robert sold his team to Theodore. Fussing with sitting hens.
27. Mr. Marsh preached a tiresome Sermon on Alma College.
28. Mrs. L and I called on Mrs. Renton and Nehall and on J. Mann. When we came to our good old friend Dr. Patterson he told us he? far gone to see us passing away to a glorious immortally. Planted two Peach and a Quince tree, Mrs. L had bought of Mr. LaFurge. Dandelions in bloom. Robert's boy plowing.
29. Showers in the night-sunshine in the day time.
30. Went to Mr. Lay's funeral-One of the best on earth. Willie's Birthday. Mrs. Fletcher, Hattie, Mary and Bells held a picnic in Norton's woods among the wild flowers.
1. Robert and I set Evergreen trees north of the house. Brother Robert called on us and told us Mother's welfare.
2. Robert and I finished setting two rows of green trees. John Taylor came-went to Town with him. Old Mrs. Scotney came and told her tale of woe and abuse. Robert cultivated poatoes. The buggys both painted and dry.
3. Planted corn in the garden. Peaches in beautiful bloom. Wrote verses regarding our old friend Mr. Lay.
4. A Sermon on Sabbath Schools.
5. Wet forenoon-Mr. Morgan came to show us his portrait of Carthle.
6. Went to Mr. Howlets with Frank. Cold rain and some hail. Robert, Leah and I walked by the brook where will was plowing for Corn. Fox triming apple trees.
7. Planted potaotes, a little frost at sunrise-not well.
8. Turned the sprouting potatoes-Robert and his Mother went to the old farm-7 chickens-a little frost again.
9. Wet and stormy-the rats killing the wee chicks.
10. So wet we did not go to the Town. Robert and Will helped Marz to clean the house. Ben Smerick, Mr. Beuland and Bice died this week.
11. Clear and cold after the heavy rain, ice on the pail as thick as a half dollar. A Sermon on Calvin.
18. A Sermon on Presbyterianism and the Declaration of Independence Went to Chruch in the Rain.
19. Cloudy & Showers. Hoed in the garden-Have pie plant, asparagrass and radishes.
20. Received 4 Roses from the Dingle Rose Company in Philadelphia.
21. Wife and I called on Mr. & Mrs. Albian and got seed from them. Made a pleasant call on the Miss Lumas we have known.
22. Mary's Birthday-She went to Ezras-Belle made her a new dress. Robert and family went to Azros for seed corn.
23. Robert had two teams harrowing and one rolling-I cleaned out the drift wood at Harries fence. Mrs. Lauvedge brought Mary home and took our mail to Town. A grand day.
24. Queen's Birthday-A morning shower-a tremendous shower at G. Alllane on both us and Azro's family.
25. Sermon on Joshua. More showers.
26. The rain made the Roberts land to wet for planting corn but the stream in fine order for washing sheep, his man and Ernie Ring made light work of it-Received 1/4 ounce of silk worm eggs from Washington and don't know what to do with them. Robert and his man marked and planted corn north of us.
27. Beauty of a morning, like long ago. Robert had Ring, Ross and Fox planting corn.
29. Mrs. L and I called on Mr. & Mrs. Finley and Son, John, Mr & Mrs A Campbell, Mrs. Elsworth and Mrs. Parsons. Robert went with Mr. Knapp.
30. Decoration Day. The two Marys and I went to Church. Met the Parade of Veterans and the band with marshall music both going and returni Warm 82 degrees at supper time. Robert's man plowing for beans.
31. Let out aobut 50 chickens we kept in the barn. Robert brought home the Calf Bessie he bought from A. Knapp. A friend from near Wayne called on brother Robert.
1. Sacrament-the Church full, some additions but John Geddis and Mr. Lay comes nevermore.
2. Splendid summer morning-Hleped Robert to load manure-Ernie Ring helped Mary to clean the house.
3. Howed potaotes till it came a thuderstorm-paid Robert $5 to help pay for the shearing of the sheep. Mr. & Mrs. Fletcher, Willie and Mary went to Uncle Williams to help spray the trees. Fox and his partner shore Robert's 48 sheep.
5. Put paris geen on the potatoes-Robert replanting corn-his man plowing for beans.
7. Went with the Presbyterian Excursion and found brother Frank in James store looking poorly.
Was glad to see Mother's white Mutch at the window, being able to sit up and talk of days of long ago-Called on Sister Agnes as she returned from Lapeer and intends to live in the country at Clark Villa this summer.
8. A bonnie summer day. Mr. Faifield preached among the flowers it being Children's Day.
Robert finished planting beans and brought up the wool-sowed grass seed and planted corn on the burnt marsh.
10. Fifty-one years today since we came from native Scotland to the Moon farm in Michigan. Mother still living and in her right mind. Father the only one to leave us in our long exile. A wet day.
12. Ernie Ring helped to carry the potaotes to the barn and I mowed the foor yeard and a few strawberries. Belle came.
13. Wife and I went to Ann Arbor and enjoyed a pleasant visit with Mr. & Mrs. R. Campbell-called on Lasher Kimme and Mrs. Strang and took dinner with Azro and family.
15. Mr. Morey preached about giving. A grand summer day. Three generations to dinner.
16. The Robins sung o'er my cottage door to see the rising sun at four-as glad as the days of yore.
17. Cultivated potatoes, cleaned out the brook-Belle came.
18. Mr. Whittelsay looked over the Wool and ofered 26 cents.
19. Looked over the old orchard and the crop of apples seems to be a failure.
20. Wrote regarding Mr. Allison's great flock of sheep in Australia. Refreshing rain in the night.
21. Old Dirk had to get a rest after Robert's cow hurt him and we lent him Eagle and I think of the time I said “My kingdom for a Horse”. Belle came for the Augusta Organ to celebrate her Birthday after the surprise party at her home.
22. The longest day-A good sermon on the Lord's Prayer. Very warm was glad to get out of Church.
23. Went with Frank over to Boatwrights-met with Mr. Sabers. Called on Elizabeth-Robert's man put Green on his potatoes. Went to see him cultivationg his big field of corn by the orchard brook.
24. Glad beautiful morning-very warm about 90 in the shade. Belle came and her and Mary drove over to Roberts.
25. Robert working on the roads. Tolbert cultivated potaotes about 90 in the shade. Howed potaotes, green peas for dinner. Mrs. F brought Mary back and took away Mrs. L.
27. He causes morning and evenings to rejoice.
30. Mrs. L Birthday-Went with Frank to Boatwrights-Another thunder storm.
1. Damp misty morning-Robert has 2 men hoeing potatoes. Mrs. R and Unie Lambie went to visit friends at Vassers.
3. Robert and I took a walk to Ainsworth, a falling market. We got 26 cents for all but 3 fleeces, 18 for them. Small returns for feeding sheep all winter-about $59 to divide between Robert and 1–48 fleeces.
4. Fine cool breezes and great guns booming in the morning. Robert mowed the clover field.
5. Helped to cack up the hay as of old, liked the work-very weary the spirit willing but the flesh weak.
6. Brother Robert called and we rode out to see the wheat waving before the harvest.
7. Drove with Frank to Boatwrights barn, Theodore started to mow the field by G. Allans and broke the saled tongue of the mower the first time round.
8. Robert's man went to Canads-A new man mowed by G. Allans and did not break anything among the stumps. Robert reaped for Theodore and his reaper did not run well. I brushed bugs off Robert's potats field with the broom-electric light at night. Anna walked to Belles.
10. Fine cool morning, green peas drying up-Robert's man came back from Canade-him and W. Cary got in all the hay by G. allans in nice order. Robert reaped for Wanger-Frank returned from Boatwrights-fine breezes-Anna and Mary walked to Azros.
11. Fine harvest morning-Robert reaped Harries wheat-Mrs. L brought Anns and Mary home. Azro and Willie came for FRank and Eagle to help them.
12. Currents and berries ripe-peas dried up-potatoes very small. Robert's reaper bothered him and broke down again. Bound a few sheaves on the harvest field. Brother Robert's wife and daughter returned from Caro.
15. Robert reaped all his wheat and went to reap for Bennet. Mr. Fletcher, Elizabeth adn Willie cams with berries.
22. Howed in Robert's corn-his men got in the Orchard hay while he is with the thrashers.
23. Received the Agriculture report from Rusk at Washington. Cut weeds in Robert's corn-gathered gooseberries. Robert's men got in the wheat rakings.
24. A welcome refreshing shower in teh night-Rain and fruitful seasons to fill our hearts with joy and gladness.
26. Caught and tared a rat-cut weeds in the corn till I was weary.
Brother Robert and family made us a pleasent call. Frank repaired Harvie's thrashing machine.
29. Mrs. L, Anna and Mary went to Uncle Williams-90 in the shade.
30. Went with the Sabbath School Excursion to Detroit and spent the day with my good old Mother and Sisters in Windsor. A soul re-freshing visit-very warm.
31. Wrote a letter Cousins in Glasgow-92 in the shade. Robert reaped the Dets.
1. Want to see John Mann yesterday and may never see him again. The colored mens day. Received a letter from the Editor or the Evangelist.
2. Warm, sultry and oppresive today-94 in the shade-Helped Robert to mow sway two loads of Dats-A thunderstorm in the north.
3. A good sermon on “Who is my neighbor”. 94 again-hot.
4. A welcome rain and thunder in the night to refresh the dry ground. went to F. Smiths with Frank-gathered apples on the old farm.
6. Robert brought back his reaper. Eagle bit the nail off wee Minnie's thumb, it's getting better now.
7. Glorious morning-Bought a gallon of Owens mineral water and he showed me his horses, cattle, hogs, dogs and buildings.
8. Got a card about Anne Campbell's wedding. Moved weeds and nettles from the old farm. Robert and his men got in the Oats by the stream.
9. A fine breezy morning. A morning drive with Frank. apples ripe but apples and peaches a failure this year.
10. Cool like autumn-Mr. sell presched-Mrs. L. Anna, Mary and I went to Church.
11. Went to Roberts and walked in his big cornfield that was a marsh in the long ago. Belle came and we went to Town.
12. The day we walked among the blooming heather in bonnie Scotland when life was young and hope was high.
Robert and the two children had a nice ride round the clover field. Frank finished Frank Smith's barn. Anna and Mary went to Belles for supper.
13. Anna went to Azros with Belle. Robert going to plow and sow the corn field for me.
14. Harvey thrashed our Oats and 68 bushel and then Robert and Mrs. L and I drove to the old home in Augusta. The home looks as of old but the old friends were away to the spiritland.
16. Robert went to Whitemore Lake-called on our old sick friend John Mann who could hardly lift his head so weak and weary.
17. Nine head of cattle got in the potatoes at midnight therwe had a weary chase after them. We enjoyed a welcome refreshing shower after the dry dusty weather to fill our heart with joy and grat-itude-the first time we failed to go to Church this summer.
18. Went to Town with Frank-dug potatoes among the wild geese.
20. Robert's Oats damp, he spread them on the barn floor. Waled with Robert over the farm. mrs. A Campbell and daughter came to supper. Robert's man plowing for wheat.
21. A wet morning Abundance of water to molify the dry grass. Robert sold 25 sheep to G. Wilbur for $150. Robert got $15, for his share. Was unwell in the night-
22. Went to Town with Frank-had a pleasnt walk with Robert through the rows of his big corn crop.
24. No preaching in our Church-went to the Methodist. Mr. Kining unwel Another Minister preached. Robert and family cmae.
25. Went to Bostwrights with Frank-called at Ezras coming back-Anna drove to Azros.
26. Mrs. L and I went to Town in the rain-The Detroit Exposition began today.
27. Went to the Detroit Exposition-a vision of delight was the balloon going up and the man coming down in a parachute. Got to Mothers after dark.
28. A pleasant visit with Mother and Sisters-could not get out on the Noon train-had to wait till five. Brother James vexed me but no one but him. A full company at supper before Anna goes away.
29. Went with Anna and her trunk to the Depot. Belle coming too. Went to John Mann's funeral in afternoon. William Campbell, Wife and daughters came too.
30. Wrote lines in memory of my old friend John Mann.
31. Mr. Pitman preached well as usual-the last summer day of 1890.
1. Intended to go to J. Campbells for seed wheat but Robert was gone to thrash-Frank paid $15 for interest.
2. Mrs. L and I went to J. CAmpbell bought 16 bushels Pool Seed wheat and returned shortly after noon-got the reins renewed for a $1. Azro pulling beans with his machine, Robert digging stumps.
3. Mrs. L and I went to Ann ARbor and Dexter to the Pioneers Meeting. I read lines to our old friend E.D.Lay. We would have preferred Ann Arbor other than Normands Grove.
4. Showers-Robert cuts beans with Ezras mschine-the weeds bothered him-Smith mowed bushes in the marsh.
6. Robert begun to drill wheat-Robert's man drilled 16 bushels of wheat in the corner field near us. Helped Robert and 3 men to turn wet dirty beans-discouraging work-sultry. Mrs. L and Mary went to Town.
8. Mr. Morey came back and gave us a very good sermon-very warm day. Wet morning-Eagle went down to Roberts in the night and we looked for him in the wet grass.
9. Robert's man got hurt in Town. Helped Robert and his men to turn beans and weeds. The two Marys went to Uncle Williams. Lydia Hewens paid $22 interest money. A sunflower in the garden over eleven feet high with 18 flowers.
11. Mrs. L and I went to Town to get men to fork up Azro's beans.
12. Old Mrs. Yakley died. Robert drew in some beans-forked weeds in the furrows while Fox and Augusta were plowing. Mrs. L and Mary went to Church.
14. Sacrament-John Taylor back all right-went with Mrs. Rorison to her home-the first white frost-saw no ice but some said they did.
15. Went with Frank to McKims corners-Robet's sick man better. Called on Mrs. F and got melons.
17. Mrs. L and Mary, Mrs. F and Willie went to the Fair. I stayed and gathered grapes. Robert rolled the bean land. Mary went with Uncle William.
18. The morning mist fading in the sunshine with the prospect of a grand day for the Fair. Went to the Fair.
19. Went and called on Belle, she went with me and we bought 10 pulletts for $4. Was on the Fair grounds most all day yesterday-fine weather and a good turnout-met a few old friends. Was about as well enter-tained seeing Fox cutting Robert's field of good corn as I saw at the Fair.
20. Robert's man working on the bean field-B. Voorhees brought me some peaches.
21. Mrs. L, Mr and Mrs F, Willie and I went to Church. Mary at Uncle Williams.
22. Robert and his man drilled wheat in the bean field. Got a letter from Editor Naismith, told Brother Robert regarding it but he did not like it.
23. Mrs. L and I drove to Ann Arbor-Saw the procession from the Sermon. Anither pleasant visit with Mr. & Mrs R Campbell. Sent an answer to Mr. Naismith's letter.
24. Days growing shorter, the forest trees getting on their robes of Autumn splendor. Picked all the grapes. Mary and I went to the old home.
27. Mrs. L, Mary and I had a pleasant meeting and a bountiful dinner along with Brother Robert and family at Azros. Robert thrashing at Bens, his man culling corn.
28. Frank's Birthday, mary and I want to Church by Moonlight.
29. Went with Frank to work on Newton a barn-Called on Mr. F, got a certificate at the Bank for Frank. Want to the old farm to see Azro gathering Apples he bought of Robert.
30. Sent another letter to Wm, Naismith. Went to the sale at Raslers-the hens were sold before I arrived. Mary and I went to a pleasant Church Social at night-Skies and forest a vision of delight.
2. Went to Mrs. F's with Mary-Dug some potatoes. Have hardly enough to pay $15 for insurance.
3. Robert, Hattie, Babe and I went to Ann Arbor to the Fair.
Glorious day, a good Fair. The forests on the hills in Autumn are a splendor and vision of delight.
7. Mrs. F and Mary went to Town. Robert and I walked over the old farm, Azro picking and packing Robert's apples.
8. Frank and I had a delightful ride to Ann Arbor but the Street Cars frightened the horse. Robert and his men picked our apples.
9. Robert headed up two barrels of apples for Anna and I marked them and took them to the Hillsdale Railroad at night.
10. Frank got back from the Jury and I went with him to his work on Newton's farm.
11. Mowed weeds and Canada Thistels-Robert and his men digging potatoes. Had a Pleasant visit at Brother Roberts, was real glad he had such a fine interview with our good Mother and Sisters. Robert exchanged his colt for the big horse Jim.
12. Great rain last night. Went to Church in dampness. Mrs. Dickensen rode home with us, Robert and family came with Milk and the big horse Jim.
13. More rain-too dark and wet for Frank to work but it cleared up at noon ws drove over to Newtons. A heavy shower at night.
15. Got the lines mended-husked sweet corn-fed Robert's lambs.
16. Wet day-Azro and Willie came for Mary to help-Mrs. F being away at the death of Mrs. George Voorhees.
17. Went to Mrs. Voorhees funeral-husked corn in the Garden-Sent a letter to Mr. Rait, Sandford, Scotland. Robert begun to plow the Marsh for corn next year and put Jim the ram with the awey.
Men from Glasgow want to come and sing in Ypsilanti but it is not in my line.
18. Robert had to leave the plow and help Augusta to get in his beans. Dug two rows of potsotes with the fork while Robert's men dug one with the hook, besides going after the boy gathering nuts he promise to give us half, he brought a pan full.
20. Drove with Frank to Newton's barn they intend to raise today. Fed Robert's Lambs, walked over his field and saw them plowing the Marsh.
21. Went to see Robert plowing the Marsh, got most of our Apples gather-ad and put on the barn floor. Azro drawing apples out of Robert's orchard to Town. Thought we could not spend the money to go to J. Cammons.
22. Tried to help Robert to plow the land that has lain unplowed since Adams time. Went to Azros for dinner-saw his fine crop of apples. Belle got the last of the apples. Received a letter from Brooklyn addressed to Rev. William Lambie.
24. Got the harness mended. Had a pleasant meeting with A. Campbell.
25. Sent a letter to Rev. R. Lawson. Cold and blustry.
27. Went with Frank and saw the fine new barn. Robert sold potatoes to Mr. Post. His man plowed the Marsh and the plow broke again.
28. Clouds and rain. Frank came home unwell. Carried potatoes down callar. Dr. Kinney came to see Frank.
31. Last of Golden October-Robert's man drawing corn up here. Read of Mrs. Rosison's death and burial. Frank not able to work.
1. Chilly surly blasts-Mrs. L walked down to Roberts.
2. Went to Church, some rain-Church was full.
3. John Ross shingling the Corn Crib. Received a group of papers from Australia. Drew up poles from the woods to keep the fire burning.
4. Election Day-Democrats like to seep all. Was surprised that CAptain Alls was defeated.
5. Frank able to work. Went with him to Cherry Hill. Rough roads. Went to Azros with Mary and Belle and I took Belle home-hard frost in the morning and then mud.
6. Went with Robert to Tefieys raising and then to Harvey's sale. Indian summer day-Robert's man got in all the Potatoes.
7. Carried the Cabbage and Carrots down cellar. Mrs. L went to Azros and then Mrs. F, Mary and Willie drove to Town.
8. Wet night–Heard of the death of old Mrs. Morton.
9. A sermon on the Young Men's Christian Assaication. Went to old Mrs. Morton's funeral. gone at four score and eight, like a shock of corn fully ripe.
10. Went with Frank to Newton's barn-muddy road. Boarding up the hen house. Robert plowing the Marsh.
11. Called on Brother Robert, Eunice talked regarding her Mother's death. Grand day laid straw round rose bushes. The two Marys went to the Church Meeting.
12. Went on an excursion to Detroit. Called on my good old Mother, her mind that was so long and clear wanders now. Grand day. Mother said the sun in the Heavens and th Leas (?) of righteous were both shinning on me.
13. Another beautiful day-Went and saw old Mrs. Crippen and Robert is getting in stalks-he sold 9 lambs and 2 wedders to Gorton, 26 in flock left. Mrs. L and I went to Church and heard the Evangelists from Chicago. One of them sang well but the speaker was not adapted for me.
Had Robert's family and Mrs. Crippsn to supper.
15. Mild and cloudy-dug carrots-wet afternoon. Robert plowed in the rain. Mary went to Town with Mrs. F and Willie.
16. Forty one years since our marriage in a full Church. Mr. Morrey earnest for a great revival. Went round with old Mrs. Rosison.
18. Went to Roberts and down town, pleasant sunshine after the rain. Robert bought a grist for him and us.
19. Pure sunshine and clear skies. Robert man drawing gravel on the road. Mary walked to Azros. Mrs. L has a sick headache.
20. Fine day-Bella came and Mrs. A. CAmpbell. some villins stole two of Robert's turkies and he sold 7 violets in bloom yet.
21. Made a fence by the corn crib-Robert and his man helped Azro to thrash beans. 90 bushels-Another grand day.
22. Robert got in all the corn and stalks-carried the apples from the barn down cellar-was unwell in afternoon. Mrs. L and Willie walked up home and Mrs L came back alone.
25. Brought up some wood from Roberts. Smith sawed wood and old boards. Robert's plow broke again.
26. Mrs. L and I went to the Church to meet the Chicago Minister and singer. Went with Mary to Azros. Belle came.
27. Thanksgiving-The first snow that stopped plowing. Mrs. Fletcher could not leave home so we went and took dinner with her-a grand gathering.
28. Some frost-Robert plowed in the afternoon, Frank and Mr. Newton drove up to Ann Arbor with Eagle. Mr. Calhoun paid interest.
1. First day of Winter, got the coal stove started. Mrs. L carried in wood in the snow shower.
2. Cold 10 above zero. Mrs. L went to Belle's winter family. Settled with Robert for the summers work.
3. Snow about 4 inches deep, Frank hitched Eagle on the cutter the first time for one or two years. Frank, Mary, Robert and Robert's girls came in the cutter then the boys went to hunt rabbits.
4. Got chilled, sad, sick and weary.
5. More snow, not well. Mrs. Fletcher, Mrs L and Willie came.
7. Mr & Mrs Fletcher and Willie, Mrs. L, Mary and Frank drove to Church in the cutter. I was glad to stay home. Robert and family came to see us at night.
8. Was thirsty all night. Frank started in the cold gray morning for Mr. Rooks.
9. Cold snow, a blue haze in the woods. Able to feed the Horse and hens and carry in coal and wood.
10. Thaw at noon-drove down to Roberts and saw his round Oak stove and his farm stock. Got chilled and am not well.
11. Azro, Frank and Willie drove down Azro's hogs. Mary had her teeth pulled. Could split a little wood. Robert and family came.
12. Cold north blasts-glad to stay in the house. Mrs. L, AZro, Mr. and Mrs. F and Willie went to Church. Frank brought over shoes.
13. Anna's Birthday-enjoyed a good rest last night-cold and dreary. Frank paid the taxes on the old farm $15. Mary got medicine from Dr. Kinney.
15. Did not sleep very well-it's like a Spring morning, pure sunshine and pure snow. Dr. Fields of the Evangelist was pleased with the mummey peas I sent and published the Thanksgiving Lines. Frank went to Azros and the Free Church. Robert sold corn to L. Yost.
16. Robert sold a load of hay to Ring. Mr. LaFurge brought 2 loads of dry rough elm wood. Mr. & Mrs. Fletcher came. Mary went with them.
17. A little snow, dark and damp. Mr. Crittenden left $13 for Frank.
19. Frost and Sunshine. Frank came from Mr. Rooks and went to Town with Mary, Mrs. F and Willie. Not well-long night.
20. Brother Robert came to see us, Anna arrived after dark unexpected and we were all glad to see her.
21. The two Marys and Frank went to Church. Mild and springlike.
22. Shortest day-sunshine and soft breezes-6 hens only lay 2 or 3 eggs per day. The two Franks pumped the well out.
23. Another good bright winter day. Anna and Mary went to Azros. Cold driving blasts in the afternoon.
24. Calm quiet frosty morning. Sent papers to Scotland.
25. Christmas 22 years since Father left all that is of the earth earthy. Robert and family and Azro and his came-had a grand turkey dinner, a pleasant gathering and fine presents to one another. Robert went past with the jumping cow, some swine and the bunting sheap.
26. Sharp morning, Mrs. L went with Anna and Mary to Azros. Along with the other presents I got this fountain pen from Belle. drove down to Roberts.
27. Snow in the night and still storming.
28. Frank, Mrs. L and Mary went to Church-10 above. Robert and family came. Belle came. Got a Callander from William Naismith in Scotland.
31. The last day of 1890, dark, damp. Went and helped Robert to load up a big load of corn-was sick and sad. Anna, Mary, Mrs. F and Willie want to Belles and stayed overnight with Mrs. Fletcher.

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