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Yester years: Historical Advertisements

Yester years: Historical Advertisements image Yester years: Historical Advertisements image
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Ypsilanti Historical Society
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SPECIALS . Commencing Thursday and continuing for One Week we will sell $6.00 Electric Irons for $ 5.00 These irons are guaranteed for one year. Also we will give a 10 per cent discount on our fine line of fixtures-coching better in the city. Floor and Stand Lamps Students' Lamps Portable Lamps Remember this sale lasts for only one week, commencing this Thursday. These are close figures and we urge you to come in and make your selection from a line that will surely please you. DON'T FORGET THE FACT That we do wiring and all kinds of Electrical Work Ypsilanti Electrical Supply Co. D. W. WEBSTER, MANAGER YPSILANTI, MICH. PHONE DAY CALLS 255F1 PHONE NIGHT CALLS 255F2 You'll Have Clean Lingerie Aplenty When You Wash Electrically --- No need to skimp on lingerie or linens, shirtwaists or neckwear when you have an Electric Washing Machine in your home. Think what it means to you to have all the clean undergarments-all the spotless, fluffy georgettes-that you want! You can “change" just as often as you wish during the hot summer days -without lear of exhausing your supply of clean things-if you have an Electric Washer on the job. No need then to worry about laundries or to think of the hard work or rubbing things clean yourself. Come in and let us tell you why you should own an Electric Washer THE DETROIT EDISON COMPANY LET US MAKE YOUR HEATING FURNACE according to the needs of your house, with as many heating pipes as required. Did you know that we have facilities for building fur. naces to your special order, and that we use the highest quality 0 sheet metal? We install these heating systems complete, including all pipe connections. A. R. Congdon & Sons J. H. MILLER 201 River St, Phone 773-W 2 1-2 lbs. 50c Coffee, 900 Japan Tea $1.50 Best Mocha Coffee, 2 lbs. for 990 2 lbs. blended Mocha and Jaya Coffee, for 98c 5 lbs. Old Crop Rio for 95c 5 lbs. Best Tea Sifting, 95c 10 lbs. Best White Beans, . 950 Choice California Lemons 25c. per dozen.