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William Lambie Diary, 1893

William Lambie Diary, 1893 image William Lambie Diary, 1893 image William Lambie Diary, 1893 image William Lambie Diary, 1893 image William Lambie Diary, 1893 image William Lambie Diary, 1893 image William Lambie Diary, 1893 image William Lambie Diary, 1893 image
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1. Driving snow storm all day. About all I could do to get in water and take care of the horse and hens.
2. Not very well in the night. It seems to be healthier shoveling snow and sawing wood than lying in bed.
6. Anna and Mary at Azros for Mrs. Fletchers Birthday. Mrs. Loveridg and Mrs. Camp called and then Brother Robert and daughter called.
9. Frank paid Wife and I Interest and cleaned the old clock.
10. Eight below zero and awful cold blasts. Brave Belle walked thru the drifts to get Frank to help Will with his Milk Wagon. Too cold to saw wood.
13. Frank brot load of broken rails. Robert sold the cow he bot from Martin. Wife and Mary went to Town in the Cutter. I sawed the rails.
16. Frank's horse Dick got away at the Creamery and Frank, Azro and Willie had to walk home. A meeting to see about building a new Presbyterian Church that I don't need.
17. Frank brot a new iron pump that saves me from drawing well water on icy planks. No hens layed.
22. Not very cold but did not go to Church on account of the snow. Wrote about Burns Natal Day.
26. We hear of fifty thousand voted to build a new Church when I think the old one good enough.
31. Hail, rain, ice and snow-rough roads. Went to John Renton and got horse shod. No eggs.
1. Frank brot another load of rails. More snow.
4. Mrs. F, Willie and the wee boy came, Eaves dripped by noon.
7. Wrote Mrs. Young in Scotland and Sister in Canada.
13. Mild morning. A little like Spring. Light at five. Hens are beginning to lay. Robert came with his family and cleaned the Organ and played and sang for us.
15. Roads a sheet of ice. Robert sold his pigs to Spencer. John Ross came with Robert and talked of renting the old farm.
17. Cut down straw off the stack to bed the horse. Let the old farm to Robert for 10 years at $150 yearly.
22. Brother Robert brot papers. Two Miss McDouglas and two Miss Gardeners called and also Robert and his family.
23. Eagle fell on the ice twice in front of the stable when taking him off the Cutter. Wife made me a shirt and I read to her about Blain and Scotchmen Curling.
27. Frank brot a load of coal. Robert left our old farm home and wen with his family and furniture to Town.
28. Frank helped Mr. Read to move on his farm.
March 1 to March 21 is missing.
22. Twenty eggs. Frank went to Mr. Roberts funeral. He was 73.
25. Robert sold hay to Block. Wife and I west to Belles, 5 years since her marriage.
30. Wife went to see Mrs. F and the babe. Dug parsnips. Set a hen. Worked in the garden.
8. Frank took Seed potatoes to his farm. Trees budding.
11. Wheeled out the ashes. Smith split all the wood.
13. A fearful Cyclone struck Ypsilanti last night. Wife and I drove down and saw so many fine buildings wrecked. It was sad to see so much property wasted. One good thing no lives lost.(we have pictures in the Archives of the Cyclone that Mr. Lambie talks aboi
14. Went again to see the ruins and then to the Creamery. Stopped at Roberts home by the river.
16. I am entering my 73 years. Am grateful for a good degree of health, strength, reason and joy from youth till old age.
18. Went with Frank to Mr. Rooks and called on Mrs. Boice and james Hamilton. Got early potatoes.
20. Mary took her Mother to the Motor to go to Uncle Williams. Too wet to work in the garden.
21. Clare Campbell and his sister came. James Hamilton and sister brot plants and we gave them Gooseberry and Currant bushes.
24. Went with Frank to Mr. Hunters and saw his fine barn ruined by the Cyclone. White hen brot out 12 chicks. Planted our early Rose potatoes and two rows of Empire State potaotes and then beach blows north of them.
28. Wife and I called on Mr. Laidlaw in his gardens at the Depot. Got Wet coming home.
29. Went to Ben Voorhees-his wife was cheerful after suffering so mcu Exchanged plants with Mrs. Everts. Bot a quarter of Mutton from son Robert.
1. Frank took away our horse and Mary walked to Azros.
4. Went with Frank to his farm-Called on Mrs. Loveridge, Mrs. Fletche and Mr. Ross at the old home.
8. Took potatoes to J. Ross at the old home, called on Robert's town home and then to the creamery.
9. Wife, Mary, Mrs Fletcher, the babe, Frank, Robert and wife, Will and Belle and a grand happy company went to Mrs. William Campbell Birthday party.
13. Dark, damp morning-planted sun flowers and Holly hocks. Asparagus and Pie Plant to use.
15. Brother Robert and wife came and told us Eunice had gone to the World's Fair in Chicago. Mary and I went and saw the flowers in the Railroad gardens.
16. Wife and I attended the golden wedding josiah Childs. Everyone seemed kind and friendly.
22. Mrs. L, Mary, Mrs. Fletcher, Willie and the babe went to Roberts to celebrate Mary's Birthday.
23. Wife and I went to Mrs. Strangs funeral. More rain.
24. Queens Birthday. Wife and I went to see old Mrs. Crippen, R. Mart and Ira Crippen family.
29. Frank went to Uncle Andrews with the horse.
1. Frank went to frame a barn near Plymouth.
4. Sacrament-about 30 added to the church. Harris Francis Fletcher was baptised. The Fletchers cammed on their way home.
7. I intended to hear J.G. Paton last night but was too weary. Mary, Belle and I went to see the show parade but only saw the tents and wagons.
8. Was up before the sun. Winters got a small load of hay out of our barn. Wife had a sore place on her neck and went to see Dr. Kinne.
8. Got tomato plants from J. Hamilton. Andrew Campbell came and I went with him to the Depot.
12. Frank and I had breakfast and went to Mr. Rooks.
13. Wife, Mary. Mrs. Fletcher and wee Harris wnet to visit Willie and Leah's school.
15. Wife and I went to see Mr. & Mrs. Voorhees and it looks as though Mr. V will never walk again. Went to Thomas Phillips funeral.
19. Took Frank to Mr. Rooks-called at Azros-they came with me and wee Harris rode on my knee. Wife went to Belles to celebrate her Birthday and a picnic with others down by the River at Roberts.
20. Went to Detroit and the Oak-Will Todd and all his relatives were glad to see me. We took flowers to sister Issbelles grave. Will Todd brought me to the train and I called on James and his wife-they were all kind but sister Mary, after I was weary it vexed me.
23. Leah and Minnie helped pick peas. Winters sent up several loads of manure. Went to the depot to get Anna's trunk and saw Laidlaw Very busy contending with weeds and bugs.
26. Green peas and new potatoes for lunch. J. Ross sold the wool. I used to get it all, then half, now none.
29. Boy picking cherries-howed potatoes-Mary went in the Surrey to Belles and then they all went to Azros.
1. Wife and I went to Town. Got milk from Mrs. Ring.
6. Ring family picking cherries on shares. Fearful lightning in the night and it struck and burned Mathews barn.
10. Dug 1/2 bushel of potatoes-took them to the Depot-too small to sell Wife and girls preserving cherries. Mowed round the peach trees and was tired. Turned the grindstone for Frank.
18. Dug more potatoes-The Empire State seem to be the best potatoes of 4 kinds.
20. Robert and Frank rigged up the reaper and Frank came in the after-noon to reap our wheat. Mrs. campbell and daughter came. We went to the old Campbell home as of old and found John very busy drawing in wheat and made a small stack.
29. Got a letter from Mr. Dunlop in Scotland (a relative who later came to the States to visit the Campbell farm and were astonished at how far the farm was from New York City).
31. Azro sick and Robert had to manage the Creamery.
2. Brother Robert and daughter called. Anna, Mary and Belle took tin dishes to Azros for the Ten wedding celebration.
4. Mrs. Fletcher and Harris came. Ross began to reap Oats-Hattie's Mother came and I went with her to Roberts for a horse. Living on flour porridge is not fun.
5. Sad time with Banks breaking and so many idle men.
9. Frank had his wheat and oats thrashed, poor crop.
10. Frank, Mrs. Fletcher, Willie and Harris went to Uncle Andrews.
15. Mr & Mrs Voorhees came. Uncle William and Clare then Brother Robert. A letter from John Lambie.
19. Cut Canada Thistles in Ross corn field but it is too hard for me. Robert and the three girls came at night.
24. Frank and I had a fine swim and bath in the Huron.
29. The engine got to Ross to thrash. I went to see Laidlaw at the Depot and the beautiful gardens.
30. The engine came and thrashed our small stack. Only 36 bushels where we always had 96.
1. Frank took Anna to the Depot on her way to Elkhart. Put part of t Straw stack in the shed.
5. Some good peaches-more papers from Australia. Longing for rain.
8. Went to Azros for Mary-then round by Belles and got a glass of cream and a royal welcome. Picked grapes. Went to Church meeting.
12. A welcome shower. Frank brot 2 bushels of peas. Took 16 chicks to market.
14. Put down eggs for winter. Crowds going to the World's Fair. Some in debt. Dug potatoes. Frank brot a big load of poatoes. I put them in baskets and he took them down in the cellar. Marshes burning.
20. Took some pears to Robert. The river very small. Mrs. Strang met us at the Depot and we went with her to see her fine new home.
23. A shower at night. Franks man has left him and I am very glad. Robert is going to work and live on Frank's farm
26. Frank and Uncle William went to attend the Fair in Chicago. Robert did chores at Franks farm. Hattie and Mary gathered peaches.
27. Went with Mrs. L to Town. She went to Uncle Williams on the MOtor Robert, Mr. Fletcher and Harris came.
28. A little ice, the first this FalWife and I called on Uncle Robert in forenoon. Dug potatoes in afternoon.
29. A fine quiet rain in the afternoon and we did not go down and get no papers.
1. Belle came in the beautiful morning. Mary took care of Harris so Mr. & Mrs Harris could go to Church Rolling day.
2. Grand morning-Robins feasting on the Mountain Ash Berries. Wife, Mary, Mrs. Flatcher and Harris went to Town. Went with Robert to Frank's farm at night. Uncle William sent a card from the World's Fair.
3. Refreshing morning shower, rain nearly all day, sistern full with refreshing showers, a day of rest.
4. Clear shining after rain. Wife and Belle went to Frank's farm and gathered pears. Read in the News that the Supreme Court had decid that Brother James should hold Brother Frank's property he left. I consulted of McMillan.
5. Grand Autumn morning. The trees gleaning through the mist of the morning, like great forest flowers. Frank back from Chicago Fair. Wife went to Frank's farm for peaches.
6. Mrs. Fletcher and Harris came-Wife and I went round by J. Hamiltons Robert brot 10 bushels of Oats.
7. Wife, Mary and I went to Town, the creamery and then to Roberts. Rev. Mr. Morey and Mrs. Kachler, his daughter, called.
8. Grand autumn day, sermon on giving. Belle came, went round with her. Mr. Fletcher and family came.
9. Wife started after breakfast to get Belle to gather apples at Frank's famr.
10. Golden October day. Dug all our potatoes, got no help. Mrs. Fletc and Mary went to Brother Roberts for dinner. Our friend Robert CAmpbell made us a pleasant visit and paid $18.00 interest.
11 Wife took Mary to Azros-I shoved stones of the road. Wife and I went to Town, Met Rev. Mr. Vining and Mrs. Strang.
12. Grand morning-Robert brot his black horse. Wife and I drove to Belleville-Forest trees beautiful, very warm between 86 & 90ยข. Were kindly treated-came back by Mrs. Fletchers.
13. Cool and cloudy-Repaired fence-Wife, Mary and I met Mr. & Mrs. John Campbell and A. Campbell in Town. A sad accident on the railroad at Jackson, we heard 20 killed and 20 hurt.
14. Rain in the night-a wet stormy morning. Stormy and dreary all day-surly blasts drove the smoke down the Chimney-the house wet and comfortless.
15. Belle went to Church with us, cold-wore an overcoat.
16. Sunshine pleasant after the storm. Mrs. L, Mary. Mrs. Fletcher and Harris wnet to Town in the Surrey. Robert brot a load of Frank's broken rails.
18. Went with Robert to Frank's farm. Wife, Mary and I gathered a few bushels of Apples in our Orchard-Grank day. Helped Robert to get 45 busels of potatoes in the cellar.
18. Frank came and had breakfast about 6-Wife and Belle gathered apples in the Orchard. Ross getting th 1/2 from brother. Robert call on us
20. Frank had breakfast by lamplight-sawed some of the old rails till a shower came up. Wife went to see Willie with the Mumps and brot Mary back.
21. Grand golden day-Robert and Fox carried in the Kitchen stove-Wife, Mary, Belle and I went to Town.
22. A Sermon on Pauls power for Christianity. Robert and children came, then Azro and family like to border of the beautiful land.
24. Wife and I went in the Motor to our food friend R. Campbell in Ann Arbor enjoyed our visit. Paid 75$ for the Register. Mary and Willie came for us.
25. Robert dug out fence posts and burned some of the Marsh. Wife and wee Harris drove over to Frank's farm. Belle came.
26. Railroad disaster and wrecks on the lakes. Mary went over to help at Azros.
12. Ice and snow, not very cold, Mary, Mrs. Fletcher and Harris went to Franks to dinner. Willie came at night.
13. Frank sold Hay to Uhl. Mary convoyed Willie to School. Got Eagle sharp shod on the fore feet. Wife came home bringing word J. K. Campbell's boy was dead. John came from Lansing at night, by telegraph-Boy is about 4 years old.
15. Wet cold rain-Frank and his Mother went in the Covered Cutter to the funeral at Uncle Johns boy. Robert's Hattie not well. Mary went with Robert-Brother Robert called.
21. Mr. Calhoun came and paid interest in money and onions. Wife went to Azros and Mary came back-2 & 3 eggs a day.
22. Shortest day-Wife, Mary, Mrs. Fletcher and Harris went to Town. Wif went home with Belle-mild and muddy-Received a Christmas present from kind Sister Agnes.
24. Belle hitched her big horse on the Surry and 5 of us went to Churc Mr. Morey able to preach-Mr. Vraman helped him-Little Harris like to speak in meeting-Azros family came a noon and Roberts at night. Ground soft and a beautiful sunset.
25. Twenty-five years since Father died and spoke to me for the last time. Green fields, blue skies and balmy breezes. Three generatio 17 in all of us and wnet to Frank's farm and enjoyed a great joy-ful Christmas dinner. Anna and Mary stayed and we came home.
26. Cold breeze and the ground froze hard, Robert brot us 3 loads of wood and 20 bushels of Oats-Wife went to Azros for Anna and Mary.
28. Wife went with Anna and Mary up to Belles-Wife and I called on Brother Robert and family-Sent the picture of Straven Castle to Sister Agnes.
29. Sawed wood to keep us warm-got a few eggs-Wife went to Azros.
30. Hard rough roads-Robert paid the taxes $22.35. I paid $15. Robert the balance-Wife, Anna, Mary and I went to Town.
31. Last of 1893-Wife, Mary, Belle and I went to Church, A sermon on evil speaking-The last of 1893.

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