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Ypsilanti Gleanings, Fall 2007

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Ypsilanti Historical Society
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Ypsilanti Historical Society
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Official publication of the Ypsilanti Historical Society, featuring historical articles and reminisces of the people and places in the Ypsilanti area.

In This Issue...

Mellencamp's-The Center of My “Village”: C. Tino Lambros describes the impact Mellencamp's Clothing Store had on him and others while growing up in Ypsilanti.
The John N. Goodsman Family: John Harold Goodsman provides a family history and describes many places and events that occurred since the family moved to Ypsilanti in the early 1900s.
Margaret Ryan Butman, In Her Family's Words: Family members describe what it was like growing up in the Gene and Margaret Butman home and the unforgettable “Irish Eyes” and the “lilt of Irish laughter” of Margaret Ryan Butman.
The YHS Archives-You Will Never Know What You Will Find!: Katie Dallos provides a brief look at some of the information in the YHS Archives related to early Ypsilanti streetlights and moon towers, Ypsilanti mineral waters, and inventor Elijah McCoy.
World War II Veteran Series: Veterans included in this issue of the Gleanings are Frank Kildau, Joe Salcau, Ellis Freatman, and Gordon Cahours.
Jack's Marvels of Extraordinary Oddities around the Museum: Jack Livisay provides pictures of artifacts in our museum collections including a Civil War officer's desk, bird collection, and figurines.

Society Briefs:

From the President's Desk
New Museum Acquisitions
Fletcher White Archives
Museum Board Report

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