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Carrie A. Hardy Diary 1919 December

Carrie A. Hardy Diary 1919 December image Carrie A. Hardy Diary 1919 December image Carrie A. Hardy Diary 1919 December image
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Dec. 1, Gave test in Geometry. Burtt Crippen starred. After supper helped Van with Trig. Dec. 2, Miss Hoffman entertained the teachers. Fraser lectured at Normal in evening. J. Laird, S. Lewis, C. Leur and I went. Dec. 3, Kept those students after school who failed in class. Five stayed, in evening finished making my cap. Dec. 4, Mr. Erickson called the first teachers' meeting and read an address. First Athletic Council meeting to approve Y's and R's. Saw Players. Dec. 5, Miss. Laird came in after school and we went downtown. Lillian brought us home. Worked during 3rd and 4th hours on towel rack. Dec. 6, Knitted nearly all day. Lillian came over in the afternoon-had pancakes for supper-then went to the movies. Dec. 7, Made graham gems for breakfast. Gave Van 5. Did not go to church. Knit. Lillian over during p.m. Dec. 8, Am knitting a pair of mittens for Rob and Crocheting a cap for Robert. Came home for dinner. Dec. 9, Pretty cold, but I am comfortable. School is going fairly well. Mr. P. asked me to average the Ind., B. G., and estimate medians. Dec. 10, Worked on averages and knit some. Went to bed. Cold last night, hence not very comfortable. Dec. 11, Worked in office both the 3rd and 4th hours. Mr. Piper left during the early part of the sixth hour. Teachers' players trouble for Gene. Dec. 12, Mr. Piper gone all day to principal's convention. Attended J. L. Hudson's concert this evening at Pease auditorium. Dec. 13, Worked in morning. Knit and finished Rob's mittens. Went downtown with Lillian. Called on Miss Van Drezer and May Webb. Dec. 14, At 9 O'clock Lillian and I went down to Rob's in Lillian's new car. We were back at 1:10. Knit and tatted during P. M. and treated L's cold. Dec. 15, The last week of the month. Reports received most of my spare time. Am making a sweater for Catherine. Pat Morton's night. Dec. 16, School fair. More report work. Faculty play being rehearsed. Sold 18 tickets. School board gives bonus of $1.00. Dec. 17, Today there were two performances in P. M. and one in eve of faculty play. No school this P.M. but I worked there all day. Dec. 18, Draft from Central Business Men's Asso'n for $99.43 for last summer's illness. Rec'd $155.00 ($25 bonus) for school Mo. Dec. 19, Handed in my report for the month before leaving the building. Knitting hard on Catherine's sweater. Bath. Dec. 20, Van cleaned for me $1.20. Did a little Christmas shopping. Went over to Mrs. Hutching's for loaf of home made bread. $.20. Knit. Dec. 21, Knit nearly all day. No church. Van went into Detroit. Mr.Ross caring for furnace. Shall rest some this vacation. H's check $40. Dec. 22, More Christmas plans. Went downtown 3 times. Knit. Lillian over in evening. Mr. Ross came in also. Dec. 23, Letter from Freida. Dentist this morning. Filled a tooth $1.00. Delivered the Webb presents. Called on the Hayes's and on Edna Simpson. Knit. Dec. 24, Went downtown. Christmas shopping done. Knit to finish Catherine's sweater. Not finished. Dec. 25, Catherine's sweater done. Lillian and I were at Rob's for dinner So were Mr. & Mrs. Reed, Paul, wife & son. Dec. 26, L & I went to the Martha Washington in the afternoon. Not feeling very brisk this day after Christmas. My insurance company had dropped me. Dec. 27, Worked nearly all day. Went over home. Rob gave me a silver pencil for Christmas and Lillian the tatted lunch cloth. Dec. 28, Mrs. Breakey does not like the insurance Co's action. I don't care. At 10:30 left for Detroit with 2 little suits for Robert. Too small. Dec. 29, Washed and ironed. Cleaned the two front rooms. Exchanged Robert's suits and sent them parcel post. Citizens vote tonight about building Prospect school. Dec. 30, Decided to wait for bids rather than adopt the “cost plus” plan. Went over to Ann Arbor and bo't waist. Carrie, Sara, Lewis and L. were here this eve. Dec. 31, Worked all A M. In P.M. went downtown with Mrs. Fletcher. Went driving with Lillian. Had Misses Laird and Cogswell and Mrs. Fl. in eve.


Mr. Hutchins has paid all rents on 223 River St. to the month of Dec. 19.