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William Lambie Diary, 1891

William Lambie Diary, 1891 image William Lambie Diary, 1891 image William Lambie Diary, 1891 image William Lambie Diary, 1891 image William Lambie Diary, 1891 image William Lambie Diary, 1891 image William Lambie Diary, 1891 image William Lambie Diary, 1891 image William Lambie Diary, 1891 image
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1. All went to Roberts for grand dinner. The nights seem so long and I am so weary for the dawn.

2. Mrs. L and Mary went to Town in Robert's buggy. Brought the clothes from Rings. Made Hop Bitters. Read James Hamilton's marriage. (William Lambie's Mother was Mary Hamilton).

5. Mrs. L had Dr. Watling fill a tooth. Rssting a lot and wishing I could feel better still.

7. Frank & William Campbell drove past Belleville to pay taxes on land in Sumpter.

Brother Robert came to see me in my sickness.

12. Mrs. Thomas Clark and daughter came. Dr. Frazier's medicine is pleasant to take and seems to be helping me. Received a letter from James Hamilton, Glasgow, with his wedding card.

16. Robert took 3 big loads of corn to Town. Letter from Anna. Frank working on the Miller's Farm.

21. Drove to Town and got more medicine from Dr. Frazier. Robert was offered only 90 cents for the beans after all his work and expense.

25. A day for Scotchmen to celebrate-Burn's Anniversay. The cow Robert bot from Knapp had a calf.

28. Robert cleaning beans with Roll's Farming Mill. Frank working on his farm. Hens beginning to lay. 18 eggs today.

29. Called on Dr. Kinney and consulted him and got medicine.

30. Mrs. L and I walked to the old home and found old Mrs. Crippen had falled and hurt herself.

31. Got medicine from Dimick-the prescription from Dr. Kinney was something neither Samson nor Frank Smith had, Robert bot a grist.


3. Robert taking beans to Market, Frank cutting tamaracks on his farm.

5. Mrs. Fletcher, Mary and Willie went to Uncle Williams on the Street CAr.

6. Robert came to get his Mother to see Hattie and found she had the Mumps. Robert took about a ton of Hay to Ring.

12. Walked to the old home and cut some bushes. Tired and got a good rest in the sunshine.

17. A good rain in the night. The brook overflowing it's banks. Belle and her Mother went to Uncle Williams on the Street Car and the Conductor failed to let them off so they went to Ann Arbor and back.

18. Wrote to Sister Mary and Catherine that I was too sick to come and see Mother on the 20th, her 94th Birthday.

19. Mrs. L walked to Roberts to help Hattie to take care of Minnie, who is sick with the Mumps. Frank came with McLoud to Dinner.

22. Cold blasts-stayed at home. Azro's Father and his new wife went to Church and came home with Mrs. L, Mary and Azro's family to dinner Brother Robert and Uncle Andrew made us a welcome visit.

25. Walked down to Roberts-his wife and Minnie are better. Now Leah has the Mumps. He lost a good sheep and is thinking of leaving the Farm and working in Town.


2. Cold and dreary-Wearying for sunshine. Walked down to Roberts and came back in a snowstorm.

4. Mr & Mrs Fletcher, Mary and Willie went to visit Mr. Hewens. One of the sad days of life, received two letters informing of Brother Frank's death, the first break in a family of 9 in over 50 years.

5. Brother Robert and I not well enough to go to Brother Frank's funeral so Frank and Robert went in place of us. Sister and her son James, Mr & Mrs John Lambie, William Todd attended and saw brother Francis laid in the cold ground. Mother failing in mind and body.

7. Frank went off with his gun. Wrote W. Naismith regarding Brother Frank's death. received 3 bags of clover seed from John Campbell.

9. The first Robin-5 are in the doorway tree. Robert brot us butter. Frank took clover seed to his farm.

5. Clipped a notice regarding Brother Frank for the Free Press and sent it to Mr. Naismith.

2. Mild and Muddy, Was able to go to Church. Minister talking about enlarging the Church.

4. Bot a bushel of Timothy seed from Ainsworth, Frank and John Miller trimming his Orchard. Drew out straw and manure and put it around the currant bushes.

Hens laying about 2 dozen eggs a day. The Barton House was sold for $30.00.

30. Spread manure in forenoon. Aletter from Mr. Naismith regarding Frank's property. It seems to be a sad death and a sad settlement.


1. Frank bot a gray horse from Mr. Beeck for what he owed his Mother-bot garden seed from J. Thompson-Mary got a fine letter from Anna. Frank went with G. McDougal's son to work on a shed.

3. Robert brot word that another little girl was born at his home this morning. Mrs L walked down to help. Robert, Leah and Minnie staying up here.

6. Cut stumps in the clover field. J. Ross finished sowing clover seed. Set out some goosberry bushes.

8. Went to Mr. Phillips about grapes and trees. Robert sold 30 bushels of corn. Getting 20 to 40 eggs every day.

10. Robert sold 35 bushels wheat for 35 cents and paid me $20. Set out turnips-sold first green tree for 50 cents to A. Graves.

15. Mr. Birthday-three score and ten. I have lived man's appointed time upon earth. My eyes are not very din nor is my strength. Mr. & Mrs Fletcher, Willie, Leah and Minnie came to dinner. Called on Mr. Gray and saw through his fine home. Got 100 strawberry plants from him. Mary, Mrs. F and Belle helped set them out. Read in the News that McMillens could not claim the property Frank Lambie left at his death.

17. Went with Frank up to his farm on North Prospect and back over it through bogs and swamps to land worth improving. Brother Robert came to see about the property Brother Frank left going to his own friends.

18. James Inglis sent saying Mother should be Brother Frank's heir. Brother Robert said he would rather trust James than Detroit lawyers. Sent a letter to Agnes we would not go to Law.

23. Received trees from Ann Arbor but none from Monroe. Mary, Mrs. F, Willie, Leah and Minnie went to Belles to celebrate Willie's Birthday.


2. Robert's black mare had a foal. The trees came from Monroe at last. Mr. Vail hailed us as we passed. They came by Express-free. Mary and I set out about 40 green trees by night.

8. J. Renton, blacksmith-mill-wright repaired the big buggy. Carried the potatoes out of the Cellar and Robert and I worked hard planting them.

13. Took a barrell of seed corn to Robert. Ross planting corn in the field north of the brook.

4. Deposited $100 in the Bank. Azro and I went to see the great sale of City Lots on what used to be the William Watling Farm.

21. Longing for rain. Robert and Ron planting corn in field near Norton's Corners. Thunder showers at last.

22. Wife and I went on the Excursion to Detroit. Walked to Mother's home. One of the grandest days of my life.

25. The Adveriser came all the way from Scotland in nine days. Frank and Robert took away the old family wagon we had for over 30 years and brot back a new one.

27. Fox shore Robert's sheep-24 old sheep and 14 lambs.

29. Mrs. L and I drove to Uncle Andrews-nothome-drove to Uncle Williams not home either. A shower bothered the Street Cars too.


1. Glorious day. Robert and Fox cleaning out the brook.

2. Azro sprayed Robert's orchard and then I drove the horses as he sprayed ours. Worked in the garden-a few strawberries ripe.

5. Bot a carpet from Rexford I thought we did not need.

8. Went with Frank past Kimmels. Mrs Fletcher gave me a fine breakfast on the way back.

9. Called on Mrs. Mann, Mr & Mrs Alban and Mr. Wilbur, Robert and Ross carried the stove to the wood house. Mrs Ring and others cleaning the house.

12. Sold 2 bushels of potatoes to L Davis at 85 cents a bushel. Minister Morey went past thrice to gather ferns and flowers to decorate the Church for Children's Day.

15. Went with Frank to Fifely & Millers Corners-picked peas and some big strawberries in our garden. Sprayed and brushed buggs off the potato plants and then sprouted the potatoes in the Cellar. Showers in late afternoon.

18. Robert sold the wool to Ainsworth aobut 184 lbs-24 fleeces at 22 cents-$40.80. Robert bot a horse from Cornwell. Mr. Hewens paid interest.

22. Longest day in lovely June. Battling agsinst the weeds and bugs this long summer day. About 90 in the shade.

26. Mrs. L drove Mary over to Azros and then took Anna to the dentist. Belle picked 50 quarts of strawberries.

27. Sold two bushels potatoes to L. Davis for two silver dollars. Robert brot papers-the Free Press stating at the Probate Court Ann Lambie (William's Mother) right in Frank's property belonged to the Lambies.

30. Mrs. L's Birthday. Robert got in 3 loads of hay in prime order on Frank's new wagon. Belle picked a fine lot of cherries. Dug potatoes, very small. A paper from Prof. G. Campbell-his son seems to be the best scholar in Dartmouth College. Goodbye to joyful June.


1. Bright beautiful balmy day. Helped the field as long as I was able. Paid $8 in VanTyls store for our Church seat rent for year.

3. Andrew Campbell came with a paper by Mary and Catherine Lambie requesting a guardian be placed over Mary Lambie (Mother in Windsor) at the settlement of the deceased Francis Lambie's Estate. Fine crop of Cherries and Currants.

6. Fed the horse before sunrise and went to Town early and on the Street Railway to Ann Arbor. Had dinner and pleasant meeting with R. Campbell and family. Robert finished harvesting wheat for Theodore and reaped part of Harrises.

8. Cool morning-had to put on a flannel-Robert reaped his 10 acre field on the east high corner. Ross and Fox set up and capped the shocks.

13. Days a little shorter. I mowed the wheat around the trees on both fields. Azro came to get the reaper.

14. Expected to get new potatoes on the 4th of July but did not get them until today. Robert and his men drew in the Hay on the Miller farm.

16. John Ross drew wheat with Robert's team and Theodore with his team and got the wheat all in the barn.

18. Dug good potatoes for ourselves and son and brother Robert. Frank and Near went with Near's horse. Ross and Fox got the wagon to draw in Frank's wheat. Robert racked the stuble. Frank repaired the M_____barn that the lightning hit.

23. Robert and Ross got a new plow to plow the Miller farm. Very hot and dry. The Sunflower leaves wilted. Anna picked some Early Joe Apples. Paid Dr. Frazier for Medicine.

25. Got some papers from Brother Robert and gave him some potatoes. William Campbell came and went with Robert to see Frank's farm.

29. Renton shod Eagle. Thompson wanted to sell us a carriage for $115. A shower went around the North and around the South. We got only a few drops.

31. J. Ross cradling a good crop of Pats. More Early Joe Apples.


3. Robert reaping Oats with a new reaper. Ross and Fox binding Oats. Set up shocks till I was weary.

5. Wife and I went to Detroit and Canada to see great Army of Soldiers the G.A.R. crowd were great.

Mother sat up most of the day and when my wife sang “My Ain Countree” Mother clcapped her hands. The Windsor people had a great Arch to welcome the American Soldiers. Mrs. Smith (Kate Inglis) arrived and Mrs. Fletcher met her and children at the Depot.

6. Cleaned the hen house. No wealth, honor or pleasure doing that. Anna went for Mary and brot Mrs. F and Willie and Mrs. Smith with her two girls.

7. Dan Campbell and his young wife came. Azro borrowed our horse and did not return it as expected. Hattie had to carry Robert's dinner to him in the heat.

8. Azro brought up Mr. Smith. I called on brother Robert. Oppressing heat. 97 in the shade.

10. Went with Frank to Mr. Gills. Called at Azros and found Mr & Mrs Smith and two children. Clare came and took Mrs L to his Fathers.

13. Frank and I went to P. Gills. Azro and Mr. Smith with their families took tea at Brother Roberts.

25. Cool clear morning. Exposition begins. Anna got a telegram from Duluth.

7. Went to see Azro and old Mr. Wilbur. Called on Belle and we cheered one another. Got the harness mended adn called on Robert's empty house.

29. Frank went to the Detroit Exposition. Wife and I went to Ann Arobr with presents for Mr & Mrs Robert Campbell's 30th Wedding Day. A grand party of friends. But we were all sad when we learned Uncle Andrew's barn his hay and 7 horses were all burned last Friday night. He had hard work to save his home. Loss about $3,000. With all his loss he was Master of himself and laughed and sang like the others.


2. Went to the Exposition andCanada. Mother sat up some. Her thoughts wandered. Mary and Catherine anxious to get justice from James. Enjoyed seeing the horses, sheep and cattle at the Exposition.

4. Robert got coal for the Thrashers. Dug potatoes and called on Aunt Eunice. Gathered pears.

7. Old Mrs. Wilbur died. Harvey thrashed 311 bushels Oats and 117 bushels of wheat at Roberts and 101 bushels of Oats and 153 bushels wheat up here.

8. Went with Mary to Azros where they are thrashing. Took Mr. Smith and his trunk to the Depot. Went with Robert to old Mrs. Wilbur's funeral.

10. Bob Martin put 300 sheep on Robert pasture. Robert brot Frank home to settle with Harvey James and John Miller so that Frank could have entire control of what used to be the Miller Farm.

11. Martin took away 401 sheep after they had about spoiled Robert's pasture and paid $15.

Heard of old Mr. King's death.

14. Went with Frank to Mr. Fills about sunrise. Attended Mr.King's funeral Mrs. Hewens paid some money. Robert's cow could not be found.

15. Belle ran all the way to ell us she found one cow. Robert found the other. Mrs Hilt and the two Mrs. Campbell came to visit.

17. Mrs. F, Willie, Mrs. Smith and two girls, Mary and I went to the Fair. Saw the balloon go up.

18. Very warm. Mrs. Fletcher got the first premium on butter. We got the second premium on carrots and parsnips.

24. Uncle Andrew came. Frank went to the Plymouth Fair. Called on the Florist at the Depot and found him to be a poet.

28. Frank's Birthday. Mr & Mrs. Smith and the girls called on their way to Ohio. Longing for rain.

30. Went to Mrs. Hewens for a ram-paid $7.-he jumped out of the buggy and it tired me catching him. Mrs. McConachie came at night.(A Campbell relative)


1. Mr. McConachie, Mrs. L and I went to the City of the dead in Augusta and then to Mrs. Hewens sale and met a number of friends.

2. Rode up on the Motor to Ann Arbor Fair-was very tired and met few friends. Frank put the Hewens ram with Robert's sheep.

5. Robert and John helping Frank to thrash. Robert Campbell came and paid interest.

6. Frank got all his crops thrashed. Brot two loads here. Brother Robert came and got garden potatoes. Mary, Mr & Mrs F, Willie and I went to a Social. A grand supper and ice cream at the Church.

9. Frank brot a load of tamarack for stove wood. Dug rows of big peach blow potatoes.

10. Frank and Robert brot us a new surrey and Frank got a new Top buggy.

17. Still digging potatoes. Robert's marsh now a productive potato field.

23. Robert brot up two loads of potatoes and put them in the Cellar.

28. Went to see Mother in Windsor. She was glad to see me, very weak in body and mind-hope Mary and Catherine will be rewarded for taking care of her night and day for years.

29. Mary and Belle helped gather apples in the one horse wagon-nearly all blown down by the high winds.


3. Ice and ground hard-gathered basket of late peaches. Robert drew gravel for the road.

5. Pulled turnips. Belle and Mrs. W. Campbell came. Mr. Allison sent two Australian papers. Mary, Belle and I went to F. Bennetts burial, the last for another neighbor.

6. Mr & Mrs Fletcher went to Uncle Andrews barn raising in the morning. Mary and I went in the afternoon. A good frame, hard work and dan-gerous. Frank did as much shouting as Les Yost would do for $10.00.

9. Mild morning-Like spring. Got the turnips in the basement. Called on the gardener at the Depot.

11. Went to Detroit. Called on sister Agnes and Mother-Met Uncle Andrew at Mothers. James' store shut up.

14. Mrs. Fletcher, Mary and Willie went to Uncle Williams. Sent a Mich-igan book to the Stravan Library. My letter in the Farmer about sheep. Frank bot 20 acres from Mrs. Loveridge. Saw a grand eclipse of the Moon.

17. Mrs L went with Mary to Azros. Robert took stalks to Town and helped set up the Coal Stove.

18. Belle and I carried apples down Cellar. Mr & Mrs Ross moved on Frank's farm. Cold rain and blasts of wind.

25. Thanksgiving-Robert brot up 3 loads of corn. Mr & Mrs Scotney came to dinner.

27. Martin brot a good cord of wood to keep us warm. Paid him $3.75 and sawed some stove wood.


1. Mr. Calhoun paid interest for a bushel of onions. Mrs L, Mary and Willie went to a Church meeting in the Surrey.

5 Plenty of snow. Robert came for the Bob-Sleigh.

10 Mild and muddy again. Uncle William called on us.

13 Anna's Birthday.

17. Robert brot 2 loads of stalks.Anna sent word she intends to come home Saturday. Robert brot two cows from Knapp, one for heimself and one for his Mother.

19. Paid our Tax on the old farm home $17.29. Frank paid other Taxes. Robert brot up Anna from her School at Elkhart.

24. The girls went to the old home and cut a green tree for Christmas. Sister Agnes sent Christmas presents.

25. Christmas-23 years since father died. Had a royal feast and Turkey for dinner. Robert, Hattie and the 3 girls, Mr & Mrs Fletcher and Willie, Mr & Mrs Scotney. Frank was here to carve the Turkey. A pleasant gathering of friends.

29. Dark and damp and some snow. Bot ink, paper and oil from Samson.

31. Wife got medicine from Dr. Frazier for Ahna. Farewell good year of niney one-May we do better in days to come.

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