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Ypsilanti Gleanings, Winter 2007

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Ypsilanti Historical Society
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In This Issue...

Dick Ouellette…An Ypsilanti Basketball Icon!: Phil Barnes indicates that Dick Ouellette may arguably be the best basketball coach ever to come out of Ypsilanti.
Home & The Handy Store-The Village Core: C. Tino Lambros describes his experiences growing up in Ypsilanti focusing on Edd Dykman's Handy Store.
We Remember Our Neighborhood Stores: Tom Dodd describes the demise of the neighborhood store and indicates only two currently exist in Ypsilanti.
Dad Shot Down Lindbergh, Phyllis and Fang Diller are…: A story of the early years of World War II and the accidents of history that changed Ypsilanti.
Jack Looks at the “Time Pieces” in the Museum: Jack Livisay provides a tour of the time pieces on display in the Museum.
Minerva Visitations!: What does go on at 220 North Huron Street when the lights go out and darkness surrounds the house?
Veteran Series: Veterans included in this issue of the Gleanings are Charles “Chuck” Brown and Charles Kettles.
General Grant in Ypsilanti: The Ypsilanti Commercial reported that General Grant stopped in Ypsilanti on August 19, 1865.
Newton Tombstone Returned to Canton: A Civil War veteran tombstone has been returned to Canton where it was originally located in Cherry Hill Cemetery.

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