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Ypsilanti Gleanings, Fall 2008

Ypsilanti Historical Society
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In This Issue…

*The Schmidt Family Antique Business: Jean Schmidt Magee provides an inside look at the Schmidt Family Antique Business that has been around since 1911.
*Is Elijah the “Real McCoy”?: Pamela German and Veronica Robinson provide information about Ypsilanti’s Elijah McCoy.
*Anhuts – Father and Son: Bill and John Anhut were both lawyers, hotel owners and operators, and both had large families.
*“The Real McCoy” Origin Owned by Ypsilanti (and others): Tom Dodd provides information related to the many claims on the origin of the phrase “The Real McCoy.”
*Shoe Store Buddies Thrived on Success: Ellis Freatman describes his early contacts with George Allen, graduate of Michigan State Normal College and NFL Hall of Fame football coach.
*Peninsular Dam and Power Plant: The Peninsular Dam and Power Plant is again in the news because of renewed interest in the production of electricity and the historic significance of the structure and sign.
*Attempted Murder, Suicide and Rabies:George Ridenour provides information and raises questions regarding an attempted murder and suicide in the early 1900s
*The Huron Hotel: James Mann provides information on the original planning and design of the Huron Hotel and on the purchase of the hotel by Bill Anhut in 1963.
*Vajen-Baker Smoke Protector Loaned to Firehouse Museum: A 1890s fire fighter smoke protector found in YHS storage has been placed on permanent loan to the Firehouse Museum.

Society Briefs:

*From the President’s Desk
*Letter Collection
*Museum Board Report
*Fletcher White Archives

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