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News from the Fletcher-White Archives

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Gerry Pety
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Ypsilanti Historical Society
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As the summer of 2006 approaches I have two interns, one from Eastern Michigan and one from Emory University in Georgia. Both are in history and/or preservation studies with their respective schools. This summer, it is hoped, will be a learning experience for all of us at the Archives in addition to getting organized for the summer rush of researchers from all over America and Canada. I am glad to have these two students as we really have needed the extra brains and hands to accomplish what we need to do.

Maxe Obermeyer has been cleaning out his closets and has given us a panoply of really cool items that we did not have. Maxe donated an inaugural pamphlet from the Heritage Festival. Also included in the many items he donated were some great photo postcards of buildings that once graced the MSN campus at the turn of the century. Maxe, if you are reading this, you can't have any of it back! Mr. Gary Stewart has given us some very interesting artifacts relating to the 1923 Ypsilanti Centennial, namely some glass drink coasters in blue and purple and some yearbooks from Michigan State Normal. Thank You!

Sorry about the lateness of our maps that were to be printed by now, but we are really trying to get these done in the most professional fashion we can and Ms. Rossina Tammany, of EMU's Archives, has done some wonderful work cleaning up the map scans. I finally have these scans and it is now with John Harrington at Standard Printing. John, a member of YHS, has been helping us in the technical aspects of the project and his company will be producing the smaller version of the map. Thanks John!

Again, I am asking our members if they have any pre-1930 Ypsilanti phone books and/or city directories. These are of extreme importance as they contain information about the people of Ypsilanti; where they lived, worked, and where they did their day to day business. I have heard real horror stories about people just discarding these important resources. If you have any such items please contact me, Gerry Pety at 572 0437 as we could really use these resources.

So put on your “bestest” sneakers and come on down!