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Ypsilanti Gleanings, Summer 2006

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Ypsilanti Historical Society
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Ypsilanti Historical Society
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Official publication of the Ypsilanti Historical Society, featuring historical articles and reminisces of the people and places in the Ypsilanti area.

In This Issue:

Ypsilanti, Basketball's Gateway to the West: The first game of basketball played west of the Allegheny Mountains was in Ypsilanti on May 18, 1894.
A Love Story — Joe and Catherine Sesi: The patriotic fervor, community involvement, and generosity of Joe and Catherine Sesi are legendary in the Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor area. Here is their love story.
The Ypsilanti High School Girls Drum & Bugle Corps 1935–1978: The YHS Girls Drum & Bugle Corps was known as “The Pride of Ypsilanti” for forty-three years.
Yankee Air Museum Celebrates 25 Years — 1981–2006: There's a lot happening at the Yankee Air Museum. Become a member and participate in their many sponsored events.
The 50's: Rec Sports Were Prime Time: In the 1950's you could hear the sounds of top flight basketball and fast-pitch softball coming from Recreation Park.
Sidetrack Bar and Grill: Many stories are circulated about Depot Town's famous “Sidetrack” bar and grill. Some you can believe but others may be partly fiction.
Stark Funeral Service/Moore Memorial Chapel — 108 Years in Ypsilanti: In 1897 Jay E. Moore opened a furniture store at 14 South Washington and the following year added “undertaking” to the services he provided.
Veterans History Project: More than 1,000 World War II veterans die each day. This project is an effort to get their stories on paper and in video while they are still with us.

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