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The "Real McCoy" of Ypsilanti

The "Real McCoy" of Ypsilanti image
Doris Milliman
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Ypsilanti Historical Society
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This book has been donated to the Archival Collection by the Author, Mr. A.P. Marshall who has done much research on the McCoy Family, with the emphasis on Elija, The Inventor.

The author states in the introduction “Almost every-one with an interest in the History of Ypsilanti knows that Elija McCoy was an inventor who lived here in the distant past. Because of the nature of available materials on him, however, few people know enough to really appreciate his contributions to the City. For years Detroiters only knew him as having lived there, but nothing about his earlier life in the City named for the Greek Patriot”

This book will answer a need for material on Elija McCoy for whom there are many requests. The book contains several photographs and illlustrations of his inventions.

We have a few copies available in the Sales Case you may purchase for your library.